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The Aftermath

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No ones P.O.V


She looked down at her face in horror. The moment she did, Piper started to cry. Slowly she stood up, taking in shaky breaths. Everything around her started to spin, as she fell onto her back. Noticing there was a huge amount of pain in her right side, Piper placed a hand where the pain was coming from. She noticed something hot and sticky. Shakily she placed a hand in front of her face, only to see red.

Piper's head was still dizzy, as she tried to stand up again. She leaned against the fence for support. Just as she set her hand on the fence the door opened, and out walked Nicky and Alex in a heated conversation.

"Man that play was a hit" exclaimed Nicky, smiling. Alex smirked at her and nodded her head in agreement

"Holy shit it's fucking freezing out here" Alex said as she shivered, but laughed

Nicky laughed to but stopped as soon as she turned around. "Shit" she muttered.

"What" asked Alex as her laughter too died down. Her question was soon answered as she looked over to where Nicky was staring. "What the hell" was all she could say.

Piper's breathing was still ragged as she looked up at them. Her eyelids were very heavy and all she wanted was to sleep. Her body didn't seem to agree with her, as she was still trying to stand. Right now she was leaning against the fence like a rag doll, as Alex and Nicky continued to stare at her.

"Piper what the fuck happened" Nicky said breaking the silence.

Piper who was looking at Doggett at the time, turned her attention back to Nicky. " first" she said as she tried to stay awake. All she got was a confused look from Nicky.

"What does that mean" Nicky asked for clarification. Alex was just silent, taking in the sight before her.

"I came out here..." Piper tried explaining but soon started to cry again, as she set a shaky hand onto her face. Getting ahold of herself Piper again tried to explain. "I thought I was alone out here, but then she came out here. She said something about it's my time to die, as she swung at me with a shiv" she said pointing to the wooden cross in Doggett's hand.

"Holy fuck" whispered Alex as she walked over to where Doggett was laying on the ground. Not too far behind, Nicky followed. Alex kneeled into the snow and saw all the blood. While Alex was doing that Nicky was trying not to throw up.

"I'm sorry" cried Piper. "I didn't mean to. She said I wasn't worth anybody's love, I got so mad. I'm sorry" Piper said as she tried to stay standing. Her efforts were for nothing as she fell onto the ground in her own blood.

"Shit" exclaimed Alex as she ran over to Piper. Everything that went down between them was forgotten. She would worry about all that later, but right now it didn't matter. Confused as to why she fell she noticed the red pooling out around her. "How could I not have noticed this before" Alex said as she examined Piper's side. Slowly she tugged the shirt up and saw the long and deep gash on her side. Tears pricked her eyes, but she blinked them away as she took Piper's hand into hers.

"Fuck Vause" muttered Nicky as she sat down next to Alex. "Wait what's that" asked Nicky looking closer at Piper's hand. "She's bleeding there too" said Nicky trying not to panic. Alex looked to where Nicky was talking about, and sure enough her hand was bleeding.

Before any of them could say anything, the door opened again. Looking over they saw Fischer walking over. "Hey what's going on out here" she said trying to act tough, and not sound worried like she was.

Alex and Nicky's face turned to horror. They were hoping to clean up Piper and then act like nothing happened. Looks like fate is against them today.

Alex was the first to speak. "Doggett picked a fight with Piper. All she did was defend herself" she said growing anxious. "At least that's what we heard" she mumbled the last part.

Fischer reached for her walkie talkie and called for back up. Not much longer, guards burst through the door, running to where they were sitting. "Let go" said a guard growing angrier. Alex was reluctant to let go of Piper's hand, but the tone of the guards voice told her to listen. "Call the ambulance" said one the guards franticly. Just like that everything went by in a flash.

Alex found herself and Nicky sitting in Caputo's office. Caputo let out a loud sigh of frustation before he spoke. "Mind telling me what the hell happened out there" he said putting fingers on the bridge of his nose.
"Like I said before, we came outside to talk and there they were. You are gonna have to ask Piper or Pennsatucky" said Alex agitated.

Caputo just shook his head, while Fig stood up from where she was leaning. "We can't. Both of them are in the hospital and Piper refuses to say anything" Fig replied.

Nicky and Alex looked at each other. "What's wrong with Piper? Is she okay?" Alex said getting anxious.
"We can't give away that kind of information. Besides only time will tell. Now leave, Fig and I have to talk" Caputo said pointing towards the door. Alex and Nicky both stood up and left.

The walk back to the cubes was quiet, as none of them spoke. Nicky broke the silence. "Hey Vause, don't worry she will be okay. She's a tought girl, gotta give her that" Nicky said trying to lighten the mood. Alex just nodded her head.

"Look lets just get some sleep. We will talk about it tomorrow" Alex said going into her cube and onto her bed. Nicky sighed and did the same.

The next morning everyone was talking about what went down. Some where even placing bets. Alex walked to her usual table and sat down, slowly eating away at her food.

"Hey yo Vause" shouted Taystee as she walked up to her. "What happened last night". Alex looked up at her and set down her spork. Nicky sat down next to her, observing their conversation.

"Well I am not to sure myself. All I know is that Piper and Pennsatucky got into a fight. From the looks of it Piper won". A crowd had gathered as some groaned because they lost the bet, while others cheered.

Poussey came over and stood next to Taysetee. "I remember when she was in the shower, Pennsatucky rubbed her motha fucking blood on her" Taystee exclaimed. "She also got a dead rat with a note. Called her a fuckin Amalekite" said Black CIndy. "Girl was so scared she came to us for help. Taught her some fighting tricks. Works all the time for me" said Poussey.

"I woke up a couple times, and looked over at her. She was pale as a fucking ghost" Taystee said pointing at her face. "I gave her a screw driver as secret santa gift. Told her Christmas came early. Looks like she didn't need it" Big Boo chuckled.

As Alex took in all this information, all she could think of when she came to talk to her. She looked so scared, and she didn't even help her. All she felt was regret now. "Shit I didn't even help her" Alex said regret flashing through her eyes.

The crowd seemed to have move back to there own tables, and talk about the new information. "Listen Vause, she is gonna need you when she gets out of there. Doesn't matter what happened before, just help her" Nicky said looking at her serious for once. Alex gulped and nodded her head.