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Didn't I retire?

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Lydia followed Allison though the lobby of their new apartment complex and into the lift.

"Soooo, how was France?"

"Um, yeah France was really good, like super good" Allison replied and Lydia frowned. Allison smiled back at her and fidgeted on the spot as the lift doors opened and she practically bolted out of it.

"Allison, your being weird, like supernaturally weird and after everything in the past 6 months or so, I don't like supernaturally weird"

Allison bit her lip and looked at the floor.

"You know how I said I went to France?"

Lydia didn't even dignify that question with a response, because really, really?

"Well, they built this tunnel under the channel now and there’s this high speed train that links France with London and we did a day trip to London and . . ."

As if by divine invention, the door to the apartment opened and all of the people in the god damn world, Jackson poked his head out.

"Allison are you oka. . . Lydia. Ah, nice to see you, uh"

"We brought Jackson back!" Allison yelled before jump hugging Lydia.

To say the rest of the night was awkward was an understatement. Jackson had disappeared to his room and not spoken a word to her and Allison had tried to explain that Jackson just wasn't coping in London, alone as a omega with nowhere to hide or to cope. When they had found Jackson, by mistake, he had being lying in a puddle of mud begging for Chris to cut in him half and end the misery. Personally Lydia was offended Chris hadn’t and Allison hadn’t explained that it’d been her idea to bring him back with them as her father was still wanting out of the supernatural world.

Then Lydia and Allison had gone for girls night out, as planned, to meet another one (well two, one for Allison ) of Lydia's many moving on from Jackson when, and oh if a little part of Lydia didn't love it, they'd pulled up because Scott and Stiles at the traffic lights.
She'd taken off, because unlike Allison she didn't take joy in forcing her friends into unexpected situations with ex's. That was till the bloody Deer ran though her fucking window.

Seriously! She should have just gone home as soon as she saw Jacksons face.
"Hey man" Danny slapped Jackson on the back as he walked up the steps leading to Beacon Hills High "I didn't know you were coming back, how long you been around?"

"About 3 days or so"

"And you didn't text or call dude?"

Jackson sighed and carried on up the stairs till Danny grabbed his shoulder again, squeezing tighter.

"Dude, are you okay, I mean you said you were leaving to, you know, live in London and less than 4 months later and your back, at school. That’s a bit weird even for you?" Danny smirked at the last comment and wait for his reply.

"Yeah Danny, I'm fine, just getting back into things"

Jackson sigh, how exactly could he tell Danny that he died as snake – which he only was because he had no identity- came back as a wolf, broken the heart of the girl who saved him because he actually loved her like a sister than a lover, even though he treated her like shit. Then the alpha who bit him told him not to a douche and to chain himself up on full moons and to get the hell out of his face before he ripped him in half, his parents who freaked out at his death and revival then promptly ran off to London with him where he was so lonely and couldn’t handle the thing he’d fucking begged for and ended up crying in front of Allison and her father.

Progress was the fact he could tell his parents, and he did think of them as that, that he loved him. It felt so good when he said it to them, as a test with his new found lie detector and they’d said “we love you too Jackson” and hugged him for dear life and for the first time ever he knew it was true.

"You’re gonna be fine, your Jackson Whittemore!"

Jackson smiled before he noticed something behind Danny, two guys, twins most likely were walking up the steps and he felt something under his skin. When they glanced over and made eye contact Jackson knew exactly what they were. They walked passed, glaring back at him while Jackson tried to remember everything he knew about controlling his wolf side.

Danny grabbed him and pushed him to the side

"Your eyes have always been a beautiful blue" he comment and rolled his eyes at Jackson smirked "But they haven't ever glowed blue before"

"Must be the sunlight" Jackson counted and Danny just rolled his eyes.
So, apparently Beacon Hills hadn't got any less strange since Jackson left. There were two twin werewolves running around and a flock of Ravens just flew into English and attacked everyone before killing themselves.

Chris had turned up to take Allison and Lydia home and offered to take Jackson home as well but to be honest the car ride would of been more uncomfortable than staying at school. Plus Jackson was a manly man and not afraid of demon ravens that flew into classrooms in a murder suicide attempt.
Still that didn't save Jackson from the embarrassment of being dragged after school by Chris to Dereks new loft to lobby for Jackson to join Dereks pack.
Derek had laughed and shook his head before looking at Jackson with those soaring red alpha eyes that still scared the living daylights out of him.

"I thought, if I remember correctly, that you weren't interested in being part of any pack Jackson, you made your bed and you can lie in it"

He'd then thrown Jackson out of the loft before poking his finger at Chris who glared back at him.

"You bit him, he's your beta, he's your response. . ."

"He's not a beta, he's an omega and that was his choice so don't you, Mr big bad werewolf hunter come waltzing in here lecturing me on what to do when your kind are the ones going around hurting and killing people. Actually" he said looking at Jackson who was now standing in the doorway "you two do make a good pair, hurting innocents, not caring about anyone but yourselves, now get the hell out of my building"

It was an awkward and silent car ride to the Chinese take-away and then back to Chris's apartment.

"And just curious, is there a reason the gun is still pointed at me?"

Chris looked away for a second

"I guess because part of me still wants to shoot you"

"I get that"

Chris sighed and lowered the gun. He was spending too much time hanging around werewolves. Werewolves that ruined his world. He shouldn't of even taken Jackson on but Allison had insisted that they couldn't leave him and part of him had agreed. He put the gun away and took a step forward towards Scott

"Scott, I watched my father brainwash my daughter, almost turned her into a killer. That world, your world decimated mine. My wife,sister, father my entirely family. Why would I ever step foot in it again"

"Because you already have, you’re looking after Jackson, helping him and people, innocent people are going to die" Scott pleaded, with those big brown puppy dog eyes.

Chris sighed as Scott continued.

"And because you know how to catch Boyd and Cora without killing them"

"I'm sorry, I can't help you"

Chris turned around and began to walk back to his car. It was hard enough even just talking to Jackson without seeing flashbacks of his father and the betrayal. He couldn't bring himself to get involved again. Derek, Scott and Isaac could take care of Beacon Hills and he would continue to try and keep Jackson out of trouble. It was the way it had to be.

"Uh, do you think you can do me one little tiny favour?"

Chris knew he was going to regret agreeing but he let Scott climb in the car anyway.

Jackson ignored the glare of the coach and just grunted out a "sorry" as he berated him and Isaac for being late. He made his way over to Danny and started to get changed as the coach waffled on about cross country and the lacrosse team getting fat in the off season. Which, really he had no need to worry because the only unfit player on the team was Stiles and even Stiles wasn't a fat ass.

Stiles in fact, had a nice ass.

Not that Jackson had noticed. Mainly due to his straightness and he liked girls like Lydia. Or had. Or had pretended to like like because he was meant to be the prefect student, prefect son.

"Dude, they're being weird again" Danny said, looking over at Stiles and Scott.

"Danny, come on, that's not unusual"

"Yeah, but Stiles seems to reckon that since he a virgin" and Danny chuckled "that’s he's going to be horribly murdered"

Jackson froze for a second and glanced over at Stiles and Scott who were in-depth discussion. He tried to hone in but as he got them, Scott hit Stiles shoulder and they both glared at him. He just sighed and shook his head. He didn't care anyway.

He didn't care about the murders or the disappearances or Boyd and Erica or the two new werewolves that no one seemed to acknowledge despite the fact they were right there with them in the locker room. He was used to being left out anyway.

During the run, he noticed how the twins took off, followed by Isaac. Scott looked pained for a second before also giving chase. Jackson pondered for a second before deciding he wasn't going to be left behind. He'd been right behind Scott when Scott decked the first twin, Ethan and shifted into werewolf mode along with Scott. Scott had glanced back him for a second before smirking a little bit and then Jackson noticed the twins eyes were red. But still there only two of them to three of, them. Was it a “them”, He wasn't sure but he figured he was at least on Scott’s side for this.
Just as the twins went to lunge at Scott, a scream rang out and they abandoned the fight and ran over.

And if it wasn't another dead body in Beacon Hills. How many graphic horrible murders can one small town have? Scott, Stiles and Isaac were in deep conservation and the twins where just staring at the body and suddenly Jackson was painfully reminded of how he didn't fit in. Not that he cared. Screw them. So he hit up Danny and jogged back to school.

The fact that 3, possibly 4 virgins had been murdered in a horrible way played on Jacksons mind. Not that he cared about Stiles of course, or liked him but Jackson did admire him and his courage. So Stiles being murdered was something he was somewhat opposed to.

This is why he was sitting outside Stiles room, in the dark while Stiles tapped away doing whatever on his computer. He'd been there for half an hour when the window opened and Stiles glared out at it.

"So all werewolves are creepy?"

Jackson sighed and glared back, the little shit didn't understand that Jackson wasn't been creepy. He was helping.

"Someone’s going around murdering loser virgins, and who’s the most losery virgin we know" he shot back, climbing though Stiles window.

Stiles frowned and waved his hands around but otherwise did not disapprove of Jackson climbing though his window. Jackson looked over at Stiles laptop; it was on a webpage about human sacrifice.

"Doing some research?"

"Yeah, well, if someone's going to sacrifice me for my lack of sex life, I'd like to know a little about it. Likely mainly how to avoid it."

A bird flew in the window and around the room and Stiles ducked, causing Jackson to laugh and shake his head.

"God man!"

"It’s just a bird Stiles"

"Yes, but the ravens at school and then that dead guy, the deer ran though Lydia's windscreen before she found that boy at the pool, the beetles that covered those two girls in the forest. Animals, man, animals are the sign. . ."

And Stiles couldn't finish his concern because Jackson had pressed himself and his lips against him and was pulling Stiles top up and off. Stiles pushed Jackson off him.

"What, Jackson, I don't even. . ."

"I'm trying to save your life, do you want to not be a dead virgin"

"Well, yes. I'd like both options. To be not dead and not be a virgin. That wouldn't be a bad deal. But I don't, you know, take it. . . I mean I never, but if I was, you know . . . and with you, you, you’re Jacks. . ."

"Shut up" Jackson pressed himself up against Stiles again and ignored how much better this felt than Lydia and Lydia had felt right. "It's okay; I wanted you to give it anyway"

Stiles spluttered for a second before covering his chest.

"Well,I'm leave my top on, you know, since you have a six pack and . . ."

"You’re hot and sex is meant to be naked" Jackson retorted, stripping off.

"No,no no. your hot. And you know it. And I'm not. And you know it, and you comment about it. like all the time. "

Jackson did not feel guilty. Much. He was an asshole, but he was saving Stiles life so whatever. He figured rather than talking he just push his boxers off and kiss Stiles again and Stiles hands squeeze his ass.

Kissing Stiles was a very different experience to what he was used to, more like going back to when he was 14 again. Stiles broke off him, his cheeks flush red.

"You know, if your just fucking with me, my dad’s the sheriff and Scott’s a werewolf and I will personally . . ."

Jackson shut him up by kissing him again and tugging his pants and boxers off and pushing Stiles back on his bed. Being a werewolf and Stiles being a virgin removed the pesky need for condoms, so he just grabbed the lube and started jerking Stiles off on the bed as he lay there panting.

To be honest, Stiles had a nice dick. It was thick enough and large enough to give Jackson room to focus solely on that and not on the fact he was about to let Stiles fuck him. Which he was only doing to save his life. Not because Jackson had a thing for the loser. Which was also why Jackson had let him drive his car, punching in the face and call him pretty, like some girl, in front of McCall and Chris.

Stiles sat up and took action, that shocked Jackson as Stiles pushed him back and he look down with Hunger in his eyes.

"Are you really going to let me fuck Jackson Whittemore like some bitch"

He ran a finger across Jacksons hole and Jackson found himself getting harder at the thought of being Stiles taking control.

"You wouldn't know how too" he smirked back, shaking his butt against the mattress causing Stiles to bite back a moan. Jackson was about to snigger when Stiles shove a finger in him, followed by a second. He rocked them in and out slowly, pressing deeply into Jackson before suddenly stopping.

"How'd ya know I was bi?"


"How did you know I would be interested and not kick your werewolf tushy out the window?"

Jackson rolled his eyes and counted on his fingers "1) you couldn't, 2) your always asking Danny if you’re attractive to gays and 3) you’re Stiles, if anyone throws themself at you, you'd take it"

Stiles glared for like 2 seconds "Rude, asshole and I think you should put those fingers to better use, open yourself up for me bitch"
With that Stiles jerk his fingers out and start slowly stroking his dick, Jackson felt himself blush as he lowered his hand down and start working on his hole while
Stiles just stared at him. This was awkward and he tried to look away.

"I want you to keep eye contact" Stiles said smirking as Jackson’s cheeks went further red.

"I wonder how hard I'd have to spank you to make your butt cheeks go as red as your cheeks" Stiles commented "anyway, I've waited like 16 years for this, I want some action"

And if that Stiles shoved, as in shoved, his cock in Jacksons ass and he had to thank himself for werewolf healing abilities because Stiles was rough and unpractised. Before long Jackson felt a warm sensation in his ass and he realised that Stiles had just cummed up there. Stiles pulled out and grabbed a T-shirt to wipe himself clean when he looked over at Jackson.

"Oh shoot, I forgot, you haven't" he waffled as he pointed at Jacksons erection " You should take care of that, I wanna watch you" and with that Stiles slumped himself against the wall and waited. It was awkward, he was lying with his legs in the air and Stiles cum leaking out his hole and Stiles was just staring waiting for him to jack off.

He reached down and started tugging as Stiles grabbed his boxers and T and he whined, because that was cool, and mentally kicked himself for always picking on Stiles body. He'd never really thought about how it'd affect Stiles, just how it was an important part of his facade. That was his problem; he never thought about anyone else, he was too concerned about his image, what people thought of him. He felt his erection grow limp in his hand.

Stiles voice broke him out of his thought "It’s okay, I know I'm not exactly a pin up model, I have porn on my laptop or you could, just go, if it’s easier"

"Shit, Stiles, no its. . ."

"What in the name of"

Both Stiles and Jackson turned around to look at the Sheriff.

"No! this is not happening, get out of my sons bed and dressed, you have 30 seconds to get out of this house before I shoot you and get one of my deputies to hide your body. I’m thinking Deputy Tara, she likes Stiles"



Jackson was already half dressed and down the stairs, with his werewolf hearing he could hear the conversation.


"Look son, I don't care if you like guys or girls, or guys and girls, but of all people do you have to sleep with Jackson Whittemore, the most selfish prat to roam the streets of Beacon Hills. The one who watched your friend Isaac get beaten to a pulp, I don't know how but I know he's connect to Lydia's attack, the same Jackson who got me fired and made your and Scott life a living hell. Look, I don't want to sound sappy but you can find someone who isn't an asshole."
It was true, Jackson thought to himself, Stiles did deserve someone who wasn't an asshole as he walked out the door.

Chris pulled over at the small diner on his way back to Beacon Hills, it was late and he was hungry and wanted to grab something to eat before carrying on the long drive back home. Parking the car in the half empty car park, he grabbed his wallet and made his way inside the diner.

There were a handful of people sitting inside and two waiters standing behind the counter. One was young, about late teens or early 20’s and had black jelled up hair and clearly had a six pack under his tight white tee. Of more interested to Chris was the fact he was wearing dark sunglasses, inside, at night.
The other guy was a typical diner guy, older and sloppy and looked thoroughly disinterested in what was happening around him.
A middle aged waitress came towards him and smiled as she handed him a menu before glancing quickly at the boy.

“He gets sensitive to light” she answered and Chris cocked his head at her.

“Oh honey” she carried on “I could see you staring. Everybody does” and she patted him on the shoulder.

Sometimes in this world of super natural crazy stuff,Chris forgot the natural world was just as crazy sometimes.

The waitress turned to leave before looking at him again “Ya know” she drawled out, quietly “It is weird through how it only happens around the full moon” she said with a shrug of her shoulders as Chris let the reality sink in “Its so bad on the actually full moon that he stays at home, poor kid” she mused, with a vague head point in his direction as she lend in “he’s such a good kid too, always helping out, always in the right spot, he’d saved a baby from being run over one day and when Dave over there fell off his ladder while painting the roof, Brad managed to catch him and saved him breaking his back or worse, the good god only knows how he got to be so fast and strong”

Chris just nodded as the lady wandered off and looked across to Brad, he wasn’t of any interested to the hunter as he could tell from the faint yellow glow visible under his glasses and the lack of any news on the hunter underground network that clearly Brad was hardly a threat and he was only interested in those who hunt us.

However, life was never that easy.

As the lady brought his coffee to him, he noticed two guys sipping coffee. He recognized them as hunters that were friends with Gerard and he knew why they were here. However it wasn’t his concern, it was bad enough he was protecting one werewolf back home without worrying about a second one.
The sound of smashed glass and screaming from outside broke Chris’s attention for a second and Brad actually flew over the counter.

“Be right back” he told Dave as he shot out the door. The two hunters got up and followed him out and against his better instincts, Chris followed.

A lady, shaking, bumped into Chris, saying something about calling the police and attempted kidnapping as she fled into the diner. He could hear tyres screeching and Brad was standing by the road with his back to the diner and the hunters.

The two hunters stood behind Brad and drew their bow, Brad turned around and started to ask “Did either of you get the license pl. . . “ He was cut off as the first arrow flew into his right shoulder. The second hunter took aim and fired into his chest as Brad fell to the ground, grasping.

“Please. . . I’m not the bad one” he begged, trying to shuffle back along the ground towards the road.

The hunter just chuckled and drew another arrow.

The bow flew from his hand as Chris’s bullet hit it and both hunters turned around. There wasn’t two seconds for them to get their bearings though as the diner came pouring out. Chris fired two more rounds into the air as people panicked around them, police sirens rang out in the background and Chris grabbed Brad’s good shoulder and shoved him into the back of his 4WD.

He started reversing, watching out for the hordes of people running around the carpark. For a diner that was half empty, when its patrons where all scrambling for their lives it seemed like there was 1000’s of them.

“Let’s get you out here for a while before people start asking how you healed yourself” Chris said to the werewolf as he pulled out the arrows. He found when Brad didn’t reply and black blood oozed out the wounds. He felt relief as Brad raised his head but was quickly shattered when he barfed up black blood all over the seats and floor of the 4WD. That was going to be a bugger to clean up later.

He put his foot to the pedal and roared down the interstate, he knew the one place that might be able to help.

Dr Deaton sighed as someone banged against his door. Given it was after 11pm it was more than likely something supernatural. Just in case he called out his catch phrase “Sorry, we’re closed”

The door flung open with an almighty smash as someone booted it open. Deaton ran through to the front office to come face to face with Chris Argent dragging someone he hadn’t seen before.

“Sorry Doctor, I’ll fix that but we’re running out of time, he been shot by arrows with Wolfsbane and Nightshade” Chris explained as he dragged Brad through to the exam room and pushed him up onto the table.

“Doesn’t look good” Deaton remarked as the werewolf lay before them

“Can you help him Doc?”

“You’re going to lose your bad ass hunter reputation if you keep saving werewolves instead of hunting them” Deaton retorted as he looked Brad over and went over to his cabinet

“This one hasn’t hunted anyone; therefore he’s not a threat”

Chris paced the small office of the Animal Hospital, wondering when in his life he began to worry about werewolves. The door opened and Alan came out, shutting it behind him.
“Is he going to be ok?”

Alan frowned at the ground and rubbed his arm “I’ve done my best but it doesn’t help that he’s an omega, wolves as you know are social creatures and if he was a beta in a pack then I’d rate his rates higher but. . .” Alan shrugged at the door “without anyone, it’s not going to be as easy for him to heal himself”

Chris grimaced as he mentally kicked himself for not acting soon, but at the end of day he was, or at least had been a hunter. A werewolf hunter, the one shooting werewolves. While he had lived by the code and only hunted werewolves that attacked innocent people, he hadn’t cared much for any others. It wasn’t until Scott had started dating Allison that he had started to take an active interested in ‘wolves he wasn’t hunting and more so when Jackson had begged on his front door for Chris to stop the curse. . .

“What about Jackson?” Chris asked as the thought formed.

“Hmmm, might work, might not”

“But worth a chance”

Jackson twisted and turned in bed, picking up a pillow and shoving it over his head to drown out the cellphone ring. Unluckily for Jackson, werewolf super powers meant he could still hear it as clear as anything.
Giving up as the phone still rang on his bedside cabinet for the 3rd time; he picked it up and glanced at the screen. He felt a pang of guilt when he saw it was Chris.

“Yo” he yawned down the phone “what’s up Chris”

“How long till you can get to the Animal Hospital?”

Jackson stretched as he yawned again and looked at the clock on the wall.

“Why would I be going to the Animal Hospital at 1am? Seriously I have a la. . .”

“I’m not asking Jackson”

The phone clicked in his ear and Jackson collapsed back onto his bed before sighing and throwing the pillow across the room. Dragging himself out of the bed he
opened up the cupboard, glancing over this wardrobe options and popped a breath mint into his mouth.

There was a knock at the door and Allison poked her head in.

“Jackson, what are you doing up so late?”

He sighed and ran a hand though his dark blonde hair.

“Nothing Allison, just go back to bed”

Of course Allison wasn’t going to go back to bed, which is how she ended up sitting next to Jackson in his Porsche as he roared down the road to the Animal Hospital.

“Do you think its Scott that’s hurt?” She asked, worry leaking through voice.

“I hope not, if your dad woke me up at 1am just to see McCall I’m going to be so pissed”
For a second he felt relieved that he was driving and that prevent Allison from stabbing him with one of her knives or blades that she wield with alarming accuracy. As the Kanima he’d seen her slice Isaac and even with super wolf healing powers it didn’t look fun.
He winced and avoided looking Allison as memories of the Kanima roared back to him. It was in the past and now he was a werewolf, as he always should have been. He was the best again and . . .

Still not accepted or trusted. He had no idea what McCall, Stiles and Derek where up to or why all these virgins where popping up brutally murdered. No one asked him to help and he didn’t care. He didn’t want to be involved, he was happy being the prefect jock.
He pulled up outside the hospital and hopped out, Allison following him as they walked up the drive-way. They both froze and Jackson wolfed out when they noticed the smashed door. Allison pulled out her cross-bow and Jackson pondered for a second where it came from.

At that moment Chris appeared. He was shocked to see Allison but rushed Jackson in.

“Jackson we need your help”

They pulled him though into the small room where a werewolf he’d never seen before lay on the table. Deaton had cut open his chest and rub some funny herb stuff on his chest.

"I don't really see what I can do here, apart for miss out on sleeping" Jackson commented, because did Chris think that becoming a werewolf gave Jackson any answers. The only person who had answers didn't want to speak to either Chris or Jackson, so they were up shit creek really.

"Who is he" Allison asked

"Allison, why are you here?" Chris asked, to which she just rolled her eyes and joined them at the table "I don't know, I just found him" Allison looked at up him and smiled, with pride and he wouldn't deny that it made him feel a little bit warmer inside.
Deaton looked at Jackson "A lot of werewolf healing is based on your state of mind, when you feel alone, you feel weak. By you being here and your presense, means that he's not alone"

Jackson looked at Chris who nodded and reached out and put his hand on the wolfs chest, Allison follow suit and Chris raise his eyebrows at Deaton who just shrugged. With that Chris placed a hand on Brad's shoulder.

2 hours later and Jackson and Allison had fallen asleep on the chairs that Deaton had brought in, he was woken by twitching and stretched, accidentally smacking Allison who glared behind tired eyes as she woke up.

The wolf pushed himself up and glanced around the room, his eyes stopping on Chris and Deaton for a second.
Just a second because then he flew off the table at such a speed it went flying forward, waking Chris and Deaton up. The wolf crashed against the back wolf, fully wolf up and growled

"Stay away from me or I'll rip your throats out" he snarled as disappeared out the door. Chris look at Deaton before following carefully. In the office the wolf had come up against the mountain ash counter.

He turned around as Chris and the rest followed into the office. The wolf suddenly looked more vulnerable. He threw his hands in the air like they were the police.
"Please, look I haven't hurt anyone, I'm not a monster, I promise" he cried out as he slid down the counter.

Chris grimaced for a second before squatting down "Its okay" he said, reaching out "we're not here to hurt you, I'm here" he paused, not believing he was about to say this "We're here to help you"