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Touch of Vanity

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Tezuka could not understand why he needed jeans. Slacks were a perfectly acceptable alternative to denim. Nonetheless, he found himself at the mall, arms crossed, brows furrowed as Ryoma looked through stacks upon stacks of jeans.

"Is this really necessary?" he asked, glaring in Ryoma's general direction.

Ryoma pulled out another pair and added it to his stack. "Yeah, it is, Buchou," came the reply.

Tezuka counted four pairs of jeans, ranging from medium blue to midnight. He noted that one each came from bootcut, loose, straight, skinny. He fought an eyeroll and padded over to Ryoma. He picked up the stack before Ryoma could say a word and took them to the dressing room.

"Let me in there," Ryoma said after Tezuka had closed the door.

"No. You can see me when I come out."

"You better not come out after you'd tried them all on and put back on your slacks."

Damn, Tezuka thought. "Fine, I won't."

Ryoma smirked and sat on the bench just outside of the room.

"This is ridiculous," Tezuka said, sliding his lanky frame into the first pair. Skinny, according to the tag. "I will not wear these in public."

"Get out here," Ryoma ordered, crossing his arms.

Tezuka sighed and opened the door. "Just no," he said counting to five silently before closing the door and tugging them off.

"Okay, so skinny isn't for you. I don't think you could pull off the indie rocker look anyway."

Tezuka scowled at him from behind closed doors. With a final tug that knocked his back against the wall, the jeans came off. He folded them and set them on the loose fit. He already knew they would fall off his frame.

"Can we please stop?" he asked opening the door a second time with the straight leg pair on.

"You have two more to try on," Ryoma said, crinkling his nose.

"I'm not trying on the loose fit. They will just fall off."

A smirk appeared on Ryoma's face.

Tezuka shook his head. "I know what you are thinking. No."

Ryoma almost pouted. Sometimes, Tezuka was seriously lacking a sense of humor. "Go on, put on the last one then."

"Thank you," Tezuka said, a bit more clipped than he intended. The straight fit pooled quickly around his feet. Another fold and he placed them on the stack. Sighing, he grabbed the bootcut and slid them over his calves, then his thighs.


Ryoma blinked once, twice grinning deviously as he abandoned the bench. Wrapping lithe arms around Tezuka's waist, he leaned up for a kiss. "Get these, Buchou," he whispered.

Tezuka raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

The smile widened. "Hi-mi-tsu," he said, releasing his hold and going back to the bench. He watched bemusedly as Tezuka went back into the dressing room, coming out a few minutes later, the bootcut jeans tucked under one arm and the other stack held in the other.

"Put these back," Tezuka informed him, placing the discarded ones in his lap.

Ryoma happily obliged him, setting them back exactly where he pulled them from while Tezuka paid for his purchase. "I think you should put them on now," he purred into Tezuka's ear as they walked out of the store.

Tezuka gave him a sideways glance. "I suppose you want to come with me."

Another devious smirk and a nod. Tezuka had a feeling he would not be wearing slacks for a very long time.