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It takes two

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Doc growled lowly as he crawled over the bound, prone, mostly naked form of his boyfriend. His eyes roaming over the lightly tanned skin and up to the nervous looking face, eventually becoming level with the other’s bright, blue eyes.

“This is a damn good look for you, Ren.”

“Heh, uh, thanks…” The mentioned hermit couldn’t help but squirm under the intense stare, feeling exposed, even more so than he had already felt, wearing nothing but his boxers. Doc just licked his lips before pressing them firmly against Ren’s in a rough, open-mouthed kiss that soon had the brunette breathless, and panting once they parted, his face flushed a deep pink.

Doc hummed in pleasure at seeing the blush on his partner’s face and moved his hands to run steadily along the brunette’s bare sides, his metal hand hard and ice cold, while his creeper hand was soft and warm in comparison. The feeling caused goosebumps to rise all over Ren’s chest and arms, and a shiver to go down his spine.

Doc chuckled and pressed their lips together once more, just for a moment, before he moved his lips down, peppering light, suckling kisses down Ren’s chin, over his goatee, and along his jawline, where he started to suck harder, leaving light red marks in his wake.

The slight discomfort had Ren moaning lightly and squirming under the larger male, the heat in his cheeks getting worse, and a tent starting to form in his shorts.

Finally, Doc came to his boyfriend’s neck, where he allowed his teeth to come into play, sucking bright red marks into the brunette’s skin, then biting lightly over them, earning a gasp each time. But that wasn’t enough for him, the creeper-hybrid started to bite harder, slowly increasing the pressure until he was leaving indents of his teeth on his partner’s skin, and said partner was wincing and whimpering with each bite.

“Fuck…” Doc groaned as he looked over his work so far, Ren’s neck had a lovely patchwork of slowly darkening bruises forming, some he could tell would be nice and purple by the morning, and Doc couldn’t wait to see them. He dove back down and continued marking his territory, biting harder and harder as he went.

Ren was slowly becoming more and more uncomfortable, pain overtaking the pleasure he had been feeling as Doc marked him more and more. He wanted to be able to do this for his boyfriend, to let Doc be rough, and mark him, and fuck him as hard as he could, but he was already close to chickening out.

Suddenly, Doc bit down particularly hard on the soft junction between Ren’s neck and his chest and Ren cried out in pain.

“Neather quartz!” Ren whimpered. He couldn’t take it anymore, he felt like a child, tapping out so soon, but every bite on his skin stung and his body was already aching from the strained position he was tied up in, how the hell did he think he could handle things the way Doc wanted them?

Doc sighed when he heard the safeword come from his boyfriend’s lips and stopped his ministrations. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind, a thought so disgusting that Doc felt himself physically repulsed by it. He immediately yanked his hands away from Ren and scrambled backwards off the bed, where he then stood, panting, with a confused, haunted expression on his mis-matched face.

“Doc? What’s wrong?” Ren asked, confusion and a small amount of hurt plain on his face, he thought to himself that maybe Doc had pulled away in frustration at him stopping once again, but the more he looked at Doc’s expression, the less likely that seemed. Something was clearly wrong.

“Doc! What’s going on?” He struggled to get out of the leads that bound his arms and legs, but they were snug. Doc was lost in his own little world, his mixed face a mix of emotions and his mind racing because of that one little thought. He couldn’t get it out of his head, and it horrified him.

“Doc! Doc!!” Ren was shouting now.

Doc could hear Ren shouting, but it sounded like he was underwater, muffled and distorted, but the more he concentrated, the clearer his voice became. Finally, it felt like he broke the surface and he was back, his body swaying for a moment before he looked down at his now shaking and lightly teary-eyed boyfriend.

“Doc, what the fuck?!” Ren was moments away from breaking into terrified sobbing, when his boyfriend finally started to move, and seemed to lock both his creeper eye and his robotic one on him. Doc quickly moved back over to the bed and with hands that only shook a little bit, undid the leads that bound his boyfriend, still not saying a word, but really, what could he say?

The moment Ren was free, he wrapped his arms around Doc, then grabbed his face in both hands and locked eyes with him.

“Doc, what the hell was that?” He demanded. Doc held his boyfriend’s stare for a moment, then looked away, making Ren even more nervous. Doc never breaks eye contact first.

“Ren, I…” How could he put this? How could he explain what had just happened when he didn’t even really understand it himself. Doc let out a small, but heavy sigh.

“I don’t want to upset you.” Ren snorted a bit, it was a little too late for that, but he relaxed his hold slightly, since Doc was talking.

“I don’t really know how to explain it, but, I know what started it…” He didn’t want to talk about the thought he’d had, it was awful and though Doc was a kinky and somewhat violent man-creeper-robot, this went beyond even what he thought was acceptable. If he said it out loud, especially to Ren, he had a feeling his boyfriend would never look at him the same.

Ren could see the war going on behind Doc’s non-robotic eye and waited patiently for him to speak again, but when it seemed like he wasn’t going to, Ren broke the silence himself.

“Whatever it is, Doc, you can tell me.” Doc flinched a little at that.

“I don’t really know if I can.” He replied.

“Come on Doc, you know you can tell me anything!” Ren insisted, his anxiety levels now through the roof.

Doc dared to glance up and meet Ren’s eyes, and he saw the determination alongside a whole lot of anxiety and fear, and sighed.

“It started because of a thought.” Ren’s brows furrowed at that and he leaned back a small bit, to look more carefully at his boyfriend.

“What kind of thought?” Ren asked.

“A horrible thought that I really don’t want to talk about.” Doc slightly snapped back, pulling away from his boyfriend’s arms. Ren felt like he’d been stabbed through the chest.

“A thought about me?” He asked, his voice sounding small compared to it’s normal boisterous volume. Doc let out another sigh.


“Was it about you wanting to leave me…?” Ren felt his throat constrict as he forced the words out, his arms wrapping around his chest, as if to protect him. Doc’s eye widened and he snapped to look up at Ren, his expression confused and surprised.

“What? No! Of course not Ren. Why would you think…?” He trailed off when he saw the worried, vulnerable look in his boyfriend’s big, blue eyes. Doc’s expression softened and he gently pulled the smaller brunette man close.

“I’m so sorry I made you think that. No, I do not want to leave you Ren.” His deep voice was soft and rumbled in Ren’s ear, soothing him, but he still needed to know.

“Then what was it about?” He felt Doc’s arms stiffen slightly around him, but they started to relax a moment later. The silence stretched between them for longer than Ren liked, but finally, Doc spoke, his voice quieter than Ren had ever heard it before.

“I thought about hurting you.”


“What?” Ren almost laughed the question, his face incredulous as he leaned back to look up at Doc.

“You’ve told me all about your kinky fantasies before, and we spar all the time, you hurt me plenty! Why would this bother you so much?” Doc kept his eyes down, his shoulders were stiff and Ren could see an odd look in his creeper-side eye.

“I thought about hurting you for real. I thought about not stopping when you said the safe word. I thought about violating you in all the ways my worst fantasies tell me to! I thought about raping you, Ren!!” Doc was yelling by the time he finished, his whole body tense as he fought the urge to leave, to just get up and walk away as fast as he could. He hated talking about this, because he wasn’t in control of that thought and the mere idea of not being in control had Doc wound tight like a spring and ready to run.

Ren stared in shock at the outburst from his normally so controlled boyfriend, then his mind caught up with what he’d said, and his mouth fell slightly agape.

“You want to…” Doc cut him off.

“No! No, I would never… I…” He suddenly doubted what he was going to say. Would he rape Ren? His mind recoiled at the mere suggestion, but something else inside of him relished the thought. The mental image of Ren sobbing under him, covered in bites and bruises, and begging Doc to stop, it made that part of him shiver.

Ren watched as Doc struggled to say it, and the implication sent a bolt of fear through him, but he shoved it down. He knew Doc, he knew his boyfriend like no one else, Doc had incredible self control and would never do that to him. The brunette slowly reached out and cupped the creeper side of Doc’s face, gently urging the larger man to look at him.

“I know you wouldn’t.” Doc wasn’t so sure.

“We all have impulses, Doc, but you have the most incredible self-control of anyone I know, so even if you have that desire, I know you won’t actually do it.” He had a good point. Doc finally forced himself to look Ren in the eyes and was struck by the pure love and confidence he saw there. Ren believed every word he was saying, and even if Doc didn’t, he believed in Ren, and he believed he could be better for Ren.

“Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I have to admit defeat. I can’t come anywhere close to where you are in the kinky department.” Doc looked at his boyfriend quizzically.

“But I think I might know someone who can, and if you’re willing, I think I might be willing to let you try it with them.” Doc’s eye widened.

“Are you telling me, you’re willing to try being poly? With who?”