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30 Day Homestuck Challenge

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EB: :D
EB: see you soon!


John couldn't help laughing to himself just a little as he exited out of the chat window. He could already imagine Karkat's expression after that particular exchange—imagine being the key term there. He still didn't know what the trolls looked like. He knew they had gray skin and orange horns, but aside from that, he could only guess. But before much longer, he wouldn't have to guess!

If everything goes right. Which they will, he reminded himself. If they didn't, well, he could deal with that when it happened.

The holographic projections from his Cosbymuffs flickered out as he stood. He didn't have much time left to waste. The others were ready for him. He had to be the one to start this, for some reason, and they would follow. He was their Friendleader, emphasizing on the "leader" part in this case. He couldn't fail, and he didn't think he would. He trusted that things would end up just as they were supposed to, just like they had all through the game so far. John was comfortable with his own destiny, and confident he would fulfill it.

He was glad now that it was his job to start this first. If anything went wrong, he would take the brunt of it. He wasn't afraid of death. Heck, he'd already died twice! But John was afraid of his friends dying. That would be worse than any non-fatal death the universe could concoct for him. He didn't want to hold Jade's unmoving body in his arms again, to see Rose with a hole in her stomach and blood pooling beneath her, to find Dave with his throat slashed and his green suit stained red. He couldn't do it. He would protect them with all the power he had, even if he died again and again and again for them.

That was what a Friendleader did, right?

With a smile on his face and hope in his heart, John Egbert initiated the beginning of the end.