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Hey, sorry about those blokes picking a fight with you and ruining your night, but you left you coat on your chair. GL (32)

Pardon? MH (27)

When can I give it back to you? GL

It is quite all right. I have another one. MH

This one looks rather nice too, I'd feel bad if I don't hand it back. GL

[No reply]

Still affected, are you? GL

I am hardly affected. There were policemen looking at us from the bar, so I believe karma served them well after I left. MH

[Delayed] I'm vaguely impressed yet again, they were arrested by a handsome DS standing around the bar with his constables. GL

Those pillocks had it coming. GL

[No reply]

Still, I'm sorry that you had a bad night, mate. GL

If we never mention it again, I shall be very glad. MH

Well, aren't you stroppy? And I thought I was the one with I'm the one stuck in the office filing up the arrest. GL

Meaning by that that said handsome Detective Sergeant was you? MH

You don't miss a thing, do you? GL

And ta for the compliment. GL

[No reply]

[Long delay] I'm impressed of what you did with those blokes, threw a spanner in the works. GL

Don't think I've seen something quite like it before. GL

Quite like what? MH

That trick you pulled. GL

Trick. MH

Quite the show, mate. Brilliant, really. GL

[Long delay] Simple enough observations . MH

It is hardly worth mentioning, Detective Sargeant. MH

It was quite observant of you, then. Made me feel like a blasted rookie. GL

I'm afraid you have lost me in your one sided conversation, Detective Sargeant. I thought you were busy filing the arrest of the aforementioned 'pillocks'. MH

There's always time for a bit of a chit-chat with something interesting. GL

I'm afraid I shall disappoint you, for I simply lost control of my temper. Which happens rarely enough. MH

And I 'chit-chat' as often as I let people call me 'something'. If you'll excuse me, I have arrived my abode. Have a pleasent evening. MH

Sure. What do I do with your coat then, Mr…? GL

[Long delay] Relentless, I see. MH

Holmes. Mycroft Holmes. MH

Charity would be a good deed, don’t you think? I am sure there are people out there with more need for it than me. MH

Unforgettable name, Mr Holmes. DS Greg Lestrade, but you can call me Greg. GL

That’s kind of you. But it’s a really fancy coat, the homeless would murder for it. Quite literally. GL

How about we meet later at someplace else? GL

Pardon? MH

Let me buy you a drink to make up for a horrible night, yeah? GL

My horrible night is none of your fault, but I do think I have enough of going out for quite a while. MH

I propose you just keep it. As you said, it is a good coat. MH

Not my fit. I'm sorry if this is a bit forward, but let me buy you a drink. GL

You are very insistent, Detective Sergeant Lestrade. MH

Greg. Only when I think it’s worth my time and interest. GL

I will keep you from wasting both time and interest, then. MH

Come on, I'm sure you've had worse company in the last hour. GL

If I don't keep you on your toes in 20 minutes you can just put me down nicely. GL

What purpose is there in insisting when I have already marked my disinterest? MH

One doesn’t meet someone like you everyday and I would bet that you don't give those long answers to people you don't care about. GL

I do not care [Erased: but I am curious as to]. Are you attempting to flirt with me? MH

And if you’re realizing just now, I’m failing at it too. GL

I hadn’t taken you for a man of such tastes. MH

And I had taken you for one with a better judgement of people. GL

Drinks? GL

I do not dabble in these things. MH

Oh, my mistake, mate. Sorry. GL

If you want your coat, I’m leaving it in the NSY reception. GL

It’s near the entrance. Get in. Left. Big desk. Can’t miss it. GL

My sexual preferences have nothing to do with this. I simply do not indulge. MH

Thank you nonetheless, Detective Sergeant. MH

Anytime, Mr Holmes. Have a good night and try to stay out of trouble. GL

Thank you. This country needs more m e n of the law like you. MH

I'm flattered. GL

Quite deserved. MH

Keep saying nice things and I might have you rejecting an offer for dinner. GL

I merely stated a truth, a painful one at that. It depicts the dilapidated state of the matter. MH

Ruined my dreams of cold pint with handsome companion, it deserves to be mentioned. GL

I do hope you don’t mean me by that. MH

Why is it? You’re absolutely breathtaking. GL

[Erased: I-]

[Erased: Why-]

I am not usually associated with such adjectives. MH

Makes sense. Very few must dare. GL

I think it's the suit. Makes you look older and more serious. GL

[Erased: Good observation. MH]

[No reply]

Who knows? You might’ve never known otherwise. GL

How truly charming of you. MH

I am only here to help. GL

What other plans did you have for tonight? GL

I thought you had desisted, Sargeant. MH

Greg. Not asking you out, mate. Just wondering. GL

Work, mostly. MH

Going to bed, perhaps. MH

Oh, well, I’ll go home after I make sure those idiots won’t kill each other in a cell and do the same. GL

Have a good night’s sleep, Mr. Holmes. GL

Goodnight, Detective Sergeant. MH

[Later that night] Question. GL

Persistent. MH

Curious, still have a question if you don't mind me asking. GL

[Long delay] Ask away. MH

By ‘not indulging’, you mean ‘never’? GL

Why does it matter? MH

You don't have to answer. GL

I am not to be used as a source of amusement. MH

Certainly not, being questioned and observed is an activity left for the developed minds, right? GL

Whatever do you meen with that retort? MH

You tell me. GL

[Long delay] Not indulging means what it means. MH

I neither have the time nor the patience. MH

Well, it still is a vague answer. GL

Not indulging could mean: No intercourse, no romantic involvement or all above combined. GL

I will not explain myself in these matters. MH

I’m guessing the third mostly and second permanently. GL

You are not guessing, you are deducing. And if you say so. MH

Ok, fine. No more questioning about it. Promise. GL

Thank you. MH

Not at all, thank you. Made my night a bit more interesting than it was. GL

[Erased: Interesting indeed, Detective Sarg-] 

Have a pleasent evening, Detective Sargeant. MH

Greg. GL

[No reply]

[Delayed] Mind if I text again? GL

Can I possibly stop you? You seem quite obsessed with the idea. MH

What can I say? You sure know how to make an impression. GL

Say the word and I won’t text again. GL

Perhaps you are just very impressionable. MH

By blokes with some unbelievable wit about them, yeah. GL

What a ridiculous notion. MH

What would you know? GL

I do believe to know myself quite well. MH

I’m afraid I’ll have to argue. GL

But not much, I don’t want to feed the ego of a lad that rejected me less than two hours ago. GL

I’m afraid I will have to insist you stop calling me such thing. I am neither your love, chum, nor a lad. MH

Well, I can easily stop texting. Funny you haven’t asked. GL

Would you delete my number as well if I asked? MH

Of course. GL

[No reply]

I can pactically picture you glaring at me. GL

Are you quite certain you are talking to the right person? Perhaps there has been a mistake. MH

Tall, auburn haired, impeccable dark blue suit, lovely baby blue shirt, dark red tie, polished black Crockett & Jones, sharp tongue, big grey eyes. GL

Did I get the profile correctly? GL

Somewhat. MH

I'm an observant bloke like that. GL

Very fitting for your job, I am sure. MH

Would you think I'm too rude if I go to sleep after bothering you for the past three hours? GL

Do you need my permission? MH

Good point. GL

I wasn’t the one claiming insistence. I bid my goodnight more than two hours ago. MH

Hush. Time to be sleeping. GL

Sleep, then. MH

[Two days later] You know what’s fun about a stake out? GL

Nothing. GL

Absolutely nothing. GL

I see you have decided to keep texting me whenever you are bored. MH

Actually I was hoping you’d text me first. GL

I gave up a few minutes ago. GL

So I gathered. MH

This is not our man. GL

I'll pay you good money if you send someone to kill me before I die out of boredom. GL

Have mercy. GL

I am sure that could be arranged gratuitously. MH

Were does a clever bloke with resources like you work at again? GL

Best not to ask, dearest Sargeant. MH

[Delayed] Brilliant. I was joking aout the assassin. GL

Wise comment, Sargeant. MH

Cute joke, Mr. Holmes. GL

Now put a sock in it and play a game with me. GL

I am not in the habit of playing games. MH

[Greg invited you to play Scrabble] Good moment to start. GL

Trust me, you do not want to play this particular game against me. MH

I think I can handle it. Tell me about your week while you’re at it. GL

You are acting far too familiar. We’ve met once. MH

Hardly that. MH

And you’re intrigued enough to keep chatting with me. I'm almost flattered. GL

Come on, accept the challenge. GL

I have long hours ahead and a coffee that got too cold to drink two hours ago. GL

Humor me this once. GL

[Mycroft joined the game] This doesn’t mean I am accepting your offer. MH

Of course not, that'd be preposterous! GL

So how was your week? GL [6 points: SOCKS]

That is not even a proper word. MH

It gave me points, smarty pants, so it's clearly valid. GL

I refuse to play. MH

Come on, you can do it. I can find two more words. GL

Aboideau? How did you see aboideau?? GL

Google it, Sargeant. Clearly valid. MH

Shocking thing about this is the fact that I thought you didn't have the phrase 'google it' incorporated to your 20's Oxford Dictionary of Proper English. GL

I clearly do and you are walking in circles because you do not know exactly what it means, are you not? MH

A tide gate, git. GL

Very good for a civil servant with a public education. MH

What's wrong with public education? Clearly a bloke that was home-schooled can't complain. GL

Ooh, so he does observe. MH

Aye, and you can clearly score 20 points in one go. GL

I told you, you do not want to play this game with me. MH

Well, I’ll have to try and rise my game. [10 points: FAMINE] GL

[Delayed] Let me google that for a sec, you have to be lying. GL

I am awed by your eloquence at times. MH

Piss off. Unit of money in Mauritania? How do you bloody know what their unit of money is? GL

I take an interest in financial markets. MH

I am awed by your weird interest [7 points: CRUISE] GL

[No reply]

Haven’t told me about your week yet, you hardly need to make an effort at this game at all. GL

It has been bearable. MH

Do you always talk like that? GL [9 points: TSUNAMI]

I see we are leaving the realm of four and six letter words. MH

Pry tell. How do I talk ? MH

I’m a bloody decent player even if you are an IQ of 300. GL [6 points: KILLER]

Seriously? I used a K, goddamnit. GL

I'm, like you said, almost flattered. Is there something wrong with the way in which I express myself? MH

Well, you speak like the world gives you constant grief and disconfort. GL [3 points: LOVE]

I deal with many things, not least amongst them grief and discomfort. MH

What the hell? Rouleau? Can we actually use other languages? GL

If you actually build the word XYLOPHONE, I’m bloody leaving. GL [9 points: MANY]

I hope you are not too caught up in your anger to do your work. MH

Now I know you did that on purpose. GL

Everything for the sake of good competition. MH

Working just fine, love. This is not our guy. But my boss thinks he is. GL

So you are playing scrabble with a stranger. MH

Exactly, I’m stuck in a car for the night waiting for something that won’t happen instead of doing something productive [10 points: SEQUOIA]. GL

[No reply]

But with these old dogs, you have to know how to shut up and follow orders sometimes [14 points: AEROBIA] GL

Surely, you will forget all about your complaints once you are the one issuing orders. MH

Well, even if I did learn a lot from my DI, I'm afraid I might liten to my subordinates a bit more [19 points: NOUVEAU] GL

[No reply]

Not that I'm a brilliant mind, but I have my reasons to think this is not the right direction. [20 points: SUNRISE] GL

[Long delay] If you could, where would you be looking? MH

Sorry, sir. Cannot discuss the case with these amicable strangers. GL

Seriously? OUABAIN? GL

I'm rarely less than severe. MH

The Tom Ford yelled that one at me at first sight. GL

You're too confident and acting quite familiar. MH

You’re an ouabain. GL

Anyway, I can't reveal details of the investigation, I'm afraid. GL

Professional of you. MH

And those clues speak of something else my boss seems to be ignoring. Maybe I'll have a second looksy tomorrow morning. GL

You are a very diligent man. MH

[Mycroft: 357 points. Gregory: 207 points.] I have to learn to chose my battles, though. GL

Apparently. MH

What were you up to now? GL

Reading. MH

What were you reading? GL

Wait. You were reading and playing Scrabble? GL

Obviously. I do hope you were playing Scrabble and keeping an eye on your surroundings. MH

Of course. On everything that’s not happening. GL

Good boy. MH

Not a dog. Try again. GL

I will most certainly not try again. MH

Come on, you can do it. GL

I have faith in you. GL

Most know better than to have faith in me. MH

What can I say? Off the trolley, that's me. GL

Try again for the insane? GL

Good man. MH

This is what I call progress. Now, I'm off to sleep. GL

Sleep well, then. MH

Have a good reading and ta for not making the Scrabble into the massacre it could’ve been. GL

Quite welcome. Do take care, Detective Sergeant. MH

Modest, are you? GL

I never claimed to be such a thing. MH

True enough. But I did ask you to call me Greg. GL

I will take that matter into serious consideration. Rest well. MH

Rise it to the parliament if you need to. Ta, mate, have a good one yourself. GL