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You Never Forget Your First

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Steve moaned as he was slammed against the wall. Underneath them the bass continued to pound from the speakers, and the vibrations carried up through the walls and thrummed against his back. That combined with the lips on his and the hands on his hips were giving him marvelous feelings.

It was the night of graduation and there was a huge party for all the seniors at one of the jocks’ house. Steve had agreed to go, only because Bucky and the football team were helping host it and Bucky had insisted that Steve needed to get out there and “make something out of high school”, whatever that meant.

At first it had been awful, just sitting around grimacing when the music got too loud and drinking shitty beer from plastic cups. But then he’d started drinking more beer, because he figured that if he drank enough he’d become immune to the noise, and it turned out he was right. And after that the party hadn’t been so bad.

It had gotten considerably better when he felt someone’s hands on his waist and warm breath on his neck. “What’re you doing all alone over here, hot stuff?” someone had whispered. Steve had turned, and standing there grinning at him was none other than Tony Stark.

Beautiful, wonderful Tony with his dark hair and gleaming eyes and wicked grin, who was one of the most popular guys in school. And who Steve had carried a massive crush for since freshman year science class. Tony was confident, arrogant, and a certified genius, and Steve had taken one look at him and his self-assured smirk and fallen madly in love.

“Wanna dance, cutie pie?” Tony asked. Steve nodded and Tony handed him another drink and pulled him over to the dance floor. Some thumping, bass- heavy song was playing now, and Tony tugged Steve’s hand until their bodies were pressed closely together. Steve swayed his hips a bit, putting a hand around Tony’s neck. Tony gripped Steve’s hips and swayed with him, close and hot and so nice. “Shame I can’t see more of you in this light,” he said in Steve’s ear, keeping their bodies pressed close together. “All I can get a good look at are those gorgeous baby blues. Bet you’re a cutie all over, huh?”

He didn’t know who Steve was. He almost sighed in relief. It figured, since they’d really only had one class together before Tony started taking all advanced and AP courses. Besides, why would someone perfect and beautiful like Tony notice a scrawny nobody like Steve unless he was completely wasted?

Which he apparently was, even though he was handling his booze surprisingly well. There was a glaze in his eyes and he stumbled every once in a while, but Steve probably looked the same right about now so he couldn’t really judge. Besides, the extra shine in Tony’s eyes made the gold flecks in them pop out and that made Steve’s heart speed up.

“Feel like having some fun?” Steve managed to blurt out. In the dim light, he saw Tony grin wickedly and swallowed his nerves down with another gulp of beer. “You know what they say about going out with a bang.”

Tony laughed, loud and clear. He wrapped an arm around Steve’s waist and nuzzled at his neck. “I like your attitude, sunshine. Sounds like a plan to me. What do you say, feel like getting out of here and going someplace a little quieter?” And Steve really couldn’t say no to that.

And now they were in someone’s dark bedroom, and Steve was pushed against a wall with Tony grinding against him and biting at his neck. Progress.

Steve knew Tony was drunk, and he knew he was drunk, but he couldn’t bring himself to care because in the fall Steve was joining the Army and Tony was going to MIT and they’d probably never see each other again, and damned if he didn’t want this more than anything right now. So he let Tony guide him to the bed and fell back against the covers with a sigh. He might just be some skinny, small asthmatic with a big mouth, but if he could just have this one night to remember he was pretty sure his life would be complete.

Tony mouthed his way back up Steve’s neck, nipping little bites and kisses along Steve’s jaw. Steve felt him grin against his skin when he let out another soft moan. “Fuck, that’s a really hot sound, gorgeous,” Tony murmured. “Do it again, would you?” He bit under Steve’s ear and sucked a little bruise there, and Steve moaned for him again. “That’s it, just like that.”

Steve slid his hands underneath Tony’s shirt and bit his lip at the feel of smooth, warm skin underneath his fingers. He was straining against his pants to the point of aching, but he was enjoying this far too much to care. Tony reached down and tore off Steve’s shirt and then his own, and pressed his lips to Steve’s collarbone and bit lightly before sucking, leaving a red mark that Steve was pretty sure would end up bruising. And fuck, the thought of Tony leaving a hickey had him shuddering all over again.

And then Tony was unbuckling his belt and sliding it off, and he hooked his thumbs in Steve’s belt loops and pulled them down slowly, trailing down Steve’s chest with his tongue as he did. God, Steve was going to die, he was hot and sweating and was going to die, but what a way to go.

Steve was sort of fading in and out at this point, lost in aroused bliss, and when he next came to focus they were both naked and Tony was back on top of him, biting and licking at his lips until Steve opened his mouth for him. His hands were back on Steve’s hips, drawing circles with his thumbs, fingers inching towards the curve of Steve’s ass. Steve felt Tony, hard and pressed against his thigh and fuck he was going to come just from that.

“Gimme a sec, baby,” Tony muttered, pulling away from Steve’s lips with a quick bite. He settled back on his knees and Steve took one glance at him and blushed down to his chest. Tony grinned and cocked an eyebrow. “That is just fucking adorable.” He grabbed his jeans and pulled out a small tube and a condom packet, tossing them next to Steve before throwing the jeans back on the floor and settling over him again. “You wanna top or shall I?” he asked, kissing the blush at Steve’s collarbone and rubbing his hands along Steve’s sides.

“Y-you,” Steve managed to stammer out.

“I can definitely work with that. Help me get this on, darling.” Pressing kisses under Steve’s ear, he slapped the condom wrapper in Steve’s hand and smirked when Steve blushed. “Never gets any less adorable.”

Steve fumbled with the wrapper and finally managed to get it open, and Tony obligingly leaned back for Steve to slide it on him, blushing harder as he did. Then Tony grabbed the lube and slicked up his fingers, pushing Steve back into the covers and sliding his first finger in all in one smooth motion.

And Steve was definitely dying now.

He groaned and lifted off the bed to follow Tony’s fingers, hoping to get as much as possible. “That’s it, sweetheart,” he heard Tony encourage him. “Ready for more?” he asked after a couple of minutes.

Steve nodded and Tony leaned back down and kissed him, pressing another finger in as he did. Steve gasped and Tony took the opportunity to lick into his mouth. Steve worked up the courage to slide his hands into Tony’s hair, clutching at the smooth dark strands and earning a quick huff from Tony.

“God, you’re so tight, angel,” Tony rasped, pressing into Steve further and trailing his lips to Steve’s ear.

Steve moaned and tugged Tony’s hair a little harder. “More,” he breathed.

Tony chuckled and obliged him, sliding in three fingers this time. It stung a bit at first, but Tony kept at it, nice and slow, and soon Steve was panting and squirming on the bed. “Ready for the best part, honey?” Tony asked. Steve nodded and Tony crooked his fingers, just a little bit. Steve cried out and arched off the bed because Tony had hit a spot that made Steve see stars and it felt fucking wonderful. “There it is,” Tony murmured triumphantly. He did it again and Steve groaned.

The music was still blasting and Steve could feel the bed vibrating from the noise, but at this point he was so focused on the noises he and Tony were making and the mind-blowing things Tony was doing with his fingers that it could have been a war zone for all Steve cared.

Eventually Tony pulled his fingers out and slicked himself up some. He thrust his hips forward a little bit, grinning wickedly when Steve flushed and grabbed at Tony’s hips to pull him in faster. “Patience, sunshine, we’re getting there,” he promised, stroking his hands up and down Steve’s thighs. And then he was moving against Steve and then he was inside of him, pressing insistently. Steve moaned and thrust back, and they started a rhythm that had the bed rocking and Steve’s head spinning. Tony leaned down and kissed him, hard and fast, and grabbed his ass firmly, guiding Steve further and further until, with one last thrust, Tony came with a muffled shout and Steve was lost in bliss.

When he came to, there was come on his stomach and Tony was leaning over him, pulling out and smirking. He rolled over and pulled off the condom, tying the end and tossing it casually into the trash can by the bed.

“How was that, pumpkin?” he asked, kissing Steve’s shoulder. Steve blushed at the pet name.

“That… it was amazing,” he finally mumbled, rolling onto his side to face Tony.

“Glad to hear it. Give me a couple minutes and we can go at it again if you want,” Tony replied, winking when Steve blushed.

Before he could respond, they heard police sirens and shouting downstairs. “Sounds like the party’s over,” Tony sighed. He stumbled off the bed and grabbed his pants. “Better get dressed before the cops come storming in.”

“Yeah. Yeah, sure.” Steve blinked and grabbed his own pants and shirt from the floor, pulling them on quickly and grabbing his shoes as he followed Tony out. His head was still spinning from the alcohol and sex, but he managed to get down the stairs and out the back door without falling. Once they were on the porch, Tony grabbed Steve’s wrist and pulled him in for one last kiss before pulling back with a wink and a mock salute.

“See you around, sweet cheeks.” With that, he hopped over the railing and ran over to one of the cars parked in the backyard.

Steve watched him go for a second before he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, Steve, we gotta go,” Bucky called over the noise. He dragged Steve to his own car and pushed him towards the passenger side. “And what the hell are you wearing?”

Steve looked down and saw that he had accidentally grabbed Tony’s shirt on the way out—a large, gray MIT shirt that was faded and worn and had a hole in the bottom hem. Steve smiled and climbed in the car without a word.

“What the hell are you grinning about? You look like you just got laid.”


“…and so, with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, Europe and America would begin on a new path towards technological advancement paved by such inventions as…”

Tony groaned and banged his head against the desk quietly. Beside him, Rhodey elbowed him without taking his eyes off his notes.

“Pay attention,” he whispered. Tony rolled his eyes.

“We just went over this last week,” he hissed back.

“It’s important material.”

“It’s boring.”

“…and the great inventors of the 19th and 20th centuries, who would bring humans into a new world of advanced inventions. Inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, and Eli Whitney, with their inventions…”

“Kill me,” Tony sighed.

“Just because you’re a genius doesn’t mean everyone else already knows this,” Rhodey reminded him. “Now pay attention.”

Tony sighed and leaned his head on his hands. “Don’t even know why we’re taking this class,” he muttered.

“Because you didn’t take it freshman year. Or sophomore year. Because you said, and I quote, ‘US History is the most fucking useless subject I could take’.”

“Yeah, there was probably a reason I said that,” Tony shot back.

Finally the professor closed his notebook and straightened his glasses, a sign that class was ending. Tony moaned in relief.

“Remember, class, there is a quiz next class and a test the class afterwards, so be sure to study chapters 4-7 and read the online notes. Class is dismissed.” Tony shot out of his seat, grabbing his backpack and tugging Rhodey up.

“Let’s go, I'm starved,” he insisted. Rhodey stood up with a groan and grabbed his notebook.

“Alright, I'm coming. Hey, we should go to that new pizza place on the other side of campus.”

They made their way down the stairs and out into the quad. Bruce met them outside, slinging his bag over his shoulder. Tony tugged him along by his shoulder strap. “Let’s go, we’re getting food.”

“I should really be working on my project,” Bruce protested. He was attending Harvard for pre- med and always had some kind of weird project going on. Geneticists. What a bunch of nerds.

“Ask me if I care." Tony cocked an eyebrow because he knew he could get away with it.

Tony had met Rhodey his freshman year at MIT and they had fallen in together like peas in a pod. He and Bruce had already known each other from high school, and together they’d banded together to form their odd little group, picking up a few other stragglers along the years.

Rhodey pulled out his phone. “I’ll see who else wants to join us for lunch,” he said.

“Text Pepper, ask her to bring me coffee,” Tony replied.

“Coffee and pizza? Really, Tony?” Bruce cocked an eyebrow over his glasses and gave him a meaningful look.

“Don’t judge me, I haven’t slept in, like, three days.”

“I know. I'm your roommate.”

Pepper met them at the pizza joint, looking far too professional for a college junior. “What are you wearing?” Tony asked as they passed by, eyeing her pencil skirt and blouse. Pepper held out a large cup of coffee and he made grabby hands.

“Phil and I had a presentation in our Business Economics class this morning,” she explained while Tony sucked down half the cup. “He’s already inside with Jane and Darcy at a table.”

“Please tell me Coulson is wearing that adorable red tie he has with the little white and blue stars on it.”

“He is,” Bruce replied, nodding towards the corner booth. Tony grinned wickedly.

“Oh, that is just perfect.”

They slid in to the booth, nodding to Jane and Darcy, who were currently hunched over a tablet. “Still looking at constellations?” Bruce asked.

“I might have seriously found my major, this is so fascinating,” Jane said excitedly. Darcy rolled her eyes.

“Fiery balls in space are what get her hot and bothered, that’s so good to hear,” she whispered to Tony. He grinned and shrugged.

“Better than Bruce when you get him around chromosomes,” he replied. “He practically pees himself.” Darcy snickered from behind her hand.

Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster had joined their merry gang when they had met Pepper in English class last year. When they had complained to her that they were being kicked out of their apartment complex, Pepper had managed to get the rest of their group to agree for them to live in the three- bedroom house they shared off campus. Now the three girls shared a room, Rhodey and Phil shared another, and Tony and Bruce had the third.

“So what are we ordering?” Tony asked a little louder. He clapped his hands together and grinned. “I’m starving.”


“I’m starving.”

“Clint, you’re always hungry,” Natasha rolled her eyes and threw an apple at him. “Finish studying and then you can eat.”

“But science is boring,” Clint whined.

“It’s not even real science,” Sam said from the kitchen. “It’s political science, and it’s one beginners class. Try having that as your whole major, and then you can come complain to me.”

“It’s all… governmental. It sucks. How the hell do you live like this, man? Why would you do this to yourself?”

Steve sighed and closed his textbook. As much as he loved his friends, it was impossible to concentrate around them sometimes. Especially when they raided his apartment claiming they needed to study and then talked for two hours straight. “I’m getting hungry, too,” he said, standing up and dropping his book on the kitchen counter. “We should go someplace to eat.”

“Yes!” Clint slammed his book and hopped up, pulling on his boots. “There’s this awesome pizza place, just opened up a few blocks down, we should go there.”

Natasha rolled her eyes and stood. “I guess we can go eat now,” she said reluctantly. Walking over to the second bedroom door, she knocked sharply and called, “Bucky, we’re going to eat. Get your ass out here.”

“Two seconds,” Bucky called. There was a shuffling sound and muffled cursing, and then Bucky threw open the door, dragging on his jeans as he hopped towards the sofa. “Pass me my shoes.”

Sam came to stand by Steve and nudged him with his shoulder. “You nervous for your test tomorrow?” he asked quietly.

“A little, I guess. I didn’t get as much studying in as I wanted. Luckily it’s all Renaissance art and I'm not so bad at that.”

After high school, Steve had joined the Army with the intention of heading out into the battle zones and serving his country. He figured out pretty quickly that he excelled in boot camp—his massive growth spurt that he had hit two months in to the training hadn’t hurt, either. Six inches and a hundred pounds later and Steve was one of the largest soldiers on base. It felt good.

After boot camp, the Army had offered him the opportunity to finish college and get his degree before he was shipped out. He took the opportunity, figuring he wouldn’t be in the Army forever, and chose Boston College because it was close to his next base. Bucky had tagged along because, as he had said, “Boston’s got the best booze and the best ladies.”

Sam Wilson, a cadet from D.C, had been in boot camp with him and Bucky, and had chosen Boston College as well. Together, they’d found an apartment complex and moved in to two suites immediately. Sam had even found himself a roommate—a foreign exchange student named Thor, whose last name was impossible to pronounce.

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff had moved in across from Bucky and Steve a month into school, no explanation given. They were… odd, to say the least. It was clear they had known each other previously, but they never gave any clues about their past and had stayed to themselves for the first semester. It wasn’t until Clint had knocked on their door accidentally while drunk that Steve even saw their faces. Afterwards, they had slowly integrated into their group to make a total of six.

“Come on, come on, come on,” Clint whined. “I texted Thor, he’s meeting us there after his class, now let’s go.”

“Jesus, it’s like taking care of a toddler,” Sam muttered.

“Imagine living with him,” Natasha replied.

Thor met them outside the pizza shop, beaming widely. “I am ready to enjoy your cheesy, tomato bread, friends!” he called.

“For God’s sake, Thor. It’s pizza, how have you never heard of pizza,” Clint groaned.

“He’s heard of it, he’s just a little shit and knows it annoys you,” Sam grinned.

“Asshole. Let’s go in, I wanna try and get a seat before the lunch rush comes in.”

Steve followed the group in, inhaling the smell of cheese and dough with a smile. They sat in a booth near the front door, squeezing in so they could all fit. Clint started on some story about his latest bedroom exploit—someone named Barbara, apparently—and Steve was leaning in to listen when a noise from the other side of the restaurant drew his attention.

It was a laugh, confident and loud, and somehow familiar. Steve glanced over and saw another large group at the other corner booth. And right in the middle of the booth, with the same arrogant smile and bright eyes and tangled hair as three years ago, was Tony Stark himself.