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My Girl

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Jane practically growled at the guy that Korsak was pulling her away from and Frost and Frankie had thrown against the wall. What idiot asks a girl for a dance and then shoves his tongue down her throat when all she did was ask what his favorite band was?


"Come on," she sighed as Korsak pushed her down into her seat. "You could have let me deck the guy. I can protect myself."

"And we can help."

Jane eyed the older man, noticing her friends sitting back down once the bouncers had thrown him out of the bar. "It's not like he was dangerous, he was just an asshole."

"Just say thank you and move on," the blond at the table smiled, sipping at the beer that she had been bought. "Men find the need to demonstrate their physical prowess when the idea comes into play, and although the protectant character lies with the women in most cases for maternal reasons, men find the need to show it off more often."

The Boston cop stared wide eyed at her friend as the rest of their group sat back down. "I'm sorry, are we back in the office?"

Maura looked as if she were thinking for a minute before she shook her head. "No."

"Then leave the damn science at home," she laughed, clinking her beer with Frost's.

"Well it's not technically physical science to be computed in a lab as it's a-"

"No," Frost interrupted. "No more."

Jane hid her smirk behind the tip of her beer bottle, watching as the medical examiner began talking with the man at her side.

Their Friday night bar nights were something that Jane had always looked forward to; a time to sit back and finally relax and think of things other than murders littering their Boston streets. It was the first Friday in five weeks that they had been able to get off work and rest without a case hanging over their heads, and the group intended on using it wisely.

Jane's eyes widened when she saw another round of beers coming toward their table. "Ready to chug?"

Maura frowned, looking displeasingly toward the tray. "Well," she sighed, her hand circling around the slightly older woman's wrist to stop her from grabbing another cold bottle. "Let's not get hasty. Who do you think will be driving you home?"

"If you don't want me to drive then you drive," she shrugged, yanking her arm away from the blond.

"Oh no," the medical examiner laughed gently, "I can't drive you either. I've had a drink."

Jane frowned. "You've had two sips."

Maura's eyes flickered down to her beer before looking back to her friend. "So? That does not mean that the alcohol hasn't gotten into my bloodstream, Jane. It does not matter how much I've drunken in the timespan, I'd still be under the influence."

"Fine," she huffed. "I'll take a cab."

"And just leave your car here until you force someone to drive you back here so you can get it? You'd waste somebody's time like that?"

Jane looked wide eyed at the medical examiner before turning to look at her friend's, a grin popping onto her face as they started laughing. "Can someone help me out here, please?"

Looking up from the bowl of peanuts that sat in the center of their table, Frankie's eyes darkened. "I'll be back in a minute, guys. Bathroom." Once he saw the others at the table nod, the newly found officer got himself up from the stool and rushed over to the bar's entrance door. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry but I need to see Jane."

"Do you know how much pain you caused her last time?" he asked incredulously, his brow furrowing. "You need to leave."

The brunette woman glared at the younger man. "I am not leaving until I get to talk to her." Rounding the officer, the mysterious woman raised her hand in the air. "Jane?"

Hearing her name being called from behind, Jane's eyes rolled. "Oh my God, please don't tell me that's my mother. I don't need her breathing down my neck on my one food night."

Frost's neck strained. "Not technically."

"Well who the hell is it?"

"It's your ex-wife," Korsak stated gently, watching as the brunette's eyes lit up.

Jane's head spun, seeing the brunette woman looking at her from across the bar with those beautiful brown eyes. "Emily?"

The FBI agent readily nodded her head, fighting off Frankie's hands and running across the floor. "Jane you need to come with me," she breathed. "It's Sammy."

"Where is she? Why isn't she with you?"

Maura looked up to her friend. "Who's Sammy?"

Jane shook her head. "What is it?"

"She's back in D.C," the brunette breathed, tears stinging her eyes. "She's in the hospital. You need to come back with me."

Pulling her coat from the back of her chair, Jane followed the older woman out of the bar, passing by her brother with a pleading glance. "Tell ma' to call me."

"We're coming with you!"

Emily stopped short, looking back to the group of people that came running up after them. "I will buy you all tickets on the next flight, but Jane and I need to leave now."

Frost looked darkly at the beautiful woman. "If she goes then we're going."

"Sammy is our daughter," she growled. "You want to come, you wait until we've landed and we know her prognosis. Do you hear me?"

Jane nodded. "Please guys, I have to go."