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Snacks and Letters

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12 Grimmauld Place, London


Yeah, it's me. I'm back. I'm sure you already heard the good news, though you haven't sent me a welcome card, yet.

I admit I also have failed to sent you my congratulations for having tricked your master and his pet snake. Such lack of formalities should not stand between us, should it?

Don't get your hopes too high; I'm not writing to apologise to you. What for?

It's just that …. everybody tells me, after all, that time I got to tie up the loose ends of my life. I missed out on quite a lot of what the others call LIFE. It's funny that you of all people seem to be the only one able to fill me in on the details. I've already talked to Sluggy and Minerva, even to Hagrid. They have been nice and polite, caring and sympathetic, but they weren't in it like we were. They're too old to understand. Everybody seems to be either too old or too young to understand....

Their trying to almost makes it worse.

All right, let's get to business. Harry told me about what Regulus had done. The little idiot. Why couldn't he come to me and ask for help?

You knew him. Can you tell me? Tell me about my little brother? What was really going on in his mind? Who was he?

I don't like asking you for a favour. I guess you'll really enjoy the thought of having me at your mercy. Well, at least you can't call me a coward for not daring to ask, can you?

All better men and women died; you'll agree with that? James, Remus, Regulus and Lily deserved to live more than the two of us, but we alone actually made it. Death isn't fair.

For the respect for the dead I ask you to tell me what happened, happened to Regulus, to all of us. I hope you can find such a thing like respect for the dead within yourself to answer me.... honestly. Our mutual dislike will spare me the embarrassment of another pile of white lies.


Never yours

Sirius Black