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The Diary of a Ghost

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The Diary of a Ghost


By R.K. Sokolski


“A hair-raising glimpse into a shadowed world that lives only in our darkest fantasies.”  - The New York Times


“...Heart stopping...” – The Guardian


“... An ingenious balance of shock and eroticism... if Stephen King ever collaborated with E.L. James, it might look a little like this...” – George Cavanagh, The Continental


“... a sad joke, and frankly nauseating... Missable...” – Haley Rockavitch, Washington Times.



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The Diary of a Ghost


Paperback – published March 24th, 2015


By R.K. Sokolski



When an elite underground crime empire mistakes him for a trained enemy assassin, a young man finds himself ripped from his stale blue-collar life, and catapulted into a sinister world of danger and titillation – where pleasure is given and taken mercilessly – where no is never the answer.


Told in the form of journals kept by the unnamed narrator, this unforgettable masterpiece by newcomer R.K. Sokolski is certain to stir readers of any gender or walk of life – and awaken the most deeply concealed and forbidden of desires.




This book is intended for mature audiences.










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“The Diary of a Ghost” – Yes, The Book That Everyone Is Talking About.


Book Review by Marsha Wilde for The New York Times @nytimes

Published: April 11th, 2015



In the past few years, erotica has slowly but steadily eradicated many taboos and entered the realm of the mainstream. It’s no longer shocking to see the likes of Abagail Barnette and E.L. James next to Dan Brown and Gillian Flynn on the bestseller table at your local bookstore.

“The Diary of a Ghost,” an erotic-horror novel penned by a previously unknown author has, in the collective opinion of many, brought back the risk in risqué – that is, if the overwhelming reader response is to be believed.


First published by an obscure independent press in the U.K., “Ghost’s” success stemmed initially from discreet e-book downloads, as print distribution was at best sluggish and at worst, extinct.  Once the book reached the No. 3 position on Amazon’s best-seller list by it’s ninth week of dispersal, blockbuster publishing houses at last began to sit up and take notice, with British company Marcus & Glocston finally winning the prize after a two month bidding war. Rights were secured officially this weekend, upon Marcus & Glocstons’ payment of a dizzying eight-figure sum.


On Wednesday, the publisher will be releasing the redesigned paperback edition in an 860,000 –copy run print, two weeks after the new e-book release.


“The Diary of a Ghost” was written by a Polish author named R.K. Sokolski, a former administrative assistant who took up early retirement as an opportunity to put pen to paper.


And golly, is so much of the world glad she did.


The book centers on the racy (and at times, downright shocking) misadventures of the young male narrator, whose secret diaries tell the story. Perhaps adding somewhat to the forbidden allure of the tale, “Ghost” offers yet another twist to the erotic subgenre; none of the characters are explicitly named. Alongside the narrator (who is referred to by outside characters as ‘the prisoner’,’the subject’, ‘snowflake’,’slut’, and ‘piglet’, to name just a few) two contrasting, dominating male figures steal the collective imagination – the wolf-eyed “Commander,” a muscly bad-boy ex-con, and the more mysterious “Administrator,” the exceedingly wealthy leader of an international terrorism organization (who has managed to create a fascinated following all his own – but more on that later.)


With such an overwhelmingly male cast, there was understandable early concern from publishers that the book would not find a market in the United States, and other countries in which homosexual relations are still stigmatized. However, recent research has more than proven otherwise – at least half of the book’s fanbase is American. And even more surprising, a third of that number has identified as male, with only an eighth confirming themselves to be homosexual men.

This is not nearly as odd as one might immediately presume; while the leading characters are male, some bold and startling women make their appearance on page as well. Several of the chief “Handlers” – the narrator’s term for his chilling immediate guardians – are female. So is the “Specialist,” a gloriously creative – and sadistic -medical practitioner.


However, none of this spectacularly sinful cast has quite garnered nearly as much attention as the enigmatic and ever so debonair Administrator, perhaps for a startlingly simple reason – he is specified to be well over sixty.

“I think it’s reigniting a classic interest in the ‘wealthy, older man’ romantic stereotype.” said Jayne Wayfeld, founder of, and one of the book’s earliest devotees. “There are plenty of middle-aged – and young- women who would prefer to read about someone with maturity, intellect, and a certain level of underlying gentility.”


As exhilarating as it is to watch such a specifically tailored novel gain such a widespread and integrated group of readers, “Ghost” is certainly not everyone’s proverbial cup of tea.


“The book is pretty violent,” admitted a thirty-nine year old mother of two, who asked that her name be redacted.

According to other readers, “violent” may in fact be putting it mildly. After all, it’s only four chapters in to the forty-chapter narrative that we’re treated to the eye-watering, if not gratuitous, description of a surgical amputation – performed on a patient who is not only awake, but lucid and very much aware of what is being done to him.


Despite the detractors, publishing executives remain confident that the book can only get bigger in terms of success.


So far they’ve been proven exceedingly correct; on Thursday evening, it was out of stock in Barnes & Noble stores in Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Philidelphia, suggesting print sales are set to boom once paperback distribution widely begins.   


Ms. Sokolski’s agent, Georgina Millerson, is currently fielding offers for the film rights from Hollywood producers, and from foreign publishers for the rights to translate the book into various international languages.


“There’s really no knowing how far this could reach, or how extensively it could flourish.” Ms. Millerson said. “Perhaps this is a new beginning for a misunderstood genre, or maybe it’s something brand new – there’s honestly no knowing.”

Well, as “The Diary of a Ghost” was kind enough to prove, perhaps that’s the greatest part of the excitement;

Not knowing what might possibly come next.