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A Life I Don't Remember

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Needless to say that Andy ended up staying with Miranda at their room.

Miranda, of course, was very pleased with that. Since they started sharing a bed, the older woman had been having a hard time trying to sleep alone. It was really annoying, principally when she had to travel alone because of work.

To Andy’s surprise her pajamas where right under her pillow. A costume she had since she was a little kid. The brunette looked up showing her astonishment only to be faced with Miranda starting to undress.

Andy briefly stare before getting her pajamas and running to the bathroom murmuring something about needing to get rid of the hospital smell.

The older woman just smiles sadly at that. Usually Andrea would ask her to join or at least make a joke of sorts.

It didn’t took much time, though, and soon enough the young woman was back. She looked nervously at the bed and approached it very slowly. Miranda was already laid there and watched over her wife.

“Andréa, this is your bed too.” The older woman finally says. “We’ve been sharing it for almost two years.  And we’ve been sleeping in the same bed for longer than that.”

“Hm... May I ask some questions?” Andy says a little uncertain, sitting on the bed, but not too much close to Miranda.

“You don’t need to ask me if you can ask me anything. I may don’t like employees or strangers asking me questions, but you and the girls? You are my family. Of course you can ask me whatever you want.” The editor says tiredly.

“Ok… sorry. I’m not used with the idea of being married with you yet. I always wanted to be close to you somehow… to be useful and special to you. I always wanted to be more than an employee. And then I don’t see you for almost a year and out of nowhere I’m married to you… The girls call me ma and I’m pregnant!” Andrea rants “It’s just so weird.” 

“It’s not out of nowhere, love. It took us long enough.” Miranda said with a small pout.

“To me it is… I don’t remember how we meet again nor do I remember anything we lived for this last 4 or 5 years. I don’t even know which day of the week it is!” Andy said adjusting herself and resting her head against the bed headboard.

“It’s Saturday.” Miranda says with a smile. “Ask me.”

“Hum… priorities first. This baby… how did we decided to have it and how did we chose the father, donor or whatever method we used?”

Miranda chuckles at that. Of course the baby would be Andrea’s first priority. Then, work and, just after that, how they met and developed a relationship.

“Well, like I said when the girls asked you about kids you said that you wanted one. We talked about our situation and you said you wished that the baby would have at least their first years closer to their sisters. Since Cassidy and Caroline are already 15 and you 30, you thought it would be the best time to have the baby.” The older woman says reaching for Andrea’s hand like she did during the drive and at the hospital. “I agreed of course.”

“It sounds like me…” Andy says nodding absently.

“So very much you indeed, darling.” Miranda nods “And the father of the baby is… very much me.”


“You… were very picky when choosing the donor. You wanted someone really similar to me in tastes, appearance… You even made sure that the guy had also an history of early white head.” She says pointing to her hair. “I wanted to look for someone healthy and with admirable qualities and hobbies. You, however, insisted in a male clone of me.”She sighed indignantly. 

Andrea couldn’t hide her smile at that. She made sure that it looked very much like Miranda. That was the closest to perfection that she could get. She stroked the older woman’s hand tenderly feeling nothing but love for the woman.

It was weird because she didn’t remember how it happened, and it felt as if she was just now falling in love with her, but at the same time she could tell that this feeling of adoration and love for her wife wasn’t new.

“What about my work?” Andy asks and Miranda smiles praising herself for guessing right the next topic.

“You’re a freelancer with a very good reputation and a very large clientele.” The woman says with approval “You also are writing a book and write monthly for a site of short stories. You usually work from home.”

“Oh… that’s nice.” Andy says with a frown “Not what I expected, but I do like the idea of it. I’ll look tomorrow at my schedule and see what I’m supposed to be doing.”

They watched each other silently for a while.

“We are married… that’s unbelievable! How that happened?” Miranda chuckles at the awe present in Andrea’s voice.

“What can I say? One night you kissed me and I was charmed for life.”

“You’re such a flirt.” Andy giggled “You are telling me that I really had the nerves to kiss you? Really?”

“You did.”

“Say… how do I usually call you? You called me love, darling, dear…” Andy whispers the last bit “But how do I call you?”

“Almost the same as me… Love, Dear, Darling… rarely you may call me Mira… and when you’re wanting to tease me you call me Hun… But we mostly call each other by our names.” The older woman answer patiently. Something so unusual to her.

It was somewhat cute Andrea’s curiosity and shyness.

“Oh god, I’m already 30!” Andrea cries dramatically breaking the silence.

“Just now you noticed that?” Miranda asks laughing “I even mentioned it just now!”

“I know, but… 30!? And I didn’t even see that coming!” Andy breaths out very theatrically, amusing Miranda enough for the older woman keep laughing.

They heard a knocking at the door and Miranda stops laughing.

“Came in.” she says

Cassidy cautiously get inside the room, soon being followed by her sister. They get closer to the bed and climb on it.

“What’s so funny?” Caroline ask curiously laying besides Andy and using the brunette’s arm, which was stretched out to hold Miranda’s hand, as a pillow

“Yeah?” Cassidy saysmimicking her sister, but laying against Miranda and facing the brunette.

“Andrea is just so flabbergasted that she is already 30.” The woman answers and stares at her daughters with a raised eyebrow. “And what you two are doing here, shouldn’t you two be in your rooms and giving the adults their deserved privacy?”

“It’s not like you two would do something tonight.” Cassidy huffs

“Yea… and we got scared too. We want to stay close to her too! Just for tonight.” Caroline begs

“You’d let us stay won’t you, ma?” Cassidy asks with a pout looking directly at Andy’s wide and unsure eyes    

Andrea looked at Miranda eyes and the woman gave a short nod. They may be 15, but they also suffered from the day’s events.

And it was a really big bed after all. 

Andy smiled at them and they squealed pleased hugging and kissing Andrea and Miranda’s cheeks.