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Humans: Claim Prize

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Four kids, beaten and weary, stood in front of the large door, shaped in the familiar symbol of Sburb. The heir of breath reached out and took the handle. Static jumped, and a bright light jumped toward him. Suddenly, they were standing on empty space, surrounded by black excluding a lone figure. He seemed simply a white silhouette, but looking closer the form seemed to have more shape to it, and colors flashed through it so fast one couldn't keep their focus on a single flash.

"Congradulations, team Earth. You have successfully won against team Alternia," the voice echoed, seeming to come from everywhere around them.

"Won against? We worked with the trolls!" the Witch of Space argued. There was a menacing laugh.

"But what kind of game is it without some competition? Unless you would like to give up your prize?"

"No," spoke up the Knight of Time suddenly. The Seer looked at her brother. Never had she heard such forcefulness and emotion in his voice. The laugh echoed once more.

"Well, then maybe you would like to see your 'friends' once more before parting ways?" There was a slight breeze, and the Heir looked over to see the trolls. They seemed to be quite distant, in both length and hight. They were all unconscious.

"Karkat?! Sollux?! Are you guys okay?!" he called to them, but there was no response.

"They are unharmed, but will sleep until I release them," Lord English said. "No worries, they are not prisoners. They will be released shortly after you leave."

"What does that mean to us from a being who spans space and time?" the Seer of Light demanded. Once again, there was a frightening laugh.

"Does 'seconds after you in your timeline' sound better?" she nodded. "Now, your prize..." the voice stiffen off to a hiss, and suddenly, everything was gone, covered in a solid blanket of darkness.

Seconds later, the kids found themselves in their own rooms. John looked around, then out the window. The neighborhood, the car, the pogo ride, and everything was back to what it once was. There was the sound of banging downstairs. He flew out of his room and into the kitchen, to find his father looking through the refrigerator.

"Looks like everything spoiled while we were gone," he commented in his fatherly voice.

"Dad!" John yelled, running up and hugging him tightly. He had thought his father was dead for good. Receiving a warm hug back, everything felt right again. The other kids had similar episodes.Rose and her mom, Dave and his bro, and Jade with Bequerel. Everything was back to normal.

But it only lasted about two years.