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Dinner for Two

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After the third time of trying to get Emma’s attention Regina finally gave the back of the blondes head a good slap.

“Hey!! That hurt!” she said pausing the game as Henry groaned.

“Well I do apologize for trying to inform you that our second child may be ready to make her appearance.”

“Very funny we aren’t due for…” But the hardened look in Regina’s eyes as she stroked her distended belly set Emma off at a rapid pace. For moving so quickly she hardly accomplished anything. It was Henry who remembered that the overnight bag was in the closet closest to the door. He had also lovingly helped his mother to the car, opening the door for her and pausing when the contractions were too much. From inside the manner they heard Emma scrambling for the camera, her own clothes and then bounding across the hood of the Mercedes only to disappear off to the side.

The gasp from Regina wasn’t due to a contraction. She would sustain an injury en route to the hospital. When Emma promptly popped up, a leaf in her blonde mane her wife didn’t suppress the eye roll. “There had better not be a single scratch from those shenanigans Mrs. Mills.”

Emma eyeballed Henry in the driver’s seat. “Hey, how come the kid gets to drive?!”

“You snooze you lose Ma.” Henry delivered with a playful smile as his hand was squeezed tightly from his pregnant mother. “Ow!”

“Sorry!” Regina winced in pain releasing his hand the next instant. Instead she picked up the blondes with Henry safely navigating the short drive to the hospital. During the wait for Emma he had taken care of informing Whale and Co. that they would be there shortly. Henry, being ever the little delegator. While waiting for her to be settled in her room they ran in Charming.

“Heya Henry.” He said embracing him and his daughter in a hug.

“You really thought of everything.” Emma said stunned as Henry offered her a shrug of the shoulders.

“I didn’t call him.”

“Call me about what? I’m just here because Leroy was causing a disturbance at Granny’s before taking a spill and injuring his leg.”

“Mom’s having the baby.” Henry answered quickly






His brunette mothers’ screams could be heard down the hallway as the contractions took over all sense of self-preservation. She was just a few centimeters from where she needed to be to begin pushing when Leroy was being released. It had already been close to three hours. Her dark hair was matting to her face and her jaw was aching.

More than once the Dwarf had grumbled about all the noise given his broken leg had been painful itself. Charming had chosen to ignore the drunkard while Henry sent him very Regina-like daggers. Leroy stumbled to his crutches claiming he needed to stretch his good leg. Henry was happy not to have to hear his bitching for a few seconds until he spotted him nearing his mother’s room.

Wearily he climbed to his feet nudging his Grandfather who had drifted off to sleep effectively rousing him. Grumpy had mostly sobered but his pain meds were still in effect as he landed in the doorway to the room not daring to cross.

“Hey your Majesty,” he spat, waiting for Regina’s eyes to fall on him as he smiled viciously “Try not to kill this one.”

Had Regina not been in such pain she surely would have summoned a fireball the size of which would have burnt him to nothing more than ashes. Instead as Emma rose to take a more hands-on approach Henry made his move flanking from the side. He rose to his full height bringing them eye to eye and swelling out his chest.

“Your prince is not amused.”

“Like I care.” Leroy stated getting in the boy’s face. Emma being held in Regina’s pincer like grip unable to move.

Henry put them nose to nose leveling a steely gaze at his opponent. “You would do well to remember who raised me since you can’t seem to let her forget it.”

“What are you going to do about it?” the booze drenched breathe filling up henry’s nostrils to the point it almost made him sick. Charming stuck an arm between the two but neither budged.

“I would ask you the same question Dwarf.” Henry stated adopting a seemingly bored expression,” But let’s not change subjects. You are a bitter old man but I think you misplace the blame for your unhappiness.”

“Your mom….”

“My mom what?” he asked in a low, threat-laced tone making the drunk stagger slightly backwards. Henry stalked him into the wall behind him having earned a small victory “You seem to forget that she had nothing to do with the fairies. In fact your own brothers and Blue teamed up to dissuade you from it. Funny how that happens. Some people get happy endings others, left to tumble along through life.”

“It would have cost Nova her dream.”

“Instead of taking control of your destiny you let it dictate that you become this. Together you could have been so much more. She was willing to exchange one dream for another.”

Leroy looked away unable to cope with his wounds that still dripped sorely. His harsh exterior relented and finally crumbled. If the Evil Queen turned mayor could find some solace in this new world surely a lonely dwarf could as well. Maybe Nova would find it in her heart to rekindle their love. Or maybe, just maybe he could find a new beginning. Doing the best he could he sunk to his good knee.

“My prince.”

Henry smirked and sent Leroy on his way with an indicative nod of his head. When the dwarf struggled to rise he let his grandfather lend aid. A throat cleared in the background and they quickly moved out of the doorway. Dr. Whale disappeared inside the room with the door shutting firmly behind him. David released Leroy informing him of how incredibly lucky he was. Both man and boy took a seat once more. Minutes ticked by anxiously.

“It could be a while.” David said voice hinting he had an idea for passing the time.

Henrys lips quirked up, mischievousness coloring him. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Not unless you plan on losing a duel my grandson.”

Laughter echoed in the hallway. “You’re on Gramps! If my sister doesn’t arrive after you take your beating loser buys burgers and shakes at Grannys.”


“Remind me to increase the kids allowance.”  Emma gritted out her left hand being crushed to bits by the pained Queen.

"Remind me to have Leroy's car booted just in time to make him late to work." said the perspiring brunette as she gained a kiss upon her forehead.

"There is my devious Queen that I fell for." 

"I haven't the slightest idea to whom you are referring." Regina prodded playing it coy.

"Mhmm." Emma responded low in her throat. "Last night must have been a fluke."

"Oh no dear. I remember that perfectly." 

The sheriff was lovingly patting away droplets of sweat and moving to place every hair back in its place. Her fingertips teasing along behind Regina's ear and tracing down her jaw before her mouth captured beautiful lips. Regina hmm’ed her approval. Their foreheads rested together.

“I was never afraid of you.” Emma stated causing Regina to grin deliciously.

“Incredibly stupid.”

“Only you could make that sound endearing.” She paused to rub Regina’s bump with one hand and caress the mayors hand with the other. “I wasn’t until the day I was going to ask you to marry me.”

Being new information the former queen sat up slightly. “I don’t think I’d ever been more scared in my life. I was scared of myself for wanting to ask. I was terrified of how it would make you react. If you would feel like you still didn’t deserve all this to be happy. Then when I looked you it all melted away. Sure I still felt something but that fear you just took it away even as my heart still raced for you. It still races for you. It will always be you Regina.”

Dr. Whale’s presence was punctuated by the closing of the door. Thanks to the curse he was skilled in almost all medical practices which would serve Storybrooke well since just about every couple was picking up where they left off. After a quick examination.

“Ladies, it’s time.”


Emma would look back on this day and swear there was a glow around their baby girl. The dark tresses that adorned her head and did this kid have hair. It was too early to tell who she would end up looking more like but beautiful emerald eyes peaked out underneath long, dark lashes. Henry couldn’t stop cooing over her and was the second to hold her.

Despite having working through most of her issues at passing up holding Henry, then the false memories of having held him, Emma thought it best if she was last. She would have no other arguments. She couldn’t fight the smile threatening to rip her face apart as she adored her two children spending their first moments together. Henry talking animatedly and pointing out things as If the hour-old child understood. His eyes met his Ma’s and he saw the tears forming.

“Any chance you would take her?” Henry asked, holding out his sister “Pretty sure she just pooped.”

Regina chuckled tiredly from the bed as Emma made a face. “Thanks kid.”

Her eyes positively shone with tears of joy. Their daughter felt so tiny in her arms. She also reeked at the moment as Emma settled her near Regina’s feet to change her lovingly. The tenderness was not lost on Regina as little feet kicked about and little cries began. Even though Emma had memories of soothing Henry she began to move quickly to change her newborn daughter and gather her up. She thrust her into Regina’s arms and then scrambled to get on the bed before taking her back.

“Hey there beautiful.” She spoke softly, ghosting a fingertip into the awaiting tiny hand. Tears fell silently. Regina watched in silence as the most beautiful smile broke out across her lovers face. “Mia. I’m your mommy. Your other mommy.”

“She has your eyes.” Regina said chuckling causing Emma to turn from Mia and kiss her passionately.

“You did great. Something tells me she will be Little Regina.”

Mia yawned widely in her arms, beautiful eyes closing but she held fast to Emma’s finger in her small hand.

“She is entirely too agreeable with your presence. And she enjoys your voice.”


Regina’s head rested on Emma’s shoulder effectively quieting her. Their son snapping photos of them on his cell phone. Later that evening the Charmings would be joining them for dinner but for now they enjoyed the quiet of the hospital as they bonded with their newest family member.


As they settled in for an early night the three of them surrounding Mia the smiles were contagious. Henry was ever the proudest big brother in all of Storybrooke having already uploaded a multitude of photos online. He even passed on his weekly football game at the park to be there with his family. Mia yawned and Henry cooed again.

“So young, so powerful.” Emma teased, tilting her head in their children’s direction, arm slung happily around her wife.

“I think Henry is done for.”

The hum from her wife in agreement making her grin as Henry rocked his sister lovingly. He grinned up at them himself as if just noticing they were there. Shaggy brown hair falling where it would his eyes alight with that childish wonder. He was up to no good.

“Once upon a time,” he said resuming watching his sisters face and the curiosity embedded in the eyes that seemed so like his own “there was a family. A Queen, a knight and their little prince they were happy. But they didn’t realize that they could be happier. So the Queen and her Knight set out to find a little princess to call their own. That’s where you come in sis. Our family is complete but our tale is far from finished. Not until the Queen, her knight, the little prince and princess ride off into the sunset Happily Ever After.”



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