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averseNotary [AN] began pestering cleopatrasBard [CB]

AN: Hey.
AN: Hey Barty, I know you're there.
AN: Come on, don't tell me you've Forgotten you're Online again.
CB: Oh hey ali!!!
CB: What you up to babes???
AN: Just Settling in actually.
AN: Finally signed the Lease for the room. Americans can be Inordinately stuffy about this sort of thing.
CB: What??? What took so long???
AN: Oh, same old same old.
AN: References, chasing Thereof. Negotiating deposits. Boring shit like that.
CB: So youre all set up??? Thats great!!!
AN: Well, Essentially. I still have to Enrol tomorrow.
CB: Have you met any of your coursemates yet???
AN: Not yet, no. An Invitation to some sort of Welcome Social has been Extended by the Post-Graduate Studies Administration. Probably will Pass it up.
CB: Whys that???
AN: Cashflow situation is rather less than Rosy at this particular Juncture.
CB: -_-
AN: Quite.
AN: How is Egypt, anyway? It seems like Months since you last Indulged my Inquiries about all your crazy haps.
CB: OMG you would not believe how hot it is right now!!! I have to have my ac on like 24/7 in the classroom its insane!!!
AN: I will duly take your Word for it.
AN: Are you Rocking the Effnik Garb in order to Ameliorate the Effects of Aforementioned Oppressive sunlight?
CB: Heehee!!! ^o^ Sooo effnik!!!
CB: Im actually wearing this gooorgeous hand-embroidered headscarf right now while im talking to you!!!
AN: I know, Celeste.
AN: How is Daryl?
CB: Visiting family -_-
AN: Oh? American or British?
CB: American ^_^
CB: Other coast to you though mores the pity!!!
AN: Yeah, that is a shame. It's been years since we last Clapped eyes on each other what with one thing and Another.
CB: Well what about me mister???
AN: Well, obviously you as well, Barty.
AN: Actually, that's one of the reasons why I wanted to get your Ear. I was talking to Whobes and one of his Customers told him about this Game they'd been working on.
AN: Oh Bugger...
CB: -_-# Ali why do you always have to capitalise that???
CB: You always make me lose its so infuriating!!!
AN: Sorry Celeste. It keeps happening.
AN: I don't really think about the Upper case words. It just seems to come Naturally.
CB: ...
CB: Anyway what about this game???
CB: Whobes mentioned something about it but i didnt have time to look properly...
AN: Well, Whobes and I miss the Role-playing we all did Together. Remember that Aberrant campaign?
CB: ^o^ How could i forget???
AN: How indeed.
AN: So yeah, Whobes was talking to this young Lady and she mentioned that this is like the most Immersive RPG ever or something. And it's a co-op.
AN: Whobes and I thought it would be Awesome if we could get the old Gang back together for a bash.
CB: What you and me and him and tina???
CB: How would we manage the time difference???
AN: I dunno. I'm sure we could Establish some sort of Compromise to everyone's agreement.
CB: Itd have to be a weekend or something i cant stay up too late on a school night!!!
AN: No problem. I wasn't Anticipating we play Tonight anyway. Burning the CDs alone takes like a whole day.
CB: Burning the cds???
AN: Yeah, Apparently the Game will only run off a CD for some reason.
CB: -_-# Ali you did it agaaain!!!
AN: Oh. Sorry.
CB: Well ok...What do i have to do???
AN: Whobes should've sent you a link. You can Initiate the Download from there. Then you just need to burn the Files to a couple of CDs.
CB: Sounds easy enough!!! Ill get to it!!!
AN: And would Tomorrow be an Acceptable Date for you?
AN: Assuming this Download goes reasonably for you.
CB: Yeah that should be great actually!!!
AN: Wonderful. I Imagine I should go talk to Tina about it.
CB: You dont sound so thrilled...
AN: Well, no. You know how our Conversations tend to go.
CB: Heehee!!! They can be pretty intense!!!
CB: You know you both care about each other!!! I think you two just like being stubborn for the sake of it sometimes!!!
AN: That is Baseless and Foolish Speculation. You should Probably go and Re-evaluate your Assessment of the Highly Complex and Nuanced Relationship Ms. Trappsen and I Cultivate.
AN: With A Brick.
AN: Sideways.
CB: You even start sounding like each other when you get pissed off!!! ^_^
AN: I'll leave you to your Brick. I wouldn't want to Interrupt what is Bound to be a Tender Moment.
CB: O_O;;;
CB: Give her my love!!!
AN: Um, if the subject comes up I will be sure to pass that Sentiment along.
AN: Talk to you Tomorrow.
CB: Bye sweetie!!!

Your name is ALISTAIR NORTHANGER. You are a SCRIPTWRITER. Well, technically you're a SCRIPTWRITING STUDENT for now, but at the flashy HOLLYWOOD PARTIES you are sure you will eventually be invited to, you FULLY INTEND to introduce yourself by the former descriptor.

You have been working in VARIOUS PARTS of the world SAVING for this MASTERS course since you are of course an ARTS GRADUATE with few saleable skills besides teaching ENGLISH. This has gone FAIRLY WELL for you in all but you have been MISSING YOUR FRIENDS from back home somewhat. Of course, with one exception they have moved on as well, so visiting them would be rather OUT OF THE QUESTION given your current status as a PENNILESS STUDENT.

THE GAME, however, should go some way to SOLVING that problem. You're not exactly sure how, Whobes was kind of SPOTTY ON THE DETAILS, but he seemed CONFIDENT this was the game to play. So here you are.

Your Pesterchum handle is averseNotary, and you Pepper your speech as well as your online conversations with a Melange of Archaic and Modern Words, lending your Idiom a somewhat Pretentious tone.

You cast your mind back to the last game you all played together. You and your friends are all dedicated LARPers, or as dedicated as it's possible to be in the far-flung corners of the world to which you have dispersed. Personally what you have seen of American LARP thus far has inflamed your delicate sensibilities to the extent you had to go and scream and throw rocks at other larger rocks for a while. You cussed those rocks up bad.
You were heavily involved in a festival-based LARP system called Hurricanoes, in which you played a race of dogmatic desert catpeople in a totally ironic, non-furry kind of way. Totally. Your favoured skills mostly involved summoning and empowering desert spirits and divine emissaries to ruin your enemies' collective shit. You were one of the most advanced Theosophologists in the system! ...Or at least you would've been had you not been so very paranoid of your enemies discovering your tremendous power. While your companions largely were content with displaying their own skills for all to see, you hid your light under a bushel. Which are difficult to find in the desert, so your commitment to doing so should serve only as testament to the magnitude of your reticence.

Hm. Whobes is pestering you. Probably wondering whether you've got everyone on side for The Game yet. You suppose you really ought to gird your loins and face up to contacting Tina. Whatever. You'll answer your best brofriend first.

jocularWordsmith [JW] began pestering averseNotary [AN]

JW: hey dude just about to head off to work.
JW: sup?
AN: Hey bro.
AN: Well, I have come into complete and Uncontested possession of my own Accommodation.
JW: awesome news!
AN: Yes, isn't it just.
JW: well i'd guess so man.
JW: it being generally better to have a room than not.
AN: I Concur.
JW: you all set for college then? ;)
AN: Don't call it that.
AN: Just because I am up to my Outrageously Chic waistcoat in Americanisms it does not give you the License to Compound my Woes.
JW: you could've studied back here...
AN: That hardly would've been as Glamorous or Indicative of some Profound Destiny for Dramaturgical Immortality.
JW: yeah because no famous scriptwriters have ever lived in london ever.
JW: certainly none who could possibly lay a claim to Dramaturgical Immortality.
AN: Your point is made, Whoberley.
AN: Rather Inelegantly, but nonetheless.
JW: elegance is for poetry.
JW: sarcasm so thick you could slather it on a sandwich and call it peanut butter is for purging friends of their various prejudiced misapprehensions.
AN: Your Preference for that Revolting muck is the only thing about you more Bewildering than your Attachment to that Hive of scum and Villainy you call a hometown.
AN: I mean, have you Ever seriously Contemplated an Alternative?
JW: step off bro.
JW: london is awesome...
JW: peanut butter rules...
JW: end of story.
AN: Whatever. This is Stupid.
JW: yes.
JW: so what did celeste say?
AN: She is Assuredly Onboard for this Endeavour of yours.
AN: She should be Available for our Initial Session tomorrow as hoped.
AN: So how Exactly do we set up this Server again?
JW: uh.
JW: pass?
JW: i think the game sort of...
JW: takes care of that itself?
AN: What.
JW: well, i asked her about it and she just sort of told me that each player's computer acts as a server but it's all in the main software package and we basically shouldn't worry about it 'cos it runs itself.
AN: Um. That's nice then I Suppose.
AN: Who was this So-Called Woman anyway?
JW: her name's jane.
JW: just some customer.
JW: she thought i was cute. ;)
AN: Jane. Like you'd expect me to Believe you hooked up with a Woman Bearing as Pedestrian a name as Jane.
JW: believe it or not.
JW: i could go into more detail but you usually prefer me not to.
AN: Man what is it with You and Womenfolk?
AN: Is there Anyone who has as many Ladies engaged at some point on the Romantic rubric as you?
AN: It's as if you've some sort of Governing Philosophy involving the Distribution of sexual Resources among as great a proportion of the Population as possible.
JW: hardly.
JW: love is free, yo.
AN: And meaningless Erotic fumblings?
JW: doubly so.
AN: Unbelievable.
JW: green isnt your colour bro.
JW: oh yeah did you talk to tina?
AN: Oh yeah.
AN: I'll get round to That.
JW: sooner rather than later would be good dude.
AN: I know.
AN: Can't you do it?
JW: i told you man.
JW: heading to work.
AN: Now?
AN: Man you must have just about the shittiest hours known to man or Beast.
AN: I thought you would get more Influence over them now you're Assistant Manager.
JW: ha.
JW: ha.
JW: ho.
JW: pretty much i just get to mediate for the manager and all the little people with similarly shitty hours.
AN: At least the Remuneration is more Substantial, right?
JW: marginally.
JW: anyway get to it man!
AN: Fine.

jocularWordsmith [JW] is now an idle chum!

Your name is JAKE WHOBERLEY, though most people just call you WHOBES. You are a POET, although you supplement the proceeds you receive from your VOLUMES of FREESTYLE SOCIAL COMMENTARY by working in an upmarket TEASHOP. This works out in your favour somewhat as you're able to organise SLAM POETRY NIGHTS and PERFORMANCES in order to curry favour with other more established POETS and ARTISTS as well as make a few extra QUID ON THE SIDE.

You love being ACTIVE in the local ARTS COMMUNITY, which as you live in LONDON is probably the BEST IN THE WORLD. At least you're FAIRLY SURE it is. Man, London is so great it almost makes up for most of your friends UPPING STICKS and LEAVING the country. Sadface.
Good thing you can find solace in the arms (and other parts of the ANATOMY) of your various and varied LADY FRIENDS, several of whom are also Londoners. Still, there's no adequate REPLACEMENT for the company of your BRO and also your GIRL-BROS; or at least, not until you heard of this SWEET-ASS GAME. It is going to be so INCREDIBLY SWEET-ASS. You are contemplating stocking up on insulin just to ward off the DIABETES you will inevitably CONTRACT from being in the merest vicinity of the SWEET-ASSEDNESS of this game.

Your Pesterchum handle is jocularWordsmith and you speak with an easy kind of informal loquacity, which tends to keep you and those around you feeling laid-back and amiable most of the time.

Anyway, you suppose you should stop waxing lyrical and step to work. Chatting to Ali has only made you later.