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We have each other

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"He nearly killed me because I was fighting for your life, Rey! You stepped on me to climb to the top and then pushed me aside! For what? For the man who kidnapped and probed your mind! He nearly killed you! He used you to become Supreme Leader.

When you pushed me away, he nearly killed you again! I was the one who was always by your side. Your bond was a fake, a trick to show wrong as right!

Well, don't worry. We might not be for each other. After all, why would the hero of the Galaxy be with a genocide apologist?"

And Finn leaves, taking his jacket, blaster and lightsaber with him. Since he learned he has the Force, he decided to get out of Rey's shadow. Learning that she put a murderer, and not his victims, as a top priority, made him believe she was a waste of his time.

Rey gets hurt. That kiss was only for gratitude.

"No! Come back!" She reminded herself of her parents, who left her to protect her. "No! COME BACK! PLEASE! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! STAY!"

But her pleads fall to deaf ears. She watches him leaving. "Stay!" Her appearance turns into what she saw in the ruins of the second Death Star. "I will make you stay..."

Elsewhere, Leah Clearwater is in a cell. A Moblin gives her food. "You are a special guest. You forced the mighty Alastor to fight seriously. So we serve the food in a plate of genuine silver. Ha ha ha!"

"It wasn't funny even the first time. Also, maggots again! You know I struggle to eat these!"

"If you liked them, we would serve you something else."

"And the cell is filthy and full of mice!"

"Awesome! They might gnaw your shoes, filthy animal."

The waiter leaves the silver plate at her feet and leaves. He also gave her a fork... of silver too. For a regular prisoner, silver items are heaven. For a werewolf like Leah, they are lethal.

She stares at the walls. They are black, filled with filth and water, and the cells toilets visible to anyone passing in front of the cell. Only the bars are well-preserved, to prevent anyone from escaping.

The demons knew Leah struggled because she was always alone. They never allowed anyone to visit her. Except for their guards, of course.

Leah thinks of her old pack. A bunch of pedophiles, hypocrites, traitors to humanity. They were supposed to protect mankind, not let the vampires kill them for food! Humans are sapient beings.

Of course, vampires kill to survive. Both species know they are enemies, and they will try their best to live, because they know there can be only one surviving in the end!

The she-wolf remembers how they all hated her. Her boyfriend had dropped her. He abused her cousin and she was happy with him. She did her best to escape the pack of her ex, only to end up with the bastard, Jacob. He scrapegoated her for everything. Even when she defended him, he still hated her. He would run away from every big fight. And he fell in love with a newborn child!

That last one got him executed by the demons. Leah allowed herself to grin. Seems like pedophilia is so repulsive, the Dragmires hated it more than what they considered high treason, terrorism and assault against a Minister. Apparently, Al Astor is the Minister of Truth.

Leah calls him the Minister of Bullshit.

Even her brother hated her. She never did so, however, and got pissed when he died defending Jacob.

She does have some real company. She knows the Dragmire Gang is composed of sadistic murderers who are trained specifically to harm others.

A little mouse visits her cell every day. She plays with it every day. She picks it up with one hand and tickles its belly with the other. Other times, she dangles it from the tail and gently pokes its head or back.

Sometimes, she even gives it a light squeeze with both hands or rubs its cheek against hers. But she never hurt the little mouse. It makes her feel happy. Loved.

Said mouse used to be scared of her, since she was a giantess in front of it. In addition, the animals usually playing with mice were cats who wanted to kill and eat them. But Leah never even injured the tiny animal. She even hugged it more than once. She even learned its gender, and gave him a name.

Now she is cuddling with him again. She pretends to hate mice so they would let him come to her cell and freak her out. They would almost force them together. If they learend the mouse actually made her happy, the mouse would be killed in front of her eyes.

Five days pass. Leah is in her cell again. When she hears about the arrival of a new messenger.

The messenger is a Stormtrooper. He is talking to one of the Staltroops. "Hello there, soldier. What's your business in the prison of the Hyrule Castle?"

"I want to speak with the warden and see the prisoners. My name is FN-2003 and I am here in the orders of General Pryde of the First Order."

"I thought Hux was the General."

"He died. Now Pryde is the General. And he really wants to check out the prisoners of war and the conditions in the cells."

"Well, as long as you are not the blasted FN-2187, you may pass. But I heard the First Order was defeated."

"Oh no. Lies, deception. We killed the Traitor and the others."


The Stormtrooper passes and has his blaster in hand. He meets with the Moblin Leader who is in charge.

"Why did Pryde send a single Trooper instead of coming himself?"

"Pryde is close. He just wants me to check out the conditions because he doesn't want to put himself in peril. After we check out the most dangerous prisoners, I will make sure you two meet."

"Great." The Moblin Leader whispers to his assistant. "Something is wrong. Take a troop of ten Moblins and follow us without him noticing. If this trooper does anything, kill him."

Then he and the Stormtrooper get to the cells. "Pryde ordered me to take the prisoner called Leah Clearwater from her cell. He wants to experiment on her to check the werewolf anatomy. He says it's very important to know your enemy to avoid being fooled easily. Plus, enemies could fake a weakness and we need to see if it's a trick beforehand."

"Pryde is smart to think like that."

"He is. He is ten times more competent than Hux at his best."

"Nice. He is smart enough to also form an alliance with a mighty force that includes deities. He also trained the Stormtroopers well. But, since they let you think, how does nobody rebel against him?"

"Oh, he treats us well."

Soon the two reach Leah's cell. The Stormtrooper grabs a small metal thing. "Captain, there is a change of plans... General Pryde wants to see you now."

"But the experiment..."

The Stormtrooper ignites his blue lightsaber and with a quick spin he cleaves the officer in two!

"Send my regards to Pryde. In Hell!"

The backup team immediately charges from every angle. The Stormtrooper draws his blaster and fires one-handed, gunning down every single Moblin who comes at him while seathing his lightsaber. Two Moblins charge at him at once, but he extends his free hand and sends both monsters back with an unseen force. Two Stalcops fire their guns at him, but he ducks and deals two lethal headshots.

Then he draws his lightsaber and is about to smash the bars. Leah grabs the mouse she has as a friend and hugs him tightly.

"Finn! We have a problem! Enemy is coming!"

The man uses the Force and pushes a Stygian back before impaling him with his lightsaber, filling the floor with black ooze. "Thanks, Leah. But... how do you know it was me? We were away for a long time!"

"I was not talking to you! I was talking to the mouse. I thought you were going to attack us... wait, is it you? Is it really you?"

Finn cuts the bars with his lightsaber. Then he seathes his weapons and gives Leah a big hug. "Yes, Leah! I am back! By the way, did you really name your pet after me?"

"Well, I wanted something to remember you, buddy! You made me so happy while we were together!"

"But... were you sad when I left?"

"Actually, I got over you quickly. I was still happy and still had a cause... until I fought Al Astor. He was a disguised demon. An Archdemon to boot. And one of the strongest. He beat me to near-death and imprisoned me. I also got tortured every day. Me being sad had nothing to do with you. You did what you felt was right. By the way, how is the marriage with Rose?"

"We were never a couple. I also became disillusioned with Rey. I wasn't enough of a piece of shit for her. But at least I spent my final night talking to Poe. He is and always has been a real friend and hero."

"I am sorry. She probably was not good enough for you. A waste of your time. So... you finally got over her, huh? About time! She is not your life!"

"No, she is not! But... why are you telling me this? Do you still love me?"

"You are a friend for me, Finn. I am not telling this so you would put me to bed instead. I am telling this because you deserve a life out of her shadow. She is making you sad. She used you. She yelled at you for helping her. You deserve to be happy. Forget her! As much as you can!"


Leah spots a patrol of three Stalcops coming. "Finn, stay close to Finn. I will deal with them."

She turns into a werewolf and hides in the shadows. When they come close, she strikes! She uses her paws and teeth to tear some bones off the skeletons, but she only kills two of them before the third one strikes her with his nightstick. Leah retaliates with biting his scull off. Then she pounces on a Moblin Archer.

As they escape, they fight many rats, Shadow Vermin, Stalcops, Staltroops and Ghouls. Even Finn, the mouse, manages to beat up two bigger rats.

In the end, the human, the Lycan and the mouse are back-to-back and fight against multiple guards. The mouse lures many Ghouls and Shadow Vermin towards Finn's sights and he shoots a ghoul's head, making it explode. The chain reaction makes him close his eyes, as more Ghouls explode. In the end the corridor becomes larger and free of enemies.

Meanwhile, Leah in her wolf form manages to defeat multiple rats, Stalcops and even Staltroops. A Staltroop thrusts at her with his spear, but she dodges and cuts it in half before lunging and tearing his bones off. When the last skeleton falls, the three are almost in the exit.

Where they encounter a monster beyond all three of them. A mighty Silver Skeleton. Leah knows she can't hurt it because of its silver, but at least she can take on the three Stalcops it has for backup. She does so easily.

Finn struggles with the Silver Skeleton and gets a jab in his shoulder. He screams in pain, since it draws blood, but he keeps fighting on. After five rounds, he uses the Force to push the enemy back and decapitates it with his saber. It falls to the floor, destroyed. "Wow. I expected it to be harder."

The three are about to leave when a silver sword emerges through Finn's back. He stares in surprise. But Leah is pissed. "Oh yeah... they revive all the time. You can only truly destroy them by blowing them up... I don't care! I will kill it for an eternity!"

She has managed to get her weapons back, both the stake and the pipe. She uses the former for a quick jab at the monster's eye socket and the latter to clobber it. But it does manage to block many blows. Not all of them. Leah is faster, but the skeleton has more skill and immortality. The she-wolf manages to smack the scull of the Silver Skeleton once. Twice. Thrice. But her next blow is parried and the riposte knocks her down, nearly dead.

Finn has tanked many blows in his life. A backstab isn't enough to put him down. The other Finn insticntively protects his friend, gnawing the bones of the monster and not allowing it to finish the nearly dead Leah off. Since Leah has weakened the skeleton a lot, the mouse manages to break it by ripping off its leg, which was also hit by Leah's steel pipe.

Finn, formerly FN-2187, puts a detonator at the pile of bones. Both of his allies run away and the explosion obliterates the monster.

Finn carries Leah the way a groom carries his bride.

She looks at him. "Finn... I love you."

"I know."