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Heart's Content

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They stood beside the bed; eyes locked singing a symphony of words to each other in silence, hearts beating like the wings of wild birds in a cage. Holly let go of her towel first, and Gail had no idea where her breath went, but the void of air circulating throughout her body shook her soul wide awake. Gail began to slowly unravel, then like a freight train barreling down the tracks she was out of control, even with her towel still tucked tightly around her she felt so completely naked in Holly's presence. The water dripping from the doctor's long wet hair, exploded in slow motion, as the drops bounced up from the hardwood floor echoing through every fiber of Gail's being like a drowning cannonball as the cop struggles to breathe while looking at Holly in the hollow moonlight.

The slightest of movements, barely noticeable and Gail's towel finds its place on the floor, neither would remember who took the first step forward and it would never again matter, because they became one, skin to skin continuing down this unexplored path together, taking them to the places they longed to go. Holly is not sure anything could prepare her for this moment, for all of Gail's perceived calloused exterior, rigid walls thick with fear of letting anyone permeate the beauty that lies just beyond that well-guarded fortress, looking at Gail is easily the most breathtaking single second Holly has ever experienced.

They lay wrapped up in one another letting time pass them by, basking in the brilliant sensation of nothing but each other. Lips become the vessel of discovery, as Gail lets her mouth rain down on Holly, tasting every inch, every indention, and curve, tracing her tongue over childhood scars, kissing along the delicate points that terrify her as Holly melts under her touch. Gail is desperate to remember each sensation, as she works her way down to the perfect belly button with the small silver ring looped through it. She lightly kisses and tugs before using her mouth to tease and play, letting her hot tongue trace around the circle before plunging down into the crevasse of her firm belly. There is a pause, then stillness, a slight hesitation as to what happens next.

Grabbing her head Holly pulls Gail up to her mouth into a tender kiss, "You are amazing, do you know that?" Gail smiles lying her head down just under Holly's chin, "I am a little scared." She breathes out. Kissing the top of Gail's head, "No expectations, no rules, we just have to tell each other what we want and if something does not feel good it's totally fine to say so. That is the only rule, and if you must know I am halfway there most of the time anyway just by looking at you. In case no one has filled you in, you're really sexy." Holly kisses Gail again, hands begin to roam freely, flipping herself on top of Gail letting her weight find the right pressure points on her body, "ugh… ohhh god.", is all Gail can manage. Holly kisses her way down the blonde's neck with a giant smile spread across her face. Gail has let her head fall back into the sea of pillows behind her preparing for what is coming next.

Trails of kisses become a road map to Gail's body, lips brush over skin, dark flowing hair tickles hard nipples which cause each muscle in the cop's body to tighten, flicking and biting her way down the porcelain skin in front of her, Holly stops only to push Gail's legs apart sinking between them as she counts down the seconds until Gail Peck comes undone. The moment Holly's mouth makes contact with Gail's dripping wet center it's like being reborn, seeing the world again after sitting in the darkness just when she thought she had forgotten where the light lived. Holly slides her mouth down, letting the tip of her tongue graze around Gail's most sensitive spot, she teases and tugs, and then abruptly stops as she kisses the cop's perfect thigh close by. Gail groans "Oh, no……no…Please, Holly"

"Please what?" planting another kiss on the opposite thigh.


Holly brings her mouth down to the spot she was before, purses her lips together as if she was about to whistle a tune but instead blows a cool, steady stream of air on the already rock hard center of Gail's world.

"Please don't stop. Please… just don't stop doing whatever the hell it is you were doing before."

Holly answers the desperate pleas by sucking Gail into her mouth, flicking then tapping the tip, circling until she feels the Gail's whole body tighten up, only then does she gently slide two fingers deep inside the slippery reservoir before her. Gail rocks into Holly's hand, unlacing her innermost secrets, their movements are the call and answer of every moment leading up to this point. Pushing forward seeking out Holly, desperate to touch her, consume her in any way, in every way as Gail feels the electricity coursing through her body. They grasp hands taking cover; sparks fly as if two pieces of throwaway steel are being fused together into one unbreakable link forever bound.

Holly fights her momentary exhaustion to crawl her way up the length of the bed, kissing Gail's salty exposed shoulder, lying her head down in the crook of the blonde's neck, breathing in the aftermath of what has just happened, all the beautiful moments of anticipation scattered all around them now nothing more than empty remains will blow away with the first early morning breeze.

Gail rolls over, kissing Holly's chin, "I had no idea, that it could be like that… boys….are very overrated."

Holly outlines Gail's perfect lips with her index finger, "I think that this…us…." as she touches her own lips and moves back to tracing the blonde's lips, "is perhaps very special, and just might supersede gender."

Gail's eyes lock on the face before her, the safest place she has ever found to lay her heart, and all the other taped together pieces of herself she drags around with her, "I love you. I love your amazing soul, and your kind eyes and…your very limber tongue."

All it took was that split second sexy smile that crept onto Holly's face and Gail was done, effortless momentum propels her on top of Holly, hovering above, dipping down, reckless consumption of the wanting mouth waiting for her. A fever that could not be measured in word or thought and it left Gail stripped down, her worn linoleum heart exposed for what it is and what it must have at this moment.

The descent down took very little time, skipping along Holly's beautiful skin; Gail was but a small pebble skating along her cool watered lake. She stopped to kiss, lick and pay attention to every detail along the way on her journey. She arrived at the exact spot her dreams had been made of over the last several weeks, the place that made her blush and body throb all at the same time. She paused for just a second, not out of fear but because she would never be able to grasp into air and bring this moment back no matter how many times she replays it in her mind. She must remember everything. The first taste of Holly was like an explosion of silky bittersweet not unlike the very first mind-blowing sensation of chocolate melting on your tongue, Gail's mouth waters as it mixes with the destiny splayed out in front of her. Frenzied hands grasp at the cop's short blonde hair, pleading and pushing Gail's mouth further into the drowning heat that has saturated the cop to her core, swallowing her whole. The eruption when it comes is almost violent, a savage release of love and tenderness disguised in a frenzy of sweat soaked sheets, dripping wet mouths and secret words that they can never take back. Gail holds on to Holly so tight afraid she will be washed away in the stillness that has arrived.


"Um hmm."

"You know right?"

Tracing along Holly's inner thigh with her bottom lip, "What?"

"You know that in some crazy over achieving Peckness no one and I mean no one has ever made me do what you just accomplished, right?"

Kissing her dangerously close where the glistening, tender parts are just inches from her mouth, "Mmm, and what is that exactly Dr. Stewart."

"Oh, I think you know."

"I want you to say it."

"Come up here and I just might."

Gail pulls herself to Holly, mouths automatically find their way to each other and Holly lets out a slight moan when she tastes what lingers on Gail's lips. The fight ensues as mouths battle for ownership of the other. This war rages on throughout the night until they are left exhausted, depleted and complete in each other's arms.