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Days of Dean and Benny

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Owing Ellen sucked, she was cruel. Dean skipped out on one bar tab and now he was working the kissing booth at the summer fair. She said he couldn’t leave until he had earned equal to what he owed (the money would be going to charity and Ellen would forgive his debt).

It was a dollar a kiss so it was going to take awhile. Dean had been doing a good business but it was slowing down, which was good as his lips were getting chapped. He tried to get Lisa or Cassie to buy a bunch but they had stuck to one a piece. Being away at college sucked sometimes, he missed the local girls.

He had his head buried in the latest Hawkeye comic when he heard a cough. He looked up and there was Benny Lafitte, looking a little red. Dean was openly bi, but had never told anyone about the crush he had had on Benny.

He couldn’t help but feel hopeful. "A dollar a kiss." Dean said getting up.

Benny pulled out a crumpled five.

Dean reached to get change. "Or I could just get five kisses." Benny offered and flushed a little more.

"I’m totally okay with that." Dean leaned forward and the five kisses blended together.

Two hours later, they had rather lost count.