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Luck Be A Lady

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Character’s not mine, they belong to Showcase and Lost Girl
Chapter 1

“Welcome to America’s playground Dr. Lewis.”

Lauren smiled as she stepped out of the private jet onto the tarmac at the small, nondescript airport next to McCarran International. The warm dry heat enveloped her right way and she breathed a sigh of relief at her feeling of being home. Smiling at the young man who helped her down the few steps of the plane she nodded. “Hi Jimmy, how are the kids?”

The young surfer looking kid smiled and nodded. “Real good Dr. Lewis. Right this way I have the limo waiting and Ricky already has your bags loaded. Are we going to the Wynn as usual?”

Lauren shook her head and shifted her designer purse to her other shoulder. “Caesars Jimmy.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Center strip? I’m impressed. Haven’t been there in a while.”

Lauren gave him her award winning smile and winked as she slipped into the limo. Jimmy shut the door for her gently and ran around to the front passenger side of the limo and hopped in next to Ricky, the driver. Lauren sighed as she sat back and enjoyed the cool interior of the Rolls Royce limo that took her on the short drive from the airport to the heart of Las Vegas. As a world famous surgeon and philanthropist Lauren spent her days doing charitable things for people with deep, deep pockets and after opening two clinics in Los Angeles and Washington DC before she turned 35 years old Lauren Lewis was exhausted. So, about seven years ago she started making quarterly trips to various locations that she’d always wanted to visit. Fortunately or unfortunately Las Vegas was the third hot spot she’d checked off her list and from the first time she visited she fell in love with the city.

Eating, drinking, gaming…something for everyone and Lauren was invested. The first time she was in the city she wasn’t sure how to best do everything she wanted to so she booked a suite at Caesars Palace since it was in the middle of the strip and spent her days wandering around and soaking it all in. During her stay she tried her luck at gambling figuring it was a once in a life visit and she quickly discovered that not only was she good at it but she could use it to run the city. Las Vegas, like other gambling towns, is built on money. Those who have it call the shots and those who don’t go broke trying to get it. Considered a high roller, Lauren quickly gained a reputation and by her third trip to the city she had all the large casino resorts vying for her time and more importantly, her money.

The more she won the more she loved it and the rush she got from wagering large sums of money per hand or roll of the dice was something she couldn’t replicate, even when successfully completing lifesaving surgeries on the most prominent people in the nation. No, for Dr. Lauren Lewis it was the rush of throwing down a million on craps or running the table at twenty grand a hand at blackjack that got her blood pumping. Not to mention the perks that came along with her and her bankroll, she never wanted for anything while in the city and she knew she could literally walk into any casino in the State of Nevada and get exactly what she wanted.
“King of clubs.”

The dealer looked to her left and motioned for the man in the Armani suit to make his move. He sipped his drink slowly and smirked as he reached for some chips. “Three thousand…”

Bo Dennis rolled her eyes as she sipped her champagne and surveyed the table quietly. Two business men in from New York, one international player from Europe and a pair of ladies that were in town for the charity golf event all surrounded the tall brunette sitting right in front of her. Bo wasn’t sure what Sloan was holding but she could tell by the guy’s body language that he was bluffing. His eyes raked up and down too quickly as compared to when he actually had a made hand and she hoped Sloan caught the minor tell.

“Twelve thousand…”

A smirk graced Sloan Sabbith’s lips as she threw the raise into the pot and waited for the cocky businessman to make a decision. She noticed the subtle hitch in his breathing and the way his ears seemed to turn red ever so slightly as he glanced down at his cards. The queen of diamonds, the nine of clubs, the four of hearts and the king of spades sat on the table between the two and Sloan was pretty certain that right now he was trying to figure out if his set of nines was good enough to win this hand.

The guy glanced down at his cards one final time and mucked his cards towards the dealer with a shake of his head. “Lucky catch sweetheart.”
Now normally Sloan never revealed her hand but this arrogant prick had been riding her all night so she decided to have her fun. She gave him a sweet smile as she turned over her cards and winked at him as she raked in the pot worth over sixty grand. “Luck has nothing to do with it handsome.”

The guy slammed his fist on the table and threw back the rest of his scotch as he glared at her seven deuce off suit and pointed at her. “You cheated!”

Sloan rolled her eyes as she tipped the dealer and nodded towards one of her security thugs standing around the edge of the room. “I think I’m done for tonight. Thanks gentlemen, and ladies, always a pleasure.”

The security guy came in and picked up her chips as he followed her to the cage at the far end of the poker room to be deposited into her account. The richest of the rich rarely traveled with cash on hand as the casino’s graciously set up accounts for them to use at their will, as long as the money was spent at the hosting casino of course. Although Sloan usually liked to have large sums of money on hand she wasn’t averse to using the casino as her own personal bank so she often deposited her winnings into the account and using her own cash on hand for her playtime. Bo laughed as she tossed back her remaining champagne and fell into line with Sloan who put and arm around her and smiled. “Good luck charm working as usual.”

Bo shook her head and laughed. “I don’t think you need luck babe.”

Sloan laughed nodded. “Maybe not but having you by my side is never a bad thing.”

Bo rolled her eyes as the pair were walked out of the poker room side by side. The Red Rock Casino was the biggest and best casino resort off the main strip and it was quickly becoming the “it” place to go in Vegas. Located in downtown Summerlin the solitude of the property offered the high rollers some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas Blvd.

“I heard the girl is back.”

Sloan looked at Bo curiously. “The high roller from California?”

Bo nodded. “Heard she’s in town staying at Caesars.”

Sloan looked confused. “Hmm…interesting.”

Bo smiled and nodded. “I also heard she’s getting into poker. Interested?”

Sloan smiled slowly as she held the door open for Bo as they headed into the elevator. Being a Las Vegas native from the wrong side of town, Sloan grew up playing her way through the circuit and she took great pleasure in the quietness of Red Rock and it was here that she met casino host Bo Dennis. The pair quickly became a couple and once Sloan started making a name for herself as a poker pro she and Bo had practically become Vegas royalty. As heir to a major real estate development company, Bo Dennis also grew up in Las Vegas but she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth so when she told dear old dad that she wanted to work in a casino he shook his head but ultimately allowed her to do as she pleased.
However, he wanted his only child to reap the rewards of his hard work so Bo had a trust fund worth at least eight digits waiting for her if and when she needed it. It was Bo’s pedigree though and her strong personality which forced her to be good at everything she did so when she decided to become a host she quickly became one of the best in the industry and made her own money hand over fist.

“How about you get her over here and we’ll see if we can’t give her a few lessons?” Sloan smiled as she backed Bo up against the elevator wall chuckling as the shorter brunette giggled slightly.

“Poach her from another casino?”

A raised eyebrow meant Bo was challenging Sloan and the taller brunette just nodded as she kissed Bo’s neck softly. “Not poaching…just being neighborly. Besides, I thought you were the best. Show me what you got baby.”

Bo laughed and pushed Sloan away as the bell sounded alerting them they were at the penthouse. “Well, if I’m going to get close I’m going to need the bankroll.”

Sloan groaned as she backed up and looked at Bo with amusement. The pair held each other’s gaze for a few seconds before she chuckled and reached into her purse. She handed Bo a hundred grand without blinking an eye and nodded to her. “Don’t make me regret this.”

Bo leaned in for a teasing kiss as she brushed her lips across Sloan’s. “Baby you’ll never regret anything I do. Ever. See you later tonight?”

Sloan nodded and stepped out of the cart. “I’ll be waiting.”

Bo smiled and hit the button to shut the door. She sighed as she took the elevator back down to the ground floor and headed out of the casino. She’d heard about this Lauren Lewis person from other hosts but never actually met her as Bo despised almost everything about the strip. Her father built most of the hotels and it was a constant reminder of what her life was “supposed” to be like instead of the one she had now. She got behind the wheel of her Maserati and headed out of the garage towards Caesars Palace in hopes of meeting Ms. Lewis and catching herself another mark. She was just as good as Sloan at poker and she used her skills to her advantage when she was working the whales on an almost daily basis. Truth be told though she didn’t need to try very hard as her physical beauty usually secured her spot with the rich men and women that she catered to but she had a feeling Lauren would be different. One thing was for sure, like she told Sloan, she was the best and Bo Dennis always got what she wanted.
“Okay Dr. Lewis what will it be tonight?”

Jimmy escorted Lauren upstairs to the discrete high limit room and waited for her to decide what she wanted to do. After the short flight Lauren wanted a calm game to get herself warmed up for the week so she nodded towards the blackjack table. “Fifty on double deck.”

Jimmy nodded and motioned to the pit boss to get Lauren her chips. With an unlimited line of credit due to her more than stable financial situation Lauren had her pick of bankrolls at every game in the casino. As she took a seat a well-dressed redhead walked up with a towel on her arm and a big smile on her face. “What can I get you to drink Dr. Lewis?”

Lauren smiled at her and held up one of the hundred dollar chips from the stacks in front of her. “Bottle of Macallan please Jenny and a bucket of ice.”

The redhead nodded and accepted the chip with a smile as she scurried off to get the drink. Lauren took off her leather jacket and relaxed in the plush seat at the table. The room itself was mostly empty except for a couple playing high limit baccarat a few tables over. Jimmy took up his place at the edge of the room as he always did mostly to keep an eye on Lauren, not that she needed it, but it was his protective nature to ensure his best client was safe at all times.

“Here you go Dr. Lewis.” Jenny sat the bottle and bucket of ice down on the little table next to Lauren and nodded as she went to check on the couple playing baccarat. The dealer smiled at Lauren as the blonde cut the deck and waited for Lauren to place her bets before dealing. Lauren put two thousand dollars on the two spots in front of her and nodded to the dealer to go ahead. It was her first day of the trip so Lauren didn’t feel a need to hit the ground running with the higher bets that she would be placing over the next few days.

After burning the top card the dealer dealt out the two player hands along with her own hand and waited for Lauren to make her decision. Picking up the first two cards Lauren smiled as she looked down at a pair of kings and she tucked the pair of cards under the bet on the right before picking up her cards on the left. She glanced at the seven and the nine she was holding and across the table to the five the dealer was showing and sighed as she tucked those cards under the bet on the left. It was basic strategy but from what Lauren had learned over the years was that basic strategy was safe and conservative and a great way for her to ease into the week of gaming.

“Dealer busts.”

As expected the dealer had a ten to go along with her five and after taking a card, which was a nine, the dealer smiled as she paid Lauren the four grand she’d won and collected the cards. For the next hour or so Lauren continued to play as she worked on the expensive bottle of whiskey and halfway through her second glass of the amber colored liquor her bets had increased to the table maximum and the stacks in front of her had almost tripled.

She was on a good run and was startled when a gorgeous brunette sat down next to her with a smile. “Mind if I join you?”

Lauren nodded as she took a sip of the alcohol and smiled. “Sure, there’s plenty of room.”

The brunette laughed and set fifty thousand on the table from the hundred large that she had in her bag. “My name is Bo.”

Lauren smiled and extended her hand to meet Bo’s handshake. “Lauren.”

Bo smiled and nodded towards her stack. “Looks like you’re doing pretty good here.”

Lauren shrugged and nodded. “Lucky night I guess.”

Bo laughed and smiled at the dealer who handed her the chips with a raised eyebrow. They all knew who Bo was and the pit boss was suddenly very interested in watching over the game. It wasn’t illegal per se for Bo to be in there hob knobbing with their high roller but it made everyone nervous to see the beautiful host from another property talking to their best client. Not paying any attention to them Bo placed two thousand on the betting spot in front of her and leaned forward giving Lauren quite the view of her assets in the low cut dress she was wearing. “Well hopefully your luck rubs off. I’m still learning this game.”

Lauren laughed as she pushed ten grand out on the two spots in front of her. “Kind of an expensive lesson isn’t it?”

Bo laughed and nodded. “What can I say, I like the rush.”

Lauren licked her lips and nodded as she hummed softly. The alcohol warmed her slightly but the blonde had a ridiculously high tolerance so she knew it would take almost the entire bottle for her to lose her bearings. “Well, good luck.”

Bo smiled as she picked up her cards. “Thanks. Oh hey! Blackjack!” She turned over her cards and Lauren laughed as Bo clapped her hands lightly and accepted the payout of three thousand from the dealer. The brunette looked over at Lauren with a wink and a seductive smile. “Maybe you’re right and it’s a lucky night.”

Lauren chuckled and nodded as she watched the dealer bust. “Maybe so.”

She received the payout from the dealer and offered Bo a glass of the whiskey as they settled in to continue play and soon Lauren found herself in comfortable conversation with Bo who seemed to be one of the typical wealthy people Lauren met in this town. The solitude of the room allowed them to have a free flowing conversation and Lauren found herself enjoying her time with the brunette even though she figured it was a set up. She had an inkling that Bo was associated with the casino somehow but she was pretty sure she knew all of the hosts on the strip which told her she was from off strip and Lauren had done her homework so she made the safe assumption that Bo was from Red Rock, the large casino located about twenty minutes from where they were currently playing.

“So Bo, what do you do?”

Bo coughed and put her five thousand dollar bet out on the spot. “I work in Summerlin.”

Lauren nodded and smiled. “Doing what?”

Bo looked at her with a smile and shrugged. “I work at Red Rock Casino.”

Lauren frowned as she busted on both hands as she drew cards with the dealer showing a ten and sighed at the twenty grand that went back in the dealer’s rack. “How is it out there?”

Bo smiled and tucked her cards after hitting to twenty. “Quiet. Unlike here.”

The dealer glared at her slightly before turning over her cards revealing twenty for herself. Like all the high limit dealers, no one wanted Lauren to play anywhere else as she was not only a high roller, she was also a courteous and generous player who usually tipped very well. Lauren shrugged and put her bets out again with a laugh. “Maybe I’ll check it out.”

Bo nodded as she slid her business card to Lauren. “Give me a call if you’d like to.”

Lauren picked up the card and studied it closely with raised eyebrows. “You’re a host? I knew you folks were well paid, I just didn’t realize just how well that was.” She motioned to the stacks in front of Bo and the brunette shook her head. “Oh no, this is all mine. I’m a fan of poker…these other games seem like a crapshoot but I figure I should learn how to play them right?”

Lauren laughed as she watched the dealer make nineteen which beat her hands of seventeen and eighteen. “Seems like it. So poker huh? Ever play here?”

Bo looked at her carefully as she set out a ten thousand dollar bet. “Once or twice. But I prefer to play at home.”

Lauren looked at her with interest. “Home meaning…”

Bo smiled. “Red Rock. We have a high limit night every few weeks and it’s always worth it.”

Lauren looked at her curiously. “Stakes?”

Bo smirked knowing she had piqued Lauren’s interest. “Hundred thousand minimum buy in. One and two hundred no-limit.”

Lauren’s eyebrows went up. “And when is the next high limit game?”

Bo laughed and pretended to be curious. “Don’t tell me you play poker too?”

Lauren sort of shrugged as she poured herself another drink. “I’m learning.”

Bo smirked again. “Kind of an expensive lesson isn’t it?”

Lauren laughed as her words were thrown back at her. “What can I say I like the rush.”

She winked at Bo as she motioned over to Jimmy. “It was nice to meet you Bo Dennis but I think I’m going to turn in for the night.” She reached into her purse and pulled out one of her own business cards. “But give me a call if there’s a game sometime soon. I’m here for a week.”

Bo accepted the business card with a smile. “Will do…Doctor Lewis.” She nodded to the dealer signaling she was done as well and the pit boss sighed as the dealer colored up the eighty six thousand Bo had in chips. Not only had Bo successfully interested Lauren in going to an outside casino she’d taken them for over thirty grand. Jimmy separated out the original fifty thousand in chips to repay Lauren’s marker and carried the two hundred grand over to the cage to deposit back into Lauren’s account. The pair rose and both tipped the dealer well, giving her five and fifteen thousand in respect to their stacks and Jimmy gritted his teeth slightly as he followed the two ladies out of the high limit area.

Bo nodded to Lauren as she paused at the cage to turn in her chips for cash and gave her a warm smile. “I hope to hear from you soon Lauren.”
The blonde smiled as she led Jimmy out of the room. “I’m sure you will.”

Lauren winked and Bo laughed as she turned to the cashier who was counting out her money and sighed happily. Jimmy led Lauren towards the elevator and hit the button to call the cart for her. “Would you like room service Dr. Lewis?”

Lauren shook her head and smiled. “It’s okay Jimmy, I’ll be fine. Here…go home and I’ll be fine tomorrow. I’ll call you if I need you okay?” Lauren ad reached into her purse and handed him ten grand with a smile and he bowed slightly.

“Goodnight Doctor.”

Lauren laughed. “Goodnight Jimmy. Say hi to Karen and the kids for me.”

Jimmy nodded and smiled as Lauren got onto the elevator. He waited until the doors closed before heading back to the high limit area hoping to find Bo to tell her to back off but unfortunately for him she had left apparently. Sighing to himself Jimmy tucked the very generous tip inside his pocket and headed to the worker lot to head home for the night.
“Babe? You still up?”

“How’d it go?”

Bo smiled as Sloan walked out from the bedroom of the penthouse suite. It was obvious that she was only wearing a thin silk robe and Bo’s mouth began to water as she started riding herself of her dress. “I think she’s interested in a big game. Oh and I also made thirty six grand in the process.”

Sloan grinned and ran her hands lightly over Bo’s now exposed shoulders. “What’s she like?”

Bo moaned as Sloan’s long fingers traced along her bra and up her neck lightly. “Nice, sweet, drop dead gorgeous.”

Sloan growled as she pulled Bo close. “So just your type then?”

Bo laughed and wrapped her hands around Sloan’s neck. “No baby, not in the slightest. Why would I want her when I have everything I need right here?”

Sloan grinned and nodded as she pulled Bo in for a deep kiss. Both women moaned into one another as Sloan guided them towards the bedroom. No other words needed to be exchanged as they turned in for the night and soon the cries of pleasure filled the quietness of the expansive suite. Just like every other night they were together it was a memorable one leaving both women breathless and welcoming the sleep that quickly overtook them.