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All: Claim Prize

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All: Claim Prize

The last command. Ever.

It had taken so long. Everyone had come so far. And now it was over. No more Jack. No more time warps or confusing paradoxes. It was all done.

Two boys stood in front of similar large doors. Knowing the risks, and with the encouragement of peers behind them, they reached out and took hold of the handles. Static jumped through the heroes' of breath hands. And from two separate dimensions opened two different doors.

And they all stood facing each other. Four human kids, weary and tired from more than two years worth of fighting. Twelve trolls, from all parts of the hemospectrum, have played their game for nearly a sweep, though it all seems to have drudges on much longer.

Between the two groups appears a figure. It's form is hazy, as though it shifted shapes so constantly and quickly that one couldn't focus on one part of it.

"Congratulations, teams Earth and Alternia," the voice appeared in their minds. It didn't have any identifiable qualities to it, but it simultaneously communicated two different languages. "It appears both your sessions have been beaten and prizes claimed simultaneously. Thus, you have tied. Your prize is a new land, a new place to live that can support two very different forms of life."

As the heroes of breath looked at each other, they realized why the grand prize stood as this. Even though the game was over, the destroyed home planets were gone. Destroyed just as the games started. Everything they had worked for was the continuation and perseverance of their species.

As the figure faded, the two friends approached each other. Only once had they seen each other before, but to both this was the first time they met face to face outside the game..

"Hey," the human boy smiled in greeting. The troll replied in some indecipherable language. The second human, a hero of time, came behind the first.

"Looks like shit is finally real," he said. It took a minute, but the troll managed to understand what was just said, and with a pointy tooth, snarl like grin he nodded.

"Yes," he hissed. A hero of time approached from the trolls.

"Excuse my peers," she said in a heavy accent. "They don't know pronunciations yet. The game worked in our favor previously." It was notable that a few of her own words were off, but for one who had never heard the foreign language before, it was pretty good.

"Jade!" Yelled a witch of life from the trolls. The word came out more "J-ah-duh-ee!" The two shared a hug of reunion. Even the human seer and the troll sylph greeted each other in an awkward manor for the first time.

Soon after the figure left, the former heir of breath let up a celebratory cheer. His sister, as well as a few trolls joined the cry. It was all over. John, Dave, Rose, and Jade could all start again. Trolls known as Karkat, Terezi, Aradia, Vriska, Tavros, Sollux, Kanaya, Equius, Nepeta, Gamzee, Feferi, and Eridan were free from bonds that for so long held them back from ending their game.

A sunset burned in the background. The star, the size of Earth's sun, fell in the horizon, leaving traces of blue, red, gold, and traces of green. Two distinct moons hung over the sky, set to the date the trolls had managed to keep track of even within the game. Everything was right, and nearly perfect in their eyes. All that remained was to rebuild.