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In Pink

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Surely Kanae had been through enough this night? She had invited Kyoko to visit her home--no, no, Kanae was certain she had not been so foolish. She had been most cunningly tricked into inviting Kyoko into this, her most precious of sanctuaries. What had begun as a brief visit had transformed itself before Kanae's horrified eyes into an event beyond even her darkest of nightmares: a sleepover.

That she had done the laundry that very morning was nothing more than coincidence, as was the sweet-smelling nightgown laid out on Kanae's bed. Kyoko had beamed at the nightgown when Kanae thrust it into her arms--as if Kanae was gifting her with something precious. Ridiculous girl!

And now! Now! Kyoko was curled up at the foot of Kanae's bed, wearing Kanae's nightgown, and saying foolish things like: "Mo~ko~. We should have a tickle fight!"

Kanae fluffed her pillow vigorously. She would pay no attention to the cheerful demon spouting nonsense at her. The mattress dipped, and Kanae stiffened in alarm. She looked over her shoulder warily. Kyoko was crawling towards Kanae on the bed, her eyes huge and wanting. Kanae whipped her pillow in front of her body, holding it like a shield.

"It's a rite of passage among girlfriends," Kyoko said dreamily. "Two girls, the best of friends, laughing intimately with one another!"

"Ridiculous," Kanae snapped. She had a large and obnoxious family. Oh yes, Kanae was well acquainted with the squirming helplessness of tickles. Her upper lip curled at the memories. Her pillow crumpled helplessly in Kanae's fierce grip. "What are we? Children playing childish games? No! I refuse!"

Kyoko drooped, melting like butter to cover Kanae's bed. Even her bangs appeared dejected, and Kyoko peered at Kanae through them with mournful eyes. Kyoko sniffled once--a long drawn breath, released as an unsteady burst of air. She was a pathetic and terrifying sight. Kanae stood frozen in place, a panicked feeling of inevitability rising within her breast.

"I've never played childish games, Moko," Kyoko said. Her wide, round eyes brimmed with emotion: regret, loneliness, fury. Kanae barely had time to fling herself backwards before Kyoko reared up, her fists clenched before her in rage. "It's that damned Shotaro's fault! Because of him! That selfish man! I was denied the sweet memories of an innocent girlhood! I won't forgive you, Shotaro!"

Left with no choice, Kanae flung her pillow at Kyoko's head. "I just made that bed!" she cried. "Stupid girl! Why are you talking about that man? Isn't tonight about our bond of friendship?"

Kyoko hugged Kanae's pillow to her chest. The dark aura that had formed around her vanished as suddenly as it appeared, and Kyoko was once more a strange girl with a smile far too bright for Kanae's comfort. "Moko," Kyoko breathed, rapturous, "to have you acknowledge our deep and heartfelt bond so openly! My heart is overflowing with happiness, oh, Moko."

The pillow fell to the bed, and Kyoko was racing forward, her arms held wide. No, impossible! Kanae wasn't prepared for hugging. She had to defend herself from this forward creature, her arms waving like tentacles--hungry, grasping tentacles that would surely drag Kanae down into the depths of the ocean, gasping for breath! Kanae lunged at Kyoko, knocking her legs out from beneath her so that she sprawled onto her back on the bed.

"You," Kanae said, "don't look at me with betrayal." She flexed her fingers, her eyes glinting with a light Kanae was wholly unaware of. "If you start crying, remember that this is what you asked for."

"Moko would never--" Kyoko began, and was quickly interrupted by the feel of Kanae's fingers, flying across her ribs. Kyoko blushed at her own startled shout of laughter. "Moko," she said, red-faced and breathless.

"Kyoko," Kanae said. Her grin was fearsome, her fingers powerful. She joined Kyoko on the bed, pinning her down with her legs when Kyoko began to squirm. The nightgown Kyoko was wearing was thin, and her skin was warm and soft beneath it. Noticing was natural, of course, because Kanae had only played such foolish games with her family. Yes! And she must be ruthless with Kyoko, so that Kyoko would forget such silliness in the future.

"Tell me," Kanae demanded, "is this everything your precious dream was?"

Kyoko's entire body jerked when Kanae found an especially sensitive spot. There was an edge to her laughter as Kyoko tried to push aside Kanae's hands, too weak to offer any real resistance. The way Kyoko's mouth twisted made Kanae's breath quicken.

"It hurts, Moko!" Kyoko whined helplessly. Her fingers twitched against Kanae's wrist.

"Didn't I warn you?" Kanae said. "I won't stop even if you cry. I'll torment you the way you've tormented me for so long! Yes! You, with your strange and pushy ways!"

Kanae clenched her legs tighter around Kyoko's thighs when she bucked wildly, attempting to dislodge Kanae. The muscles in Kyoko's stomach trembled at Kanae's touch. Oh, this power was unexpectedly appealing. To make Kyoko squeal and writhe with the flick of her fingers! That she was able to leave Kyoko breathless and wordless! Kanae's entire body felt flushed, her skin too small to contain her. How intoxicating!

Kyoko's pleas for mercy were as much soft pants and whines as they were words. The colour in her face was deepening, an almost painful looking flush. Her eyes were glossy with tears--of pain or laughter, Kanae was not sure. She felt a moment's pity, and altered the depth and angle of her attack. Kyoko grew pliable in stages so slow that Kanae did not notice the change until Kyoko lay limp beneath her.

Kyoko's lower lip was red and wet from where she had bit it. Her mouth was parted, her breathing uneven. She looked dazed, and Kanae felt a thrill of something even warmer than victory. Kanae's fingers stilled, low on Kyoko's belly. It was impossible to forget that she had Kyoko pinned beneath her, but in the sudden stillness, Kanae grew aware of how closely their bodies were pressed together. She could feel the fine trembling of Kyoko's legs against the inside of her own thighs.

Laughter turned Kyoko's voice low and raw. "Moko?"

The sense of power that had made Kanae's head spin so deliciously drained from her. Kanae stared furiously at the curve of Kyoko's shoulder, exposed by the twisted and stretched neckline of Kanae's own nightgown--such an unexpected betrayal! Her legs, too, turned traitor in Kyoko's presence. They were too weak to support the immense weight that Kanae bore. She rolled to her side on the bed, bringing her long discarded pillow to lay between her and Kyoko.

"Idiot girl," Kanae snorted. She lifted her face from the curve of her arm to glower at Kyoko, who regarded her with wide, confused eyes. "I warned you! These childish games are best forgotten. Don't look at me with sad eyes! I won't be swayed again! Don't pout at me so unbecomingly!"

"It isn't what I dreamed of," Kyoko said, "but, Moko--it was fun, wasn't it, Moko?"

"No," Kanae said, and closed her eyes in the face of Kyoko's disappointment. "I have no time for ridiculous games."