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What You Don't Desire

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The Dart flitted across the dark-blue sky, going deeper until it almost touched the ground, hidden by the trees and bushes craning their black shadows upwards and offering their branches and twigs as a cover for the Dart, which now landed on a small clearing, showing the piloting skills of the person inside the Dart.

After one moment, the engine stopped and the lights went out. After another minute, the hatch of Dart opened and the pilot climbed out. He stood still beside his Dart for a couple of minutes, searching for any sign that his arrival had been noticed by someone. When everything apart from the reassuring sounds of little animals and silently rustling leaves stayed quietly, the pilot let out a low, contented growl, closing the hatch again and shielding his Dart with the remote control. After one final look at his plane, he turned around, making his way through the dark wilderness with single minded determination, eager to reach his goal.

He had waited for more than three months, he had waited for so long, but now, he would finally get what he had been craving for and what he wanted and needed so badly.

The Wraith headed along a small overgrown path, melting with his surroundings so easily, being the ancient hunter he actually was, with instincts and skills no other creature living in Pegasus would ever develop. The darkness swallowed him like the hungry mouth of a giant monster and the clearing lay there, abandoned again, despite from the black Dart at the edge of it, waiting for his owner to come back to it, no matter when this time would come, with the silence and patience no living being would ever have.




Commander Patricius paced up and down, crossing the small room again and again, growling with impatience, annoyance and uncertainty.

He was late. What if he wouldn't come to him as he had promised?

Patricius was almost as old as his High Commander himself, not quite ten thousand years, but he had lived in the aftermath of the war with the Ancients, had grown up during the chaos that had followed this bloody war and always known what he wanted and what he had to do to get it.

But right now, he felt as unsure as he felt every single damn time, before he finally came. Patricius had the suspicion that he did it on purpose, to leave him tingling with insecurity and doubts, so he would agree to everything when he eventually showed up.

Patricius balled his fists, trying to calm himself down. When he suddenly heard a silent sound coming from the entrance to this hidden place, he turned around, his black coat swinging around his long legs as he did so and his long white hair whirled around his face, falling into his eyes. Normally, he wore it like many Wraith did with two thick strands at each side tied back to hold it out of the way, but he wanted him to wear it openly without any restraint and Patricius knew that he better obey his orders. He pushed his hair out of his face over his back and stared at the man standing in the doorway to the hiding place someone had built in one of the cellars underneath the ruins of an Ancient outpost long time ago.

The runner just stood there, watching him with an absolutely impassive face, filling the doorway completely, his legs spread and his arms crossed over his chest, dressed in his usual black leather trousers and his sleeveless black leather waistcoat with nothing underneath. His curly black hair was shorter than the last time, curling at the nape of his neck and at his forehead, but cut short on each side, barely covering his ears.

Patricius could see the shadow of his three-days-stubble on the sun-kissed cheeks and his prominent chin and he felt a shiver of anticipation rushing down his spine. This stubble would be scratching at his smooth skin, very soon, on places where no one else was allowed to leave their scratches as the runner certainly would do, very soon.

The human had almost as many tattoos as Wraith usually had, circling his upper arms, accentuating his broad chest and his strong-muscled abdomen, black ink adorning the tan skin with several white scars crossing each other all over his torso, telling the story of a person who had been a runner for more than fifteen years by now.

Patricius knew that there were scars on the runner's back, too, he knew them all, had caressed them many times, stroked each scar with rapt devotion like he had stroked and caressed each tattoo adorning his uncommon lover's skin and he dug his nails almost painfully in his sensitive palms to keep himself from reaching out for the signs of the human's career as one of the runners whom no one could defeat.

He wasn't allowed to touch him until his lover said so and Patricius wouldn't risk doing anything that might cause the runner to leave him instantly and without satisfying his needs, so he held his ground, staying where he stood on the other side of the room, waiting for the other male to make the first move. When the human continued to stand in the doorway, his dark eyes watching him without giving away anything of what he might think, the Wraith finally snarled: “You're late!” His trembling voice betrayed his tries to sound annoyed, his relief about the late, but final arrival of his lover clear to detect beneath his anger.

“No problem. I will leave if you're not in the mood any longer, Commander Patricius,” the runner answered, his smooth dark voice filled with mockery and the knowledge that his late arrival had changed nothing. It would never change anything. The human knew quite well that Patricius was under his spell that he could do whatever he wanted to do. He turned around as if he was about to leave and Patricius swallowed, audibly.

“No, please, don't leave, Tordir!” he hurried to cry out. Tordir didn't turn to him, but he stopped. He only turned his head to look at him. “Ask me nicely, Patricius,” he ordered, his voice as impassive as his face.

Patricius dropped down on his knees, his head lowered to the ground. “Please, Tordir, don't leave me. I'm sorry for annoying you. Please, I need you,” he whispered, hoping that he had said enough to make his lover stay.

He could feel his lover's eyes upon him, musing and he knew that Tordir had pursed his lips in his special way, but he didn't dare look up. After what felt like an eternity to him, Tordir turned to him again, entering the room. The runner came to him, laying his calloused fingers under his chin to lift it up. The grip was almost painful, but Patricius didn't flinch. He wanted it that way, he craved to be treated like this by his lover and the runner knew that, as well.

“If you ever dare saying something like that again, I will leave you!” he said in a low, dangerous voice and Patricius didn't dare breathe, staring up in the dark-brown eyes of his lover.

“I'm sorry, Tordir,” he murmured, lowering his eyes again.

“You better be, Patricius. You were a bad boy and you will call me 'Master' as a punishment until I allow you to use my name again, understood?”

Patricius only nodded his head and the grip on his chin tightened.

“I didn't hear your answer, Wraith!” the runner growled and Patricius hurried to say: “Understood, Master!”

Tordir had ordered him to call him 'Master' only a few times before, when he had been truly angry and Patricius swallowed again, knowing that he had to be careful, because otherwise, Tordir would punish him by leaving him unsatisfied.

He had punished him that way only once, right at the beginning of their strange 'relationship' if it actually could be called a relationship and Patricius had almost gone insane, halfway out of his mind for two very long months, craving for their next encounter so badly that it had caused him physical pain.

“Good. Now, undress!” Came the harsh order and the runner let go off his chin. Patricius stayed on his knees, shrugging out of his coat and undressing his clothes, although it was difficult to do this by kneeling on the floor. “You should show a little more elegance and exaltation, Wraith! Otherwise I could get the impression that you don't want me to stay...” his human lover remarked ironically and Patricius suppressed his frustrated growl only with effort, trying to undress as elegantly as he was able to in his position. Then, he was naked, kneeling before his still dressed lover, his flushed skin shivering in the cool air.

He had lit up several candles when he had come here and their flickering lights let his pale skin shine in a bluish color, accentuating his own tattoos even more. His long silvery hair fell over his back like a silky waterfall and he unconsciously bared his teeth as his nose and sensor slits picked up the strong smell of the human's arousal. Good, his master had been craving for this as much as he himself. He wouldn't leave him, aching to satisfy his own needs far too much to turn around and go away.

Tordir didn't waste time, opening his trousers and holding a thick strand of Patricius' long hair in a tight grip to pull his head near to his groin. “Suck my cock!” he ordered and Patricius obeyed happily, eager to fill his mouth with the thick and large manhood of his lover, the only being who was able to satisfy him, completely. He knew how to pleasure his runner, his Master with his mouth, had done so countless times and he was glad that Tordir allowed him to make up for his cheeky behavior with that. He relaxed his throat and swallowed as much of the impressive rock-hard cock as he was able to right at the beginning and Tordir groaned with pleasure, tightening his grip in his hair and thrusting his hips in a punishing rhythm into the willing mouth. Patricius licked and sucked, swirling his tongue around the weeping tip, milking more pre-come from the slit, listening to the hoarse moans and grunts proving his lover's pleasure so clearly to him.

He felt his master getting close and he licked over the slit and dipped the tip of his agile tongue into it, being able to do so although the hard length was buried deep in the soft cavern of his mouth and Tordir slammed his groin forward desperately, letting out a strangled cry of ecstasy. Patricius almost choked as hot and fast jets of the runner's salty release rushed down his throat again and again and he swallowed and swallowed, dizzy with the lack of air from not being able to breathe between his gulps.

His clawed hand reached out for his own needy cock, standing proudly in the air and twitching helplessly with the need to come, but before it reached its destiny, Tordir's hand shot forward, shoving his hand to the side. “You're not allowed to touch yourself, Wraith! You're not allowed to come before I order you to come, Wraith!” his master snarled, his voice still husky from his forceful orgasm and Patricius swallowed one last time, letting go of the spent manhood.

“Yes, my Master. I'm sorry, my Master,” he croaked out, relieved to hear that Tordir wouldn't leave him unsatisfied tonight, at least not if he was a good boy who did what Tordir ordered him to do. He had craved for this special night for so long so badly and he really wouldn't stand it if Tordir decided to punish him that way. He stared at the spent manhood in front of his face, still half hard and impressive in size and length, aching to feel it sheathed deep inside his longing core, until Tordir pulled at his hair and he had to look up to ease the pain. Tordir considered his face, the beautiful tendril enclosing his left eye, looking similar to the blue waves of an established wormhole, and his small, well-trimmed goatee, now rather tousled and glistening with drops of the human's come and when he was contented with what he saw, he pulled at Patricius' hair until the Wraith got up to his feet, groaning with the pain the pulling caused at his scalp.

Tordir wrapped his arm around him, pulling him close to his body, the leather of his clothing rubbing against his naked skin and claimed his lips in a hard and bruising kiss. Patricius clung to his shoulders, kissing him back with desperate longing and for one moment, Tordir kissed him tenderly and gently, showing him that he had missed him and longed for him, too.

But soon, the moment of tenderness and understanding was gone and Tordir pushed him away, shoving him to the bed on the other side of the room. “Kneel on the bed, face to the wall,” he simply ordered and Patricius obeyed without hesitation, his cock twitching with the thought of what would come next.

He climbed onto the mattress, kneeling on the bed, his legs spread wide, bracing his hands against the wall. Tordir came to him, tying his hands with the chains attached to the wall, making sure that Patricius wouldn't be able to remove them himself. Patricius breathed hard in anticipation, but when Tordir fastened something around his aching cock, he groaned, frustrated and desperately tugging at the chains holding him in place.

The runner chuckled very pleased, the soft and warm air of his breaths tickling his ear. “Remember – you're not allowed to come until I order you to do so, Wraith! This nice cock-ring will make sure that you won't have any problems with obeying my orders, my dear Patricius,” he stated, dryly and mockingly. “You were a bad guy, Patricius. Tell me what I shall do with you!”

Patricius tugged at the chains again. “I was a bad boy and I need to be punished, my Master!” he ground out, crazy with the need to come and the delicious pain of the cock-ring pressing his painful arousal in place. “I need to be punished by you, Master!”

“Indeed, Wraith, you will get punished!” Tordir moved away from him, the mattress shifting under his weight as he did so and Patricius could hear the sounds as the runner undid his heavy leather-belt from his trousers.

Patricius licked his lips, tasting the salty release of his human lover on it, trying to relax, but the first smack on his exposed ass made him flinch and a surprised groan escaped his lips. Tordir set up a fast and hard pace right from the beginning, smack after smack battering mercilessly his backside until it burned like fire and he bit his lip, drawing blood, groaning and grunting and dwelling in the delicious pain the spanking caused. He wanted this, he wanted this so badly. He had dreamed about his lover spanking him that way every single night during the last three months.

His mind felt light and dizzy and his whole body was aching, screaming for release; each smack on his burning ass bringing him closer to the edge without allowing him to come because of the ring keeping him from it and he knew that he would be begging soon, not caring about his reputation and composure. He needed this, he needed this more than he had ever needed anything else and his human lover knew that.

“Please, my Master, I need to come, please, let me come!” he begged, almost sobbing, but Tordir only laughed. Patricius could smell his new arousal, could hear it in the breathless laughter.

“You will come when I'm in the mood to let you come, Wraith. And right now, I'm in the mood to punish you by not letting you come!” he smacked him with his belt one last time and Patricius couldn't hold back his painful cries any longer, screaming loudly when the belt hit his burning ass once more.

Tordir tossed his belt aside and moved closer, untying the chains before he pushed against the Wraith's shoulder-blades until Patricius knelt before him like a dog, his hurting ass raised up in the air. Tordir took the bottle with the lube standing on the headboard of the bed and Patricius was deeply grateful that the runner wasn't in the mood to take him unprepared, although he probably wouldn't waste time with a careful preparation, only stretching him as much as absolutely necessary. He had been right, because Tordir pushed not only one finger deep inside his burning ass, but three, brushing over his sweet spot roughly and Patricius cried out once more, bracing his hands and knees desperately against the mattress, trying not to pull away from the harsh intrusion.

Tordir bent his head down to his ear. “I could mark you, Wraith, I could bite you and make sure that everyone in this galaxy will know that you are mine, Patricius,” he whispered hoarsely in his ear and Patricius flinched, trying to pull away from the mouth close to his vulnerable throat.

“No, please, don't do that!” he begged and Tordir laughed again, nibbling with his teeth at his sweaty skin.

“You can't keep me from doing it if I want to, Patricius and you actually don't want to keep me from doing it. You're mine and you know that. You're only afraid that someone could find out about your desires and that you will lose your reputation,” he stated, his fingers working him open with single-minded determination, biting playfully and Patricius moaned with the sensation, shivering helplessly under the double onslaught.

“Please, don't mark me, my Master,” he whispered again. “I will be a good boy and do whatever you want me to do, but, please, don't mark me!” Tordir licked over the skin, but then, he pulled away from his throat, nibbling at his earlobe instead.

“Since you have asked me nicely, I won't do it – this time. Maybe the next time, we meet, Patricius,” he murmured into his sensitive ear, dipping his tongue into it while pulling his fingers out. He lined himself up and pushed into Patricius with one deep thrust, sheathing his proud manhood to the hilt deep inside the willing, trembling body. Patricius groaned as Tordir brushed over his prostate, whimpering with the ache of his unfulfilled burning desire and Tordir finally took pity on him, unfastening the cock-ring from his painfully hard cock.

He began to thrust into him, pulling out until only the head of his cock was still inside him and pushing forward again, slowly and steadily, hitting his sweet spot with every move. Patricius threw his head back, crying, moaning and growling with every thrust deep inside his aching core. Tordir dug his nails into his hips, keeping him in place as he moved harder and faster, chasing his own release for a second time and Patricius shuddered with every hit against his sensitive nub, getting dangerously close to the edge.

“Remember – you're not allowed to come until you have my permission to come, Wraith!” the runner whispered into his ear, his voice raw with his own need and burning desire.

“Yes, my Master!” Patricius whimpered, desperately holding himself back, hoping that the runner would allow him to come very soon, not knowing if he could keep himself from coming any longer. “Please, my Master, please, I need to come, please, let me come!” he ground out through gritted teeth, his cock twitching, leaking with pre-come, painfully aroused. “It's hurting, please, my Master!”

Tordir slammed into him, hard, fast, mercilessly and now, he let go of Patricius' hip, wrapping his calloused hand around his engorged shaft and biting his ear.

“Now, Patricius, come for me – now!” he ordered, pumping his seed deep inside the Wraith's trembling body.

Patricius cried out, as he hit his own peak, instantly and his vision went white with the force of his orgasm. He spurted his musky release into the fingers holding him in their firm grip and he roared and screamed as his whole body shook and shuddered through the most intense climax he had ever had. When it finally was over, he dropped down on the mattress, his breathing ragged and hard, unable to support his weight any longer. He lay there, panting and gasping, knowing that he was vulnerable and defenseless right now, but he didn't care, drifting into a state of almost unconsciousness. The last thing he felt was a strong and warm body snuggling close to him and a pair of arms wrapping themselves around him, protectively and possessively.




When he became aware of his surroundings again, he still lay there in the same position, nestled against the runner's warm body and Tordir was stroking his back with surprising tenderness. It didn't happen oftentimes that the other male showed him tenderness, but he seemed to sense that Patricius needed some tenderness right now and was obviously willing to give his Wraith-lover what he needed.

“Did you switch off the tracking device?” he murmured sleepily against the sweaty skin of the runner's shoulder and Tordir chuckled, amused, stroking the sensitive spots along his spine.

“It's a little bit too late to ask me this question, don't you think so, Commander?” he asked, ironically. “Of course, I switched it off, before I came to this planet,” he answered, shaking his head about this rather stupid question of his lover.

Patricius relaxed, reaching out with his feeding-hand to caress the fur on the human's broad chest, tracing the scars with his fingertips. He didn't need to look at them, he knew where the scars where placed on his lover's body.

“I want to say thank you that you didn't kill the three officers of Germanus' Hive,” Patricius said after a while, hesitantly, uncertain about the runner's reaction. Tordir shrugged his shoulders.

“You don't have to. In fact, I have an arrangement with Commander Germanus,” he admitted and Patricius felt the sharp sting of jealousy in his abdomen, because he hadn't known about any arrangement between his secret lover and one of the Commanders of their alliance.

“What arrangement?” he asked in a strangled voice. Tordir's hand stilled for a moment, before it continued stroking his back and the human turned his head to look at the Wraith in his arms.

“He sends me a message when some of his young officers need lessons in expanding their hunting skills and I let myself be hunted without killing them at the end,” he explained, shrugging his shoulders. “It's only business, no need to be pissed off. He doesn't know about our 'arrangement' and I won't tell him – or anyone else Patricius,” he replied and Patricius relaxed a little bit.

“You kill the others.” It was a statement, not a question.

Tordir shrugged his shoulders again. “Only if I have to. But, I would never kill a member of the alliance. Atlantis gave me the choice to live the life I want to live by changing the device in a way that I can switch it off if I want to and I do honor that neither Colonel Sheppard nor your High Commander forced me to change the way I want to live. Your kin hunts me and I hunt them. That's how I want to live. I kill the bad guys, but your brethren from the Second Alliance are safe. I could have killed you if I had wanted to – back then,” he added, his voice sounding mocking again.

“Yes, my Master,” Patricius murmured against his shoulder, remembering his first encounter with the runner who had become a skilled Wraith-hunter over the years. Everyone in Pegasus knew Tordir and his ability to stay alive, no matter how many Wraith were hunting him. Three years ago, before Atlantis had returned to Pegasus, Patricius had been one of Tordir's hunters and Tordir had trapped him and defeated him.

After their fight, Patricius had lain there, pinned to the ground, incredibly aroused by the fact that the human had been able to beat him and pin him down and Tordir had laughed and taken advantage of it, fucking him senseless until Patricius hadn't known who he was any longer.

Since then, they met every two or three months at hidden places, spending two or three days together, before Tordir returned to the life of a runner he had chosen, freely. Patricius never knew when or where they would meet again, it was always Tordir who sent him a short message with the time and the place where they would meet again and it was driving him insane sometimes. But this was their arrangement and he knew that he would lose his lover if he tried to change it.

Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay had met Tordir on one of their missions shortly after their return to Pegasus and the human scientist had been able to change the way the tracking device worked and now, Tordir could switch it on and off.

Tordir chuckled, pleased by the Wraith's obvious jealousy. “You're allowed to call me by my name again, Wraith,” he said and Patricius nestled against his master, happy that his master wasn't angry with him any longer. He had feared that Tordir would leave him after this first passionate encounter, but now he was sure that there would be more of what he needed, much more. His master was in a good mood again and would see to his needs like no one else in the whole galaxy was able to.

“Thank you, Tordir,” he said, gratefully, kissing and stroking the skin within his reach, eager to please his human lover and prove to him that he was the only one in this galaxy able to truly satisfy him, as well. He placed his feeding hand on the scared chest, and Tordir grunted in anticipation.

“If you do it right I'll allow you to come whenever you want to the next time, Wraith!” he encouraged him, his voice husky and aroused and Patricius' breath ragged with this promise.

“I will do my very best to please you, Tordir,” he hurried to say, tasting the name of his lover on his tongue. He 'bit' down and let his life-force float into the human's body in a soft and steady stream and Tordir moaned with the sensation, arching into the touch. After a while, Patricius reversed the process, eager to taste the tempting, delicious strength of his lover. He did so several times, taking and giving in a slow wave swapping forth and back and Tordir pulled his head down and kissed him hungrily and demandingly, their tongues exploring each other eagerly and with rapt devotion.

Patricius ended the sharing by filling Tordir with his own life-force, giving him a large dose, sensing the pleasure and ecstasy the runner felt as the Wraith's strength rushed into his body. He was freshly fed and could share his strength easily with his lover. He always made sure that he was freshly fed when they met. When he finally drew back, Tordir raised his feeding hand to his mouth, licking up the enzyme, caressing the sensitive feeding organ with his lips and his tongue, his stubble scratching over the smooth skin of his palm and Patricius groaned with new passion and need.

“On your back!” Tordir ordered breathlessly, and Patricius rolled on his back, his aroused manhood standing proudly in the air. Tordir raised his arms and tied his wrists again with the chains, then, he did the same with his ankles, tying them with the chains fastened to the end of the bed. Patricius lay there, his arms and legs spread wide and tied to the wall and the bed watching the runner take a soft garment out of the pocket of his trousers and he swallowed, hard. His lover covered his eyes with the blindfold and Patricius felt shivers of anticipation running down his spine.

The mattress shifted as the runner made himself comfortable between his spread legs, lowering his head to the Wraith's aching cock.

“You did very well, Patricius. As a reward, you have permission to come whenever it pleases you, this time,” he told him, licking up the drops of pre-come the sharing of their life-forces had already milked from him. Patricius moaned and arched his hips to get more of this wonderful sensation and Tordir chuckled, his mouth closed firmly around the proud maleness twitching happily as he licked over the slit again.

“Hm, you taste so good, Wraith!” Tordir purred, sucking his member deep in his throat and pushing his fingers deep inside him at the same time and Patricius cried out, loudly, tugging at the chains and throwing his head back in pleasure and need.

“I really love how you taste, so musky and so very Wraith,” he murmured, bobbing his head up and down along the engorged Wraith cock and Patricius soon was a panting and gasping mess, squirming and wriggling beneath the clever mouth pleasuring him so much. Tordir's fingers stroked his sweet spot in time to his sucks and Patricius tried his best to hold back and enjoy the sweet torture, but he knew that it was a helpless undertaking. Tordir had reached true mastery in giving him blow-jobs and stimulating him with his fingers and he found himself nearing his orgasm very fast, even faster by knowing that he was allowed to come whenever he wanted to without having to hold himself back until Tordir actually gave him the permission to come.

Tordir sensed his struggles and chuckled again. “You're so close, Wraith, I can feel it, I can smell it, everything inside you screams for release, you just have to let go!” he teased him and Patricius lost his battle by hearing the smug words, instantly. He screamed out his pleasure and ecstasy, pumping his seed deep down the willing throat and Tordir had no problems with choking, swallowing the evidence of his satisfaction until Patricius had nothing more to give, falling back onto the mattress, trying to catch his breath.

Tordir sat up and took the panting Wraith trapped underneath his strong body and tied to the bed with one violent snap of his hips, slamming his aroused cock into the trembling body of his sated Wraith lover. He placed his hands on each side of Patricius' head on the mattress and changed the angle of his thrusts until he hit the Wraith's prostate with every rolling move of his hips, moving back and forth without mercy.

Patricius whimpered, the new stimulation of his oversensitive secret core almost too much to bear. “You will come a third time for me, Patricius! Do you hear me?” Tordir commanded, nearing his own climax with every thrust.

“Yes, my Master, I will!” he ground out, instinctively acknowledging the runner as his master and Tordir growled, contentedly, slamming hard and fast into him and the feeling of the rock-hard cock brushing his sweet spot again and again and the knowledge of how much the human runner desired him finally was more than he could take. When Tordir started to come, filling him with his hot and wet semen, he followed him over the edge, reaching the absolute height of ecstasy and satisfaction for the third time within a few hours.

“You're mine, Wraith, only mine!” he heard the sated voice of his lover purring close to his ear, the stubble brushing over his smooth skin, before surprisingly soft lips claimed his mouth in a tender and gentle kiss. Tordir removed the blindfold from his eyes and Patricius blinked, sleepily. “Yes, Tordir, I'm yours, only yours. Did I pleasure you, my Master?” he asked, drowsily.

“Indeed, you did very well tonight, Wraith. Now, go to sleep, Patricius. You gave me a large dose and you need to rest a little bit, before I take you again. I want you to be well-rested when we do this again. I'm not done with you yet,” the runner commanded and Patricius obeyed, falling asleep as Tordir had ordered him to, a slight smile of happiness and satisfaction tugging at the corner of his mouth.




Night had fallen over the planet again and the clearing lay there in complete darkness, because the moon was covered by thick and heavy clouds, announcing rain and a storm within the next few hours. Suddenly, the leaves of a large bush began to rustle and the branches of the bush snapped back into their former position, as a dark shadow entered the clearing, rushing to the shielded Dart waiting patiently for his owner to come back to it. For a short moment, the moon peeked out of its covers, shining on silver hair, but then, the pale light vanished into the layers of dark clouds and all went black again.

The Wraith headed to his Dart, crossing the clearing fast, pressing his remote control before he reached his plane. The almost invisible gloom of the shield faded and the hatch of the Dart opened with a silent snarl. Patricius climbed inside his plane and the hatch closed behind him, immediately.

The Commander paused for one moment, listening to the sounds of the forest and the night, before he started the engine of his Dart. It came to life, eager to obey his Commander's orders and Patricius huffed a small wistful sigh.
Now, he would turn back to his life, being the Commander of a large Hive and its crew, suppressing his needs and desires, hiding them deep inside his mind and his heart, until he would get another message from his uncommon lover, his master – his mate.

Of course, they hadn't mated officially, but for Patricius, the human runner was his mate the one and only being able to fulfill him. He didn't know if Tordir returned his feelings or if he was the only one for him, as well, but maybe, his dreams would come true some day and they could be together for good. But, it was not the right time now, and Patricius pushed back his longing and his wistful thoughts to the back of his mind and let his Dart leave the ground and fly into the sky.

Just before he reached space, he reached out with his telepathic senses and there it was, the soft touch of the runner's mind, standing on the clearing watching his Dart leave until it was out of sight and whispering goodbye to him.

Patricius smiled. It would take a while until they would see each other again, but they would be together again, he was sure about that.