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I May and May Not Be Falling in Love with My Co-Worker

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Shay’s POV

"Are you going somewhere? I mean, you must— you must be going somewhere"

"Yes,I am… going somewhere"


"And cut! Well done ladies! That’s it for today" Larry shouted from the other side of the set as he made his way towards us.

"You both were excellent! Have you read the next Paily scene yet?"

"Not yet but we will and I’m sure Paily shippers are going to love it!" Lindsey told him as she crossed her arms together.

"Very good,You two can go back to your trailers and change. Lindsey you looked gorgeous!" He smiled at her before he walked away.

"He’s right. You did look gorgeous" I said agreeing with Larry.

"Aww,Thanks Shay,You and I make such a great team together on set. I love working with you more than the others" She admitted showing her big smile.

"I could say the same thing but the others would get offended if they hear me saying that I love working with you more them" I told her and gave her a smile.

"So you do love working with me than the others?"

"Yeah..of course. I mean we do bring out the rainbows and unicorns on set that’s one of the reasons why fans loves about us" I explained as we were making our way to our trailers.

"I couldn’t agree with you more,by the way do you want to practice our next scene together? I think Larry wants that scene to be good so why don’t we give it to him perfectly?" Lindsey recommended.

"That sounds brilliant ,do you want me to read it before the practice or shall we read it together?" I asked as I stood in front of her trailer.

"I was going to read it now inside since I don’t have any intention of sleeping but if you want to, you can join me?"

"Sure, I have the script in my purse" I smiled as she let me into her trailer. It was clean and I could smell roses. We begun reading the first page of the script. I started reading the first paragraph and it was a scene about Spencer and Toby. Then without knowing I was on page five where I had the scene with Lindsey.

"Page five, we have an interesting scene" Lindsey broke the silence as she kept her eyes on the script.

"Really?" I asked since I was still reading the scene when then I noticed that Paige had to kiss Emily to shut her from talking. "Very interesting.." I told her as I placed the script on the couch besides me.

"So I have to say my line until you cut me off right?"

Lindsey nodded as she continued reading the next line. “And you need to be sort of speechless like I took your breath away from the kiss or something. Read the next line” She said as she pointed me at the script.

"And how are we suppose to practice that? There isn’t much talking" I blurted out.

"We could practice the movements? Like where we should stand and how I would lean in but not actually kiss you, like a fake kiss? We could leave the real kiss for the filming.What do you say?" Lindsey suggested like she was okay with all the fake kissing thing. Isn’t it going to be awkward after?

"I mean yeah we could try? Do I have to start talking like random things because trust me this is my first time practice a scene like this before it could actually happens during the fil—-"

Lindsey placed her hand on my lips and pressed her lips against her palm. After a few moments she backed away and smiled. “See thats how a fake kiss works!”

For a second I thought she was going to kiss me on the lips.She left me breathless with a hand on my lips and her lips on her palm! How is she going to leave me once her lips touches mines? Oh boy!

"That caught me a bit by surprise.. " I said trying my best to sound like I was joking.

"Well I guess when they see the real one,they won’t stop talking about it,You know,our fans how they are like" She giggled softly.

"Do you think that our characters might end up together again?"

"Hopefully… I’m still here because my character is connected to yours and to Janel’s and all the ‘A’ team situation so if Paily will be back together,there is more chance for me to be in more episode" Lindsey sighed.

"Hey,why don’t we take a selfie to let our fans, mostly the paily shippers knows that there is still hope for Paily and to never give up on those two?" I suggested as I saw Lindsey quickly nodding her head. I grabbed my iPhone from my purse and selected the camera app. Lindsey sat closer to me and leaned her face towards mines until our cheeks touched,and then I took the photo. We both smiled for the selfie and both agreed to uploud it on Instagram and Twitter since thats were the fans usually hang out to get noticed by us.

"Who’s ready for some Paily in the future? @LadyShawsters and I are reading a scene that it may or may not be leaving you speechless! Lindsey says Hi! :) #Paily #PLL "

When the tweet got tweeted, within seconds,the picture got a lot of retweets and favorites and tons of replies.Lindsey and I decided to take a small break from our practicing and see what the fans said.

"@Shaymitch @Ladyshawsters OMG I’m so excited!! I love you!! xxx #PAILYmatters" -@paily48

"@Shaymitch @Ladyshawsters god no! #EMISONENDGAME!" -@eMisoN88

Most of them where positive comments towards Paily but there was a competiton against Paily, the Emison fans. Lindsey and I both sighed when we read some harsh tweets and when we read nice tweets,we smiled.

After couples of hours of surfing through the internet, we decided that we could make a live stream along with a guest star from the cast. Before we tweeted it, Lindsey grabbed her phone and called someone.

"Hey.. I’m doing fine! How are you..? Just here in my trailer with Shay… yeah we have this scene.. yes….listen, Shay and I decided to make a live stream for the fans, would you like to join and be our guest star?….. really? awesome! I’ll tell Shay! Thanks! take care bye bye "

I watched her talking and I noticed that the guess star accepted when a bright smile on Lindsey’s face appeared. She opened her Twitter app from her phone and started typing.

“Who’s up for a live stream tomorrow night with @Shaymitch? We’re bringing a guess star! :) #PLL #LiveStream”

And of course I retweeted it.