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A Life I Don't Remember

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This time, when Andy woke up she knew exactly where she was. The bright light and lack of color of the room didn’t let her be mistaken. Nor the unpleasant smell so common to hospitals. It smelled too clean and like medicine.

Andrea didn’t like it.

She looked for Miranda just to find the older woman sat in a chair besides her bed calmly writing her notes on The Book.

“Hmmm…” Andy murmur stretching her back and getting Miranda’s attention back to her.

“For the love of God, Andréa! Would you stop fainting on me? It’s quite alarming.” The older woman says putting the book aside and getting closer. “Are you okay?”

“Yea… I just got a little shocked I guess. Is… is the baby okay? It didn’t got hurt with my fall did it? And… and… for how long I’ve been pregnant? Do we already know if it’s a girl or a boy… or if it is just one? Also, where’s Cassidy and Caroline?” Andy rambles, asking question after question don’t giving time to receive any answers.

Miranda just looks at her with an arched eyebrow waiting her to stop.

“Hm… sorry… I just… Just want to know everything. I know where I am and who I am but other than that I feel so lost.” The brunette says a little exasperated and combing her hair with her fingers.

“It’s… it’s understandable, love. Do not worry. The girls are at the hospital’s cafeteria. They will be coming back soon. We don’t know the sex of the baby, you’re barely at your 6th week.” Miranda took a breath while caressing the back of Andy’s hand “They think it’s just one. And of course the baby is okay. Thank God.”

Andy smiled at that. It was endearing to see Miranda like that. Showing emotion without the whole ice queen façade. But at the same time she wished that the woman hadn’t changed over these years she couldn’t remember.

“You still the same don’t you?” Andy finds herself asking.

“And do I ever change?” the fashionista answers whit a small grin. “I just know how to keep family and work apart.” she added.  

Andrea stared at her and was going to say something when the twins entered the room. They were 15 now and soon would be turning 16. So many things she couldn’t remember. That was really sad.

“Ma!” Cassidy yelled running to her.

“You woke up!” Caroline came right after “Mum, why didn’t you call us?” she protested hugging Andrea together with her sister.

“Ma?” the brunette squeaked startled

“Oh yeah… you don’t remember us, do you?” Cassidy said sounding really disappointed.

Andy looked nervously to Miranda before attempting an answer to the girl. “Of course I remember you, sweetie. I just… remember you two more as the girls who tricked me to walk in a fight between your mother and her previously husband than as the girls who are my stepdaughters.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Ouch.” Caroline said rubbing her chest. “But good to see that you at least still the same, ma.”

Miranda sensing her wife’s confusion just held her hand to catch her attention.

“They started calling you ‘ma’ when we got engaged. They asked if we would ever want to have children and when you said that if it was up to you we would, they got to the conclusion that they should call you ‘ma’ so the child didn’t get confused, nor started calling you Andy instead of mommy.” She explained.

“That’s really sweet.” Andy said overwhelmed.

“We know.” They answered together and with identical smiles on their faces.

Their family moment was interrupted by the doctor, however. He was glad to see her awake again and started taking some tests just to see if she was really okay to be sent home.

And that was everything Andy wished at the moment. She really didn’t like hospitals. Too many memories maybe. Sadly not the ones she wished for.

She wanted to remember how she met with Miranda again. How they became friends and when they started to date. She wished she remembered how it was to kiss Miranda. It kind of felt like she had lost her whole life and not just her memories.


The tests results were fine and Andy was finally released. Roy was there to take them home and the drive back to the townhouse was very relaxing. The girls told the brunette about all the vacations they had together. With Miranda, and even some without the white haired beauty.

Like the time they went to Disney World. It was just for three days, but they enjoyed themselves very much. Miranda, though, was held back because of a series of meetings and couldn’t go with them. Not that she really wanted to go to Disney World, but it was good to have some time away from work with her girls.

When they got to the townhouse Miranda and the girls helped Andy out of the car even with the journalist insisting that she was perfectly fine and capable of walking without assistance.

It’s when they’re about to enter the master bedroom that Andy abruptly stops. She knew that she was married with Miranda, as surreal as it was, but she couldn’t remember anything, anything!, of their life together. She just remembered being her assistant and abandoning her in Paris.

And here there was Miranda, standing next to the door, holding it open waiting for her to get in.

“If you want I can stay in a guest room for a while.” Miranda said sounding so much not like her.

“Nonsense.” Andrea answered as if characterizing Miranda. “I shouldn’t take you out of your room.”

“It’s yours too, love.” The older woman stated.

“It was here before I was.” The younger talks back.

This time tough there was a smirk adorning Miranda’s face.

“That’s where you’re wrong. We remodeled the house and the rooms after the marriage so everything could be ours.”

Andrea couldn’t hold back her blush. Making Miranda’s smile even larger.

The girls were just observing everything looking back and forth, from one woman to the other. That is… until Cassidy has enough and decides it’s time for her to share her opinion.

“You should stay at your room, with mom. That way you two can talk and mom can tell you things.”  

“Also you two should kiss. Maybe that will bring Andy’s memory back.” Caroline says giggling with her own silliness.

“Totally! Like ma-gi-c!” Cassidy agrees snickering.

“It’s a valid opinion.” Miranda says as joyful as her daughters.

“Oh, God. You three will be the death of me.” Andy murmurs her face more red than a juicy strawberry.