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There are things in life that only time can explain and make you understand. Take for example, love. Cliché as it sounds, most of the time you only realize somebody’s worth and the depth of your feelings when you lose them. So then comes the struggle and the hope that in time, you will regain what you have lost. Most of us try to fight for our love. If that doesn’t work out, you then hope that time will rewrite a whole new chapter in your life. Time heals all wounds as they say. But then again, have you noticed why time cannot really influence or erase what your heart really wants?

Why is it that even if relationships end, you still find yourself in the past thinking about the very beginning and you start to question yourself – What could have been if you loved her more that you showed her? What if you didn’t fall for her in the first place? What if you two never met at all so that part of your history never entwined and unfolded? What if during the time when you two met, you were both different people in different circumstances, in a different place, in a totally different time? Would the story have turned out differently? A lot of what ifs and could have beens.

Now back to where you really are. You wonder if things were different if she is still holding your hand right now. You wonder if it’s still your name she speaks so sweetly of. You wonder if you’re still by her side, if you’re still the one holding her. You wonder if you’re still the reason behind all her smiles.

Now you're still alone, naturally... wondering...



Serena strolled leisurely along the beach and enjoyed the simple pleasures of seawater lightly kissing her bare feet. It had been a long time since she'd been home. Her heart always belonged to Rio de Janeiro despite having chosen New York to now be her home. She planned on enjoying every minute of her vacation. So rare that her work at Runway permitted her the luxury of such a much-deserved holiday. She needed the time alone and apart from Emily.

The bronzed Carioca was on her way to meet her friends at the local watering hole by the beach. She promised to see them as soon as she arrived. She walked briskly now excited to reunite with her childhood friends.

"Look out!" The warning came a second too late when Serena got hit by a flying frisbee at the back of her head. She turned around looking for the culprit and sure enough a couple of tourist kids profusely apologized for the accident.

"You boys go ahead and be more careful you hear?!" She waived them away and winced as she massaged the sore spot.

"Are you sure you're okay? That looks painful."

Serena turned to the voice and found herself staring at two soulful chocolate-colored eyes that belonged to a rather gorgeous and concerned brunette.

"Hi uhmm... just wondering if you need anything or anything I can help you with?"

The brunette smiled brightly and Serena momentarily lost her balance on the sand when she suddenly stepped on a rock. The brunette stepped forward and held her steady. Serena laughed shakily feeling the strong arms holding her waist and arm.

"I'm sorry you must think I'm a walking disaster." Serena smiled very aware of the warmth of the other person close to her.

"Oh no not at all. I'm probably more of a klutz than you are. Do you want to sit down? Is your foot okay?"

"Yeah... No. I mean no on the sitting, yes on the foot being okay." Serene cursed herself silently for blabbering like an idiot. She's never been like this before. She felt lucky there were no Runway people around to witness her stellar performance for the last minute.

"Hi I'm Serena."

"I'm Andrea but everybody calls me Andy. It's nice to meet you."

"Pleasure is mine as well. Are you on your way somewhere?"

"Oh just walking about. I've heard that sunsets around here could be beautiful."

Serena found herself staring again at Andy. "Yes... beautiful indeed... Walk with me?"

"Sure... So I'm guessing you're from here. You have a very sexy accent."

Serena was then grateful she wasn't prone to blushing. "Oh... uhmm thank you I guess. And yes I was born and raised here but I live in New York now. Are you on vacation?"

"Oh wow a fellow New Yorker! What are the odds? I've been doing some traveling and this is my last stop here in Rio."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No, no, I really am based in New York and I stay there for most of the year when I'm not on the road." Andy laughed and the two of them talked a bit more while walking on the beach.

"So Andy... well, this is me. I'm meeting my friends here. Will I be seeing you again tomorrow? Around here?"

"Maybe... I'll look forward bumping into you." Andy reached out and run her fingers on the tender spot at the back of Serena's head. "You put some ice on it okay?"

Serena shivered at the light touch and smiled at Andy. "It was lovely meeting you..."

"Have a great night Serena." Andy turned and walked the other way. Serena wasn't able to resist watching the brunette walk away in the sunset before her friends spotted her and hugs and laughter ensued.



During breakfast the next morning, Serena found her thoughts drifting back to the beautiful stranger she met the day before. The previous night was a blast and she had a wonderful time dancing and drinking with friends. It was a very warm and boisterous homecoming and she missed them dearly. She was however quite eager to see Andy again at the beach.

"It seems that you are stalking me."

Serena grinned before she turned to the voice that she had been hoping for. Andy was clad in a two-piece black bikini that looked sinful on her and Serena was glad she was wearing her aviators so her gawking wasn't obvious.

"Oh is that right? Well... I hope that does not put you off." Serena laughed and asked, "I'm glad you found me. How are you this morning?"

"Hmmmm it's a good morning isn't it? And you look absolutely divine..." Unlike Serena, Andy wasn't very particular in being discreet of her appreciation of Serena's bikini-clad bronzed body.

Serena chose to ignore the flirty survey and remark and cleared her throat. "Any plans today?"

"Not yet but I was hoping you could show me around. If you don't mind of course."

"I'd love to. I was just planning to soak up the sun and be lazy here for a while. You're welcome to join me then maybe we can have lunch later." Serena rested on her elbow all stretched out on her beach towel and watched Andy do the same.




"So what is it that you do exactly?" Serena asked Andy while they stroll side by side enjoying a late afternoon ice cream cone treat.

"Well, I'm a writer for a travel magazine and I do some freelancing too. That's why I get to travel now and then. This trip is actually a pure leisure variety for me. I've been working a lot for the last couple of years so a real break was long overdue. I mean what I do for a living is part leisure in nature but it's always been on a tight schedule. This one is all for me and I wanted to take my time you know."

"Yeah I understand. It's even a miracle I was able to get a week-long vacation from Runway. I love high fashion and the glamour and the challenges working for the magazine but it's when I'm here, when I'm home that I feel most relaxed. And I couldn't care less what I'm wearing. New York is New York where time is always gold." Serena sighed and enjoyed the easy company.

"Thank you for showing me around Serena. I'm really glad I met you. How's your head by the way?"

"It's fine, thanks for asking. And this ice cream is seriously helping." Serena giggled. "Hey... I've been thinking, how about you join me for dinner with some friends later this evening? First round's on me too. You'll love my friends I promise."

"Oh I will huh? You promise?" Andy grinned at Serena.

The brunette's smile made Serena's tummy feel funny and it had been a long time since she felt that with Emily. "I promise... come on. Let's get you back to your hotel."