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Not Ready To Make Nice

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"Forgive, sounds good.

Forget, I'm not sure I could

They say time heals everything

But I'm still waiting…" (Dixie Chicks)


Chapter 1


The incessant ringing of the phone pulled Miranda out of her pleasant slumber. She growled in frustration from beneath the cloud-like downy comforter. A quick glance at the alarm clock told her that she had only been asleep for about two hours, two very glorious much needed hours of rest. This would be the first real sleep Miranda had gotten in nearly a week.

Due to an unfortunate mix-up with the printers, Miranda had nearly missed the most significant print deadline of her career. This would be her last issue as Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY Magazine before she assumed her position as the new Chair of Elias-Clarke. The entire senior staff had worked tirelessly for her. They all knew this issue would be culmination of all the blood, sweat, and tears Miranda had put into RUNWAY for over two decades. No one wanted to let their fearless leader down; some working grueling eighteen hour shifts for the past six days in a row to pull off the impossible. In complete Miranda Priestly fashion, she had managed to do just that. Her final issue would hit the stands on time next month and it was as immaculate as ever. However, that concluding work of perfection had definitely come at a hefty price; to say that Miranda Priestly was exhausted would be the understatement of the year.

Without even glancing at the caller ID, she snatched the phone up as if it was a hated enemy and answered in her most menacing ice-cold tone.


"Uh… Miranda? Is that you?"

Miranda rolled her eyes and tried not to snarl. "Pray tell, who else would be answering my phone if not me? Who is this and what do you want?"

"Miranda, it's me, Audrey. I apologize. I obviously woke you. I didn't think you would be asleep so early." The equally cool voice on the other end responded.

Miranda immediately calmed a little at the familiar voice. "Audrey, yes. What can I do for you? If you're looking for Andrea, she's not home. She had a speaking engagement at NYU this evening followed by a banquet."

"I know. She told me about it when we last spoke yesterday."

Miranda reached over and switched on the bedside lamp trying to make sense of the confusing turn in the conversation. "If you were aware of this Audrey, why are you calling?"

"I didn't call to speak with Andy, Miranda. I called to talk to you." The voice paused and sighed. "Something has happened and I think Andy would handle the… news better if she heard it from you."

Miranda was suddenly completely awake and alert as she sat up in bed. She swallowed hard against the uneasy fluttering in her stomach. "Audrey… what is going on?"

"Miranda, Richard had a heart attack today."

Miranda took a deep breath and released it slowly. "Is he alright?"

"No. He didn't make it."

"I'm very sorry for your loss." Miranda said softly. Although Audrey and Richard Sachs had been divorced for some time, Miranda knew the woman still cared deeply for the man. "This must be very difficult for you."

"Yes. It's a bit surreal to say the least."

Miranda's thoughts immediately shifted to her wife and how she would handle this. It was no secret that there was no love lost between Miranda and Richard Sachs, but the man was still her wife's father. "Is there anything I can do?"

"I just need you to inform Andy and be there for her. She's strong and fiercely independent, but you and I both know the kind of history those two had and what this could do to her. I need you to promise me that you will take care of my little girl, Miranda." Audrey said quietly.

Miranda unconsciously ran her thumb over the back of the diamond band on her left hand. "Always."

"Good. I'll call with more details tomorrow."

Hearing the line go dead, Miranda mindlessly placed the phone back on the nightstand. "Oh, Andrea…"