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Management Meeting

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Sakaki looks over the numbers, then over the pages of comments. He hums thoughtfully and though Yukimura is quite skilled at reading people, the owner has got quite the poker face. He sets the reports aside, picks up a delicate cup, and takes a sip of tea.

"I do appreciate when you bring me something you have made."

Yukimura straightens. "It's hard to get a feel for what you like when you rarely come in."

Sakaki smirks behind the lip of the porcelain. "You know quite well that I trust you implicitly. There is no need for me to be a hands-on owner when the numbers and comments speak to your expertise," he says, taking another sip before setting it back down. "Though, I do worry for the day when you move onto greener pastures."

"You think I'm going to leave?"

"Someone with your amount of talent won't wish to be a coffee shop manager for the rest of their life, Yukimura-kun. I would feel quite guilty if I somehow prevented you from reaching your potential."

Yukimura shakes his head, refilling the cup with the small carafe he had brought with him. "I can't say that any other person would have given me the opportunity given my background. Besides, you've always been quite flexible with me."

"Illness is a state of mind," Sakaki says thoughtfully. "I know talent when I see it. I'm sure you are more than aware of Oshitari-kun. The similarities are rather striking."

"Oh, very much so," Yukimura says with a chuckle. "I think everyone on staff loves him...except for perhaps Oishi-kun..."

Sakaki raises an eyebrow. "Should I meet with him? He always seems a bit high-strung in the security footage."

Yukimura faults for a moment. "No no, I have it handled. I've asked him to take a small break from work to relax as much as he can. I think his classes are getting to him just a bit."

"Don't worry," Sakaki says with a dismissive motion of his hand. "I don't watch to see what you get up to after hours with that incredibly stern-looking customer."

"You probably give it to Oshitari," he says with a bit of relief in his voice.

Sakaki smiles, briefly. "No. Your exploits are mostly safe. Though, I admit to giving him one little video for a novella he was writing."

"I deserved that, I suppose."

"Well, I didn't take out leather cleaning out of your paycheck--"

"You do watch," Yukimura groans, sinking into his seat.

"Now, then," Sakaki says, picking back up the reports. "I'm having someone install a wifi hotspot by the end of the week."

"I really don't understand why we need one."

"It could keep your boyfriend there longer if he could do research."

Yukimura frowns. "I'd appreciate if you left him out of this."

Sakaki laughs a bit. "Don't act so affronted. It will be good for business. Also, when you go back, tell Shishido that if I see his cell phone out again, I'll ban them all except for yours."

"Got it."

"Stop leaving yours in the office."

"It's a hassle."

"You're the store manager."

Yukimura nods. "I'll keep it on me if you stop watching security footage of me."

"I suppose I can acquiesce to that."

"Thank you."

Sakaki leans back in his chair and interlacing his fingers in thought. "The construction on the store should be done by the end of the month. Fixtures and furniture will be there ready by the middle of next week. Do as you wish with it, except throw it away."

Yukimura smirks.

"I would also appreciate if you and your staff did not 'break it in,'" he says, clearing his throat.

"As you wish. Anything else? Staff's curious about raises."

"Tell them they need to have evaluations with you if they want a raise. You, Shiraishi, and Fuji will notice yours in the upcoming paycheck. That is all. Itteyoshi!"

Yukimura stands, bows, and leaves the massive office to walk back the few blocks to the shop. He arrives during a shift change with only a few customers seated around. He offers Oshitari a slight wave and a knowing smirk to Sanada before going back behind the counter.

"Wifi, yes? Please say yes. Come on kachou."

"Unfortunately, yes, and Shishido, if I catch your cell phone out during non-break or non-slow times, I'm banning all electronic devices during working hours."

Shishido's pleased face falls quickly. "But that girl..."

"I don't care if she is Miss Japan twenty-eleven. Sakaki mentioned it, so I have to pass it on."

"Did he happen to mention your after-hours soirees?"

"Perhaps, but that's none of your concern," Yukimura says, grabbing a large piece of paper and scrawling a note about raises and evaluations.

"What's that?" Shishido asks, peering over Yukimura's shoulder.

"Your deathnell," he replies deadpan, walking to the back and pinning it to the notice board.

"I don't really like the sound of tha-- raises!?"

"Only if your evaluation goes well."

Shishido puffs out his chest. "I'll do better than Hiyoshi. That's for sure."

Yukimura stifles a laugh and pats Shishido on the shoulder. "Of course you will."