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Treaty of Three

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Queen Melenor of Altea was killed in her bedroom around midnight, the night after the birth of her daughter. Alfor cried in agony, as he held his queen in his arms. Alfor couldn’t think of anything except for his poor bride, he had only stepped outside for a moment to handle some paperwork and he could not fathom that this much damage was done in mere minutes. Alfor shut down as guilt ran through him, he just wanted to hold the love of his life and mourn. He shut out everything else. The background noise that assaulted his senses became nothing but meaningless echoes.The sounds of guards shouting and running up and down the halls, the chatter of nervous servants wondering where the dangerous intruder was and,... the sound of his daughters crying coming from her crib.


 Coran hearing the commotion rushed to the aid of his king as fast as he was able. When Coran arrived in the room he was shocked at the sight. This was way worse than he could have imagined. Coran rushed over to the princess’s crib after realizing no one was attending to the crying infant.To his relief the infant was not harmed in any way. This was due to the intruder being preoccupied with the Queen. Coran shushed the child and rocked her gently. Coran turned to Alfor.


“Your Majesty, we must leave. This room is not safe.” Coran said with urgency trying to lead the King out of the royal bedchamber. The king didn’t move an inch.


Coran put a hand on Alfors shoulder, “We still do not know where the intruder is, please your majesty we must secure you and the princess.” Alfor jerked away from Coran letting an almost guttural sound escape from his lips. Coran stepped back concerned and surprised at the state of the king. Alfor looked as if he wanted to strike Coran but he just looked down at his queen and sighed.


Alfor stood up silently and followed the guards with Coran following close behind, leaving Melenor in the bedchamber. Alfor fell silent. He was never the same after that day. The intruder was found and quickly dealt with. Alfor saw to it personally which was the first and only time he executed someone personally during his rule as king. When the identity of the intruder was revealed to be a Galran. The Kingdom of Daibazaal denied having any part in the queens death but Alfor did not trust them. The two Kingdoms had not been on good terms for years before the assassination.


It started years ago with the accidental death of an altean royal at a daibazaal fighting festival, the one responsible did not apologize and implied the victim's weakness. This was their way in daibazaal and needless to say this hurt diplomacy between the two kingdoms. The second incident occurred right after the first, Altea stopped trading with Daibazaal wounding their economy permanently in retaliation for the fighting festival incident. The tension continued to grow over the years, both kingdoms in silent resentment towards one another. The death of Melenor was the final straw for Altea. 

The funeral was the held the day after and the entire kingdom mourned their queen. The citizens of Altea were unsure of the future and the king  was experiencing the same uneasiness. He worried for his people and his very young daughter who would now grow up without a mother. Alfor stared down at the coffin holding his bride and said with a low tone.


“Attack Daibazaal. Avenge your Queen.”