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Special Touch - The Confession

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It wasn’t long after my birthday that I fucked it all up. I had this amazing thing going on in my life and somehow I managed to screw it all up. I think I am still in a fog over how I got here, to this moment. Tears streaming down my face, my flesh hurting, my heart…. I don’t even know what to say about my heart. Let me just lay here and sort it all out, try to figure out how I got so far from that path of perfection.

We had gotten back from New York City on Sunday night after a crowded flight and a busy airport. I didn’t mind the crowd of fans or the way he lost me for a few minutes, we had just spent another adventurous weekend together that still had me buzzing on a sex high. You know, it’s not always like that. It’s not always crazy hot sex in public places or strangers getting us off. It’s not always threesomes and out of control. Most of the time we are too tired to do much more than hold hands as we fall asleep or a quicky before work, vanilla sex that doesn’t seem so vanilla when you are sweetly making love. I only ever seem to tell you about the hot moments that weave through our relationship, but the reality of it is, Norman is really fucking busy and so am I. We can go days without seeing each other even when he isn’t on the road. Between his filming and my job, his press events and my aging parents, it is hard to keep it all together.

No, I am not complaining. I could never imagine being happier with anyone in my life. And having a career for myself makes me excited. I am working in a job that brings me much joy and I know that Norman is in a point in his life that makes him feel the same. Most days I think that we are both in a very good place in our lives and we are blessed to be able to share that together. We had gotten home that Sunday night and snuggled into bed. Norman played with my hair telling me how proud he was of me for being so adventurous with him. It always warmed me inside when I did things that made him proud. I thanked him for taking me to places I would have never known without him. This Georgia Peach can honestly say I would have never found myself turned on by the thought of my lover with another man or secretly hoping I’d get to all out and out have sex in front of Paul someday if it hadn’t been for Norman. Even though I still have moments of hesitation and self-doubt about it all, I know that this sexual exploration is a gift that I am grateful for.

When I woke Monday morning Norman was still sleeping, he didn’t need to be up for a while and I tip toed out of bed and went to work having set up his precious espresso machine and left a note behind, “You looked too perfect to wake. Call me later. Yours.” I had an early morning with Jason, he was there already waiting to hit my massage table. He came in dressed in a tailored suite, he often did. Jason owns a large construction company between here and Atlanta and it seems to be doing very well. We were getting down to one day a week for sessions, he was doing so much better, between keeping up on his physical therapy exercises and simply healing past his accident.

As I came back into the room I was excited thinking about the fact that I would gain one more morning back with Norman after today’s session. Jason was face down on the table his back exposed down to the base of his tattoo. He had an abstract design that ran down just the left side of his back, it was progressive for a southern man. No flag or a pick-up truck, no memorial to a passed relative, just this heavy lined, geometric design that I sometimes wanted to trace with my fingers. It was beautifully done and he told me he had gotten it when he lived in Germany years ago. He had a similar design down his right hip. Sometimes I wished that I could take pictures of my clients on the table. Some of them had interesting art work. He had asked once if I was ‘inked’ and I told him that I had a ‘special piece in an intimate place’.

“MMM. Discreet women with special tattoos.” He had said to me that day. Almost as if he was trying to figure out what it might be and where it was placed.

I worked down the long muscles in his back and he slowly melted into the table. He was chatty today, he asked about my weekend, which I quickly glossed over. “It was my birthday, I went to dinner and a movie with my boyfriend.” Well, some of that was true.

He wished me a happy belated birthday, “Hope he took you somewhere nice Holly.” I was almost positive that he had no idea who I was dating. A few people at the gym knew, but I didn’t get the impression he chatted with many people around here. We never talked for long when he was on the table and I liked that, especially with these early morning appointments.

Norman had texted while I was working. “Miss you. busy week…will see you before I go.” He had to go out of town this week coming up, it was the official premier of the next season of his TV show. They were in the home stretch of filming season five and had just been signed for a sixth. There would be tons of press, interviews, panels and hordes of fans. He was going to leave town tomorrow for California then he had to go to a convention in Austin where I was going to catch up with him.

‘Check the calendar’ I texted back. I had doubled checked his schedule and reworked mine a little so that we could have lunch together Tuesday afternoon.

Shortly thereafter he texted, ‘The best!!!!’.

I had gone to see my folks for dinner Monday night and I have to say, I almost felt badly for how easily I was able to lie when my dad asked about the art exhibit Norman had supposedly taken me to in New York. I left it at ‘vintage art that I didn’t fully understand’. My dad is no art connoisseur, I knew the questions would die there.

The days rolled quickly and by the time Norman had gotten home late Tuesday afternoon, lunch had been long forgotten and I was just finishing up a load of laundry so he would have everything he needed to take to California. He had been calling and texting about how his day had gotten screwed up and how he was barely going to be able to catch his flight. Even with all the press events he had coming up, he still just packed in his backpack. The suit he would wear for the preemie would be delivered to his hotel, just as the shirts and tie I had laid on the bed would be pressed in California. He’d be gone five days in a backpack. I was going to meet him for two of those day and I still needed a rolling suitcase. It always made me laugh.

I heard his bike pull into the drive and the back door opened quickly slamming behind him. We met in the hallway and he looked frazzled. “Still gotta print my boarding passes, pack and make some calls. So far behind today.” I blocked the hallway and he stopped short of bumping into me. He looked up from the cell phone and stopped. He took in the sight of me standing in just his white long sleeved shirt and ankle socks and smiled. “Hi.” He was instantly in the moment.

The smirk on my face made him laugh. He dropped the pack off his shoulder and slipped his phone into his back pocket. “Hi.” He said it again, this time a little shy as if he had never seen me pantless before.

“I have everything packed for you, unless you were planning to wear this this shirt.” He took a step toward me and wrapped his hand at my hip. “I printed your boarding pass and the schedule the network sent over.” Norman pulled me in close by my hip almost knocking me off balance, his pelvis hitting my stomach as he looked down at my disheveled hair.

He used both hands to cradle my face up to him as he kissed me deeply. Sweet at first then deeper as I wrapped my arms around his. “Come to the airport with me?” It hadn’t been part of the plan earlier but it was now that his schedule had changed so much it would be our only time together. I nodded.

We were both instantly off and running, myself to change into actual clothing that could be worn in public, him making sure everything was packed. There was a car waiting for us in the driveway within a few minutes as I pulled some lunch out of the refrigerator for Norman to eat on the drive to the airport. Once we were settled in the back seat he ate while we talked. “So you’re going to meet me in Austin on Saturday sometime.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I still have to book a flight but I figure I will be there before lunch.” I was getting pretty good at not over planning. There would always be seats on the airplane, even if I needed to book first class to make it happen, which I hardly ever did. He liked that I was getting more comfortable with these types of things. We settled into the back seat, he held me close as we synched up our breathing and just enjoyed our quiet time together. If this had been New York and if Paul had been driving, this may have ended up much differently but here in Georgia, we never seemed to push that envelope.

“Don’t worry if you are too busy to call Norman, I saw your schedule.” He hardly had a free moment in the next three days.

Norman kissed my hair, “You can’t get rid of me that easily.” He squeezed my hand. “Wish you were coming to California. I know Sean would love to see you.” He winked at me. Norman and Sean had a meeting booked with the writer / director of his movie franchise and they were going to hang out for the night catching up and talking business. With those three together, mayhem was certainly going to happen, I smiled.

We said our goodbyes in the car and I watched as he made his way past the handful of paparazzi and into the airport. He took one final look over his shoulder and then he was gone. It was only going to be a few days but I was sad to see him leaving. Even though I had a busy few days and the time would go by quickly, I felt like I was going to miss him more than usual. Hell, I think it had to do with the fact that I was horny as all get out. I had been hoping we’d have time for a little afternoon delight, but that didn’t pan out.

I had gotten back to the house and put his shirt back on, crawled into our bed with my vibrator and found a little relief by myself. I loved the smell of our sheets, the way his shirt felt wrapped around me. I thought about the little things that got me off most about Norman. His uninhibited drive for sex, his strong arms and chest, that tattoo in the inside of his bicep, that way he used his hands on me during sex and the timber in his voice when he was worked up and wanted to fuck. I came hard and wished I had still had enough energy to come again, but I feel asleep instead. Curled up on Norman’s side of the bed as I dozed off on his pillow.

I can’t say that I dreamt about us or Norman, but I woke a while later feeling as if I had spent an hour or more having the sexiest dream I had had in a long time. I was aching all over as if I hadn’t just cum with the assistance of my favorite toy. Yes, it was going to be a long few days and I had fantasized about arriving and Austin, pulling Norman into a side room and screwing his brains out before sending him back to his fans. Not that I would ever do that, be the fantasy was entertaining.

By Thursday my plans had taken a dramatic change. A mid-day text message told me that I needed to call my mother and that it was an emergency. I had also missed her two earlier calls. She answered from the hospital. My dad had been up on a ladder and fallen while he was trying to repair a gutter. He had landed mostly flat and had some bruises to his ribs and hip but he had also broken an ankle. I told mom that I was available for the rest of the day and that I would be right over. She informed me that they were just finishing up and I should meet them at the house, she would need a little help getting him inside and settled.

I had lied to her, my afternoon had been pretty solidly booked but I called my last four appointments and explained that I needed to cancel. I was on my way to their house when Norman called.

He was between events and we hadn’t talked since lunch yesterday, we had seemed to keep missing each other.

“Hi Baby.” There was a little bit of background noise where he was but I was pretty sure he was on a lunch break. He finally sounded like he was catching his breath.

I couldn’t talk, I was trying not to speed, trying to stay focused on the fact that this was not an end of the world situation; it was just an ailing parent.

His voice went from casual to concern instantly. “Holly, what’s wrong.”

Finally I took a breath. “It’s fine Norm, everything is fine.” Really it was, I just seemed to be an emotional wreck for some reason. “My dad took a fall and had to go to the hospital.”

“Ah shit, is he okay?” Norman was concerned but not flipping out, which was good, because I was already doing enough of that myself.

The tears started and I couldn’t stop them, “He’s fine…. He broke… ankle… fine.”

“SSsshhh…. Baby stop. Stop crying. It’s ok.” It sounded like he had moved to somewhere more private but I couldn’t be sure over my own blubbering. “Are you driving?” I nodded my head not thinking about the fact that he couldn’t see that. “Holly. Pull over. Where ever you are just pull over.” He was commanding and I needed that.

I pulled the truck over to the shoulder of the side road I was on. I was still a few miles from my parents place and I put the truck in park. We talked, well he talked, calming me down. I wasn’t exactly sure why I was crying so much, this was silly. My dad is a relatively fit guy who simply took a fall, be it a dramatic fall. It is never easy when you have to think about your parents getting old like this. Norman was empathic, he had lost his dad to illness at a young age and he understood my concern for them. He never offered to come home from California but he did proposed to skip out on Austin if I needed him to. It was a sweet offer that he knew I would never take him up on, I would never ask him to disappoint so many people so that I could sit and hold his hand while we visited with my parents.

“Look Holly, you stay home this weekend. Spend time with you parents.” He knew me too well. I was almost crying again but I kept it together. “I’ll still pester you all weekend, you’ll hardly even miss me.” He was being sweet, I knew he’d be busy till the plane took off Sunday night. I was so glad he had called when he did, it was exactly what I needed at that moment.

Mom and I got dad into the house and he looked pretty worse for wear, but he was feeling good considering all the pain meds they had given him. “The Doctor said it would take a while to heal and maybe some physical therapy.” I gave my dad a hug and reminded him that I was a massage therapist and that his treatments would be free. It was too late to start dinner so we ordered pizza and got dad set up to sleep in the living for a few nights. He was too tired and sore to try and make it down to the bedroom at the end of the hall. It was heartwarming to watch my parents together, mom doting over dad in that way that only 40 years of marriage could do for you.

Norman had texted between interviews checking in on dad, asking if there was anything he could do from far away.


By the time I had settled both my parents into bed the office had told me that they were able to chance all of my Friday appointments so that I could come back and see my family again tomorrow. I drove home exhausted but glad that things had turned out as well as they had today. Even from a million miles away it felt good to know that Norman cared so much about me and my family.

He called just before midnight, “Did I wake you?”

“MMM, yeah. But I’m glad you did. I miss you.” I was snuggled on the sofa with his kitty sitting by my head. “You know Eye is actually being nice tonight.” Usually he ignored me.

Norman laughed, “He can be nice when he wants to be.” He really was a big fluffy ball of love, he just didn’t normally cuddle with me.

“Tell me all about your day.” I wanted to get lost in the fantasy world that was Norman’s work day and in his voice.

He went on about interviews and conversations; he filled me in on his meeting with Sean and Duffy. The movie was pretty much a go and he was just as excited about that as he was about his TV show. I was getting sleepy but I didn’t want to hang up.

“Did you want me to talk dirty while you rubbed one out?” His voice was full of mischief.

“Norman!” I couldn’t believe he said that. “And what are you gonna do while I’m getting off?”

“I was going to call Andy and see if he wanted to blow me.” The visual of it all was intoxicating. I hadn’t actually been horny till that very moment and the thought of them going at it. The image of Norman’s big dick filling Andy’s mouth, it was extraordinary. And I didn’t have to imagine it, I simply had to remember. “Oh come on Holly, I’m joking.” He must have thought my quiet was an indication I was mad.

I laughed. “Just getting the visual in my head.” I could never be mad over that thought.

We skipped the dirty talk and simply chatted as I began to fall asleep. He reminded me to plug in my cell phone for charging, told me to call him in the morning and wished me a good night’s sleep. I moved off the couch and was asleep in our bed before too long.

My dream was scattered, clips and bits of things all strung together. Me and Norman holding hand while we made love, his chiseled body over me as he pushed deep inside me. My leg was hooked at his hip but when I looked down it wasn’t his hip. Sean’s maybe, or Andy’s. But that wasn’t right either, I didn’t know whose it was. It didn’t matter, I felt wonderful. Norman’s voice in my ear, ‘so beautiful Holly, such a good girl.’ Then it was Norman in that tailored suit I had seen him in on TV this week, it made his ass look incredible. I was naked and he was in that suit. This interwoven with memories of he and Andy together and then something else. Someone else, I couldn’t pin point it. When I woke I was in need of another orgasm.

I opted for a shower and a cup of tea and by 7am my text messages were blowing up. Norman checking in nand my mom telling me that dad slept well through the night and that they were doing ‘just fine’. Then Melly from the gym texted wondering how things were going and Mandy asking how ‘mom and dad’ were doing.

Mandy was my first call back, she had insisted on coming over yesterday but I convinced her it wasn’t necessary. Today she offered to make a few meals and bring them over to my parents’ house, I thought that was a great idea and I knew mom would appreciate the food and the company. We planned drive over at supper time tonight.

I called into work simply to thank Melly for the thoughtfulness and help yesterday, but again, that didn’t end as planned. Jason had called yesterday afternoon trying to get in to see me today but I was off the schedule and the other therapist was over book. “Give me Jason’s number. I’ll call him and see what we can work out.” He was surprised to hear from me, Melly had told him that I had taken off for a family emergency. He asked about my emergency, trying not to pry.

“It’s fine. Thanks for asking. I have a few hours this morning if you can sneak out of work.” I didn’t want to bother my parents this morning, I was certain my overly efficient mother had it all under control. Jason thanked me profusely and said he could meet me at 10:30. This worked out well for me.

I called Norman hoping not to wake him and he answered after a few rings. “Sorry, just getting out of the shower. Now I’m dripping all over the floor.” He painted quite the visual.

“And I thought you just couldn’t push Andy off you fast enough.” I was much more relaxed than the last night.

“I wish.” He was being funny now. “How ya doin’ baby?” It was great to hear his voice.

I filled him in on a few things and told him that I was going to go into work for a little while then spend the day with my parents. I was sure mom wouldn’t mind the help with laundry and groceries while I kept my dad close by. I wished him a good day and told him to share and extra-long hug with Andy for me. He seemed to appreciate that.

I poured myself a second cup of tea and finally called my mom. We talked for almost an hour while she let my dad rest. He thought we were making too much of a fuss over a fall but we didn’t agree, it had been one hell of a fall. She was happy that I was coming over at lunch time and she finally got off the phone to take a shower.


I snuck in through the employee door in the back, I didn’t want any of my regulars who had been pushed off to someone else to see me in here. When Jason came into the waiting area I could tell he was hurting. But moreover, something suddenly struck me odd with him and I couldn’t figure it out. He was wearing jeans and button up, not his usual suit, he was on the construction site today and not at the office.

“You really didn’t have to come in Holly, I know you had some family stuff.” He was thoughtful as he limped into the massage room with me.

“My dad took a fall, everything is fine. I’m going to see him at lunch. Why don’t you lay face down and I’ll see what I can do for you.” He nodded as I walked back out of the room. I went into the lounge when it hit me, what has seemed so off just a few moments earlier. I had dreamt of him last night. Tangled into that mix of Norman’s sweet touch was that body I didn’t recognize. That hip I couldn’t identify. It was Jason’s. The untattooed side of his body. I had seen it a dozen times from his hips to his feet. I had dreamt about having sex with Jason.

The thought made me blush. I didn’t know where the inkling had spawned from. He wasn’t my type. Built more like a football player than I preferred and even though he was in pretty good shape, he had never really caught my attention. Too blond for me and too Southern. He had that slow Southern way about him that I no longer found appealing since I had gotten used to Norman’s fast pace and intensity. I closed my eyes and I was back in that dream, my leg hooked around that thigh as I could practically feel him pushing into to. It wasn’t Norman’s touch, that was for sure.

The whole thought shook me and I stood up, almost in a cold sweat. I needed to shake this before I went back to work on him. I went into the ladies room and splashed my face with cold water. I gave myself a stern talking to and reminded myself that I was too professional for this. It took a few minutes longer to get back into my massage room but when I reached for the handle I was ready.

Jason was lying face up on the table. “My back hurt too much to be face down.” I had been relying on the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to look him in the eye for a while.

I smiled, “Not a problem. Let’s get you stretched out and see what’s going on.” I turned down the lights and I started at his legs. His problems were in his low back, I knew stretching his hamstrings would be a good place to start. We talked a bit, more than normal. He told me that he had strained his back yesterday on the job site. He couldn’t seem to resist helping out and getting his hands dirty. He asked about my dad, trying not to intrude. After a while we got quiet and his body was finally beginning to relax. I have to admit, sometimes when I am massaging someone I let my mind wander, far away from the work I am doing. My hands know the route and my brain registers the work that needs to be done, but I don’t always have to be fully present to get it done. Today my brain was a mess, not only was it jumping from thought to thought, but those thoughts were of enjoying Jason’s naked flesh. The tattoo on his leg wrapped mostly around the back of it, but some of it inched around his hip and I studied the patterns today. He had another on his shin, I could tell that it wasn’t by the same artist, but it was still an interesting piece. When I worked at his shoulders I couldn’t help but fix on them. More broad than Norman but not defined in the same way. I tried to close my eyes and stop my mind from thinking about all of this, but it seemed impossible.

Sometimes it seemed inevitable, once a guy got comfortable and his brain started to drift, his penis would react to being rubbed, even if it wasn’t so gently today for the work that needed to be done. As professionally as possible I ignored his half-staff-flag that was begging for attention. And he finally suggested turning over, which I think was best for both of us.

Jason was dressed and at the counter for payment thanking me for coming in on my time off. We booked another appointment for Monday and all I could think was how much I didn’t want to think about him again before then. He was gone and I was out the back door and into my truck.

“Hi Mom, I’m just going to grab a tea and then head over your way. Do you need me to pick up anything on my way?” She told me she was putting together a shopping list, like I insisted she do, so there was nothing for me to get just yet.

I had driven a few miles to the coffee shop that actually made decent tea in town. I walked inside and there stood Jason in line ahead of me. My body froze, I debated walking back out the door but that was silly. It was one dream about a client. And considering how much of my clients I actually saw, it was a wonder that I didn’t dream about them more often.

Jason turned around and once he recognized me he smiled. We chit chatted in line and when he got to the front his insisted on buying me a cup. “Are you in a rush?” His southern drawl was inviting, he was inviting. I shook my head. I really wasn’t in a rush. Mom told me to take my time getting to her, though I am certain she didn’t mean to take a diversion like this.

He motioned to a table and we sat. I asked where his job site was and he told me that it was outside of town a ways. I wasn’t surprised, there wasn’t much large construction being done in our town these days.

“Work must be keeping you busy, your shoulders were pretty stressed today too.” He didn’t often carry stress in his upper back, and I could tell that it was from more than just the heavy lifting that was causing it.

Jason smiled and shook his head as he sipped on his Chickaree coffee. “That would be my break up.” He rolled his eyes. “Diane’s been a real bitch.” He spoke frankly about a topic we had never broached before. I knew he wasn’t married, but I didn’t know anything about his relationship status. “She ended it and now she’s just tormenting me.”

I raised an eye at him, I couldn’t imagine the torment he was refereeing to.

“It’s taken her weeks to get her stuff out of my place, she didn’t have anywhere to go.” I guess she didn’t have a Mandy in her life to rely on. “When she finally found a place, she started nagging about things she wanted to take with her. I told her to take anything she wanted and it all just got worse from there.” He put down his cup and ran his fingers through his hair. “Sorry, you don’t need to hear all this.”

I smiled, “It’s okay. Break up’s are never easy.” Somewhere deep inside me I dreaded the day it would happen to me and Norman. Mandy and my parents had be ready to visit me in an asylum.

“Yeah, but I should be better at this, I’ve had plenty of them.” He traced his finger up and down the side of his coffee cup as I drank my tea.

I was curious, “So what do you miss the most about her?”

He paused and blinked, “Well, it won’t be her cooking.” We both laughed. My guess would be it was more about the sex, just from the way he had paused and smirked. I wondered why they had broken up, was he a workaholic, did he leave his dirty socks on the floor, was he bad in bed. I was pretty certain he wasn’t bad in bed, and suddenly my body agreed, I could feel the heat between my legs.

His cell phone chirped and he apologized for looking at it, “That’s work.” He looked like he needed to leave but he was being polite.

“It’s fine. I should go, I have to get over to see my parents.” We both picked up our cups and headed for the door. He opened it and let me walk through then walked me to the front of my truck. “Thank you for the tea.” I smiled as I fished my keys out of my pocket.

“Thanks for the company. I’ll see you on Monday.” He paused and waited for me to get into my truck then he turned and walked the other way to his pick-up. He really was a southern gentleman, I couldn’t figure out why Diane had broken up with him.


Dad was reading the paper in the living room with his leg elevated and a cup of coffee. I sat in the chair next to him while mom puttered around the house. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to disturb his reading.

“You know you gotta keep this one Holly.” My dad never looked up from his paper.

“Which one?” I was confused.

He folded down one side of his paper and looked at me. “Norman. He’s a keeper.”

I smiled, a little surprised that my father had said any of this, it wasn’t his style to comment on my love life, he usually talked to my mom who then talked to me. “I was planning on it dad. But what makes you think it’s a good idea?”

“He called this morning.” He flipped his paper back up and went back to his reading.

I looked over to my mom.

She put down her dishtowel. “Yeah, he called a while ago. Asked if we needed anything, asked if he could help. Told your dad that he would be over on Monday to take care of anything, sooner if we needed him.”

I just smiled shaking my head. I knew he had my mom’s cell phone number and that they had talked around my birthday, but I never thought he would call and check in on my folks. He really was the sweetest man ever. It just gave me one more thing to add to my very long list of reasons I loved him so much.

After I went grocery shopping and helped with the laundry, mom and I made dinner and then she helped get dad washed up. This cast on his leg was challenging, but the hospital had given him a few bags that were designed to go over and keep his cast dry. Mom rigged a step stool in the shower and I told her I’d get her a medical chair that would be more stable. I knew there was a medical supply shop about an hour away, I’d get it tomorrow. Dad hobbled with a crutch which I knew was not going to be good for his strained back, but he insisted and I wasn’t going to fight him on this right now. We got him tucked in to bed early, he was exhausted.

“When is Norman coming home?” Mom sat at the kitchen table with me and two cups of tea.

I opened a package of cookies for us. “He gets in Sunday night.” He hadn’t been gone long but I was missing him so much this time. “He offered to skip his fan thing and come home early but I told him to stay on the road.”

“Still can’t believe my little girl is dating a celebrity.” I couldn’t believe it either. “He just don’t seem like a famous person sometimes.”

I laughed, she was right. He didn’t remind me of the images I had of celebrities most days. “Maybe because he comes home from work looking like a serial killer most of the time.” He was always coming home dirty and disheveled.

“Maybe because he calls his girlfriend’s parents and offers to pay for a nurse to come in every day.” She looked up at me.

I just smiled. “That’s my Norman. Always making sure everyone else is taken care of.” I wasn’t surprised by the gesture. He knew my folks were pretty simple people who didn’t ask for much help and wouldn’t pay for it either.

By the time I got home I was exhausted. It had been a long day and I was ready to crawl into bed. Norman had texted earlier checking on me and told me he was going out with some of his killed off cast mates for drinks. I texted back, ‘thanks for taking care of my folks. Love you. Have fun, talk tomorrow.’ He texted by a string of X’s and O’s.

Eye and I curled up in bed, he slept in Norman’s spot and I was asleep before he started snoring.


The smell of massage oil filled the air, candles lit all around and instead of my massage table there was a large comfy bed in the middle of the room. Jason was lying face down. I knew it was Jason, his tattoos were telling but so was he really cute ass. Not that I had ever seen it before, but I was certain that this is what he would look like fully naked. He rested his cheek on his arm and waited for me to join in. I crawled up on the bed in my work pants and shirt, a bottle of oil in my hand. I straddled his body, just below his butt and I let the oil drizzle out of the bottle and on to his back. I began to trace the dark lines of his tattoo and they were emphasized when the oil slicked along his skin. I rubbed deep into his muscles and he moaned out, not a moan of relaxing muscles, this was a sexy moan.

I pulled my shirt up over my head and now I was straddling him topless, my breasts hanging free and my nipples hard. I leaned forward and rubbed my breasts on his skin, used my body to massage his and he encouraged it, pushed up into me and his flesh felt good against mine. “Lower.” His southern drawl begging me to work my tits lower down his body. I did, massaging down his lower back then to his cute ass. I let my hands draw along him, feeling him in ways I never had before. The smooth jazz music filled my ears as I explored this body beneath me. Finally I got off of him and told him to turn over.

As he rolled to one side I stepped out of my pants, now we were both naked and he crooked his finger, summoning me to him and I moved back on to the bed. The kiss was electric, he tongue in my mouth as I wrapped my arms around his body. He pulled me close and I felt heat flood every inch of me. I laid on top of him, his cock pressed against my stomach. I needed more, I rubbed against him, practically humping him. He smiled, his stare locked on to me than we kissed has he rolled us, he was on top of me now and he spread my legs wide. I hooked my leg over his thigh and let him find his way inside of me. He filled me, pushing slowly in that way that Jason had of doing things slowly. I held back from pushing up onto him, the anticipation of being entirely filled was its own excitement. He finally buried himself as deep as he could and my body shook.

Jason fucked me hard and I gripped him tight has he brought me closer and closer to an orgasm that eventually ripped through me. I felt like I was hanging on for my life as he pounded me into the bed. It was satisfying and when he was done he half rolled off me before he collapsed.

I woke in a sweat.

My body shaking, my pussy throbbing. It had felt so real, the dream had been vivid, living color kind of vivid. And as I lie awake trying to shake the image out of my head I realized that I had actually cum in my sleep. The dream had caused me to orgasm.


I hadn’t slept much after that, I was almost afraid to close my eye and find Jason there again. What the hell was wrong with me? I was crying, uncontrollably at one point. I had felt like I had cheated on Norman. Cheated on us. I was talking to myself, words out loud telling me that it was just a dream, that I hadn’t done anything wrong. But I felt guilty. I wanted to call Norman and apologize but there was nothing to apologize for and it was the middle of the night. He was asleep in Texas while I was wide awake in Georgia.

When the sun came up I was feeling better. I had busy day ahead of me, Mandy and I were going to pick up a shower chair for my dad then visit with my folks, she hadn’t seen them in a while and I was sure mom was going to spoil her with her favorite foods.

‘Over slept running late. Call later??’ I nodded at Norman’s text. He must have had a good time with the guys last night. I was sure Clark was banging on his hotel room door to get him down to his crowd of waiting fans. I texted back and let him know that I’d be around whenever he wanted to talk.

I got ready for my day out and Mandy showed up just a few minutes late, which for her was on time. “You look like crap.” She was right, I hadn’t gotten much sleep after the dream. We were off and running and she was filling me in on her and her beau. It was nice to hear about something that didn’t have to do with me and by lunch time, I felt like I had shaken off the whole dream and was back to my old self.

On the ride home Mandy finally ask, “So what’s going on, you’ve been off all day?” She was right, I wasn’t really focused at my parents’ house or after I talked with Norman this afternoon. “Is everything okay?”

I wasn’t sure what to tell her, “There’s nothing… wrong. I’m just.” I was at a loss for words.

“Is everything alright with you and Norman?” She was genuinely concerned.

I nodded. “Oh yeah, it’s fine. I just, I had this dream last night about one of my clients.” I didn’t say anything else, and I wasn’t going to tell her about our little coffee break. “It was weird is all.”

“What kind of dream. Like a sex dream?” Now she was on the edge of her seat.

I tried not to laugh, it sounded so funny coming out of her mouth. “Yeah. It was really, graphic.” To say the least.

She was quiet for a minute then spoke, “Is it one of the hot ones? It was a guy right?”

Mandy had no idea of how my sex life had changed since I met Norman. Now a days my fantasies could easily consists of me, Norman, another woman or a man, sex in public and on an airplane. “He’s not bad looking.” I didn’t say anything else.

“Well no big deal, it’s just a dream. Right?” She sounded a little concerned.

She was right, it really wasn’t a big deal, but for some reason it was bothering me. “No, big deal. It’s just weird is all.” It felt better to tell someone.