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Look After You

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disclaimer - I don't own these characters aside from the ones I've created and do not profit from it.

Chapter One

There are two things Gail Peck hated at the moment, her love life which was currently non existent and the fact that she had to train a rookie. Well that wasn't entirely true, she liked training rookies, they were so easy to give crap to and she really did enjoy teaching them the job she loved. The problem was her current one had been passed to her from McNally and Duncan Moore was a bigger pain in the ass than Andy was. Worst part was it wasn't even the other woman's fault, it was Elaine Peck's, when she had heard that Commissioner Alonzo Santana's step son was a rookie at 15, she decided that a Peck should be his Training Officer, she stepped in and had him reassigned to Gail. Much to Oliver's annoyance, he had only agreed as it seemed that McNally had been going too easy on him. Since the Ford incident, most things were the same, Sam and Andy got back together as soon as he had woken from surgery, Dov and Chloe were ok, Chris was doing his best impersonation of a man whore, Traci and Steve were together and Nick was being his normal, pouty self. Gail had woken up the first morning of her new TO assignment and looked in the mirror and decided she needed a change, she'd hit the salon before work and was sporting a very short, pixie style hair cut. She'd walked into the locker room to change and was almost finished when Traci walked in behind her "You shouldn't be in here yet, rookies report..." She stopped when Gail turned to face her.
"I haven't been a rookie for like 5 years" the blonde said with a smirk.
"Wow" the detective said "Looks good" she said pointing to her new hair style.
"You like it?" Gail may be snarky most of the time, but never passed on receiving a compliment "I figured after everything in the last six months it was time for a change"
Traci closed her locker "I hear ya and yes it looks great" she went to the door "Good luck with the rookie"
"Thanks" the blonde said sarcastically as her friend left, she looked into the small mirror in her locker, she was happy with the haircut, that was all that mattered, she finished getting ready and headed off to get her equipment and then to parade.
Moore met her outside the parade room "Ma'am, I just wanted to say..."
"Stop" Gail said, she poked her finger at his chest "Number one, I am not a ma'am, I am Officer Peck, you will address me as Officer Peck. Two, I don't care who my mother is, I don't care who your step father is, do not suck up to me as it will not work and will get you nowhere. Three, do not speak to me until you hand me my morning coffee" she pushed him back slightly "and number four, never ever be late for parade" she turned and walked into the parade room, leaving him behind, slightly shell shocked.
He stood in the hallway until Oliver, who had watched the whole exchange, walked up behind him "Better do what she says" he whispered and laughed as the younger man jumped and chased after the blonde.


A couple of hours later, they were driving through the streets on patrol, quietly at Gails request, she had gotten sick of him chattering at her, she had also confiscated his cell phone "So are you actually going to teach me anything?" he asked after about 15 minutes of just listening to the calls on the radio.
The blonde rolled her eyes "First lesson, you stay with me, you do not leave my side unless I tell you to, if you do you stay in contact and the most important thing is only draw your gun if the suspect is armed"
"Andy said...."
She stopped him "Everything she said, forget it, you stick to me like glue"
"Okay" he said, he was quiet for a few seconds then raised his hand.
Gail rolled her eyes at the action, but smirked internally, knowing he got where they stood with each other "What?" She asked grumpily.
"Can I have my phone back please?"
She sighed and pulled it out of her pocket, Duncan went to take it but she pulled it back from his reach "Put it on silent, one more 'Selfie'" she pulled a face as she said it, she hated the word "one more text message or call and it goes out the window, understand?" She handed him the phone.
"Yes, Ma...." He stopped halfway through ma'am "yes Officer Peck"
Gail smirked to herself, before any more could be said the radio crackled to life "15-09, 911 call, neighbours report a possible domestic assault at 38 Turner Ave can you respond?" They both reached for the radio, the blonde shot him a look and he let it go "15-09, we're on our way" she said and put the radio back, she looked at Duncan and nodded.
He hit the switch and set the lights and sirens going.
As they pulled up to the address, Gail silenced the sirens a couple of streets away to try not to startle anybody in the house, when they came to a stop Duncan threw off his seat belt and grabbed the door handle "Wait" the blonde said grabbing his arm "Domestics can be high risk and brutal, follow my lead and don't antagonise" he nodded.
They got out of the car and headed to the door, Gail knocked but there was no answer, she banged harder but the only thing she heard was a woman scream "Fuck this" she said, she tried the door handle but it was locked, she turned to Duncan "We kick on three" he nodded "one, two, three" with the force of both their feet the door flew open, there was another scream, it seemed to come from the back room. They quickly cleared the front two rooms and headed down a small hallway with Gail in the lead, weapon drawn, as she came around the corner into what appeared to be a sitting room, she was shocked at the scene in front of her. There were two women, one brunette, beaten on the floor, one arm up trying to protect herself and the other a red head wielding a hockey stick. As she pulled the stick up intending to deliver another blow, Gail spoke "Police, Drop the weapon" the woman looked at her then back at the woman on the floor, she went to swing again "I said drop it, do it or I'll shoot" the woman relaxed her arms a little and looked towards the open sliding door leading out the back "Don't even think about it" she threatened "drop the stick now" she said forcefully. The red headed woman in front of her clenched her jaw and dropped the hockey stick "Hands against the wall" the blonde told her, she complied "Officer Moore, cuff her and get her out of here" Gail held her weapon on her until she was hand cuffed and searched after which, Duncan led her out to the squad. Gail holstered her gun and knelt down next to the beaten now unconscious brunette, she grabbed her radio "Dispatch, this is 15-09, I need back up and EMTs ASAP for an assault victim, she's not looking good"
"EMTs and back up on the way"
The woman in the floor started to come around and began to try and move "Hey, it's okay" Gail said taking the hand that wasn't damaged "You're safe now" there was a sizeable lump on the woman's forehead, her right shoulder looked like it was dislocated, her right forearm was bent where it shouldn't be and she had defensive wounds on both her arms. She tried to speak but only gurgled, she turned herself on to her side, when Gail tried to stop her by touching her side she cried out in pain, spitting out the blood in her mouth, she spat more out and stayed on her side.
She was still holding the blondes hand in a vice grip "Kate" she managed to get out.
"You're Kate or she's Kate?" She asked point out the front of the house.
"Her" she answered "Bad break up" she said managing an almost half smile.
"Shhhh" Gail said, wanting to smile back at the woman who was laying there almost beaten to death and trying to smile at her "The ambulance is coming, try and save your strength"
The brunette squeezed her hand again and pointed their joined hands to herself "Holly" she said breathlessly "Stewart" she finished, closing her eyes and taking a few breaths.
When the blonde spoke she opened her eyes "I'm Gail Peck" she said, she could hear the sirens coming "it's okay Holly" she said as the damaged woman closed her eyes again "Help is coming, I'll keep you safe, I promise"


The paramedics were working on Holly, Gail still no more than a few feet away as the brunette would get upset when she was out of sight, when the blonde saw Traci come into the room followed by forensic techs "What are you doing here?" She asked with a frown "it's a domestic, bad break up from what the victim told me"
"Did she tell you her name?" The detective asked then turned to the techs "Tag and bag everything to do with the ex or the assault"
"Holly Stewart" Gail said, she pulled open her note book.
"As in Holly Stewart, The Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Vivienne Stewart's daughter who is going to be one of our new forensic pathologist in about six months time, she's that Dr Holly Stewart"
Gail looked over at the brunette laying on the stretcher "Shit"
"As soon as they worked out what address it was, they put two and two together and Superintendent Peck was on the phone to Oliver and here I am with a forensic team"
Before anymore could be said, Holly's good hand reached out and grabbed the blondes wrist "Gail" she said panicked as they tried to take her away.
"It's ok" Gail said "I'm not leaving"
One of the paramedics stepped forward "We need to take her in as soon as possible, she's stable for now but there's no telling what damage has been done"
"Please" the brunette said with a vice grip on the blondes arm "Don't leave me"
"Go with her" Traci said "I'll take care of the suspect and Moore, I'll get Oliver to send someone to the hospital for your statement"
"Alright" Gail said, she pried Holly's hand off her arm and took her hand "I'm coming with you, you'll be safe" she said to the terrified brunette.
The detective watched them go, there was something about how Gail was with the woman that reminded her of the way she had been with the deaf girl while the Ford incident was happening. She wasn't often like that, it surprised her.


Oliver met Traci at booking when she bought Moore and the suspect back to the station "So what have we got?"
"We have one, Kate, Katherine Kingsley, from the statement Officer Moore gave me, she was beating Dr Stewart with a hockey stick. Gail went to the hospital with her cos she was distraught, she'll get her statement as soon as she can. We need to send someone to the hospital to get Gail's" the detective explained.
"Send Diaz and Epstein" he pointed to the suspect "Once she's done in booking, put her in room 2. Both you and Sam have a talk with her, the brass is way up my ass on this one"
"Understood" Traci said, going back to make sure Moore was doing the booking right.


Gail sat in the emergency room while they worked on Holly. The blonde had been taken away from her on their arrival at the hospital, the brunette had screamed blue murder until the officer had been bought back within reaching distance. She was currently sitting on a chair off to the side, watching, as they went over Holly. She heard things being said like pneumothorax, multiple fractures and head trauma. The brunette had been quickly cleared of spinal injury, thanks to a portable X-ray, she could now turn her head to see where Gail was, as long as she was in view, she stayed calm. After an hour of fuss, one of the doctors came over to talk to the blonde "We need to send her down for a CT, all the damage appears to be on her right side, she has a displaced fracture of her forearm, dislocated shoulder, multiple broken ribs, her right lung collapsed we've inserted a chest tube to keep it inflated, she's stable for now, we need to run a head and chest CT, she does appear to only have a mild concussion but we want to do the scan just to make sure. She's very lucky considering the beating she's taken, once we have the results we'll prep her for surgery to set her arm and relocate her shoulder" He explained.
"Thanks Doc" Gail said standing and moved to Holly's left side "They're gonna take you to get a CT okay, I can't come with you because of this" she said pointing to her gun "I'll be here when you get back, I promise you will be safe, no one can get you here"
The brunette, who had an oxygen mask on, looked into her eyes then reached out to touch her hand, the blonde took it in her own. Holly murmured "Thank you Gail"
"No problem" she said back as she squeezed her hand, she stood holding it for a second just taking in the hurt woman in front of her only when the orderly came and started to move the bed she seemed to regain her senses and let the brunette go as they left the room.
One of the nurses who had been working on Holly gave her a smile "Thank you for your help, sometimes assault victims need reassurance, the concussion can exacerbate the problem too, they will at least be half an hour if you want to get a coffee or something to eat"
Gail agreed and asked that they give her a call if she came back before she returned.


"Katherine Kingsley" Sam said as her entered the interrogation room.
"What do you want?" She said, arms folded sitting back in the chair, she still had blood all over her clothes and hands.
"I'm Detective Swarek, I thought we could have a chat before forensics comes and takes your clothes and samples off you"
"I have nothing to say" Katherine said looking straight at him.
"Well I do" Sam said "you have 2 priors for domestic assault and harassment. Both times you managed to avoid jail time, you have now assaulted your most recent ex, Dr Holly Stewart" he placed the photos of Holly that had been taken at the scene on the table "Do you still have nothing to say?" She crossed her arms and sat back defiantly. Sam decided to take a different tactic "I get it" he said, she looked up at this and met his eyes "Women like her they just take, they don't give you anything back and this one" he said pointing at the photo "I bet she was full of herself, Minister's daughter and a Doctor, she would have been a hard one to handle, then out of nowhere she just dumps you"
"She thought she was better than me" the red head said "I fucking showed her though" she laughed to herself "I really fucked her up with that stick" realising what she said she stopped "I want my lawyer" she said.
Sam stood "I think we have enough anyway" he said taking the photos "Forensics will be with you shortly"
Oliver was in the viewing room when he walked in "It's not exactly a confession" he said.
"We shouldn't really need one, Peck and Moore caught her in the act and she has enough evidence all over her to convince a jury" Sam added.
The older man turned to him "I'll try and call off the guys upstairs, you just make sure this is clean, I don't want to give the judge an excuse to release her"


Gail came back to the emergency ward to find Chris and Dov waiting for her "Hey" she said as she walked up "What are you guys doing here?"
"Oliver sent us they want your statement ASAP" the taller of the two explained.
She sighed "Alright" Dov pulled out his notepad "We got to the address, on inspection of the house both Officer Moore and I could hear screams..."
"Sorry to interrupt" the nurse from before stopped Gail from explaining anymore "Officer Peck, we need your help"
The blonde didn't give the boys another thought as she took off back to where they had Holly, once she rounded the curtain, she saw why they needed her, the frightened brunette was trying to kick the doctor "Where's Gail?" She wheezed out.
"Right here" Gail said as she walked up to the bed, she put her hand on Holly's good arm and the woman instantly calmed "I go get one cup of coffee and your kicking the doctor" she added with a smile.
Guilt flooded Holly's eyes "I'm sorry" she said softly.
"It's okay" the blonde said, her hand sliding down the brunettes arm to her hand.
Gail looked to the doctor, who looked relieved "As we suspected, she has no major organ damage and a mild concussion, which would explain her violent outbursts and her attachment to you"
"Never-mind the fact that she was just assaulted and is scared out of her mind" the blonde snarked at him.
The doctor blushed "The orthopaedic surgeon will be here in a few minutes to take her to surgery, I'll send the nurse in to sedate her shortly, so we can move her without an complications" Gail nodded.
"Where's my daughter?" Could be heard from outside the room, the doctor excused himself and went to talk to what was obviously Holly's mother, leaving the women alone.
"Looks like your family is here" Gail said squeezing her hand.
The brunette looked up at her, past the oxygen mask on her face "Thank you.....for saving me" she was having issues speaking with the pain.
"Anytime" the blonde said with a smile.
"Visit me?" She asked, not wanting the woman to just walk out of her life "I wanna.."
"Shhhh" Gail said "Don't push yourself, I'll come back, I'll come tomorrow okay" she brushed the brunettes hair back, she had a bruise developing on her forehead.
Holly sighed and closed her eyes "Okay, you promise?"
"I promise" she said, the nurse came in, set her up on a drip and gave her the sedative, the blonde officer stayed until her charge was asleep then headed out.
"Officer Peck" the minister called before she got to the doors to the waiting room "wait there" she said and Gail did as she was instructed.
Once the older woman was done signing forms to give permission to do the surgery, she walked over to Gail "I believe I have you to thank for saving my daughter"
"I was just doing my job ma'am" she said.
"It wasn't your job to stay with her so she felt safe, for that I will say thank you"
Gail blushed "I..."
"Please feel free to come back and visit her if you wish, I know my daughter and she will want to thank you herself" the minister said.
"Thank you Ma'am I did tell her I would drop in tomorrow but I might be able to make it back after shift" the blonde explained, she wasn't really sure why she had this strong need to look out for Holly but she did want to make sure she came through the surgery ok at least.
Holly's mother held her hand out to Gail who took it and shook her hand "Thank you again" she said resting her other hand on the blondes.
Once they had parted Gail sighed, now exhausted, she headed out to meet Chris and Dov.


Gail walked out of Oliver's office, she had just given him her statement in regards to Holly's assault and her had given her the rest of her shift off. She was off duty the next day so she was happily headed home, with maybe a slight detour to the hospital once she was showered and changed. She walked down the stairs to go to her desk when her brother cut her off and dragged her towards the locker rooms "What the hell?" She exclaimed pulling her arm free once he stopped.
"Moms here" he said.
He handed her his car keys "Keep it for the next few days, I'll borrow one from the station"
"Thanks" she said and headed to her locker.
"Don't bother changing just grab your gear and go, get over today cos you know she'll catch up with you tomorrow" Steve knew she would need time before being confronted with their mother.


An hour later after heading home, showering and changing, Gail walked back into the hospital, she spoke to the woman behind the desk in emergency first, who told her she couldn't give her Holly's room number. After convincing her to call ICU and ask if she could go up, Gail was allowed to go and see the brunette.
She walked to the door and glanced in "Officer Peck" the minister said from her seat next to Holly's bedside.
"Please call me Gail" she asked.
"Alright Gail, but in return you can call me Vivienne or if you feel that's too informal Mrs Stewart"
"Okay Mrs Stewart" Gail looked over at Holly in the bed, she was still asleep, the bruise on her head was worse, there were more machines attached to her than when she left, the oxygen mask had been replaced by the one in her nose, her arm was heavily wrapped and resting on a pillow over her midsection "How is she?"
Vivienne sighed "Five broken ribs, her forearm was shattered, dislocated shoulder, minor concussion, thankfully the rest is just cuts and bruises. The chest tube will stay for a few days, that's why she's in the ICU, once that's gone they'll move her to a general ward until she can either be released or go for rehab for her arm" the older woman stood "Would you mind sitting with her, I need to make a few calls and I really don't want her to be alone if she wakes up"
"Sure" Gail said, Holly's mother left and the blonde took her seat next to what could only be described as the brunettes good side "Hey" she said softly "Told you I'd be back" she picked up the fingers on Holly's IV laden hand "I do have a confession to make, may have looked you up on my way back to the station before. You're quite the nerd, a degree in criminology, specialising in Forensics, completed med school, your currently a resident at over at Toronto General. So in my quest to find a nickname I'm currently dancing around nerd for now, unless you wanna wake up and help me out here"
"Well" Holly mumbled her eyes still closed "I think I'll stick with nerd for now and take it as a compliment" She was talking and breathing a little easier thanks to the pain meds.
Gail blushed "I thought you were still out of it"
The brunette looked over at her and gave her a half smile "No such luck, I thought you weren't coming till tomorrow" Holly said back then tried to move, she cried out in pain.
The blonde stood, still holding her hand "Don't try to move" she said, she rubbed her thumb over the hurt woman's fingers "Do you want me to get someone?" She asked worried.
"No..." The brunette said through gritted teeth as she moved back "Is she locked up?" She asked once she was settled again.
"We've got her locked up at the station, she'll go to county later tonight, until she fronts the judge on Monday" Gail didn't elaborate as she didn't want to overwhelm or worry Holly as she recovered.
"I'm sure my mother will get involved if they try to release her" the brunette said already knowing what the other woman was omitting.
"So how did you mange a separate degree and medical school and residency when your only what? 30?" The blonde asked, she was trying to change the subject to help her not to worry too much.
"Well I finished high school when I was 16 and wasn't really sure what I wanted to do, I was interested in criminology so I studied it then I decided I wanted to work in forensics so I went to med school"
"Wow I barely graduated at 18" Gail said with a chuckle "I hear your gonna be our new pathologist in 6 months"
"Yea, I'm only at Toronto General for a few months as a favour for the chief of staff over there, old friends of my parents" Holly explained, she squeezed the blondes hand "I'm sorry about how I was earlier, I..."
"You were scared it's ok"
Before anymore could be said, the brunettes mother returned "You're awake" she said looking at her daughter, she turned and then left mumbling something about getting the doctor.
"I think that's my cue to go" Gail said, she stood up.
Holly's fingers tightened around her hand "Will you visit me?"
The blonde sighed "Look Holly...." She trailed off when she saw the vulnerable, dark look in the brunettes eyes, she'd been there, attacked, beaten and broken. She didn't want Holly to go through that alone like she had "Well I guess I could drop in now and then, I'm off tomorrow, I'll try and fit you in" she said with a smirk.
The darkness left the broken woman's eyes "I'll look forward to it"
"Enjoy the pain killers and I'll see you tomorrow" Gail gave her hand on last squeeze and left. As she past the Minister, she gave her a card with her contact details with scribbled her private cell phone number on the back and asked her to call if anything happens. She thanked her again and the blonde headed home from what turned out to be a completely exhausting day.