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Fairly Odd Session

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They had fought numerous of underlings already, and Timmy Turner and his fairies decided to have some rest.

But alas, this was quickly spoiled by one simple action.


Just like that, they appeared on a land situated on clouds. The sign next to them revealed that they were in Fairy World.

“Oh boy, if we get poofed here, that can only mean one thing.” Timmy said, a bit worried.

Suddenly the ground (???) began shaking and with a small explosion, a very big, muscled, fairy appeared in front of them.

“TIMMY TURNER!” the fairy yelled.

Timmy gulped.

“Yes?” he said in a small voice.

The fairy crossed his muscled arms.

“You are probably wondering why you are here!”

Timmy looked a bit down, remembering all those fairies who lost their Fairy Godchildren.

“I guess it has to do with Sbu-”

“DON’T say that name. A lot of fairies have a trauma now, Timmy. All because of this game. You were lucky to not die a gruesome death.”

“I know…”

Wanda looked a bit angry and flew in front of Timmy.

“Jorgen! Timmy can’t help that this happened! He never wished for it!”

Jorgen got irritated as well.

“Stop nagging! I didn’t get you here because of that! Actually, you’re not here for me!”

“Huh?” Timmy asked in confusion.

“Oh, oh! Did the Tooth Fairy ask us here?” Cosmo asked enthusiastically, Wanda glaring daggers at him.

Jorgen face-palmed.

“No. You don’t know the o-”
“Or is someone attacking Fairy World and do we need to stop it? I’m up for some fighting!”

Cosmo didn’t even wait for an answer and used his wand to change everyone there into karate outfits.

Jorgen and everyone else (except for Poof, he was resisting the urge to laugh) was resisting the urge to face-palm once more.

They failed.

Then he used his own, very big, wand to change everyone into their normal clothes again.

“No! I-”

“Then it’s-”

Cosmo couldn’t even finish his sentence, Wanda used her wand to zip Cosmo’s mouth.

“Go on, Jorgen.” she said.

Jorgen grunted.

“Thank you. Anyway, someone requested me to get you all here.”

“Who?” Timmy asked.

“It’s the oldest fairy in existence. It’s even the first fairy that ever existed! He was the one to create our race.”

“That’s weird.” Wanda said, “I’ve never heard of him.”

“It’s because he’s a well-kept secret. Nobody knows about him, except for leaders of Fairy World, like me.”

“And where is he? Is he in some kind of normal house? Because I’ve never seen a house that could be of someone of that importance.” Wanda asked.

Jorgen shook his head.

“No. Except for in the very beginning, he’s never been to Fairy World.”

Wanda and Timmy looked confused.

“He lives over there!”

Jorgen used his wand to point behind them.

“He lives on the moon?!” Wanda and Timmy asked at the same time.

“Indeed. He likes living alone.”
“But why would he want to meet us?” Timmy asked.

“I don’t know either. But we’ve wasted enough time, let’s go there right…”

Jorgen waited a bit before ending his sentence to build up the tension. What the 3 of them didn’t know was that Cosmo and Poof weren’t paying attention during this whole conversation. Cosmo had forgotten that he could use his wand to wish his zipped mouth away and he and Poof were trying this whole time to unzip his mouth manually. But they failed.


Without even paying attention to Cosmo and Poof, Jorgen slammed his wand to the ground and poofed all 5 of them away.