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In the depths of space and time there is a man. At this juncture he is traveling with a spunky, shop girl and they have just visited New (new, new, new, new...) Earth. The man is always moving, searching, and grasping for anything that will stay his attention for what he is running from. Now, though, he has encountered a new problem. The past adventure included touching lips, switching bodies, and a v-neck shirt that also revealed the skin about tight jeans. While the almost platonic relationship that the man was able to maintain with his companion has now reached a crossroads. The Doctor needs to decide what Rose will be to him. He is half tempted to just maroon her somewhere, not unlike what he did with Sarah and Jack. Rose is resourceful, she would get back home without incident.

The Doctor shut the door as he trailed behind Rose Tyler into the TARDIS. His hand came up to his neck, massaging away the tension as he stared at Rose. The taste of Rose was still on his lips, a symbolic reminder of what this relationship was: fleeting. The Doctor broke away from Rose, changing his line of sight to console. The bright lights flashed and the monitors came to life as he started up the TARDIS up.

Rose turned to the Doctor expectantly, giving him a little half smile, “Where next, Doctor?” She leaned into him a bit as she asked the question. There was a magnetic pull around the Doctor. Rose was not the only one to fall pray to him. Rose did not mind the events that transpired one bit. Well, she did mind that the Doctor seemed to be under the impression that she needed saving at every turn and required him as her hero. Biting her lip as she frowned in concentration. The scene on the ladder where they dangled on the edge of certain death was not a good time for heroism.

The Doctor glanced at Rose. She was draped stunningly across the TARDIS console. Her shirt had ridden up as she had leaned over, uncovering tantalizing skin. The Doctor did not notice this obviously. He was resolutely not staring at his companion because she was led his thoughts astray. Rose seemed distracted herself.

It was like a light went off in his head, “Oh!” The Doctor exclaimed as he grabbed Rose's face, “You are beautiful!” And just like that the Doctor was running at full speed around the console as he brought the TARDIS about.

Rose laughed at the Doctor, shoving down the feeling she had when the Doctor had looked into her eyes and touched her. “Why am I suddenly beautiful?” She tried to joke in order to distract from the way she was feeling. The Doctor was flipping switches and spinning around like a mad man. He smiled as he busied himself with the task of navigating the TARDIS. “Doctor?!” Rose yelled as the Doctor ignored her and carried on his task.

“A distraction!” The Doctor says as he slips around to the other side of the TARDIS. This brings him to a stop. He has the console in between himself and Rose. “Distractions are necessary when running from all of time and space,” the Doctor murmurs as he gets ready to plunge the TARDIS into uncertainty.

A blonde head pops around the console, “Should I hold on to something?” Rose would be bewildered by his swift mood changes if she was not on a space ship in the future being led around by an alien. “Where are we going?” Rose enunciates as she gets the Doctor's attention.

The Doctor jumps to Rose and grabs her upper arms, “Anywhere, and nowhere.” Rose smiled in response to the Doctor's cryptic response.

The Doctor paused with his hands before the last switch that would send the TARDIS off to an unknown location. “Like a roll of the die,” the Time lord clicked his tongue, “Anywhere at anytime.” The Doctor locked gazes with Rose. He was silent as he stared into her eyes, solidifying his plan as he saw Rose's feelings plainly in her eyes, “Just not here.”

He flipped the switch.

* * *

The Doctor pops his head of the TARDIS door. He decided he would not look at the monitors that would give various readouts on the planet and time they landed in. It is a much more exciting implication if he knew nothing coming into a place, and discovered their origins without the aid of the TARDIS. But, it would be no good if they landed somewhere that would be inhospitable to humans. The Doctor wanted to run away from introspection, not kill the girl. He took a long sniff as he surveyed where they had landed. They seemed to have landed inside a ship. He could hear the engines whirling away as he stepped out into the compartment the TARDIS picked to land in.

The Doctor took a cursory look at his surroundings after he saw no one was there to see them. He found himself in a dark corridor. There were golden plates lining the wall. Walking up to the plates, the Doctor was able to see the design on the walls. “Hmmm, by the architecture I would put as in the new, new, new, new, Renaissance of the human race,” he continued down the corridor, smiling to himself. “You humans are always look, yet always pushing forward!”

“Can I come out yet, Doctor?” Rose called from the inside as she edged closer to the door. Traveling with the Doctor would, without fail, get her adrenaline pumping. It also made her impatient. “If we landed in the Jurassic period, you would have already been eaten by dinosaurs!” Rose goaded the Doctor, a laugh in her voice.

“Yes, yes. Come on!”

Cautiously, Rose stepped out of the TARDIS and was immediately disappointed. She was in a corridor. A dark corridor. Where was the adventure in a corridor? “Doctor? Where are we and-” Rose tried to form the next part carefully, “Where- is the- you know-”

The Doctor looked over at her, his eyebrows scrunching up as he tried to understand what his companion was asking. “The?” He prompted.

Rose gave a little embarrassed laugh, “Well, I don't know if you have noticed this, but-” she shrugged a little as she finally got it out, “There is always a problem wherever we are and you fix it.”

“Oh!” The Doctor looked away. “Well – that-,” he stopped. There was movement at the end of the corridor. At least the Doctor thought there was. Shaking off the notion, the Doctor turned back to Rose, “There is a good explanation for why I always seem to-”

“Did you see that?” Rose cut the Doctor off. A dark mass had passed across the head of the corridor where the bulkhead was. “I could have sworn-” she slowed down as she snapped her head back from the place the mass had been at to the Doctor.

The Doctor snapped his neck in the direction his companion was pointing to. Pulling out his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor started scanning the areas around them.

Rose gave the Doctor a small smile, “Doctor I was just having a laugh about the Jurassic period, if we are going to be eaten by dinosaurs...Well I just expected jungles for that sort of thing!” Rose laughed it off. She had started subconsciously playing with her shirt, tugging on the material as she looked at the Doctor. Rose found it a good rule of thumb to only be scared when the Doctor was. Being with him would always guarantee her safety.

The Doctor peered at Rose above the rim of his glasses. He was trying to understand what was going on in this unknown place. “Dinosaurs on a star ship?” The Doctor scoffed at the idea. “Wait, hold on. Do you want to see that type of phenomena? Because I can take us to that sort of thing. I am sure it has happened at some point in time.” The Doctor, always looking to impress his companions. As if being a Time Lord did not already do so.

The dark mass crossed the entry way to the corridor again. Both Rose and the Doctor snapped their heads in the direction of the disturbance. Quickly glancing back at each other, they broke out into a run and followed the mysterious figure. They dashed through the corridor and rounded on the bulkhead. The Doctor halted when he reached the crossways in the new set of corridors. Viciously turning every which way as he pointed his sonic screwdriver down each hallway.

“Doctor?” Rose tried to gain the Doctor's attention.

The Doctor stopped in his search and was examining his sonic screwdriver, “I thought I found something, blasted thing,” he shook the sonic screwdriver and held it up to his ear.

“Doctor?” Rose voice climbed an octave out of her urgency.

“Hmm?” He finally teared his gaze away from his sonic screwdriver and the corridor he had been examining.

“I found it, or really, them.”

Nine figures in black armor had their weapons trained on Rose and the Doctor. One man was pointing his weapon at Rose's head, while the others had surrounded the Doctor. Each one had a helmet with a insignia depicting a single eye in the center of their forehead.

The crowding the corridor could only work to the Doctor's favor, considering their larger numbers and bulky armor that would certainly cause problems if a fight ensued. The firearms the figures had might not harm him, but the one pointed at Rose's head was definitely a problem.

“You should know before we get started,” the Doctor's voice hardened, a reflection of the warrior inside of him, “That I don't like guns. Especially guns pointed at my friends.” He nonchalantly pocketed his sonic screwdriver as he raised his hands slowly in a show of surrender.