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Frustrations and Expectations

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Alex had always been good at hiding nerves. But tonight might just have counted as the exception to the rule. Remnants of whiskey sloshed around the tumbler Alex cradled, tapping rhythmically against the glass. She didn’t mind waiting. It allowed her to get enough alcohol down her throat to return to a state of confidence. It also slurred her mind, something Alex was more than prepared to embrace - subduing the overactivity it had bombarded her with over the past few hours. Full of thoughts of Piper and what the night may hold. Full of expectation. Full of promise.

Just as Alex felt her insides cave in a little with a glance at the clock, the door bangs open. Alex immediately spins around, slightly more eager than necessary. Resting her elbows against the bar, Alex watches, captivated, as Piper stumbles clumsily inside the threshold, escaping the weather that brewed outside.

Alex feels a smile tug at her lips, letting her eyes drink Piper in while she still has the chance. She’s got those jeans on. Alex recognises them from the time Piper almost spilled mocha all over her shirt. A little loose for her liking, Alex has to work hard to make out the shape of her thighs from underneath the fabric. But it only serves to entice her further. If she can’t see those curves, she’d sure as hell like to feel them.

She lets her eyes continue to wander, taking advantage of every single second she has until Piper focuses her attention.

By the time Alex’s lingering gaze breaks from her body and jumps innocently back up to her face, Piper has already noticed her, backed up against the bar. She’s noticed Alex’s diverted attention, too, as a slither of a secret smile creeps at the edge of her lips. Caught red handed, Alex decides that a coy approach to the evening was effectively no longer an option.

Alex watches Piper’s chest raise slightly, a shaky breath pulled from the cool air. Alex feels pangs snap deep inside her stomach; so intense it’s almost painful. And with every step Piper takes towards her, it thrums a little more heavily.

She was in for it. She was really, really, in for it, Alex surmises, intensely aware of how strong her reaction to Piper’s mere presence had become. It was almost unbearable.

“Hey.” Piper manages to breathe, bringing her gaze to meet Alex’s, and fighting to stay connected with those intense green eyes that brewed a storm.

Piper knew she’d stolen a little control from Alex’s empire, and the time to consolidate that was now, if she intended to hold it. So as Piper mentally prepped herself in the mirror that evening, she mustered up all the courage she possessed, and reminded herself to counter every move Alex might make. It excited her, playing a game she didn’t know the rules of. It allowed anything to happen.

“Hey”, Alex returned, savouring the way Piper squirmed uneasily the longer Alex refused to avert her eyes. Alex did her best to conceal her mirth, eyes almost sparkling as she contemplated whether this counted as the starting gun.

“Uh, I’ll have a Strawberry, Lime & Passion Fruit Daiquiri.” Piper requests, pausing for the waiter to catch up with his frantic scribblings.
Alex smirks, flipping the menu closed and pushing it further away. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Not” Piper clarifies, not quite as confident in her decision as she was a few seconds ago. Alex laughs, almost brutally at Piper’s expense; a hand quickly coming up to hide her smirk. “It won’t mix, I’m telling you.” Alex assured, shaking her head slightly to emphasize her point. God, I should have known.

“Says the one who orders a drink containing bourbon at seven in the evening.” Piper protested, almost scathingly. Alex shrugs, not fazed by the supposition that alcohol should be subject to specific time schedules.

“It’s 1am in Paris. Does that make it any better?” Alex trumpeted.

Piper’s brow crinkles in amusement. “You just know that?”

“Something like that.”

Of course she just knew that. She’d been to Paris twice in the past month. She could practically recite the time zones backwards of the places she frequented. That’s what happened when you spent so much time on the road. That’s what happened when you worked for an international drug cartel.

Piper huffs, her curiosity peaked as she distractedly returned to the laminated menu in front of her. But her eyes only flipped over the longwinded titles of a thousand alcoholic beverages, never settling on a choice.

Compensating for Piper’s distraction, Alex catches the attention of the boy. “Make it two of the first.”

“What?!” Piper quickly interjects before the boy can scribble it down. “What if I don’t like it?” Piper defends. But whatever comment Piper assumed was surely understood was lost on Alex, narrowing her eyes in an effort to push Piper to elaborate.

“It’ll be a waste.” Piper articulated, instinctively speaking a little clearer to make her point blindingly obvious.

“No, it won’t. I’ll drink both.”

The waiter raised an eyebrow. “So you want three drinks for the table?”

“For starters, yeah.” Alex confirmed, holding out her menu for collection. “Now go, I’m going to need it since you’re ordering rye bread.” Alex turned back to Piper, squarely identifying her as guilty.

She should’ve known, should’ve predicted. Alex half-expected her to ask whether the eggs they used were barn-raised or farm-raised. But strangely, Alex didn’t feel the resentment she usually would when someone of privilege began the ‘organic, fairtrade’ spiel. The absence of the emotional reaction that never failed to kick into action made Alex uncomfortable: it always acted as a warning sign to her. It gave away fragments of one’s character. But it didn’t. Judgement didn’t fire.

Clarity dawns when Alex hears Piper begin speaking, pulling her out from underwater thoughts that drowned out everything but Piper.

“You’re going to get drunk on that. And I’m going to be pressganged into taking you home.”

Piper looks smug and slightly pleased with herself, waiting as Alex snaps up the drink the moment it reaches the table, drawing a purposely long sip from the glass.

“You underestimate my liquor-holding ability.”

People that knew Alex knew how well she could hold her alcohol. In fact, it took an awful long time for her to drug herself into a spectacular state of drunkenness, and it took even longer for people to realise she was smashed. Alex had the remarkable ability to keep her speech from slurring and her walk from drifting. Her record was not going to be lost on Piper.

“Well, I’m just saying most people would be pretty slammed after those.”

“Well, I’m not most people.” Alex contends, tilting her head slightly to the side, the light reflecting on her glasses as her lips part slightly in amusement.

“Point. It’s not most people who go around giving out free wine advice. Or maybe that was a special case for you.”

Alex could practically feel her ego being punctured. And it hurt, to have her interest and her approaches mocked. As if Piper wasn’t doing the same.

“Most wouldn’t need it. Not in these suburbs, anyway.” Alex grinned, feeling ridiculously pleased with herself to have formulated a quick comeback before time fell out of her favour.

Piper was fast catching onto the fact this was turning personal. “Oh dear, what’s that supposed to mean?” Piper exclaimed, offence evident in every undertone that Piper spoke, slightly cutting. But that only fuelled Alex on, letting her know she’d hit sensitive territory. But without coming off as distastefully prejudiced, Alex fell short of backing up her blow.

“Nothing.” Alex assured, weaselling her way out of the coming confrontation.

But Piper wasn’t buying it.

“You can’t just not finish the things you start, Alex. If you’ve got a comment to make, you can damn well make it. If I walk out of here because of it…well, that’s on you.”

There was a feisty brutality in Piper’s voice that sent shivers up Alex’s spine. “Oh, I can assure you, I start the things I finish.”

Alex wasn’t sure if Piper had caught her drift, or whether she was too preoccupied in contemplating the truth of the statement.

“On pain of inconsistency?”

Alex rolls her eyes dramatically, dropping her hand from under her chin. “God. What are you, an interrogator?”

“Would I get anything more out of you if I was?”

Alex can’t resist quirking an eyebrow, watching a Piper bit her lip, wondering whether or not she should’ve kept that comment back. But Alex preferred it had been said.

“You just might.”

A moment passes when Alex wonders whether she hasn’t been heard, as Piper returns to her pussy drink she sips occasionally away at. But then again, Alex could hardly expect a reply. Not after that.

“Your charm is losing its lustre. I have to admit, I expected to be swayed by it a little longer.”

“Has it occurred to you that judgement just might be a tad premature? Just maybe?”


“Yeah, premature. You’ve been in my company for what, ten minutes? That’s like…leaving a theatre before the fucking trailers have finished.”

“Except I’m not leaving.” Piper corrected.

Alex nodded against her glass. Yeah, that may be true. “Since I’ve been so completely stripped of allure and charm, I’m not sure why you’re still here.”

Piper may have been a terrible liar, but what she lacked in the handy talent of falsehoods she made up for in her ability to avoid sticky topics. She could dance around hard truths easily, and Piper was determined she wouldn’t have her record go to waste on Alex.

“You know, interrogators are statistically terrible at extracting sensitive information. Bribery ranks much higher in success rate.” Piper chimed, running her hands along the wood of the table to occupy herself, drawing attention away from her words.

“Is this a theory you’d like to test or something?” Alex answered, chewing on the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from smirking.

Didn’t work. She’s not distracted.

A blush began heating up Piper’s face, turning her cheeks crimson as her eyes shone in embarrassment. “Oh, I was just saying, I didn’t mean-“

“Shackle me in handcuffs and find out.” Alex suggested, but not quite as sarcastically as she had imagined the statement to be. She had meant it to be a challenge, a cheap blow, but her voice had turned almost wanton somewhere in-between, and had changed the connotation entirely.

Alex maintained Piper’s gaze, watching her priceless reaction turn from horror to a slight curiosity that peaked Alex’s interest. Oh.

Piper felt the heat practically radiate off her cheeks. Bashfulness bubbled away, torn between muttering an innocent enough recovery or boldly accepting the offer.

Piper’s mind flashed with forbidden images of Alex’s slender wrists encased in thick steel shackles, fixed tight behind her back, pushing her breasts to strain against fabric. Shaking the thoughts away and wondering how she had come up with them in the first place, Piper couldn’t help but punt that Alex seemed the type that would actually own handcuffs…

“Relax, kid. I was just joking.”

“Oh.” Piper murmured, relieved. “Well, that research was generated from prisoners of war from the forties. I’m not sure it would still be applicable.”

Alex shrugged lightly, watching as Piper’s glance hovered in uncertainty. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, practically writhing, desperate to escape Alex’s passive and highly effective form of torture. “You never know.” Alex teased.

Saved, a circling waiter finally approached their polished oak table, sliding the square slabs onto the table before them. Piper’s eyes lit up as the food was placed in front of her, the last fragment of banter Alex threw at her forgotten.

“Ooh, fancy.” Piper commented, sliding out the steak knife slotted vertically through the burger. Alex did the same, grasping the handle and discarding it on the table. But Piper didn’t copy. Instead, Piper slid the knife back, easing it through the crusty rye bread serving as an encasing layer. Piper’s peculiar yet meticulous actions didn’t go unnoticed, either. Alex watched, puzzled, as Piper’s hand curved around the blade, her thumb grazing against the firm crust as it sunk further in.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Piper adjusted the angle of her knife, her concentration fixed.

“It looks like you’re cutting a fucking birthday cake.”

“It’s my burger”, Piper insisted, but the second those words left her lips, she could practically feel Alex burning holes in her argument.

“Mhm. Your burger. Paid for by my wallet.”

Piper retracted the knife, running her finger along the blade, coated in a mixture of juice and zesty sauce that the burger secreted. Piper sucked at it, shrugging off Alex’s argument.

“The shame you bring on this gluttonous country.”

Almost playfully, Piper slammed the knife down, wriggling a little in her seat to move a tad closer.

“Do you have a problem with the way I eat?”

“I do, actually. Why don’t you just pick it up?”

“Because it’ll drip everywhere.”

“Jesus.” Trust a WASP to eat a burger with proper cutlery.

“Fine!” Piper snapped, biting her lip slightly as she scooped it up carefully, pinching the edges to prevent anything falling out. Alex watched triumphantly as Piper took a tentative bite, stretching her jaw a little wider, sharp incisors flashing momentarily. As her teeth crushed the structural stability to shreds, Alex found herself unable to cast her eyes away. She’d seen people eat before, of course she had. But the way Piper worshipped every single bite she took was surprisingly mesmerising, and didn’t fail to send shivers up her spine. Instantly, Alex knew that hungry Piper was something she liked. A lot.

Tongue flicked out from behind teeth, catching a drip of liquid as it trickled onto her lip. Fingertips dug into the crust, breaking through the surface and splitting the surface into countless fragments with a satisfying crunch.

Through the mellow silence that came with the first few bites of any commencing meal, Alex found herself paying less and less attention to her own actions. She had become so fixated on Piper she barely maintained a steady grip on the dripping mess the supported. The crisp edges of bacon and slippery rings of caramelised onion felt entirely foreign against her tongue.

It had lost all its taste.

It had lost all its allure.

Her mind refused to leave the mouth that bit and nibbled and chewed intensely. Alex felt bitterly jealous of Piper’s burger that got to be devoured by those perfect lips. Piper’s lips curled appreciatively, her breath sharp as she prepared for another bite; tongue darting out to meet the tender stack of beef that still simmered from the heat of a fiery grill.

Shreds of lettuce dipped and slackened. Cheese melted zealously, sinking into succulent cubes of pineapple, a sweet sourness that stung her tastebuds. Releasing the dripping mess, Piper wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, the film of flavours that had gathered there grazing back against her tongue as it was rubbed feverishly away.

Piper caught Alex’s gaze; stormy eyes brewing away with something almost frightening. “Enjoying yourself?”

“You have no idea.” Alex murmured softly.

“You’re staring.” Piper observed, but failed to feel that stifling insecurity that always developed from being the object of someone’s gaze. Strangely, she wanted to be the receiver of that glazed-over look that Alex wore. Absent of judgement and flecked with desire, Alex’s eyes darted away, balancing her glance with scattered objects of discarded knives and saltshakers.

“Guilty as charged.” Alex admitted, flashing a grin and shifting her position, slumping slightly against the chair, stretching her legs. But her movements weren’t as calculated as she’d supposed. Alex’s knee connected with Piper’s somewhere under the table, taking an unsuspecting Piper by complete surprise.

It hadn’t been intentional, but it did pose a crossroads. Pull away, and send a message that she wasn’t all that interested. Or don’t move a muscle, and be brave. Piper sucked in a sharp breath, coarse fabric rubbing against the inside of her knee, sure to burn. But Piper didn’t want to part with the contact. And she hoped that Alex didn’t either.

Piper felt juvenile, like Alex was her latest crush, and the most she had the courage to do was shuffle closer. She remembered all the times boys had sat next to her, a little closer every day. And when bumps and little accidents made skin collide, they hastily pulled away, muttering regretful apologies. Alex was the exception. Neither moved, not a muscle quivered as the daring contact was maintained, each moment increasing with tenacity that strongly suggested the purposeful nature of their actions.

Alex swirled her straw around, delaying meeting Piper’s eye, scared of what she may find there. Piper did much the same, fidgeting with whatever she could find. The edge of the table. A scrunched up napkin. Anything.

Briefly, Alex pondered the likelihood of staying here forever. Whether they would both be able to sustain this position until they were the only ones left - brooms and mops impinging on their territory. But sooner or later, Piper would surely pull away. She’ll grow uncomfortable, adjust her position, and break apart from Alex. And Alex will be left to feel the air whip past, cold and cruel and mockingly haunting Alex for her foolishness.

Seconds passed, so many of them Alex wondered whether they had turned into minutes. The subtle clinking of glasses and forks against plates resounded heavily in her ears, and as her inner world began to gradually melt back into the outer, Alex was convinced enough Piper wasn’t going to shift anytime soon. Tilting her head to the side, Alex tried to keep her adolescent smirk hidden.

“Here.” Alex began, pushing one of the three glasses towards Piper, the one that had gone untouched. Piper eyed it suspiciously.

“How do you know you don’t like it, if you haven’t even tried?” Alex theorised, her fingertips pushing the glass as far towards her as she could get it.

Bubbling before her, that tumbler of hazy euphoria and bad decisions appeared to beckon her for just a taste. Those sorts of things had always been irresistible to Piper. She snapped it up, raising the straw to her lips, and drawing a tentative sip. Alex watched her throat bob up and down, her eyes squeeze shut as she was assaulted by the strength of the drink. “That’s, uh- strong.” Piper faltered, licking her lips.

“It’s meant to be. But it will calm your nerves.” Alex remarked, taking the opportunity to shuffle a little closer, sliding a little further up Piper’s thigh, just enough to cause her to give a little jump. But as bashful as ever, Piper shied away, swallowing forcefully as she attempted to block her body’s response. She wanted to yelp. She wanted to see what look Alex harboured in her eye. She wanted to push back.

Alex’s words bounced around her head. It will calm your nerves. Nervous she was. But it wasn’t all that obvious. Whatever Alex had picked up on, small occasional fingerings of the tablecloth or the tell-tale blush that crept up her neck whenever danger approached, or Alex’s own intuition that made Piper as transparent as ice; she was right.

Piper snapped up the drink, taking a long swig before putting it back down on the table. Alex raised an eyebrow. “More nerves than I thought…”

She’d barely drunk two thirds of its contents, but Piper knew that fuzzy feeling when it hit. She liked the rush alcohol gave her, the nerve and strength and unshakeable feeling of invisibility. And Alex was right - it did calm her nerves. In fact, Piper had to concentrate hard to assure herself they were still there. They were surrounded by a dizzy version of courage, and made Piper feel like she could do anything.

So she did.

Piper pushed her thigh tighter against Alex’s; a flickering warmth deep in the pit of her stomach burning profusely. Heat thrived at the point where they joined, and Piper swore she could feel it creep all the way up her neck.

The timidness she harboured diminished, and she managed to lock eyes with Alex, feeling something new surface there. It was a primal raw tendency that Piper didn’t fully understand. But she didn’t need to. Alex wasn’t teasing anymore. Alex had caught herself in her own trap. She was just as deep as Piper, locked together, and currently trying to push a little further up her thigh.

Peripherally, Piper saw Alex’s knuckles lock, straining to keep herself from running them all over Piper’s skin. Expressionless, Alex struggled to keep steady. Whatever Piper was doing to her, it was powerful. It made her furious that she’d not suggested Piper come straight over to her place. This table, these people, were obstacles.

It’s only an innocent touch, it’s an accident. You can hardly feel it, Alex tried to convince herself, but Piper’s light smirk of determination and hooded eyes of something more were not signs she could easily dismiss.

Alex wondered what she was in for when Piper glanced innocently around, checking to see whether their under-the-table activities had drawn any prying eyes. Pushing her chair as far forward as she could get it, Alex noticed Piper’s hands disappear, slipping below the table, out of Alex’s line of sight.

Oh god.

Alex took a deep breath, every fibre of her being alerted, bracing and searching and goddamn craving the moment fingertips would brush.

On a particularly sensitive spot on the inside of her knee, Piper ghosted upward, going as far as she could reach with feather-light touches before dipping lower.

Alex sucked in breath, making a mental note to add courageous Piper to the list of her favourites. Piper’s touch scattered along the coarse material of her jeans, heavy enough to send pangs of desire rippling through her, light enough to make her want to beg for more.

Green eyes of desperation and conflicted ecstasy darted back to Piper, her current point of anchor. She had to do something about this, because her hands were oh so tempted to plunge down between them, and push Piper’s wandering touch right up to where Alex wanted her. But Piper had her frozen solid.

“I’ve changed my mind. I like that drink.” Piper informed, her voice steady and confident, without the slightest trace of a waver.


Her resolve made Alex want to silence that mouth in the only way she knew how.

It was clear Piper expected a response. Her fingertips were carefully coaxing it out of her. But Alex wasn’t sure if she could utter a single word. She was so worked up and distracted, her tongue was tied. Fucking hell.

“Stop” Alex stammered, as quickly as she could muster. But it did little to control the slur that faulted her plea.

Piper crinkled her brow in insincere confusion. Alex might have even found it adorable if she wasn’t currently being tortured to death. “What’s wrong with your voice?”

“It’s fucking a-allergic to bullshit.” Alex breathed, her eyes closing over momentarily as Piper passed over a particularly sensitive spot.

Alex wanted to shoot daggers at Piper, or maybe just provide just enough encouragement to push Piper further. It took everything she had to not let her tortured ecstasy show and remain rigidly still. And it was proving near impossible to do so.

Piper raised an eyebrow, applying her nails to rake scathingly against the fabric.

Too much. Too fucking much. Too fucking-

That’s it, thought Alex, her hands skidding back across the table, only to drop beneath, and seek out Piper’s wandering hands. She snapped it up, forcing her to apply more pressure. Alex saw Piper gasp, but was so heady and determined to drive Piper further she hadn’t realised the sandy-haired waited her returned, hovering over the table.

“Do you want me to clear this away?” He asked courteously.

And just like that, the moment was broken. Piper driving Alex insane turned into Piper reeling back in shock, disconnecting from their secret entanglement under the table, forcing her chair back. Hands reappeared in sight, but much too hastily: brashly knocking over one of the glasses.

With a plunk, the glass tipped, spilling its alcoholic contents all over the polished oak table, in turn managing to overflow onto Piper.

Piper skittered back, jumping out of her chair and immediately surveying the damage.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you!” The boy assured, raising his hands to grip his head, horrified.

Piper forced her pounding heartbeat to calm a little, effectively saving herself from an ill-timed heart attack. Yes, the glass had been successful in making its mark on Piper’s white shirt. A significantly sized mark, too - sticking transparently right to her stomach.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Piper assured, rubbing herself down. “Not your fault”, she promised, as the boy coated the table in napkins, turning up the glass. Alex stood up, catching Piper’s attention as she pointed to the corner of the building. “Bathroom’s that way.”

Piper nodded, blankly following Alex’s directions, avoiding entertained looks from customers that strained their necks to catch a glimpse.

Alex dug into her wallet, sifting through the notes and placing several firmly within the boy’s grip, clasping her hand over the top. “Here. Change is all yours.” The boy mentally estimated the change, shaking his head and outstretching his hand back to Alex. “It’s too much. Especially since-“

Alex knocked his hand back. “Dude, trust me. It really wasn’t your fault.”


Piper rubbed furiously at her shirt, a bunched-up paper towel forcefully applied to the stretched out material. She’s not angry about the shirt. It’s easy to get another one of those. But what on earth was the doing? What was she thinking?

Piper was horrified and ashamed. Piper was almost sorry they’d been interrupted. She felt wonderfully contradicted.

Too preoccupied mentally chastising herself, Piper hardly heard the door squeak open as Alex comes through, seeking Piper out.

“Don’t-don’t rub at it. It’ll make it stick.” Alex instructed.

Piper huffed, annoyed, continuing to rub against the material. Alex pries the paper towel out of her fist, careful to make as little contact as possible. She can tell Piper regrets what she has done.

“Can I?” Alex asked tentatively, motioning to the wet blotch staining Piper’s shirt. Piper gave a nod, keeping her gaze averted from Alex. Alex ran a clean paper towel under the tap, letting it soak until it was at risk of losing its structural integrity.

Teeming with guilt and regret and confusion, Piper backed up, feeling the small space of the bathroom grow even smaller in Alex’s presence. Her back was pressed up against the side of a toilet cubicle, her knees locking her slouched position into place. She looked positively crestfallen.

Alex mentally took the blame.

Piper watched with cat-like eyes as Alex’s hand ran up the inside of her shirt, not daring to touch the skin of her stomach as she flattened the material out, using her other hand to dab away at the blotch gently.

With a look of concentration plastered onto her face, Alex worked out the yellowed stain, little by little. Piper watched, admiring the way black waves fell from being tucked behind her ear, obscuring her face. She was close enough that Piper could make out little details: the way she held her breath slightly whenever her focus peaked, the way she bit her lip, digging into its flesh.

Piper felt herself stiffen, aware of just how close Alex was in proximity, just how intoxicating it was to have her shallow breaths fall around her, dissipating as they fell upon her chest. It was oddly claustrophobic, and for every moment Alex remained occupied, Piper was grateful. She liked having Alex distracted, her confident and intense and downright intimidating guard temporarily dropped. Alex’s hand accidentally grazed along her stomach as it slipped back out from under Piper’s shirt.

Piper gasped at the touch, however light, as it skimmed disappointingly away. Those touches were always too delicate and too momentary. Those gazes were too intense and smothered to death with unmet desires. Piper felt her heartbeat start to thrum.

Alex still kept her eyes averted, and Piper wondered whether Alex noticed it too, that fuzzy feeling that made the air feel charged with expectation.

Alex clasped her hands together to keep from fidgeting. She could smell Piper’s scent intermingle with the distinctive alcoholic tang that was so familiar to her. It sent her into overdrive. It felt like an addiction.

All Piper could hear was her own heartbeat beating so strongly in her chest, she felt sure Alex must have heard it. Piper tried to concentrate on her breathing, having to work on getting enough air into her lungs, and save herself from falling. She felt sure Alex was stealing the air. It was so scant, so rare, so hard to get, and even harder to hold on to.

Piper was so preoccupied by keeping herself conscious she hadn’t noticed Alex’s gaze work it’s way up, driven with that raw, primal quality that darkened her pupils. One confident look met Piper’s, locking for only a brief second. Piper took a while to decipher what Alex was conveying.


So quickly Piper barely had time to focus, Alex crashed into her, her body suddenly pressed up against her own, backing Piper urgently up against the wall. Piper squealed as the space between them diminished, Alex’s lips swiftly capturing her own. If the alcohol of the night had mellowed her, Alex sure as hell turned that around. Her lips were so warm and so persuasive every nerve in her body seemed afflicted with the uncontrollable sensations that flooded through her like a wave.

Piper let her eyes flutter shut, her mouth taking over from rational thought, lost in a dizzy haze of heat and stolen breath.

Hot and persistent, Alex made it brutally clear she wasn’t aiming for tenderness. Piper failed badly to suppress a moan as Alex barely allowed her time to breathe, selfishly returning to her mouth time after time. And God, she knew how to kiss. But it couldn’t have just been her flawless technique that made Piper so weak at the knees she was sure she was melting. Alex was communicating so much passion it was almost unbearable.

Piper felt Alex’s tongue run along her lower lip, enticing her to open her mouth fully. The kiss turned rough, both trying to reach new depths, but failing as teeth clashed messily.

Determined to steady her, Alex grasped her jaw, forcing Piper to tilt slightly to the side. It’s torture when Alex decides to abandon all restraint and mischievously slips her tongue inside. Piper lets herself melt into Alex, into every choice and every brush and every breath that falls in-between.

Alex pushes her thigh into Piper’s, applying just enough pressure to jam them recklessly apart. Piper doesn’t protest - she’s beginning to need some sort of friction to counter the ignited desire that craves more and more from Alex.

“Oh god.” Piper manages to groan, as Alex moves a hand from her jaw to drift downwards, sinking her fingers into melting flesh, making her body spark in anticipation. Piper arches her back, impatiently pressing every part of her into Alex, slowly and purposely being driven insane.

When Alex begins to suck and bite at her lower lip, Piper starts to lag. Her mind had dissolved, senses heightened, barely managing to turn her thoughts into actions. She ran her hands over Alex’s waist, grasping her tighter and pulling her impossibly closer.

Alex seemed to understand how quickly Piper was demanding this progress, kissing Piper hard before leaving her bruised lips to trail her neck, feeling Piper’s erratic breathing beneath shaking skin. Piper let her hands wander, growing agitated when she discovered it was impossible to slip her hands beneath Alex’s corset-like top.

“Fuck-“ Piper grunted, husky and raw as she felt Alex graze over a particularly sensitive spot close to the juncture of her neck. Alex took this as a go-ahead, realising how quickly this was moving, and how incredibly public they were.

This was fast and instinctive.
This was hot and heavy.
This was progressing faster than either could keep up.

“Climbuponme”, Alex jumbled, running her hands down to Piper’s hips, finding a suitable grip to hoist her up with. Piper obeyed without question, linking her arms around Alex’s neck and pushing herself up. Wrapping her thighs tight around Alex’s waist, Alex twisted suddenly, backing Piper up against the wall for support. Blonde hair fell around them like a curtain, and Piper flashed a grin as Alex returned to her neck, one hand braced against the wall.

Piper clawed desperately at anything she could reach – the jet black locks that ran down Alex’s back, shoulderblades, absolutely anything she could grip or touch. She squirmed, feeling Alex so close to her, untouched parts of her getting desperate for attention. Piper grinded against Alex, muttering a string of incoherencies as she felt hands dip under her shirt and make their way up her stomach seconds later, travelling closer and closer to the fabric of her bra.

Feeling Piper’s haphazard position beginning to slip, Alex encouraged Piper to tighten her grip, pushing them back off the wall, guiding them towards the door of the lone cubicle. With her attention divided between keeping Piper upright and opening the damn door, Alex fiddled with the handle, the locking mechanism preventing the door from swinging invitingly open.

“What the-“ Alex trailed off, drawing her attention away from Piper, struggling to focus.

“Occupied!” a voice called from behind the door, irritated at Alex’s persistence to jam open the door.

Immediately their frantic movements stilled. Neither had known they were not alone.

“There are kids in this place! You should be ashamed!” accused the voice from barricaded behind a highly effective locking mechanism.

“Been listening, have you?” Alex bit back, delivering an abusive kick to the door in retaliation. Piper stilled, suddenly reduced to snickers as she gripped onto Alex, lost in the entanglement, somewhere between desire and reality.

“You’re both so loud, it’s hard not to!”

Alex groaned. That stall wasn’t going to open anytime soon, which left absolutely nowhere private. Piper moved against her hips, indicating she wanted to be put down. Alex steadied her breathing, removing her hands from under Piper’s shirt, finding her hips. Hard breaths and hammering heartbeats were forced to calm, their bodies still pressed together, every movement and every shiver felt by the other.

Neither wanted to break away. Not when they’d gotten this far, so ready and so willing to forget their pointless battle for dominance, and resolve the matter a lot more physically. Piper felt the skin of her neck burn, and wondered whether Alex had left a mark. Perhaps even more than one.

“Do you wanna go back to my place?” Alex stammered, her voice raspy against Piper’s neck. Without meeting Piper’s eye, buried in the column of her neck, Alex waited patiently for an answer.

Please say yes. Please fucking say yes.

Piper released a hand from stuck somewhere between them; bringing it up to Alex’s chin and make her meet her eye. Her face was wonderfully flushed, and Alex figured that hers was too, judging from the heat that stung at her cheeks.

Alex fell onto those smoky blue eyes just as the edges of Piper’s swollen lips upturned slightly, enough to form a lopsided grin.

That was answer enough.