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A Change in Times

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Odd and impossible circumstances, she thought, seemed to have a bad habit of making themselves the norm. An example of such was lying on her sofa bleeding profusely from her right arm.

The cut wasn't terribly deep, just bleeding a lot.

As she tied a makeshift tourniquet above the wound she said, "you know emergency medicine isn't exactly my speciality."

In response she received a hiss. Really now she was acting like a child.

"I'm going to apply some antiseptic, this will hurt."

"Don't take your time just do it!" her impatient patient snapped, rather rudely she might add.

She offered her a towel to bite down on should she need it and began cleaning the cut. "I'm going to have to use glue and butterfly stitches," she said with a sigh, knowing full well Vastra would get frustrated with them and reopen it.

For the rest of the treatment they stayed in relative silence, there was an occasional noise of discomfort from Vastra and some muttering from Jenny but other than that, nothing.

"I would have liked to use proper stitches, but with you being, well, y'know," she gestured to all of her, "I can't."

When she didn't receive a response she continued talking. "How did you manage that anyway?" she asked making a vague sort of motion to her now-bandaged arm.

Both of them knew she wouldn't get an answer. "I thank you for your help-"

"Again," Jenny added, interrupting her.

"Yes, again. But I am leaving."

She tried to get up but felt her shoulder being pushed back down. "No," came Jenny's explanation, it was firm and had more authority than Vastra thought it should have.

"Excuse me?" Underneath the agitated tone Jenny thought she may have sounded a bit surprised, maybe offended too.

"The last time something like this happened you came back and you got infected, so no, you're not leaving until I'm satisfied you can take care of yourself."

Vastra looked, in a word, irate, in another, pissed. How dare she, she was being belittled and babied. She could take care of herself just fine she thought, not entirely unaware of the irony since she had just, quite consciously, come to this human's home to be taken care of.

"Look, I'll turn the heating up and everything, I'd just rather not be forced to deal with you if something worse was wrong." All of a sudden Jenny looked tired, she'd probably kept her up well past when she would have liked to sleep.

"I'm going to bed in a minute, you can stay there."

There was another period of silence. "If there's something you want just check the kitchen," she said mostly just to break it. Vastra grunted in response and looked like she was trying to make herself comfortable.

Vastra rolled her eyes and stared holes into the back of the, admittedly quite comfy, sofa. She waited for her host to leave before relaxing her sour expression. Said sour expression was plastered back on when she heard her footsteps coming towards her and a blanket being dropped on top of her.

"Goodnight," she heard her say before heading off, presumably, to her bed.