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Between one moment and the next, Ray Kowalski went from earthbound to where-the-fuck. Something like it had happened before, except this time where-the-fuck included that his face was underwater, not like that time when he was ten and took a step that failed to lead to another on a Southside Chicago street. That time had been like a trap-door opened and he dropped through into some kind of laboratory place – the memory was hazy, but there definitely hadn’t been someone forcing his head underwater and then pulling him back to smack him in the face. His subpar eyesight was further hindered by the blur of water and blood, but he could make out that the person who loomed above him was a woman with short blonde hair and a combative posture – he had a momentary thought of Stella – there had been times she made him feel like he was drowning, like he was beaten-up – but no, this was a stranger and she was really having these things done to him, and asking him questions that didn’t make sense to him. Every time that he was pulled back from the water, every time that he was hit, she repeated the same questions. She called him Leoben – and Ray yelled again and again “I’m not who you think I am!” In exasperation he finally snarled “Lady, I’m gonna lose my voice and my mind at about the same time here!” That was when Kara Thrace grabbed Ray’s arm and jerked him forward, tearing the sleeve of his shirt, consequently exposing his tattoo…that was when she conceded that she had been fooled by the striking resemblance. “Oh frak,” she muttered.