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Dinner for Two

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One could hardly complain coming home to a candlelit mansion. Something big was up and though she had little idea as to what that could be she was all too curious to find out. Initially it had caused her to panic. It wasn’t their anniversary. Neither of their birthdays and it certainly was not Valentine’s Day. Which Regina would never confess to loving. No it was none of those she was positive. The fact it was mid-October assured her of that.
Following the path of flowers she threw her jacket onto the coach rack giving a satisfied, “Yes!” to herself as it didn’t fall off. The scent of lasagna however, pulled her closer to the kitchen where Regina lie in wait. That charismatic smile those beautiful full lips were waiting for her. She pressed a passionate kiss to them.

“What’s the occasion?” She dared.

“Does there have to be any occasion for a wife to prepare a romantic dinner for two?”

“Regina, there are flowers all over the house and candles lit.” Emma stated a sly grin on her face as she set out to get more information. The mayor kissed her until her knees melted. Thank God for the island behind her to both steady herself and press further into her wife.

“Eat.” Regina ordered eyes twinkling.

“With pleasure.” Emma slowly set down a path along her wifes neck which Regina allowed for a few moments as it trailed down her neck and made it hard to think. But before her shirt could be removed she raised a hand.

“Dinner first.” She said kissing Emma chastely, moving around her with practiced ease. Despite her body hummed with arousal she kept her face cool. Plating the lasagna and fetching a bottle of red wine for her lady love who remained dumbstruck near the island. Regina felt the eyes upon her and looked up to see them eyeing her suspiciously. Once the sheriff had reached her conclusion that all was well she had pulled out the chair.
Candles, flowers, her favorite dish, red wine and Regina’s grey skirt and silky blue shirt her wife was the absolute epitome of drop-dead gorgeous. Just what her wife was up to she hadn’t decided yet. She could be patient. It had to be good; this was Regina Mills she was dealing with. And the woman was anything if not very good at everything she did.

After discussing what a long day it had been at the station with a whopping nothing to do all day Emma relaxed. Regina told of her the days appointments and reminded her of their meeting the following Monday. She also teased her about being late the previous Monday.

“You booted the bug. Again!” Emma exclaimed, eyes wide as if saying ‘Duh!’.

“I’m afraid I have no recollection of what you are speaking of. Your hair looked nice pulled back.”

“Couldn’t you have just asked me to pull it back like a normal person?”

Regina’s barely contained smile was the only thing that gave her next line away,” Since when are we normal dear?”

The sheriff got that nagging feeling in her gut that the smile on her wife’s face was predatory at best. Something was definitely up. She couldn’t shake it and her gut was never wrong. Regina herself seemed fine with their normal banter but looking around the room it was easy to see everything appeared normal. Another glass of wine was poured for her before she spotted what was missing. Her eyes increased in surprise and Regina knew the jig was up. She sat back and patiently awaited further response, dabbing her lips with the napkin.

Inside her emotions were cycling at several increased heartbeats per minute. From where she sat Emma was currently doing the math herself when a wide, child-like grin broke out across her face. She promptly got out of her seat and kneeled in front of the woman all of her fantasies were made of. Her lips brushing over the oh-so cute forehead, down the tip of that perfect nose before ravaging her mouth with all of the passion she could muster. Her fingers tangled in the soft dark chocolate tresses. Regina let her kiss until they both needed a breath.

“I take it you are pleased?” she inquired.

Emma gathered her hands bringing each to her mouth. “I don’t understand how but it doesn’t matter. Regina Mills you make me the happiest and most well-fed woman alive. Everything I give you , you somehow seem to multiply it. I give you a son you make him the best kid ever. You turn kisses into knee-buckling orgasms. Your smile makes my brain melt and my heart pitter patter. Oh and let’s not forget we literally make magic together.”

Regina’s shoulders relaxed and all the anticipation and planning marked off as a success. They had a lot of work to do to prepare but together they would face it. She couldn’t get over the awe painted on Emma’s face as she looked from eyes to stomach with the goofiest grin she could imagine.

“We’re going to have a baby.” Emma mused. Happy tears making a trail down her face. She kissed the stomach that would soon be evident with life.

“Mommy loves you so, so much little one.”

Regina cleared her throat. “C’mere you.” Emma said kissing her breathless. The celebrations going on until the first rays of morning light came through the window. Nestled into her blonde wife she took in her scent. She played with a tendril of curly blonde hair. This was her happy ending.