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Marian, Elsa, Regina

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"I have one too," Elsa said, touching the yellow ribbon wrapped around her wrist, in just the same way that Emma was touching the yellow ribbon wrapped around her own wrist.

And then -

A flash of a name - three names - their names - across her field of view:




And something happened to their hands, they could feel it, so they looked  -

Two hands. One with a yellow ribbon at the base. One with fingers and thumb curled around the handle of a knife only visible for a moment, before it dissolved into the air.

"Another illusion?" Emma asked.

"A strange blade," Elsa said.

"No," Henry said, wishing it were anything but - anything but that.

"What's wrong?" Emma asked.

"I've seen that blade too," Snow said. "I nearly used it once."

"Great, what's it do?"

"It controls the Dark One."

"Gold?" Emma asked.

Snow looked at Emma and Elsa, and for a moment, saw their faces as scaled and offcolor as Rumplestiltskin's had been back in their own land. And then, in the next moment, saw their faces as they had been earlier today, in the full blush of health. "Yeah," Snow breathed.

"But it can't be," Henry said. "The only way to get his dagger and his powers, is to kill the Dark One...then you become the new Dark One."

"But - we didn't," Elsa said. "We were right here." But she couldn't help looking at her ribbon, just as Emma was.