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Is It Really A Curse? Or A Gift

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John looked over at his boys who were both fast asleep. Some might think it was odd for the two to be sleeping early in the day, but they were hunters and they kept odd hours. Dean and Sam Winchester were by no means normal.

John sat wondering what Mary would think if she could see them now. It hurt him sometimes even though he knew it wasn't his fault. Dean had gotten himself bitten when he was eighteen by a werewolf. It wasn't like they had even been on a hunt. She'd just come out nowhere and jumped on Sam, but ever protective Dean had grabbed her pulling her off before she'd done any damage to his baby brother. She'd turned on him then. He hadn't been so lucky when Bobby and John had arrived to find Sam holding Dean to stop the bleeding.

He'd survived the attack by a miracle, but then again, with the healing of a werewolf it really wasn't much to it then. Dean had pleaded with them at first to just to kill him. John never even thought about it, Dean was his son, he might have to chain him up three days out of the month, but he'd never kill him. However, it had never come to that chaining him up part, Dean was different.

After six months of changing Dean finally realized that they were not going to do what he wanted. It didn't matter that things never seemed right he always remembered the change it self, and then little snip bits when he was the Wolf. It was hard for them to hide him or lock him in Bobby's panic room. Dean was taller than Bobby, Sam or his dad when he was a wolf. He stood nearly seven feet tall, his fur was sandy blonde, and he was almost as long as his beloved car.

They hadn't known a werewolf to be so big, but all cases were different as they'd found out. Some stayed almost human like the one that had bitten Dean, others were odd looking as wolves then there was Dean. He had lightening speed, could hear for miles away, and he actually listened to them when he was in wolf form. Most time it was him looking out for them less came to being near civilization if they were stuck and couldn't help being there.

John got up going to the fridge knowing they'd be up soon and both needed food. He grabbed raw steak from the fridge and then a blood bag that the local hospital had thrown out because it expired, funny to think blood could expire.

Sam was the one that would need the blood bag, he'd turned twenty in a few weeks, in human years, but Sam wouldn't look older than eighteen unlike Dean who changed in appearance though only slightly. He didn't know if Dean would live forever like Sam, but he knew that his sons wouldn't outlive the other by more a few seconds. They couldn't live without the one another, they had dealt with their curses together, and they hunted together as well.

Sam had been turned into a Vampire, but unlike Dean he'd never rejected what had happened to him. It hurt him, and tore his dreams of getting out the family business, but it also gave him some hope that maybe he wasn't going to become the other type monster he'd thought he'd might become.



Dean was first to wake up from his nap he was tired; it was day three of the three night change. He was sore from having his skin ripped apart then put back together when he became human again. He looked over at Sam with smirk; his baby brother was lying on his stomach head stuck in pillow. If he could breathe still he'd probably be half dead by now the way his nose was shoved in the pillow. It was a cramped motel and they still had to share a bed till the next afternoon.

John had tried to get them far away from people as possible, but just hadn't worked in time. They'd grabbed motel and went to the mountains behind the small town just in time for Dean to change; because, if somebody saw him they would probably freak out and John wouldn't have them killing his son.

"Last night for month," John said to his son.

Dean nodded, "Yeah, but never really loose the wolf instincts and I mean look what happened last month dad, that bastard tried to kill Sammy I wolfed out, it's never really gone," he said knowing that his dad was trying to make him feel better.

"Dean, you two are safe, I won't let anybody get that close to either you again," he promised. How the hell the hunter had tracked them he still couldn't figure. Besides Bobby nobody ever knew where they were, and Bobby had been with them on that hunt.

"I'm different dad, I'm the only wolf out there like this that we know of, I'm taller than Sam or you," Dean said still in low voice not wanting to wake Sam up.

"I know Dean, and you're brother's different too, he's not like any vampire I've see before, or heard of from other hunters," John replied looking at Sam.

Sam could go out in the sun, but not unless he had on the ring that Bobby had made for him, it helped in keeping hunters off him. It was like Sam was still human accept for the lack of pulse and cool skin. It wasn't ice cold like the vampire John had killed that had turned his son. The ring helped him a lot, made him seem normal even though he wasn't. His eyes changed to a red color when he was angry, his green eyes still there to appear human, but his eyes changed with mood as well could become a golden color when he was really happy.

Dean sat down on the couch looking over at Sam; it still hurt him knowing he couldn't save his brother from that vamp. They'd been staying at Caleb's; Sam had walked out on his own one night after argument. He'd changed into the wolf not even a full moon that night as well. Another reason he knew he wasn't like a normal werewolf, hell sometimes he wondered more and more about the wolf that attacked him, even though she'd appeared to be almost human, something had totally off about her.

Sam was in middle of fight up against a vampire when Dean had shown up, both of them bloody from the fight. He'd taken out the vampire, it hadn't even seen him coming ran up behind it tore its head off with ease. He remembered the look in Sam's eyes even as a wolf. He'd been scared, and it was like he'd known, that was his last moments as human. The last time he'd be just a little bit normal, even though having the Winchester name made you less than normal just as a fact.



"After tonight we're heading out, I found hunt up in Ohio, I think it's vamp nest terrorizing small town, ten dead and still climbing," John said handing Dean the print out.

"Athens, Ohio," Dean read out loud looking over the report, "This is from the college newspaper, probably somebody drunk wanting to have fun," he said.

"Yeah well last month Sam thought same thing and then we found that poltergeist, so we're checking it out, can't hurt, and we need to get away from here," John said using his dad tone which even though both his sons were grown, and anything but human, didn't mean they wouldn't still listen to him.

Dean nodded; they had all agreed that they'd stick together as a family. They needed each other now more than before. Sure, Dean and Sam could take care of themselves, but they needed somebody that could have a gun at hand just in case. Dean couldn't get near silver anymore; it burned him worse than sun was supposed to do to Sam. Course that was just touching it, it did more damage if it was sunk into his body

They only carried silver in case other wolves showed up, or other creatures that were affected by silver, but John made sure never to have it near Dean. It had taken him over two months almost three to recover when a rogue hunter had stabbed him. The guy had lost his gun when Sam jumped him, he'd heard him coming. Dean had been having his normal meal of animal hearts so he hadn't been as aware. The knife had missed his heart, but done a lot damage to his body. He'd shifted back to human form from the amount of pain and damage.

The other two nights of the moon he couldn't even change his body was so weak. John and Sam had stayed with him every night till he was better. Bobby had come and stayed as well bringing supplies and food for all them. After it didn't get any better they moved Dean to Bobby's because it was safer. They used Bobby's panic room in his basement, and nothing could cross that line except for Sam, as long he had the ring on he could fool even that.

His body still held the scars of what Gordon had done to him. The only hunter they had ever killed, but they never felt guilty, the man because the man was a psycho path who had killed his own sister after she turned into a vampire. Bobby made sure they always had a place stay from then out when it was time for the full moon. This time they hadn't had chance to make it back there though; the hunt took longer than was expected.

Dean reached over grabbing a shirt, "Going shower, need one, feel itchy," he said before laughing. John smiled before adding that he was part dog now who knew what he'd gotten into in the woods. That had gotten a pillow throw at his head as they both shared a smile.



It was another hour before Sam woke up, the kid always had been a dead to the world sleeper; he hadn't changed much since he became a vampire. Dean was standing in the kitchen with AC/DC blaring. Sam could see his dad as well sitting at the small table. They'd found a motel with a stove for once instead of only a microwave. "What the hell are you doing?" Sam asked walking in with only pair jeans on. The music was louder than he liked it, course with his hearing he'd probably hear it from outside.

"Well, I'm hungry still, and I want something to eat, might be wolf, but still have an appetite unlike you little brother," Dean said flipping something in the pan.

"I can eat, thank you," Sam retorted, "Enough to keep face," he sat down across from his dad who was chopping up onions, "Well least I'm not allergic to those," he said.

John chuckled, "You're brother wanted food, so might as well have a real meal for once," he said. All three the Winchester men could cook, but John and Dean were usually the ones to do the cooking. Sam didn't like to be in the kitchen any more.

"What are we eating, something smells awful," Sam commented his nose picking up the smell coming from the oven.

"Bite you're tongue you heathen," Dean said, "I'm making fried corn bread, fried cabbage, salmon cakes and dad defrosted a gallon the chili he made last month we still had on the back the truck," he said, "That smell your nose turned up at is salmon cakes I put them in there when they finished cooking," Dean explained.

Sam didn't say a word about the fact most it was fried, it was a rare thing less they were at Bobby's to have a home cooked meal, he wasn't passing it up, even if he technically didn't need it. He loved his brother and dad's cooking, and for some reason his mouth was watering at what Dean named off.

John stirred the pot chili before adding the onions into it; he had to make sure there was nothing in the food that Sam did eat that would make him sick. He still had his human allergies, which meant no jalapenos unless added afterwards. "You slept most of the time the foods been cooking, should be done in another fifteen minutes," he said.

Soon as the meal was ready and all in plates they started eating. John put a cup full heated blood beside Sam so he'd at least get a little something in his system. "Don't go whining about drinking in front us either," he added, "Three years it's been and six for Dean, I think I can deal with it by now," John told him when Sam was about to comment.

Dean smiled, the one thing he'd wanted all his childhood, he'd gotten, of course it took being turned into something that they hunted, but they were a family. They did not leave each other's side; Sam had graduated high school before he'd been turned, but not before he'd had a chance to go off to Stanford. The only thing that Sam had wanted was the lawyer degree but after the first year they found it wasn't possible, at least as far as going to college that was when they'd been attacked by Gordon.

Bobby had convinced John to give Sam a chance to be normal, by going to college, but it had been taken from him after what happened to Dean he refused to go back there. Sam didn't want to remember the girl he'd fallen in love with, though he still missed Jessica at times. He knew there was no future with her; he'd be still living hundreds of years after her death besides he would never want her to think of him as a monster either.




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