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Foreign Exchange

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                Loki stands before the Allfather looking very much chagrined. His spell would have worked, if the soldiers had been more cooperative. The fools. Loki knows he does not exactly stand on solid ground where Odin is concerned. He suspects Odin thinks he is a spy for Jotunnheim or some other such nonsense. Loki was born the third son of King Laufey, prince to the realm of Jotunnheim in name but a useless runt that would never inherit the throne and was too small to serve as a general in his father’s army. Loki figured out at an early age that his future and his fortune would lie outside of Jotunnheim.

                As a runt he is too small to be mated by another of his species. This fact alone made staying on his home world impossible. Loki wants a mate and children of his own someday, plus he wants to be more than a useless spoiled prince. He wants to DO something with his life, make a name for himself. Loki has ambition. Four years ago he’d begged Odin to grant him an audience, to let him come to live in Asgard and train at the healing arts school and learn magic.

Back then….

                “Allfather, I know relations since the last great war have been strained between our realms, to say the least. But know that whether you choose to allow me to come to Asgard or no, I will not be returning to Jotunnheim. I have no future there. I’m sure you can guess all the reasons why just by looking me.” Loki says as he gestures at his own small stature. Odin contemplated his request. On the surface it all sounds very logical and even sincere. However, Odin fears that Loki might be a spy for his father and is hesitant to allow a snake into his midst. He was on the verge of saying no when his wife Frigga appeared from nowhere.

                “Oh course you can stay my darling prince.” Frigga said brightly as she shot her husband, The King, a warning look not to contradict her. Loki smiled hesitantly looking between The Queen and The King for verification  that he would be allowed to stay. Odin huffed.

                “Welcome to Asgard Prince Loki.”

Back to the Future…

                Loki is the most promising healer the academy has produced in centuries. Loki likes to point this out on a regular basis. The other students hate him. Loki has also been arguing the merits of battlefield healers. He has gone before the guild time and again making  the case that healers need to be warriors too. It is ridiculous for the wounded to have to be transported all the way back to Asgard for medical attention. Some men are so fragile they don’t survive the travel by Bifrost. Loki was trying to prove his point by creating a whole new spell, whereby he could heal a dozen injured men simultaneously. The battlefield application would be a boon to army, and by extension, Odin. It would have worked if the men had continued holding hands. Idiots. Now a dozen men have full body rashes and Loki is standing before Odin to explain his mistake.

                “Well Prince Loki?” Odin asks him. His council member, Lord Behur, and Headmaster of the Academy of Healing Arts has complained about Loki since the first day he arrived. Behur is a known bigot that hates Jotunns. He’s been trying to get rid of the miniature frost giant for four years, but Loki has outsmarted the man at every turn.

                “The spell would have worked if the men had followed my specific instructions. They willfully disobeyed me and now the genital infections they all share from gang banging the same diseased whore has spread to the rest of their bodies. Frankly, Your Majesty, I do not feel sorry for them.” Loki says arrogantly. Odin laughs, actually laughs, or barks really. His mirth comes out loud and unrelenting. Loki is surprised. He didn’t know Odin possessed a sense of humor. Lord Behur looks shocked as well.

                “I must confess Prince Loki, the thought of my already injured men suffering further injury from that spell of yours concerns me. Nevertheless, your idea has merit, even if your method needs more research and development. I am also encouraged by your idea of training up battlefield healers, and I am curious to know why it has not been brought to my attention before now?” Odin says as he looks at Lord Behur for an explanation. The man stutters, not expecting to be put on the spot.

                “Ah…uh… my King, I did not present the prince’s idea to you before because I knew his spell was doomed to fail.” The man says haughtily and with open disdain towards Loki.

                “Yes, but even though this one spell failed you must admit that the idea of bringing the healers to the warriors instead of dragging the wounded to the healing halls is far more efficient and will save many more lives than our current method. It could make the difference between winning or losing a war.” Odin says praising Loki openly in front of everyone at court. Loki smiles like the Cheshire Cat. Odin orders that the Academy and the War Council come together and put forth a plan to train such healers and to recruit promising talent. Loki fully expects to be put in charge of the effort, since it was his idea, but is disappointed when he is not.

                “Prince Loki. While the Academy and the War Council hash out the specifics of the new training program for these warrior healers, I have a new task to give you. It will give you time to perfect that healing spell of yours and give you the opportunity to travel and study alien anatomy. Midgardians to be specific.” Odin says.

                “Midgard?” Loki asks.

                “Yes. You are aware that my son Thor has spent the last couple of years on Midgard, protecting the realm from enemy forces?”

                “Yes I have heard the tales. He fights alongside a group of super humans, with special talents and abilities.”

                “That he does, however, as strong and special as these humans are they are still human. They are mortal, fragile, and in need of a healer not afraid to fight beside them. Thor’s companions suffered some very serious injuries during their most recent battle. A couple of them almost died. Lady Eir had to make a special trip to Midgard to save them and almost arrived too late. Thor has requested that one of our healers go to Midgard and remain there for an extended period of time. I would like to send you.”

                “I am honored to be chosen. I will go.” Loki replies.


                Tony moans as he shifts the ice pack on his head. That last alien attack damn neared killed him. Thor’s witch lady came down and snatched him from the brink of death but he still has lingering ghost pains from the cracked skull, broken ribs, broken legs, and broken hand. He looks healthy and back to normal. He can, technically move, walk, and all of that, but he feels like he should be dead. Thor says the after effects are pretty common. He’ll feel normal in a couple of days.

                Natasha is not much better. She’s afraid to take deep breaths, fearing she will choke on her own blood again. Her lungs are fully healed and yet she does not feel whole. Again Thor assures her that these lingering sensations are normal and that she will learn to ignore them in time. Thor has requested a permanent healer from Asgard be assigned to their team to assist them. Some of the team protested and said that they didn’t need that (Tony, Natasha, and Clint), while the others said that turning down such a valuable resource would be foolish (Steve, Bruce, and Thor). Nick notes that it is the members that are in most need of a healer that protest it the most. It must be a macho thing.

                Thor receives word from his father that a healer has been chosen and will be sent down to Midgard in a couple of days to join the team. Thor frowns at the content of the letter. The healer selected is from Jotunnheim. Jotunnheim? Tony arranges a room for what he assumes will be a giant frosty the snowman. The top three floors of the Avengers Tower are pretty full these days. Tony and Pepper still occupy the top floor, Nat, Clint, and Nick on the floor below them, and then Thor, Steve, and Bruce on the floor below them. Tony decides to stick the healer in the open room next to Thor’s, since they are both from Asgard and all.

                The day arrives and the Bifrost lights up the balcony of Avenger’s Tower. Loki looks up at the group of strangers and offers his brightest smile. He is wearing his long green healer’s robes which match perfectly with his emerald eyes. The color also compliments his creamy milky skin and his long raven hair which reaches his waist. He looks androgynous. Loki has taken to looking Aesir since his first day of enter Asgard. The heat alone would make him faint after an hour of exposure if he did not change his physical characteristics. He misses his beautiful blue skin and ruby eyes, but the bright sun and insufferable heat made keeping AL natural impossible.

                “Hello, I am Prince Loki of Jotunnheim and I have been sent here for a glorious purpose.”