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Unheard Story

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Arthur wasn’t really listening to Merlin’s story, but he still smiled as he watched him go on and on. He couldn’t help it, when Merlin was smiling like that and waving his hands all over the place, like it would help to tell the story somehow.

Things had changed between them recently and Arthur was was enjoying the fact that he could just stare at Merlin when they were alone. If Merlin noticed the stare, he would just smile at the prince—full of warmth and knowing.

Merlin stopped even trying to pretend that he was doing this chores when he got to the climax of the story. He stood near Arthur, unable to hold back little laughs as he recalled what had happened.

Arthur couldn’t help himself as he stepped a bit closer and let his forehead rest against Merlin’s, just wanting to be close.

"Arthur…?" Merlin paused his story, his smile dimming slightly from the obvious confusion of the prince’s actions.

"Just finish your story, idiot," Arthur replied, not moving.

It took Merlin a moment, but his smile came back, somehow even wider then before. He didn’t move as much this time, though, so as to not dislodge Arthur from his place as he continued on.

Arthur never did figure out what that story was about.