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Sorry this took so long, I've been sick, still am actually. Really unsure about this chapter, I was considering deleting and starting again but it would have take longer to update. So I hope it's okay. I'm thinking I might do a time jump soon and wrap this one up I a few chapters. Let me know what you think. Thanks for all the great reviews they are always appreciated. Please read and review.




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Chapter Nine




The next morning, Gail and Holly walked into 15, they had to return the blonde officers service weapon and SIU wanted to interview Holly about the fact that Officer Luck had met Katherine prior to the assault and the incident at the hospital. After signing the weapon back in, they walked into the parade room, hand in hand "Hey" the blonde said getting the attention of the three people in front of them.

Traci, Oliver and Steve looked up "Your nose looks better, did you go to the hospital?" Her brother asked.

"No, I was fine and Holly's a doctor anyway, she knows how to look after me and when I need the hospital" Gail explained. Before anymore could be said Duncan, who was sporting a newly bruised black eye, walked in the room, he noticed the couple, ducked his head and walked back out. The blonde couldn't help but laugh, even though it hurt her head "Is that black eye your doing?" She asked Steve.

He shook his head and pointed at Traci who grinned "I might have accidentally on purpose opened the door on my equipment locker as he was walking past it"

"Nicely done" Holly said and shared a high five with Traci, her girlfriend gave her a look "what?"

"I didn't think you'd agree with that" she said.

"Even though it was accidental, he hurt you and made me have to straighten your nose last night, I would have high fived Steve if he'd punched him" The brunette explained in a way that made Gail glad the rookie had turned and walked back out.

The blonde released her hand and put her arm around her "I get it" she said and rested her head on her shoulder, Holly's arm came up to wrap around the blonde and she kissed the top of her head.

"So SIU" Oliver started.




Holly was in with the SIU officer, the blonde had gone in first and reappeared ten minutes later as her memory of the events of Monday morning were all but gone. As a result she really couldn't give them anything useful. She'd at first gone and bugged Oliver for a while and then her fellow officers, when she went to find her brother, she found him in an observation room. As she walked in and he realised it was her, he pushed her out of the room "Who's in there?' She asked, knowing Katherine was in a prison hospital so it couldn't be her "Is it that officer?" She asked.

Steve sighed "SIU is using our room to interview her yes" he confessed holding her shoulders so she couldn't go anywhere.

"Why can't I go in there?" She asked.

"Because you don't want to hear what she's saying, that's why" he told her and let her go "Because Kingsley convinced this woman to go against everything she believed in as a cop and doing that meant she has painted Holly in a very bad light"

Gail frowned "You think I'm gonna believe what she says?" Not getting it, the pain meds she had been on and her concussion fuzzing her thought process.

"No of course not" he said "I'm worried you'll do something dumb like attack her"

"Gee big brother, thanks for the vote of confidence" she said

"If you think you can take it, be my guest" he said going over and opening the door.

"I'm gonna hear it eventually when it goes to trial" she said walking in the door.

Steve closed the door and turned up the speaker "How did you find out where Officer Peck lived?" The SIU officer asked.

Luck shrugged "I looked up her HR file, it wasn't exactly hard, everyone knows the privileged Peck brats"

"Did you hire the shooter?"

"No, I found a name for her, she did the hiring" she replied.

"Did she tell you why she wanted to hurt Officer Peck or Dr Stewart?"

"She told me that Doctor Stewart was cheating on her with Peck for a long time and they made up the assault charge after the Doctor had an accident so they could get rid of her"

"And you believed this?" The investigator asked.

Luck shrugged "Doesn't matter if I did or not, I just figured Peck could do with being taken down a peg or two, make her and her slut doctor realise they can't treat people like that"

Steve grabbed Gail's arm as she went to move, he had felt the tension rising in the room as the officer had spoken "No" he said and turned off the audio "I warned you"

"I know" she said relaxing a little "we will have to hear it at the trial though" she added.

He loosened his grip "Are you okay?" He asked.

She shrugged "I just can't believe all this crap" she sat on the nearby desk "a month ago my life was so different, all the Ford and Nick crap, I had no idea people like her wanted to 'take me down a peg' or that people like Holly were even out there and would actually want to be with me"

Steve smiled at her "She is pretty awesome isn't she" he sat next to her on the desk "And yea she didn't deserve this crap but you've gotta remember because of this crap you found each other"

"True" Gail said "but she is starting as a forensic pathologist for the city soon so we might have met at a crime scene"

"Could have, but would you have given her a second look?"

She smiled "I'd like to think I would have"

Traci opened the door "Holly's finished" she looked at the pair "You two okay there?"

"We're good" the blonde said getting off the table "Thanks" she said to her brother and left.




When Gail found Holly, she was in the break room sitting on one of the couches, cup of coffee in her hand and a haunted look on her face "You okay?" She asked coming in.

The brunette jumped a little "Yea" she answered a little shake in her voice "Just going through it all.... It's....."

"I know" the blonde said as she sat next to her "it's one of the worse parts of all this"

Holly put down her cup of coffee, picked up and held her girlfriends hand and they both leaned back into the couch "Hows your head?"

"Sore" Gail said resting it on her shoulder.

They sat in silence for a few minutes "I was thinking after we have lunch with my family do you wanna go away to Niagara for maybe a week since we're both still off work" the brunette said breaking the silence.

The blonde looked up at her, resting her head back on couch "Really?" She asked with a a smile.

Holly smiled back "Yea, I think..." She let go of her girlfriends hand and gently lifted Gail's head and put her arm round her "we deserve a little time for us, get away from all this crap"

"Definitely" the blonde said, she slid her arm up and behind the brunettes neck intending on pulling her down for a kiss, when someone cleared their throat "And it will stop that happening" she said, they looked up together and were shocked to see Superintendent Peck standing in the doorway "Great" the blonde whispered.

Holly kissed her head softly next to the dressing "It's okay" she said then looked up to the older woman "good to see you again Superintendent" she said politely.

Elaine ignored the brunette "Gail I need to speak to you alone" she crossed her arms and gave Holly a pointed look "Now"

"Well" the blonde started as she slowly sat up, the brunettes arm dropped down her back, she gave it and encouraging rub then moved it around to grab Gail's hand linking their fingers, letting her know she's not leaving unless she wants her to go "there is four things you need to consider, one, I'm no longer young enough for you to make any demands of me, two if you want to use rank, right now that's useless as I am off duty and on leave I'm only here because we were interviewed by SIU" the blonde looked up at her mother, she had not commented or moved so she continued "Three, as you can clearly see from the damage to my face I'm suffering with a fairly bad concussion and I'm not liable to remember much of what your going to say and four Holly isn't leaving my side right now, I was only released 2 days ago on the basis that she would be with me 24/7 for 72 hours now that doesn't end until lunchtime tomorrow" she smiled up at Elaine "So whatever you have to say please just say it"

The older woman huffed "Fine" she said, she looked at Holly then back to Gail "When your feeling better I would like to meet you to discuss a few things"

"What? like how I should use the current situation and my relationship with Holly and in turn her mother to further my career?" She asked. The other woman blushed slightly but managed to keep it mostly controlled "I'm not going to" the blonde said "I'm happy on the streets, when I want to, I'll apply for a detective rotation, I am not becoming a white shirt" she had never said these things to the woman standing near her, she glanced at Holly, this woman was the reason she finally had the courage to stand up for herself and her life "And I'm a lesbian and in love with Holly" she said not taking her eyes off her girlfriend.

Elaine scoffed "When you get over your head injury and come to your senses you'll regret a lot of the things you just said"

Gail turned to face her "No, I won't" she got to her feet "Now since your a senior officer and I can't ask you to leave so we will" she looked to Holly who nodded, they picked up their things and left, leaving Eliane speechless. As they got out the door, the blonde made a beeline for the stairs heading straight up to Guns and Gangs, knowing her mother would go straight to her brother, she ran into Oliver coming back down "Run for your life" she said grabbing his sleeve and dragging him back up.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Superintendent Peck" Holly said as they went up the stairs "Gail just told her off"

"Oh" Oliver said and allowed himself to be led.




"I'm sorry" Gail said walking into Steve's office, holding Holly's hand and Oliver trailing behind.

He frowned at her "Why?"

His cell phone on the desk rang, he looked at it "You talked to her"

"Well I wouldn't say talk as much as told her off" the blonde said trying not to smile.

Her brother shook her head "Go down the back stairs, she'd never come that way" he smiled "I'm proud of you though, it's about time"

After the siblings shared a high five, the couple high tailed it to the back stairs as Oliver sat opposite him "How long till she finds us?" The older man said.

"STEVEN" Elaine's voice boomed from outside his office.

"Not very long" Steve said getting to his feet.




As Holly pulled her SUV to a stop in front of Gail's building, after leaving 15 they decided to pick up some of her things for their trip on Monday, the blondes phone went off indicating a text, it was from Steve 'Don't worry about Mom, she's heading overseas to a conference for a few weeks, just enjoy your time off' "thank god" the blonde sighed.

"What?" The brunette asked resting her braced hand on the blondes leg.

Gail smiled at her "My mothers leaving the country for the next few weeks"

Holly grinned back "that's great"

"Your telling me, she'll get me alone eventually but I would like to at least heal first" she undid her seat belt "ready to see the dump I live in?"

The brunette undid her own, opened the door and got out "I'm sure it's not that bad"

"Don't say I didn't warn you" Gail said and opened the door as she got out of the car she swayed a little.

Holly, who just came around the car steadied her "Are you feeling okay?" She asked concerned.

The blonde who had her eyes shut, slowly opened them "Yea, the high I got from telling her off is gone"

"Pain or dizzy?" The brunette asked as she wrapped an arm around her to keep her steady.

"Bit of both" Gail said.

Holly opened the car door "We can do this after the therapist tomorrow, let's go home" she said helping the blonde back in.

"Okay" Gail said and rested her head back as the brunette closed he door.




A couple of hours later, Gail was again, asleep on the couch, she'd been mostly okay once they got home but the pain was unbearable so Holly had given her some pain killers and she had fallen asleep. The brunette had cleaned up, washed clothes and was working on some lunch for them, when the phone on on the wall had rung, she quickly grabbed it so it wouldn't wake the blonde, it was her mother, she gave the go ahead and put the phone up. She opened the door and greeted her just outside "Gail's asleep on the couch, we can talk in the kitchen" she said and let her past.

"I heard from Elaine Peck" Vivienne said sitting on a stool.

"I'm sorry I should have given you a heads up" Holly said "We were at 15 this morning and her mother tried to get her to talk to her alone so she told her a few home truths" she explained as she put the kettle on and got two cups down.

The brunettes mother looked over the bench to the sleeping blonde "Did it go okay?" She asked.

"You tell me, what did Elaine have to say?" The brunette asked as she poured their tea.

"Well first off, she requested that I consider a commendation for Gail for going above and beyond to protect you" Holly gave her mother a look "I have been thinking about myself and I've also had nominations for it from the ETF senior officer at the incident and from Staff Sergeant Shaw so I haven't made the decision but I'm leaning towards it"

"She won't like it" the brunette said softly.

Vivianne smiled "Trust me, I'm well aware of that but sometimes when people put their lives on the line, they need to be recognised for it" she accepted the cup that Holly offered her "the other things she talked about was asking if I knew how Gail was and if I knew if she had applied for the detective rotation yet" she chuckled "I don't handle any of that, it's handled more in house so I don't know why she would think I would know" she took a drink of tea "if anything she was actually nice, that's why I came here, I was curious as to why"

Holly shrugged "Maybe Gail telling her off is what she needed, guess we'll see what happens when she gets back"

"Gets back?" Her mother asked.

"She's heading overseas for some conference" the brunette said, before she could say anymore, she heard a whimper from the couch, she got up to check on her girlfriend "Gail?" She said as she reached the blonde.

Gail looked up at her, she didn't look well "Baby" she whimpered.

"Mom, there's a bucket under the sink" Holly said sitting on the coffee table "Honey, what are you feeling?"

"Like I'm gonna be sick" the blonde said sitting up a little "Whoa" she said laying back down. Her eyes went wide, her hand went to her mouth, Vivienne handed the brunette the bucket just as Gail lost the contents of her stomach, Holly managed to get the bucket under her in time.

The brunette waited until the blonde was done, when she laid back down the doctor brushed her hair back off her face, brushing her thumb over the dressing on her forehead "You okay?"

"Little better" she croaked and then sighed, closing her eyes.

"I think we'd better take you to get checked out" she said.

"No" Gail said "I'll be okay" she still hadn't opened her eyes.

"This isn't a debate, I probably should have taken you in yesterday, I'll take you to my hospital, just to check and make sure your okay" the brunette said and kissed her forehead. She took the bucket and emptied it.

"Can I help?" The brunettes mother asked Holly as she grabbed their bags, the bucket and went over to help Gail up.

"Not really" the brunette said "I'm pretty sure she's okay, I just want to make sure, it's probably just from the concussion, it can happen"




"Hey Jade" Holly said walking into emergency, talking to the nurse behind the desk.

"Hey Doc" she said with a frown "I thought you were on leave"

"I am" she had her good arm around Gail's waist, supporting her and the blonde was holding the bucket "this is Gail, my girlfriend" she said "She's got a Grade 3 concussion from multiple strikes to the head on Monday its been over 72 hours since the injury, she's been dizzy and started vomiting about an hour ago, I just want to rule out any complications"

"Well we have a few beds open" she buzzed the door "Come round and we'll get her settled in, do some obs and a scan. I think Mike is on from Neuro, I'll give him a call"




Gail was in the bed asleep, they had hooked her up to a heart monitor, she had an MRI and blood tests, she had also been given pain relief and something to settle her stomach. Holly was sitting at her bedside holding her hand when the neurosurgeon came in "Holly, good to see you, how's the arm?"

"Getting there, should be back in about 3 weeks" she looked at the sleeping blonde "I'm more worried about her"

"Well, don't worry too much" he pulled the MRI out "I contacted Toronto General and they sent over the previous scans, the swelling she had a few days ago has mostly gone down, the knock to her nose hasn't done too much damage"

"So is it post concussion syndrome?" She asked.

"I can't be entirely sure but I think this is just the concussion. The symptoms can go for anywhere up to a few weeks when it's severe, you just need to keep an eye on her, don't hesitate to call or bring her in, we'll look after her" He tapped the pen in his hand on the chart "as I'm sure you know the symptoms could also just be pain, facial injuries are more taxing in the body due to their proximity to the brain, if she's in pain, she needs to use the pain relief"

Holly smiled "You try telling the big tough cop that"

"We can wake her up and I'll tell her if you like" he said with a smile.

"You can wake her up too" the brunette said.

"Ok well you can either take her home or we can admit her for the night and help manage her symptoms, maybe give her a talking to about pain management" Mike suggested "You look like you could use a night off"

Holly shook her head "If she's staying so am I"

He eyed his friend for a second "Can you call someone to stay with you?" thinking that she is worried about being alone.

"Yes but it's not that" the brunette explained "I don't want to be without her but I can handle being alone"

He quirked an eyebrow "Are you sure, from what I've...." He trailed off when he saw the look she gave him "Alright, so what do you wanna do?"

Holly looked at her pale girlfriend, knowing Gail as she did, she knew she wouldn't wouldn't want to stay in the hospital if she didn't necessarily need to "Let her sleep a bit more then I'll take her home"

"I'll come and talk to her about pain management before you go"




Friday and Saturday passed fairly uneventfully, after going to their therapy appointments Gail slept through much of it. Mike's lecture about giving herself time to recover and that while she had the facial injuries, she would need to be on some sort of pain relief, seemed to filter through to the blonde and the police officer finally gave in to her bodies needs and took the rest she needed to get over the concussion. Holly spent a lot of the time unpacking some of her things making the apartment look more lived in, to keep herself busy so she wouldn't go and wake the blonde out of boredom. It was Sunday morning, Gail was now mostly over the concussion, her girlfriend had taken the dressing off her forehead for good saying it needed air now, the swelling in her face had gone down a bit but the bruising was still coming out and was a very mottled blue and purple, with a hint of yellow around the edges. They had been up for a while, Holly had a nightmare in the early hours and the blondes pain had been pretty acute, so they'd laid together in bed watching movies until hunger had won out at about 9am.

They had just finished breakfast Holly was standing next to the couch, where the blonde was sitting, holding her coffee in her good hand "Don't forget we have lunch at my mothers today" she reminded her girlfriend.

"Why do we have to go again?" Gail asked leaning her head back so she could look up at her, she'd been enjoying the alone time with Holly, this had been the first day she wasn't feeling sick and would just rather they stayed in.

The brunette didn't look down "Because if we don't go, my mother will bring them all here" she looked at the blonde "I don't know about you but I would like to have the ability to escape if we need to"

The blonde watched her for a beat, she saw the hesitation in her. It was the same look she had when she was made to deal with Elaine "Okay" Gail said reaching out to take her braced hand "You just let me know when you've had enough, I'll be in too much pain and we'll have to leave"

Holly took her hand back and ran it over the blondes head, she ducked down and gave her a careful kiss "Thank you" she whispered against her lips.

Gail pushed up and kissed her again "Anytime, you run interference for me with my Mom"

The brunettes hand was still on the back of the blondes head "True but my mom helps with that" she said kissing her again and straightening up, leaving her hand where it was.

Gail smiled, again looking up at her "I like your mom"

Holly finished her coffee "me too" she said, she leaned back down and gave her girlfriend one last kiss "We should get ready, are you showering?"

"I should" the blonde said, getting up. She swayed a little on standing. The brunette put a hand out to steady her "I'm alright" she assured her "just got up too fast" The brunette quirked an eyebrow "Don't worry baby, I learned my lesson, listen to my body or face the wrath of Holly Stewart"




Holly pulled her SUV up to her parents house and killed the ignition "If they say anything bad or are rude to you, just ignore them, they act like 5 year olds" she said looking at the house.

Gail looked at her, her head was resting on the headrest "It's okay Hol, I know what families are like, they're not gonna stop me loving you" she put her hand on her lap and smiled at her "the only opinion that matters to me is yours"

The brunette smiled back "I love you too" she put her hand on the blondes on her leg "I guess Elaine hasn't stopped me" Holly watched Gail for a few seconds, she knew she was still in a lot of pain, it was only 6 days since the incident, the blonde had opted for the lighter pain meds before leaving home. The brunette was wondering if it was fair to put her through a family meal in her current condition "Are sure your up for this?" She asked "I could just...."

"I'm okay" she reassured her and took off her seatbelt "Let's go" she said and tapped her leg.




"Hey" Holly's father, Roger, said as he opened the door to the large house "Nice to see you looking a little better" he said to Gail as he stepped back to let them in.

"My heads a lot clearer now thank god" the blonde said as they walked in, Holly behind her, holding her hand.

"You still look really sore" he added as he closed the door.

"She is" the brunette said as her dad helped her out of her coat, she grunted in pain as he carefully tugged her bad arm free.

"I'm not the only one" Gail murmured as she took off her own coat.

"Hey you two" Vivienne said as they walked into the sitting room.

Holly gave her mother a kiss on her cheek "It's quiet" she remarked.

"Sarah went to get some wine and Jackson went to see a friend" her mother replied.

The brunette shook her head "Figures" she said.

"Holly" her mother sighed "They did come to see you"

"Sure" Holly said sarcastically.

"I got the report from SIU about the 27 division officer" Vivienne said, changing the subject "She's a piece of work"

The brunette and her girlfriend sat together on one of the couches, Gail picked up Holly's hand "I heard some of her interview" her girlfriend looked at her "She's not the most sane person I've seen"

"I read the transcript" the minister said, letting the blonde know she knows everything she's said "I wouldn't worry too much, Katherine will be in prison for a long time and former Officer Luck won't be far behind her"

"We just need them to plead guilty so you two can be spared the trial" Roger said, being a lawyer for many years he did have some influence "we're both doing what we can to make that happen"

Before anymore could be said, the front door slammed open "I'm back, whose car is...." She stopped on seeing the four in the sitting room "Oh hey" Sarah said "good to see you Hol" she said, she held up the bag "I'll put the wine in the fridge" she said and disappeared, their mother sighed and followed her out of the room.

Gail looked to her girlfriend and squeezed her hand "I'm here"

Holly smiled at her "I know" again the front door slammed open.

"Mom, how long is this lunch your making me stay for I've got better things to...." He trailed off seeing them in the other room.

"Nice to see you too brother" the brunette said standing "Go play with your friends" she stalked over in front of him "I know that's what's important, not the fact that I was almost killed twice, was stalked for 3 weeks or that I'm in therapy twice a week and probably will be for a long time" she shoved him away from her, with her hands on his chest "Or that she tried to kill my girlfriend" she pushed him again, Gail was off the couch as quick as her head would allow "I don't know why you even bothered coming home, oh that's right that....."

Before she could continue, her girlfriends arm wrapped around her body and tugged her away from her shocked brother "It's okay baby" she whispered into her ear.

Holly leaned back into her "I just......" She looked at Jackson and then to her father, both wearing similar looks of absolute shock "I'm sorry" she muttered looking down "You didn't deserve...."

Her brother interrupted her "Yea I did" he said softly "That was rude, I am here because I wanted to make sure you're okay, I let myself get distracted by other people"

"I still...." The brunette tried again but the words didn't come, Gail was still holding her from behind. He stepped forward and the blonde tensed, Holly felt it, she, rubbed her hand across Gail's "It's okay" she whispered.

The blonde gently kissed her cheek and released her, only taking a step away, feeling as though she shouldn't go too far from the brunette "Hol, can we just forget what I said and start again tonight"

Holly shrugged "if you want"

"I would like to" he said.

"I'll even leave and come back in" he said moving towards the front door.

That made the brunette crack a small smile "It's okay, I am sorry though, I didn't mean to go off like that"

"After all these years of acting the way I did towards you I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner" Holly frowned her brother, who explained "I've started studying psychology, I'm starting pre-med next year"

Gail feeling better about the situation, left them to talk and went back to her seat "They always like that?" she asked sipping the juice that had been poured for her.

Roger looked over at the talking pair "Like that?" He said pointing at them "this is a first. Holly usually just tolerates the way they act around her, she's a lot older and they use to play pranks on her and gang up on her, last time they all stayed here, they put peroxide in her conditioner" he sighed "I understand why she feels left out" The blonde nodded, glad the brunettes father sees how she feels about her siblings "I would say him going pre-med will help them get along, she doesn't usually blow up like that though" he added with a frown.

"That's an unfortunate drawback of that sort of trauma" the Gail said looking over at Holly, watching her talk to her brother, she seemed more relaxed now.

"Vivienne said she's seeing a therapist"

"Yea" the blonde said bringing her attention back to the man in front of her "She's got a mild case of PTSD, the sudden blow up she just had is part of it" he looked concerned "She's okay, she doesn't need any meds, just some comfort and understanding"

"You sound like you know a lot about it" Roger said.

Before Gail could answer they were interrupted by Vivienne "Lunch is ready"




There was steady flow of conversation during the meal, centring mostly around the events of the past few weeks. Sarah was fairly quiet during the whole thing, spending more time drinking wine than holding conversation or even really eating, once the food was cleared and dessert was on the table things got a little tense "So Hol at least this one" she pointed at Gail who was between Holly and Roger "Isn't a psycho, good work" she said as she drained another glass.

The brunette felt her girlfriend tense next to her, she put her hand on her arm which was on the table.

"Let's just hope she is actually gay" she added as she poured another glass, her mother reached over and took the bottle off her, she shot her a look and continued "I don't get it though, she's only a cop, shouldn't you like find someone who's actually in your league" she looked her up and down "and not so bruised" she laughed.

Holly watched Gail's shoulders sag, the younger Stewart hitting a very raw nerve in the blonde. The brunette opened her mouth to speak, when she heard her mothers voice "How dare you?" She took the glass from her daughters hand "Go to your room" she said.

"I'm not a child mother" she said and sat back smug look on her face.

"Then leave" she told her "if you can't show any respect for your family, then go, go back to school"

"She is not my family" Sarah shot back.

"It's fine" Gail said quietly "She's entitled to her opinion" she added sadly.

Holly didn't like seeing or hearing the sadness in her girlfriend, so she purposely ignored her sister and she took the blondes hand and laced their fingers "No it's not fine, it's hurtful and disrespectful" she sighed "and it's being aimed at you to get a rise out of me, she's done it before" she looked over at her sister "You would think someone who is pre-med in college would be a little more grown up than getting drunk at a family lunch and bad mouthing the person who put their life on the line to save me" she gave Gail a smile and bought her braced hand up to her face "your pretty pale love, do you need something for the pain or we can go home if you need to"

Vivienne took her eldest daughters lead and ignored her drunk one "You can lie down, up in the guest bed if you need to" she stood up "I'll make sure it's made up" she slipped out of the room.

"Do you need anything else?" Roger offered, he turned to his son "Grab a washcloth and an ice pack"

"Hol" Jackson said "anything else?"

"Just some water" she said to him then she leaned over so only Gail could hear "I know your not that bad, just come with me and I'll explain"

The blonde looked at her, she gave her a kiss, not caring who was watching "Okay" she pulled back.

They stood together, Holly put her arm around her and led her from the room, the whole exchange being watched by the petulant drunk girl at the table. Once they were in the upstairs spare room with the minister, the brunette sat her on the bed and stood back, Jackson came in with the water, ice pack and washcloth and left the women to talk closing the door behind them.

Within seconds indistinct shouting could be heard, mainly from Roger, Holly handed her two pain pills and the bottle of water "She always that sweet?" She said and took them.

"Ever since she hit puberty" Her girlfriend murmured.

"I had better go and help" Vivienne said and left, after a few seconds her voice joined the argument.

"I'm assuming this is why you don't like seeing them" Gail asked holding her hand out to Holly.

The brunette took it, then sat next to her, she wrapped the ice pack in the cloth and placed it on the back of the blondes neck as it helped with the headaches "Usually it's more light hearted, Jackson helps and my parents just ignore it but since he seems to have grown out of it and she actually attacked you, it's a little too personal for their liking" Holly sighed "that and she's doesn't usually get drunk and do it at the dining table"

"You can got out there, I can come" Gail offered.

"I don't want to be out there, I know Mom and Dad will say everything I want to anyway" the brunette said "I just..... I don't get it"

The blonde moved up the bed, she sat with her back against the wall and tapped the space beside her, Holly followed and sat next to her, taking her hand again and intertwining their fingers "Can I tell you what I think?" Gail asked.

The brunette looked at her "sure" she answered and rested her head on the blondes shoulder.

"Well, aside from the fact she's a brat, I think something's going on with her" Holly went to speak but Gail continued "I know I don't know her at all, this is an outside observation. I was watching her before while we were talking about what happened, she didn't ask anything and kept looking at her phone, she's either hoping someone will contact her or she's waiting to hear about something" she played with her girlfriends hand for a few seconds "Of course I could be wrong, she could just be the attention seeking brat I think she is, who was pissed about that fact that the day wasn't about her"

"You think it could be her just acting out because she's got shit going on?" Holly asked.

"I'm not saying it's an excuse for her behaviour, I'm just saying it could be the reasoning behind it" Gail explained "Maybe you should try and talk to her, be the bigger person and try to help her out"

"You've had entirely too much therapy" The doctor said as she smiled "Stay, relax, I'll go see what I can find out" the brunette kissed her gently and got up.

"Hol" the blonde called, when she turned back, she gave her a grin "I love you"

"I love you too" Holly said and left closed the door.

Gail slid down in the bed an closed her eyes, the pain meds starting to take effect.




When Holly reached the bottom of the stairs, there was a lull in the conversation, the brunette walked straight to her sister who was sitting on the couch with her head down, both of her parents were on the other side of the room, arms folded. Holly stood in front of her "Is there something going on with you?" She asked, standing in front of her with her hand on her hip "Because you know what Gail just said to me, that from what she noticed something was up with you and even though you insulted her I should come and try to help you, now you have one chance to explain or we're done, what the hell is going on with you? Even you aren't normally this nasty"

Sarah looked at her parents then to Holly "Can we talk alone?" She asked.

Vivienne and Roger looked to each other "I'll make some coffee" their father said and took his wife's hand and led her from the room.

"Right we're alone, What?" The brunette asked her sister.

Sarah mumbled something.

"What?" Holly asked.

"I failed okay, I fucked up and I failed one of my courses this semester" she snapped not looking up "I was waiting to get a call from the school to see if they'll let my professor give me make up assignments and exams for the missing credits to pass"

"What was the course?" The brunette asked.

Again her sister muttered so she couldn't hear her, Holly waited this time until the girl looked up "Pathology" she said clearly.

"So this is why you went on like a bratty asshole to Gail because you failed pathology, something I could have helped you with by the way" the brunette said. "What was it bad assignment marks, poor exam marks?"

The younger Stewart shrugged "I missed some classes and didn't hand in two assessments"

Holly rolled her eyes "and that's a reason to attack Gail" she sighed "look I'm done for the night, we're headed out of town tomorrow so...." She gave up and walked out of the room, her parents standing just outside "well there's your why" she said to them "We're gonna go, I'll text you tomorrow when we get to Niagara safely"

Her mother pulled her into a hug "I won't make you do this again, I'm sorry about what she said to Gail"

"You and me both" Holly sighed and pulled back "thing is sometimes I wonder if I'm in her league, she's just so......" She smiled to herself "amazing"

"I know" Vivienne said.




After saying a quick goodbye to Holly's brother and parents, the couple headed back to the brunettes apartment "I think we just don't do family things anymore" Gail said as she laid gently on the couch "I seem to get picked on no matter whose family it is"

Holly walked over and straddled the blonde across the hips "Poor Baby" she said as she picked up both of her hands "It won't happen again with my family, you were right by the way, she did have something, she failed her pathology course"

"So why have a go at me?" The blonde asked.

"Because by hurting you, she knows it would hurt me more than anything else also I aced most if my courses" the brunette explained.

"Competitive" Gail stated "Steve and I get like that"

"I've noticed" Holly said with a smile "She thinks our parents compare us, they don't, they just want her to succeed"

"You'd think Superintendent Mom was hers" the blonde said.

"If she truly knew what a pushy ambitious mother was like she wouldn't be complaining" the brunette thought for a beat "You do know you I don't agree with what she said right?" She asked.

Gail looked away from Holly "You are way out of my league" she muttered.

The brunette dropped her hands, she leaned down over the blonde, taking her face in her hands, turning it so their eyes met "I don't believe in that rubbish, it doesn't mean anything, I wouldn't care if you were a janitor, I'd still love you" she kissed her carefully.

Gail regarded her for a few seconds, Holly figured she was checking to make sure she was telling the truth, the blonde let a slight smile slip through "I love you too" she said and tugged the brunettes lips back to hers.