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As they landed Johanna looked around at the people, mainly soldiers standing around. There were dozens of them, all armed to the hilt. She started to worry and tense up, what if they weren’t in 13, what if this was some sick game the capitol was playing on them.

“Hey, relax.” Cressida said softly into her ear. “Look right over there, your 3’oclock.” Johanna did as prompted and there was Katniss. Johanna smiled and struggled to her feet. Cressida stood behind her, holding her elbow to make sure she didn’t fall.

“Slow down there kid, can’t have you hurting yourself.”

“Just get me off this thing.” Johanna urged and Cressida laughed.

“Hey Gale, care to help?” Cressida asked as she helped Johanna to the edge of the craft. She helped Johanna over the edge and into Gale’s arms. He set her gently on the ground.

“Gale is it?” Johanna asked.


“You were the guy that tried to save me. Thank you.” Johanna said whole heartedly and Gale smiled down at her.

“Yeah well you are the one that made saving Katniss possible. So thank you.” Gale said, hugging Johanna. “You think you can make it over to Kat?”

“You know it.” She smiled, taking steps toward Katniss, she stumbled a bit but before she was able to fall, Cressida grabbed her.

“Wouldn’t want the Mockingjay to think you were hurt.” She smiled and Johanna smiled back at her.


“Jo.” Katniss said as soon as Johanna was up to her, she stepped up and wrapped her arms tightly around Johanna. “I didn’t want to leave you.”

“You had to.”

“Johanna Mason.” A woman’s voice said and Johanna groaned as she turned around to face the woman. Katniss kept an arm around her waist.


“President Coin, we need to get you checked out both physically and mentally. So if you would please follow me.” The woman said and Johanna whined but took a few steps to follow her.

“Wait Mason.” Cressida said and she picked her up again, Katniss raised an eyebrow.

“I can do that.” Katniss said.

“No, just hold my hand?” Johanna asked and Katniss smiled.


Three days later Johanna was released from the hospital intensive care unit and finally allowed visitors. Katniss was waiting right outside her room and walked with her as they moved her from one room to the other.

“Hey.” Johanna smiled. “You stalking me?”

“It helps when your mother is on your friends’ cases.”


“I guess we’ll have to figure that out wont we?” Katniss asked smiling as Johanna leaned up from the bed, cupping Katniss’ cheek, she pulled her down to kiss her.

“I think we’re more than that.” Johanna grinned and Katniss smiled back, resting her forehead against Johanna’s, twirling the loose hairs on the back of Johanna’s neck.