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I Need You

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It had been quite a good day. She got to shoot some knee caps, play with a smoke grenade launcher… Well, there was that annoying part where she had to sit around and babysit for the annoying lover girl Maria who happened to manage to slip away under her watch, but… At least it hadn't been has bad has having to hook up with Root on any mission. Shaw returned to her apartment, grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the counter and poured it into a large glass. She would have gone for beer, but she thought it was a good day to fancy herself with something a bit classier.

As soon as she sat down on the edge of her bed, starring at the view from her window, her phone rang. Her first guess: Harold. But they had only just wrapped up a number, it wasn't usual for another to come up so fast. Not that she minded a little more action, at all. But when she looked to the ID, she rose one eyebrow. It was Root. She cursed the fact that she had just thought of her moments earlier, as if that had triggered the hacker's call.

"What's up, Root?" Shaw groaned into the cellphone.

"I need you." Were the single three words that came out from the other end. It wouldn't sound strange to Shaw if it weren't for the tone of Root's voice. It wasn't the usual crazy sounding cheery tone. Something actually sounded wrong with the other woman. Like in a hurt-kind-of-wrong.

Even though there was possibly no one she could stand less in that city that Root, she was intrigued to what was possibly going on.

"Where are you?" Shaw asked.

"If you look down from your window you'll be able to see me."

Sam rolled her eyes. Of course... "Come up." Was there even the need to say that? She was positive that even if she had said no, the other woman would have come in anyway. But at least Root had actually notified her before bursting in this time. And hopefully she wouldn't tase her either.

Shaw opened the door for Root. The woman looked strange. Stranger than she normally does. She had never seen her that way.

"So. What's up with you today? Did Bear bite you or something?" Shaw said, trying to get her to start talking. As soon as she knew what this was about, the better.

"I could have killed him."

Shaw got worried. "Kill who? Bear?!" If anyone harmed that dog she would pluck all their nails off.

"No! I like that dog! I was talking about Greer." She walked to the window, staring at the buildings that stood tall on the other side of the glass barrier. "I could have killed him."

"You also could have died right after." Shaw cut her off.

"That's not the point. I'm just the mean to an end. And I hesitated on fulfilling it."

Shaw looked at her closed fists. "Okay, I know what you need." She grabbed another glass and poured the woman some whiskey. "Here you go." She walked to her and handed her the drink. Root grabbed it, but capturing Shaw's hand too, not letting her retrieve it from the cup.

Shaw's eyes shot up, staring at Root's face, trying to understand what the hell the hacker was doing. She was about to start arguing and get mad and angry but the way Root was looking at her was actually scaring her.

"Root?" Shaw asked, with furrowed eyebrows. "I'm advising you to let…"

"Do you think I'm crazy?" Root interrupted her, quickly.


"Do you think I'm crazy?" She repeated.

Shaw opened her mouth to answer but hesitated for a second. Eventually she replied. "Well, yeah." She shrugged.

Root's familiar half smile formed in her lips. One of the things she loved about Shaw was that she was always honest. And as she didn't care about emotions, she wouldn't say things just to hurt or make anyone feel better. She would only say what she really thought.

The hacker finally took the drink from Shaw's hand and drank it all at once, which made Shaw's eyes widen.

"That's good." Root said, looking down at the empty glass in her hand for a moment before putting it down. "Because if I weren't, I would probably not have the guts to do this."

Before Shaw had time to react, Root's lips were already pressed against her own. The delicate hands of the other woman gripping both sides of her face. It didn't last long. After the small second that her brain took to react, Shaw grabbed Root's arms, twisting them behind her back. And pressing the woman hard against the cold window. Root gasped with pain, but her smile was still there, more vibrant even.

"What the hell was that for?" Shaw asked, irritated.

"Okay, calm down, you are hurting me."

"That's the point." Shaw stated, matter-of-factly, as she bent Root's arms a little more, releasing another agonized sound from her mouth.


With one last push against the window, Shaw let her go, giving two steps back in the process. Root turned around, stroking her sore limbs. Conveniently enough, the two top buttons of her shirt had popped out during the struggle. She pretended she didn't notice Shaw's eyes wondering over her now more exposed chest before looking into her eyes once again.

"Why do you fight this, Shaw? You know I like it when you're all grumpy and pretending you don't like me. We have a connection Shaw, don't deny it." Root said seductively, giving one step forward.

"If you give one more step towards me I swear to God I'll dismember you this time!" Shaw threatened.

"I know we both want this." Root insisted, ignoring what Sam had just said and taking another step forward.

Shaw snapped. She didn't like when people didn't take her seriously. She grabbed Root's collar with both hands and pushed her harsh against the window. For a moment even she thought the glass was going to break.

"Is this why you came here? To fucking play around with me? Guess what, I'm not one to be played around with, Root. You should know that!"

"Then why am I not out that door yet?" Root whispered, her hands finding their way to caress Shaw's curves, slowly running up and down her sides. A silent moan came out of Shaw mouth, desire building up inside her.

"Kiss me." The hacker begged.