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All I Want

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Lydia saw her everywhere. She saw beneath the green tree tops, she saw in amongst clothing rails, she saw her at her locked, she saw her in her bed. Allison was gone but she was everywhere. There would be moments when Lydia smelt a hint of Allison's perfume and she would return to old memories of the girls sleeping quietly side by side as she breathed in the scent of the brunette. She was constantly reminded of the times she spent stealing little moments with the brunette. She remembered the way her hair fell, the strength of her hugs, the power in her eyes as she held a bow. The brunette oozed determination, strength and most importantly love. Lydia would never be free from the memory of her best friend. She would never love anyone as much as she loved Allison.

Lydia wished they had had more time. She wished with every single ounce of her soul that she could hug her one last time and she wished she could tell the brunette how she really felt. But Allison was gone and Lydia was left to survive on her own. The strawberry blonde had to plaster on that smile of hers and go around the world pretending there wasn't a gaping hole in her chest that bled every time she thought of the hunter. She smiled at her pack and tried her hardest to convince them she was okay.. but Scott knew she was lying, as did Malia. After all you can't fool a werewolf or werecoyote. There were times when Scott had gone to hold her hand to be comforting but immediately dark veins would appear on his arm leaving him in shock. Lydia was always in pain but she didn't want it to be taken away. She often flinched away from the Alpha because if her pain was gone then she would be happy.. she didn't want to be happy without Allison. The pain had become a dull ache that she got used to.. it was comforting for her to be able to feel something other than anger and hurt. 

She had been searching for months for a way to bring back the beauty. Lydia devoured book after book but they all said the same thing.. if she brought Allison back she might not be the same. No matter how much the strawberry blonde needed her she wasn't going to hurt everyone's memory of her by bringing back something else. She fell asleep on her double bed night after night surrounded by books and the hope that one day she would find a way to see the brunette again.

It was a Friday night and Lydia had skipped school again. The Banshee had spent the entirety of Thursday doing spells and trying to call her friend back. She laid in bed curled in an old shirt that Allison used to wear; it had quickly began to smell more like Lydia than Allison. Her face was soft and covered in dry tears and she slept through the day again. Her body curled around the tissues and research that scattered her bed. The strawberry blonde, even in her dream, began to feel overwhelmed. Something was happening.. but it wasn't normal. It wasn't how she felt when someone died.  It felt hopeful. Her eyes snapped open and her body began to move with no direction from herself. She grabbed a pair of jeans throwing them on before walking out of her house and towards her car. 

She didn't know where she was going but her powers were taking her somewhere. A brief thought swam through her mind Maybe Allison's alive.. But it was crushed quickly. Despite the spells she performed last night Lydia still doubted she was powerful enough to reach out to something that would bring back the beauty. Still her body drove with determination and soon she was pulling up to the cemetery. Her body was electric as she felt her powers rage beneath her delicate skin. As she climbed out of her car she moved towards a shovel pushed against a nearby wall. She didn't know what she was doing. Her legs took her towards a grave she knew far too well. She had spent days sitting next to the head stone as tears fell freely from her face. As she stood next to the head stone her arms began to move mechanically pushing the shovel into the ground and bringing away the dirt. Her eyes filled with tears and over and over again she pulled more and more dirt from on top of Allison's casket. 

After what had felt like hours she could see the wood. She was close and yet still had no idea what she was doing. She climbed into the hole and began to push away the dirt with her bare hands. There was mud everywhere; it was under her nails, in her hair and over her bare arms. She pushed open the casket expecting to find bones. Instead she found Allison. She looked as beautiful as the day she died. The Banshee was still unaware of what she was supposed to being doing but instinctively she bent down letting her tears fall on Allison's pale skin. Her powers, which were still raging, made her body feel like it was on fire. Every single second she spent with Allison weld up inside of her.. she pulled together every ounce of her supernatural powers and in one monumental moment she let out an piercing scream that destroyed the silence of the night. Her owns ears began to bleed and she felt the world shudder beneath her. 

Allison was somewhere.. she just didn't know where. Everything was darkness and she was always alone. In the moments she was dying she told Scott it was okay but she didn't know she would end up here. She was terrified.. always on edge yet nothing ever happened. It wasn't heaven and it wasn't hell. It was just darkness. But when she heard it.. when she heard a scream she could feel herself detach from it. She could see a bright light and the scream was dragging her out of the darkness and into purity. For the first time since she died she smiled. Lydia had come for her.

The strawberry blonde's voice was hoarse and she could barely breathe. Her throat clamped shut and tears fell down her face. She had never screamed so loudly before. She held a hand against her chest and slammed her eyes shut. Allison hadn't moved yet and suddenly the realization that hope was gone swamped her. She felt weak and tired and she couldn't do this any more. Allison was gone. She was gone and she wouldn't come back. As Lydia screamed in pain again, much more quietly, she felt it cut short when a soft hand curled around hers. Her eyes snapped open and sitting in front of her, still in the casket, was Allison. She was alive. Lydia's scream had brought her back. 

"Hey, Lyd's."