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Maura started to move off of Jane’s lap, but Jane didn’t let her go and she looked at Jane questioningly.

“I’m not just interested in sex,” Jane said. “You know that right? Even the first night we met, it was more than that with you, even though I wasn’t ready to deal with that then. We don’t have to do anything more than this tonight. I want to get to know all of you.”

“I know and you’re not getting away from me so easily after tonight so you’re going to have to deal with it now,” Maura responded with a teasing smile. “I want to know everything about you too and frankly, I’m happy for us to take our time learning about each other. But Jane, it’s been six months. Don’t make me wait any longer to get you into my bedroom.”

Before going upstairs they quickly cleaned up dinner, with Jane insisting on helping despite Maura’s protests. Then Maura gave her a quick tour of the house ending in her bedroom. Jane went to freshen up in the guest bathroom down the hall and Maura did the same in the master bathroom.

When she was finished Maura went back into her bedroom and found Jane looking around the room. “It’s really odd to not know what you have been doing during the past six months,” Maura said.

Jane moved to stand in front of Maura. “I know what you mean,” she said as she put her hands around Maura’s waist. “But the past six months all I’ve been doing is working and when I wasn’t working I was thinking about you. I regretted every day leaving that morning without even getting your last name. What were you doing before you moved here?”

“After I accepted the job here and finished up at my last job, I spent time with my parents and then I traveled across Europe. Then I packed up my house in San Francisco and moved.” After a brief pause, Maura added, “And during that time, I tried to distract myself from thinking about you.”

“Were you successful?” Jane asked.

Maura tilted her head to the side thoughtfully. “Sometimes. After you left that morning I thought that you must not be interested in seeing me again, so I tried to forget about you. But I wasn’t ever completely successful.”

Jane’s hands slipped under Maura’s sweater and her fingers grazed over her abdomen and then her back. “I am going to take your clothes off tonight,” Jane said softly.

Maura sucked in her breath at Jane’s change in tone and topic. “You are?” she said shyly.

“Yup,” Jane answered easily. “I’ve thought about it a lot. I kept thinking about the things I wished I had done when I was with you.”

“We have plenty of time for those things now.”

Jane pulled Maura’s sweater over her head and dropped it on the floor. Then with her hands on Maura’s hips, she turned Maura around and pressed herself against Maura’s back. Maura brought her hand behind her head and pulled her hair off her neck and over one shoulder before Jane brought her lips to Maura’s neck.

Jane’s hands moved to Maura’s breasts and massaged over her bra. Maura’s hands covered Jane’s on her breasts while Jane pressed kisses to the base of her neck and then over her shoulder and up her neck to her ear. 

“What do you like?” Jane whispered into her ear.

“Right now, I like anything that involves your hands on my body,” Maura answered breathily. 

Jane moved her hands around Maura’s back to unhook her bra and Maura pulled it off herself and tossed it aside. She returned her hands to her own breasts and squeezed them while Jane’s hands moved to her pants and unbuttoned and unzipped them. 

Jane pushed the skin tight jeans far enough down Maura’s hips to be able to put her hand between Maura’s legs. She felt the heat and wetness from Maura’s center as her fingers rubbed the thin strip of fabric between Maura’s thighs. 

Maura turned her head and tilted it back, wet lips parting in a sigh at the movement of Jane’s fingers. Jane’s lips found hers, connecting in a sloppy kiss until Jane spun Maura back around and then moved her backwards to the bed.

Jane knelt and pulled Maura’s jeans the rest of the way down her legs along with her thong, leaving Maura completely naked. As Maura adjusted herself on the bed, Jane hastily pulled off her own clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Then she moved onto the bed and lay down on top of Maura, one leg fitting between Maura’s thighs and their breasts pressing together.

Maura made a contented moan when Jane’s weight settled on top of her. “I missed you,” she said and then she let out a small laugh. “It sounds so silly to say that but it’s true. I missed you and I missed this.”

Jane didn’t say anything in response. Instead she lowered her head to kiss Maura’s mouth while her thigh pushed between Maura’s thighs. Her hand strayed to Maura’s hip and then underneath her to grasp Maura’s ass. 

Maura moved against her, her wet center sliding against Jane’s leg. Her fingers threaded into Jane’s hair as they kissed. Maura bucked her hips hard and broke the kiss with a groan. Breathing hard, she said, “Jane…please.”

They both shifted and Jane’s hand went between Maura’s legs and her fingers moved back and forth through her wetness before finally pushing inside. One of Maura’s legs hooked around Jane as she bucked against Jane’s hand. 

Jane moved her lips to Maura’s neck and chest, tasting the sweat that was now covering Maura’s body, while her fingers pushed in and out of Maura. She moved to Maura’s breasts, pulling hardened nipples into her mouth in turn.

Maura’s heel dug into the back of Jane’s thigh and Jane could feel Maura’s body tensing beneath her. She slid down Maura’s body, keeping her fingers moving inside her while kissing down to her navel. Her free hand found one of Maura’s hands pressed flat against the sheets and she linked their fingers together.

Maura’s legs hooked over Jane’s shoulders as Jane moved lower and she moaned, “Don’t stop.” When Jane’s mouth found her clit and sucked it into her mouth, she cried out, “Oh…Jane…yes.”

Maura shuddered as Jane’s tongue pushed her over the edge, but again she said, “Don’t stop…don’t stop.” Jane’s mouth continued to work against Maura’s clit and she could feel the muscles of Maura’s legs tense and relax again until finally Maura’s whole body relaxed against the bed and she said softly, “Okay…okay.”

Jane moved slowly, pressing soft kisses to Maura’s stomach and chest before moving completely above her and gazing down at Maura’s face. Maura’s eyes were closed, a peaceful expression on her face, and one arm bent at the elbow and resting above her head. 

Maura opened her eyes, sensing Jane looking at her, and sighed contentedly, stretching her limbs beneath Jane. 

“You’re so sexy,” Jane said.

“Kiss me,” Maura responded.

Jane leaned down and pressed her lips lightly, teasingly, to Maura’s lips and then pulled them away. Maura gave her a pouting look and Jane bent down again and captured Maura’s upper lip in her mouth and pulled away again, tugging the lip with her until it popped free. 

Undeterred, Maura wrapped her hands the back of Jane’s head and pulled her down for a proper kiss, sliding her tongue into Jane’s mouth. As the kiss continued, her hands moved to Jane’s face and then down over her shoulders and down her sides. She pushed her right hand between their bodies and between Jane’s legs.

Jane broke the kiss with a groan as she shifted to allow Maura’s fingers to push inside her. Her hand found Maura’s hip and gripped it for leverage as she thrust against Maura’s fingers, holding Maura’s gaze as she did.

Maura’s free hand trailed lightly over Jane’s shoulders and chest. “You’re gorgeous,” she said. 

“You’re amazing,” Jane responded.

Maura’s hand continued it’s path to Jane’s arm and over a bicep that flexed with Jane’s thrusts. “It almost doesn’t seem like six months have passed at all,” she said softly, looking into Jane’s eyes.

Jane could only grunt in response. Her eyes closed and moaned as Maura’s fingers slid up to her clit and a new wave of pleasure rolled through her body. Jane stayed in that position for as long as she could until finally collapsing, fully and happily exhausted, on top of Maura.

Once Jane rolled off of Maura and onto her back they lay in silence for a few moments. Jane eventually broke the quiet by saying, “Clementine.”

Maura wasn’t sure what Jane had said and asked, “What?”

“You wanted to know my middle name. It’s Clementine.”

Maura tried to stifle a laugh but couldn’t. She turned onto her side and propped herself on an elbow to look down at Jane with an amused expression.

Jane gave her a fake glare but then said, “I know, it’s terrible.”

Maura shook her head. “No, it’s not terrible. It’s…it’s endearing. I’m not laughing at the name, I’m laughing at your silly discomfort it. Jane Clementine Rizzoli. It makes me want to meet your mother. She must be an interesting woman.”

“Maybe we could go out on a few dates before we start talking about meeting the parents?” Jane said dryly but with a good-natured grin.

Maura buried her head against Jane’s shoulder and laughing, said, “I didn’t mean it like that. But yes, that’s probably a good idea. I think many dates would be appropriate before we start meeting parents.”

Jane just laughed and pulled Maura on top of her and into another kiss.