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Sam had kept Dean's room exactly as he left it. Bed neatly made, note resting on top of the pillow where he knew Sam would find it. Somehow it felt like if everything stayed exactly the same, Sam would wake up one morning and Dean would be right back in the bunker, cooking breakfast for the two of them and singing off-key in the shower. Like Dean had never left...had never left Sam.

Now that Sam knew that Dean was a demon, though, he was going to have to track him down and try to save his big brother - try to fix him. At this point there was no pretending that Dean was just out on a beer run, no pretending that he would come back on his own.

So before Sam left for the address he had tracked Crowley's phone to, he went into Dean's bedroom one last time. He carefully folded the note into fourths and pocketed it in his jeans.Then very gingerly he sank down onto the bed, lying on his un-injured side. 

He inhaled deeply, face pressed against the single pillow there. Dean. It still smelled like him, like the shampoo they share, like leather and spice and home. Sam's breath caught in his throat and his stomach clenched as he tried not to let out the tears pooling in his eyes. Crying would mean that he was mourning Dean. And he wasn't. Dean was somehow still alive, still Dean, as mangled as his soul might be. And Sam was going to save him, just like Dean had done for him so many times. Like they would always do for each other. 


As Sam finished packing his duffel bag for the road, he delicately placed the final item on top as if it was sacred. Okay so maybe it was a little fucked up that he was taking one of his brother's unwashed shirts with him like it was a security blanket, but the smell reminded him of Dean as a human, and that's exactly what he needed to be focusing on right now. He refused to accept that his brother was completely gone. 

What Sam didn't expect, however, is that he would be kidnapped by a man named Cole. A man with a vendetta against his brother who would search through Sam's things, looking for clues as to where Dean was.

What Sam really didn't expect was for Cole to lift up the stolen shirt, smell it, and smile at Sam with a dangerous, knowing glint in his eyes.

"Hmmm. Seems like little brother's got a kink." 

"What?" Sam asked feebly, shock causing his voice to waver a little bit at the accusation - the very accurate accusation. "I don't know what you mean." He clenched his jaw and looked at Cole in the eyes, trying not to betray his emotions. 

"No? I'm thinking the rumors about you and Dean being, well, a little more than just brothers were correct." Sam eyed him warily as he slowly stalked back over to Sam, Dean's shirt still in hand.

"You'll find, Sam, that I'm very perceptive." Cole was standing right in front of him now, and when he reached a hand out towards Sam's face, he flinched instinctively. Cole didn't back off though, instead he tenderly brushed a lock of Sam's hair away from his bruised eye.

"How do you think big brother would feel if he knew I had touched you? If he knew I had violated what's his." Cole stroked a hand over Sam's cheekbone, even as Sam tried to pull away as much as possible in his restraints.

"Clearly killing you isn't enough to spark his interest. What do you think, Sammy?" Sam didn't bother replying with words, instead he gathered all of the spit and blood in his mouth and spit it straight in Cole's face, where he was leaning over Sam.

Cole sighed as he pulled away and wiped the bloody spit off of his face.

"Now, now Sam. There's no need to be like that. We'll even do it in an actual bed. All Dean needs to know is that I've taken what's his so I can draw him out." Cole's tone was patronizing, as if he was placating a child. Sam wanted to punch him right in his goddamn mouth.

Fuck, he almost hoped Dean got to this guy. He doubted, though, that some guy forcibly having sex with him would be the thing to draw Dean out. Not when...not when he didn't even seem to care if Sam was killed. Shit, he wanted to punch Dean right now just as much as he wanted to bury himself in the scent of that shirt and cry for hours. 

Sam was forced to lie tied up in the backseat of Cole's car, unable to move or be seen from the outside. As he was lying there, the more and more he became pissed at his brother. Dean was the one who got him into this situation, and he wasn't even going to bother even attempting to help Sam get out of it? If he was planning to kill Cole anyway, he might as well help Sam out a bit. So much for an entire lifetime of being brothers. Sam huffed out a sigh, causing Cole to glance at him in the rearview mirror before returning his eyes to the dark road. 

Would Dean care? He did want proof of life, proof that Cole really had Sam. And, well, even human Dean could be a possessive bastard about Sam, so it only made sense that he would be worse about it as a demon. Right?

Sam studied the back of Cole's head from his awkward vantage point. Well, he certainly was attractive enough. 

"Okay," Sam murmured, voice a bit hoarse.

"What?" Cole glanced back at Sam again.

"You had better use protection," Sam grumbled, a little more loudly. 

"Does that mean you're in, little Winchester?" Cole turned and grinned at him for a moment.

"Don't call me that. Just...if we do this you have to let me talk to him first." Sam kept his voice steady. If this was the way to get to Dean, he would do it. 

"Don't see that you're really in a position to bargain here, Sam." 

"Don't you think.." Sam swallowed hard. "Don't you think it'd be more effective, he would be more angry if it looked consensual, like I was...enjoying it?" Sam's voice tapered off on the last part of his sentence. "You're planning on filming it, aren't you?" 

"Clever boy. Alright, I'll give you a minute or two with him before I slit his throat. And I'm not intervening if he tries to kill you." Sam shuddered slightly at the lethal tone of Cole's voice.

"But better sound real convincing when you're begging me for my cock." 

It was going to be a long night.