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The year is 2172 CE. Human and fae have successfully sent expeditions across the Sol system. Explorations beyond Pluto have yielded knowledge that there is life outside of the system, in the depths of the Milky Way.

The Dark and Light divide still exists, even in the rest of the galaxy. The archaic laws have been blurred a little as both the humans and the fae on Earth worked towards expanding their territory. The ties between the two species living on the same planet have reached a point where hiding was no longer necessary. The humans and the fae on Earth have formed the Systems Alliance, the umbrella corporation that encompassed military, exploratory, and economical leads. This also gave way to overpopulation and the need to branch out to find settlements amongst the stars.

This rapid expansion caught the interest of the Council, a group of High Elders that resided on the Citadel, a bustling space station that housed many different species of fae. The original Council is made up of several high ranking fae, five from the Light and five from the Dark, all of whom were elected into positions. The new Council included a new addition: three additional seats were given to the humans to choose who would best represent them.