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My Dark Place Alone

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Flashback: Carolinas Medical Center. July 17th, 4:47am.





I woke up sometime during the early hours of the morning, the sharp pain in my back and stomach still there. I now realized that I was in the hospital, bedridden. My right leg was in a small cast and they had put me on the drip. Yesterday's events played over in my head, and I'd remembered what I did. Andy and the others would be back in the morning during visiting hours to come see me, I didn't wanna be here. I didn't wanna face them. It was all my fault. I didn't listen to them when they tried to get me away from Aaron. I caused all this by myself. Because I was stupid enough to keep everything to myself and hope that somehow Aaron would changed. I was very, very foolish indeed. I was ashamed of everything I did wrong. And to make matters worse, I killed Aaron. I killed a human being. How could I possibly face anyone again? How could I possibly go back to what I loved doing? I just killed someone. I let everyone down. Nothing's ever gonna be the same. I just have to leave it all behind. I can't do this. I just can't. I've let my friends, family and fans down. Because of one stupid mistake caused by me. This is all my fault.


I shifted myself, with great difficulty, off the bed. Holding onto the metal rod my drip was attached to. I limped quietly out of the ward and looked around to see if there were any nurses hanging around. Everything was unnervingly quiet. I looked at the drip attached to my hand and pulled it off, it was gonna slow me down and make a lot of noise anyway. Blood seeped through the small wound and I limped on towards the exit backdoor, which was somewhere located downstairs. I had to carefully and silently go down a few flights of stairs before I reached the bottom where the exit was. This was all too easy, why wasn't there any night nurses on duty? Where was everyone? I opened the door and carried on into the cold early morning, thinking of what I'd do next. I had one place in mind where I knew I could go stay. Luckily enough I'd thought to take my phone from the bedside table, I needed to make a phonecall...





End of flashback.







February 16th 2012, Los Angeles CA, 5:06pm



I was sitting here at the table, drinking coffee, at my cousin Sally's house in Los Angeles. It's been 7 months since the day I went missing. Over that period of time it had given me a chance to change my look so that no one would recognize me. I was going by the name of Laurie Myers now, I let my hair grow out and dyed it all red, I adapted more of a Goth look, wearing thick black eye-makeup, black or red lipsticks and gothic style clothing. I began to look a lot more like how my mom used to look back in her day. I grew up around this style of clothing as well as the music I listen to, so it all came natural to me. I had a new nose piercing, but kept my snakebites in; not really having the heart to get rid of them yet. I had a couple of tattoos on my arms: “Sweet Blasphemy”, “The Mortician's Daughter”, a “Deanis” (inside joke that me and Adam came up with, is apparently a penis that looks like our old friend Dean) which I cover up with a wristband in public, cobwebs and an old tattoo I had already from when I was 16; it was a heartagram with Adam's initials on it. This was easily covered up with gloves or a wristband since it was on the inside of my wrist, plus it wasn't that big.


Today I was wearing a studded sleeveless black leather jacket, tight black skinnies, cyber boots and a sleeveless KISS top. Sally sat down beside me with a plate of scrambled eggs, she gave me a weak smile.


“Hey hun, how're you today?” she asked, eating a forkful of egg.


“I'm ok I guess...” I said, sipping my coffee.


She looked at me for a while and sighed sadly. “Aww, babe. I know you're still stirred up about things, but I promise you they'll get better. You just gotta leave that all behind you now, start a new life. And you know I'm hear no matter what. Just take one day at a time.” said Sally, taking a hold of my hand and squeezing it sympathetically.


I frowned. “And that's it. Happy ending? Fuck's sake Sally how can I leave it all behind me, I just killed a fucking human being. One of these days it's all gonna come back and bite me in the ass. Then I'll get what I deserve.” I spat angrily.


“Eris- sorry, Laurie- if you carry on thinking so pesimistically it's not gonna help you one fucking bit. What else are you supposed to do? You've got a job, a place to stay, that's a start right? Look, I think maybe seeing a psychologist might help with-”


“A psychologist? A psychologist! Are you fucking kidding me? Oh, so you're saying I'm crazy now, right?” I said furiously, getting up from the table so abruptly it caused Sally to jump a bit.


“What? I never said you were crazy!”

“Yeah but you implied it!”

Sally sighed. “What the fuck is this shit, Eris?”

“I'm not seeing a fucking psychologist! They won't do shit for me! All they're gonna do is treat me like I'm some fucking nutcase and I'm not having that!”


“At least they might be able to prescribe you with some medication or something!”


“There you go again, implying that I'm mad.”


“Oh my God, I'm so sick of your paranoid shit, Eris! Sometimes I wonder why I even put up with you!”


“Oh yeah? Well you don't fucking have to!” I stormed off out of the kitchen.


“Eris? Where the hell are you going?” Sally called after me.


“Out.” I answered bluntly and shut the door behind me.


I didn't exactly know where I was going, but I needed a good long walk to clear my head. I've no idea why I reacted so harshly back there. Of course she wasn't implying that I was crazy, Sally would never do that. She loved me. And I loved her too, despite all I said. I guess I was just afraid to admit that I did have a problem.


It was getting a little dark outside, and quite cold if I must add. I huddled in my leather jacket, if only I thought to wear a proper coat with sleeves. I walked for quite a while, the wind blowing in my face, until I reached a diner. I decided to head on in for warmth, plus I could do with a coffee right about now.

It was thankfully warm and cosy inside, I took a seat by the window and a waitress came up to me to take my order. I gazed out the window at the sunsetting scenery after she'd left, in deep thought. I felt really bad about arguing with Sally, she was only trying to help and I was being a selfish, paranoid bitch about it all.


I took out my cellphone, wondering whether or not to text her. I decided I would in the end:

“Hey, I'm sorry about the way I acted. I don't know why I was that way. Friends? X”


I pressed send and it wasn't long before she sent a reply. I opened the message:

“It's ok, I just really worry about you. How about we get Chinese tonight? Been dying for some for a while now :) x”


I smiled, glad to know she wasn't sore about it.

“Sure, it's all on me though. Just a way of saying sorry. I'll be back home soon, just having a coffee at the moment x”


A minute later, another reply:

“You don't have to do that, but all right, I won't argue this time. Take care ok? Come home safe x”


The waitress arrived back with my coffee as I put my phone in my pocket. I wrapped my fingers around the cup, warming them. Warmth sure felt good at this time.


As I was drinking my coffee I couldn't help but overhear a group behind me talking, they sounded eerily familiar.


“Any sign of her yet?”


“No. Not yet.”


“It's been seven months. I doubt she'll ever turn up, wherever the hell she is.”


“Whatever happened that day I'll never know. I just don't get why she'd leave like that. Or if she even left at all.”

“What're you think someone kidnapped her?”

“Possibly. It's just a thought, Andy.”

My heart stopped. That was definitely the guys from BVB. I dared myself to look behind me, luckily enough they weren't looking in my direction, it was them all right. They looked terrible, especially Andy. His hair had grown longer and was all tousled. He looked like he hadn't been sleeping well enough either, or eating very much for that matter. If Andy looked like this, God knows what Adam looked like. My heart ached just thinking about it, if only they knew my reason for it. But I mustn't let them find me, I can't let them find me. I just can't.

I tried to quickly drink my coffee, but it was much too hot still. I felt physically sick. I got up from my seat and rushed off to the ladies' room, where I was noisily sick in one of the cubicles. I walked out of the cubicle and rinsed my mouth, trying to get rid of the horrible taste in my mouth. I clutched the edges of the sink, my head pounding. I needed to get out of here fast, I didn't want to stay a moment longer. I'll just head straight home back to Sally, she'll be worried anyway if I don't get back soon.


I headed out of the ladies' and bumped into Ashley, who was most likely on his way to the mens' room.


“S-sorry about that.” I said quickly, not making eye contact.


“No problem.” he said, looking at me.


I quickly got out of his way, paid for my coffee and rushed right out of there. My heart was pounding hard against my chest now. What if Ashley recognized me and went back to tell the others? I quickened my pace, desperate to be as far away from that place as possible. I felt uneasy, getting the feeling like someone was following me. It could have just been my nerves. I was always uneasy nowadays. That didn't stop me looking over my shoulder though.

I didn't know why I was so jumpy, it was starting to annoy me if anything. I would only attract unwanted attention if I kept this up, so I tried to calm myself down. I was almost home anyway, I didn't have to worry about BVB finding me. I was probably being paranoid. Of course Ashley didn't recognize me. I was just creating my own worry here.


I finally arrived home, my feet feeling quite sore after walking so quickly in boots like these. I figured Sally might have locked the front door as usual so I knocked, seeing as I forgot my key once again. I waited, no one answered. I frowned, knocking again. I waited for a good five minutes, knocking repeatedly. Still no answer. I decided to try the door to see if it was locked, I turned the handle and the door opened. So Sally didn't lock it after all.


“Sally?” I called out. “Sally, I'm home! Where are you?”


My voice echoed throughout the house, no one answered. This was very strange indeed. Sally couldn't have gone out, she'd have locked the door if she did. I tried not to panic, what if this time she simply forgot?


“Sally?!” I called out again, my heart rising to my throat.


I walked into the kitchen where I'd last seen her this morning, I froze when I saw a trail of blood leading up out of the kitchen to where I presumed was the living room. I swallowed the lump in my throat.


“Sally?” I said, my voice thick.


I creeped slowly towards the living room, terrified of what I might find there. My heart was beating fast. I entered the sitting room and saw that the whole place was thrashed. In the middle of the room was Sally's bloodied body.


“Sally! Oh my God, baby, are you ok?!” I screamed, rushing towards her. I knelt down, getting blood on my jeans, and pulled her over onto her back. There was a large gash in her throat and stomach, a pool of blood seeping out from her mouth. Although it was very clear that she was dead, I still tried to feel for a pulse. There was none.


“Oh my you can't be dead...” I said, getting all choked up, tears spilling down my cheeks. I backed away from her lifeless body, shaking my head in disbelief. Who would have done this? I heard something fall in the kitchen and looked up in time to see someone walk into the room.


“Oh God..” I said in a hushed voice.


The person, whom I guess killed Sally, looked scarily similar to Aaron. I was convinced it was him, which is why I scrambled to my feet and rushed out of the living room. The man didn't say anything, but I knew he was after me. I could hear his footsteps as I hurried through the hallway, reaching for the front door. I wrenched it open and ran outside, it was raining heavily now, making it kind of hard for me to see where I was going.


I looked behind me, vaguely making out the dark figure at the front door. I carried on running, screaming for help, I wasn't sure if anyone could hear me now as I seemed to be heading off into an isolated section.

I wasn't sure how long I'd been running, but it seemed like a pretty long time to me. I kept looking behind my shoulder, trying to see if he was still after me. Not paying attention as to where I was running to, I ended up tripping over some lose wire, from a torn down wired-fence that was meant to prevent anyone from falling down the ditch behind it, and fell down. It wasn't a particularly big ditch thankfully, but I ended up twisting my ankle and a piece of wire had pierced it's way through the skin in my leg and was stuck painfully there.


I heaved myself off the ground slowly, wincing at the pain. I noticed a light far up ahead and made my way, limping, over to that direction. I looked back over my shoulder once again, there was no sign of that man. Whoever it was. The thought of it being Aaron made me sick to my stomach.

As I got closer I realized the light was coming from a house, whoever lived in this location seemed pretty keen on the idea of being quite isolated from people. When I reached the house I realized it was the back I ended up at, I wasn't really sure what to do next. I stayed shivering next to the backdoor, wondering whether to check if the door was open and sneak in and hide somewhere in their laundry room until I was sure I wasn't being followed by that man, or wait out here in the blistering rain.

I looked behind me once again, feeling very uneasy, and suddenly saw the same familiar dark figure at the other side. I panicked and took my chances, stealthily turning the handle of the door and creeping inside. It was dark inside the laundry room, I hid underneath one of the tables, tucking my knees up against my chest. I was shivering with both fear and the cold, listening for any footsteps. All I could hear was the sound of the rain pounding against the window.

I'd been sitting there for about twenty minutes at least, waiting to see if whoever that was would come breaking through the door, if he even saw me. There was a sudden sound of footsteps from the kitchen and someone opened the door to the laundry room. I watched as a pair of legs from whoever it was passed by me, I huddled up further, not wanting this person to see me.


“Can you get my Hello Kitty shirt out of the washing machine while you're at it?” a young woman called from the kitchen.


“Sure thing, Vidia.” the person, whom was a guy, answered.


Vidia? Was this my Vidia he was talking about? This guy sure did sound a lot like James, I peeked out, trying to catch a glimpse of his face. I did, and I was right, it was James.


I gasped, leaning forwards. “James!” I hissed.


He jumped back, startled, looking around and suddenly spotting me from underneath the table. He frowned. “What the hell? Who are you?” he asked, coming over to me.


“James, it's me Eris- you gotta help me, please-” I sobbed, shaking.


“Eris? Oh my God what the hell are you doing here? You'll freeze your ass off in here!” he said, pulling me up onto my feet. He gasped when he saw the state my leg was in. “What happened to you?”


“You gotta help me please- Sally's dead- she's dead, this man- he-” I started, unable to get the words out properly due to shock.


“Whoa whoa, calm down. Let's get you into the kitchen, you'll catch your death in the state your in. It's raining like a motherfucker out there,” he said, helping me into the kitchen.

Vidia looked up and was shocked to see me. “James, what the fuck-?” she said, jumping up from her seat.


“It's Eris, Vidia. I don't know what happened to her but she seems to be in shock. She mentioned something about Sally being dead and a man,” said James, carefully putting me down on a chair.


Vidia rushed up to hug me, holding me close. “Oh my God, your cousin Sally? What happened babe?”


I could hardly get the words out, I was shaking and sobbing so much. “S-she's dead – the-there was this man and I dunno- I dunno- he looked like Aaron and he chased me down here and-”


“Hold on slow down – Aaron? What has he got to do with all of this? You're saying he killed her?”


“Hey, hey, leave the questions for now Vidia. I think maybe you should take her upstairs and get her changed out of those soaking wet clothes before we find out what happened first. I'll put the filter on for some coffee.” said James firmly.


Vidia carefully took me by the hand and wrapped her arm around me, gently pulling me up from my seat, and brought me upstairs to her room. She rooted through her wardrobe for something clean for me to wear.


“I've a shit load of gothic clothes from when I went through that phase, I was gonna throw them out but you can have them if you like. We're around the same size, right?” she said, chucking a black lace-up corset top at me and a black skirt. She also passed me a towel. “Think you're gonna wanna dry yourself up a bit before you change into them clothes.”


I went into the bathroom, hastily dried myself and changed into the clothes Vidia gave me. I caught my reflection in the mirror, I looked terrible. My hair was soaked, my makeup ran down my cheeks and I looked like death to be precise. I grabbed one of Vidia's make-up removal wipes and cleaned up my face. I brushed back my soaking hair and went back into Vidia's room. She smiled at me.


“That's better, want me to do your hair for you? I think you've had enough of water dripping down on you today.” she said, trying to stay lively to make me feel better. Which was slightly working. She blow-dryed my hair, got out her straightener and styled my hair. I let her do my makeup also, only because I didn't want to have to look at myself in the mirror and because Vidia's fussing around made me feel a bit more secure. She stepped back and looked at me, admiring her work.


“Done. You look beautiful as always, babe!” she grinned at me, I managed a small smile.


“Thanks Vid,” I said.


“C'mon, let's go downstairs and have some coffee. You're telling us what happened.”


We returned to the kitchen to find Dean sitting there with James, he looked up at me.


“My God Eris what happened here? I come back home from a nice long stroll in the park and there's blood all over the kitchen floor. Mind telling us what's going on around here?” he said, looking utterly bemused.


“Chill Deanis, we'll get to that in a minute. Did you clean that wound Vidia?” James asked, getting up from the table.


“Shit. I forgot,” she said, biting her lip.


“Nevermind, I'll do it,” said James, grabbing some disinfectant, bandages, pliers and a cloth.


He examined the wire stuck into my leg. “Looks like it stuck pretty deep in there, this is gonna hurt ok?” said James, frowning a little. He cleaned the blood around it and, with the pliers, gently began pulling it out of my leg. I managed to stop myself yelling in pain, but I certainly gasped and made a lot of faces in the process.


Finally James got the wire out and placed it on the floor beside him. “Put that in the bin, Deanis, will you?” he said.


“I will if you stop calling me that,” said Dean, glaring at him.


James chuckled. “Sorry, force of habit.”


He began cleaning the wound with disinfectant while Dean got rid of the piece of wire, it stung a little but I was grateful for that wire being out of my leg. He wrapped a bandage around my leg after he'd finished and got up.


“I believe my work here is done. Congratulations Eris, that motherfucking piece of wire is out of your leg!” he said, grinning at me.


I gave a small laugh, smiling a little. “Thanks James, I'm glad it's out of there. It was pissing me off.”


“So you gonna tell us what happened? I don't want Dahvie and the others to come back and ruin the peace and quiet.” said Dean, sniffing.


“Dahvie...and the others?” I said, puzzled.


“We'll explain later. Right now we need yours, spill.”


I took a deep breath. “All right then, here months ago on the last night of our tour with BVB Aaron broke into our tour bus while the others were gone, I stayed there because I'd just recieved a threatening text from him and it got me sick with worry. He tried to kill me, saying if he couldn't have me, no one could. He said he was going to take his own life after he'd taken mine, and that way no one could have me but him. I ended up stabbing him due to trying to protect myself, he somehow wasn't dead yet and got me pretty good in the back and a bit of my stomach as well. I was rushed to hospital and I didn't think I was gonna survive, but I did. Sometime during the night I ran away, calling Sally to come pick me up and bring me back to her place. I didn't wanna face them after what I did. I didn't wanna go back and face everyone. I just ruined everything. Aaron's dead and it's all my fault.” I said, tears dribbling down my cheeks.


“Oh Eris, don't cry!” said Vidia, wiping away the tears with her thumb.


“Aaron's dead? But didn't you say that man tonight that was chasing you was Aaron?” said James.


“I dunno, maybe I'm just paranoid after all that's happened. It was probably just some lunatic. Either way he killed Sally, she's dead and now I don't know what to do. I still can't believe it's happened. This is all happening so fast – why did she have to die? Why did I have to be such a scheming bitch to her before. If only I stayed there with her then none of this would have happened!” I sobbed, shaking once again.


“Eris, it's not your fault. You didn't know this was gonna happen, don't beat yourself up over it. Besides, you can stay here with us. We'll protect you, ok? It'll be like old times when we all hung out and shit. Excluding Adam since he's not here with us.” said Vidia.


“Not helping, Vid,” said James, casting her a disgusted look. “Ignoring that, you can definitely stay here with us! We've no problem with that.”


“I'm certainly lucky to have found you guys, thank you...I really appreciate this. But there's just one thing I need you to promise me. Don't call me Eris anymore, I'm going by Laurie Myers now. I can't risk anyone knowing who I really am. So no mentioning Burning Roses, got it? Saying you used to be from my old band is ok, just don't mention the name.”


“We promise,” said Vidia, squeezing my hand. “Hm. Laurie, eh? Nice choice.”


“So..what was touring with Black Veil Brides like?”


“Amazing. Just fucking amazing. It was a seriously awesome experience for us to be touring with our favorite band. Plus they're really lovely people.” I said, suddenly feeling guilty.


“Well that's good to hear then, we saw the San Diego show live on YouTube. You guys fucking killed it!” grinned James.


“San Diego was a good night, though Charlotte's crowd was pretty fucking amazing. Until the end when Aaron ruined it all..” I said. “He always ruined things for me.”


“I remember meeting him once when we came down for a visit, I think you were only just going out with him. He seemed nice at that point.” said Vidia.


“He was but then he suddenly changed after Adam was being his usual pervy self around me.”


“That Adam, always able to liven things up,” chuckled James, shaking his head fondly.


“Too bad you two broke up, you were so cute together. I guess it was just the stuff he got you into when you were both sixteen that fucked you over,” said Vidia.


“That was it exactly, I didn't like that at all. But despite that, Adam had, and still is, very sweet to me. I still love him just as much as my friend than anything else.”


“So what's going on now? You seeing anybody?” Dean asked, finally getting a word in edgeways.


“Well...I was seeing Andy for that short amount of time...” I mumbled, my cheeks flushing.


“Andy? You mean the frontman for BVB?” said Vidia, raising her eyebrows.



“Oh wow, look at you working your charms then Eris- sorry, Laurie,” she teased, nudging me.


“I didn't do anything!” I said, in denial.


“Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you didn't.”


“Enough about me though, what's all this about Dahvie and some other people living here?” I said, looking at the three of them.


“Heh yeah, about that. We're sorta kinda living with the guys from Blood On The Dance Floor and Murderdolls..” said Vidia, looking uneasy.


“Eh? How the fuck did that happen?”


“We don't really know exactly how it happened, but I think their managers have something to do with it, and I think our guitarist had something to do with it too. Probably thought throwing two completely opposite bands together and having us stuck in the middle of it all was amusing. That's my theory,” said James, pulling a face. “It's not so bad though, Dahvie and Jayy are a blast at times when they're not drunk and trying to feel us up, and the guys from Murderdolls are pretty awesome too, when they're also not drunk and thrashing the place and playing their instruments at five o'clock in the fucking morning whilst all being drunk in the process...”


“Sounds...interesting. I hope they won't find me a problem then,” I said, biting my lip rings.


“Oh I'm sure they won't,” Vidia reassured me.


“Especially Dahvie...I'm sure he won't mind at ALL,” scoffed Dean. “Horny little fucker..”

“Now, now Dean. We know how much you dislike Dahvie, but give the guy a break.”

“He's repulsing! All that drinking and sex! And his music? Disgusting! All to do with sex, sex and more sex!”


I laughed, shaking my head. Yep, that was the Dean I remembered. “Dean, you haven't changed a bit.”


“Is that a good thing?” he asked, unsure.


“Yes. Yes it is.”


The silence was then interrupted by high pitched voices and yelling coming from the laundry room. Vidia sighed.


“The 'Dolls are back...not sure if they're drunk or high this time...”

We heard other equally high pitched voices from the living room, my guess was that it was Dahvie and Jayy. They stumbled into the kitchen, smiling widely at us all.


“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey guys!” said Dahvie, staggering a little.


“Hey, Dahvie, Jayy. You guys been drinking again?” said Vidia casually.


“Maaaaaybe. Think I had, like, a couple'a drinks or somethin',” he said, slurring his words a little.


“I didn't drink as much as him,” said Jayy, pointing his finger accusingly at Dahvie.


“Traitor! Stop betraying me!” said Dahvie pathetically, pouting at Jayy. He suddenly noticed I was there and smiled. “Oooh, new person! Hi new person! You're really pretty!”


“Dahvie, Jayy, this is my childhood friend Laurie Myers,” said Vidia.


“'Sup,” I said, nodding at them.


“My dick,” Dahvie answered, both him and Jayy burst into peals of laughter.


I raised my eyebrows. “Wow...they're keepers.” I mumbled, looking at James.


“I'll go make some coffee, you drunken idiots want any?” asked James, getting up from the table.


“Yeah yeah we'll have some won't we Jayy?” said Dahvie.


“Make mine extra strong please,” said Jayy, smiling sweetly at James.


“I'll just take a seat next to pretty miss Laurie here,” said Dahvie, sitting down beside me and leaning close to me. “So where you from, hun?”


“Charlotte, North Carolina.”


“Ooh, Weddy's from Charlotte too, where is Weddy?” said Dahvie, squinting, looking around to see if he'd missed him or something.


At that precise moment, the 'Dolls came bustling in, laughing loudly. James nodded at them all.


“'Sup guys, y'all want some coffee?” said James.


“Sure man, coffee sounds good right about now,” said Roman, picking a random twig out of his hair.


They all took a seat at the table (it was a pretty big table might I add) except for Joey, who decided to go help James with the coffee. I felt a little uncomfortable with all these random people coming in at once, I shouldn't really be. I should be used to things like this. I used to sing in front of a crowd of people for God's sake! They all looked at me, bemused.


“Who's the new girl?” Wednesday asked.


“She's the lovely miss Laurie, she's from Charlotte just like you Weddy, I just met her and I love her already,” said Dahvie, stroking my hair like I was some sort of cat. “I looooooooove your hair Laurie, it's like so red, you look like a freakin vampire but, like, in a good way. I love you, will you have my babies? I want little vampire babies that look like you but have my sexualness y'know? Cuz I'm very sexual, and you'll soon find out once we get started on making those babies.”


Jeez, this guy was seriously ridiculous when drunk. “As tempting as that sounds Dahvie, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to turn you down on that offer. You see, I don't have a womb or a vagina for that matter. I was actually a man before I had a sex change and I still have my incredibly large penis, which just sucks serious balls y'know? So there's really no way I can concieve those vampire babies you want so badly.” I said, winding him up.


He looked so shocked. “Ooh...oh really? Awwww, that's too bad. I really wanted those vampire babies, and plus you're like reallly hot and all, we would have had some seriously awesome sex!”


“I know Dahvie, I know. That's what I tell all men. But Dean is the love of my life right now, he secretly enjoys cock but has been too ashamed to admit it, so when he found me he thought it would make a brilliant cover up. And we now have really awesome gay sex every night at my house.”


“Wait, what?” said Dean, looking outraged.


“Same time tonight Dean, I'll be waiting...” I said in a husky voice, giving him a seductive smile.


Dean swallowed hard. “Oh-kaaay...I'll be right back. I need a drink to calm me down.”


They all burst out laughing as Dean fled the awkward situation.

Vidia shook her head, chuckling. “Boy you got him good, Laurie!”


“I don't know you, but you're fucking awesome for winding this guy up,” said Racci, laughing.


“It seemed like the appropriate time to fuck with his already fucked up head,” I grinned.


“So, you're from Charlotte?” said Roman.



“She's staying with us though, some, uh, complications took place that caused her to have no where else to go.” said Vidia, smiling at me.


“Sweet. Well I hope you like it here, try not to let this guy rape you ok?” said Roman, looking over at Dahvie.


“Don't worry, I'm sure if I keep repeating the story to him every time he's drunk I'll be fine..” I said, also looking at Dahvie.


“Ooh you're staying with us! Yay!” Dahvie piped up.


James and Joey joined us after a while at the table with the cups of coffee.


“So I see you've all met our childhood friend Laurie then,” said James, smiling.


“Nice to meet you Laurie, I'm Joey.” said Joey, shaking my hand.


“I know, you're an amazing musician if I might add.” I said, smiling at him.


“Thank you.”

“What was Laurie like as a man, James?” Dahvie asked, slurping his coffee noisily.


“Oh? Well...she was a short man. And is still short even as a woman,” said James, grinning.


“Watch it James, I bite. Hard. And you know it,” I joked, narrowing my eyes at him.


“Oh I know it all right. Don't mess with her Dahvie, she could as well bite your dick off.”


“Cuz that's what I do.”


Dahvie looked horrified. “Whyyy? Why would you do such a mean thing, Lauriieeee?” he said, pouting.


I shrugged. “I find it in a way kinky, Dahvie. I have strange fetishes.”


“So you'd bite Dean's dick off?”


“No of course not, I love his penis too much to bite it off. And he'd die.”


“Stop talking about my genitals!” Dean called from the living room, causing us all to laugh.


“This is freaking me out guys...think I'll head to bed...see ya all laterrr!” said Dahvie, getting up from his seat and staggering off upstairs with Jayy.


“Got him to leave anyway,” I snorted.


“Well guys, think it's about time I head off to bed too,” said James, stretching. He looked at me. “You coming too? You've had a rough day anyway and your leg's probably aching right now.”


I looked down at my bandaged leg, I'd completely forgotten about it. But now that he'd mentioned it, it was starting to hurt once again. “Oh. Right, um, mind helping me?” I asked.


“Sure thing,” said James, helping me up onto my feet. “Night everyone!”


They all mumbled goodnight at us and James helped me to the extra room they had. He sat me down on the bed.


“Vid's got some pyjamas somewhere in her room, I'll be right back,” he said, exiting the room. He came back a few minutes later with some black vest and shorts.


“I didn't think you'd like her other stuff so I brought these instead,” said James, handing them to me.


“Thank you,” I said.


“Sleep well, and try not to worry too much ok? Goodnight,” said James, giving me a hug and walking out of the room, shutting the door behind him.


I changed into the vest and shorts and got into the bed, snuggling under the warm covers. Sally's death still bothered me, the image of her mutilated body haunting my mind. I tried my best to block it out, hoping and hoping that things were gonna be different now. There was one thing I needed to do, and that was go see a psychologist as Sally suggested. Maybe only then will some of these bad feelings ease up.





Chapter Text




Oh my God, Adam, what the hell happened here?” I panicked, getting down on my knees beside his bloodied body. He had several large stab wounds on his stomach and chest.


Eris, please just go – he's here – he'll kill you-” Adam choked, coughing up blood.


I'm not leaving you, baby.”

“No, please go-”

“No I'm not gonna leave you- oh my God I love you so much baby I'm so sorry,” I sobbed, holding him close to me. “Andy's gonna be back soon with help. Stay with me, Adam, stay with me.”


Adam started coughing up more blood, turning over on his side. I started panicking again.


You gotta stay with me ok? Adam stay with me!” I cried, he began moving very little now, causing my heart to thump.


Adam?” I choked, he didn't stir and his eyes were closed now. He lay lifeless now against the bloodied floor.


I let go of him, backing away from his body. I began sobbing again. “Don't leave me, Adam!” I cried, leaning against the cabinet.


I heard footsteps outside the door and looked up. “Andy? Is that you?” I called, worried.


A person walked in, but it wasn't Andy, it was Aaron. “So nice to see you again Eris, miss me?” he said, smirking.


Oh're supposed to be dead!” I said, backing away further.


Well here I am, alive and breathing. But you won't be for long, then we'll be together..”


Andy! Help!” I called desperately.


Don't waste your breath, I got rid of that fucker.”


Andy? Dead? No it couldn't be! I stared at Aaron in horror, he just gave me that same smirk; holding the large knife tightly.


Don't worry Eris, we'll have each other by the end of this, it'll hurt though...but I'll try and kill you as quickly as possible...”


He edged closer and closer to me, the large blade inches away from my neck...





“Fuck, no!” I screamed, waking up in a pool of sweat. That nightmare was so vivid, so real. I could almost feel the cold blade against my skin. I was breathing heavily, relieved that it was only a dream. I noticed it was morning, the sun's rays slightly dimmed by the curtains.


I got up out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash my face, trying to calm myself down. I hoped I wouldn't be getting dreams like this frequently, I didn't like having to be reminded of the past constantly. It was bad enough having them in my mind during the day. Going to see a psychologist was actually a good idea in this case, perhaps I did need some medication to relieve some of the bad feelings I had. Even if it would only be temporary.


I limped out of the bathroom back to my room and was startled to find Wednesday standing beside the bed, holding a bowl of soup. He cocked an eyebrow at me.


“Vidia told me to go check up on you, and to give you this bowl of soup, you shouldn't really be walking around like that. Want some help getting back into bed?” he asked.


“Um, no I'm fine, thanks. I can handle it,” I said shyly, taking a step forward, staggering a little.


“No it's no problem, here let me help you before you fall over,” said Wednesday, putting the bowl of soup down on the bedside table. He placed an arm around my shoulder and gripped my arm with his other hand, leading me over to the bed and seating me down on it.


“Thanks, I appreciate it,” I said, giving him a small smile.


“No problem, just trying to be helpful,” he said, handing me over the bowl of soup.


I smiled gratefully at him and carefully sipped a spoonful of soup. There was a moment of awkward silence, with Wednesday still standing there. For some reason it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I stayed staring down at the bowl, not wanting to make eye contact with him. He suddenly cleared his throat after a few more minutes of silence.


“So, you're from Charlotte huh?” he said.


“Yeah, I only lived there until I was two though. After that I moved to Radcliff, Kentucky,” I said, sipping another spoonful of soup.


“And when did you move to Los Angeles?”


“Only recently actually, some things happened back home and I decided to move in with my cousin instead...until she died...”


“Died? Is that what happened yesterday?”


“Yeah...we didn't really wanna announce it in front of everybody.”


“Naturally enough seeing as you seemed to have had a crazy day with your cousin getting murdered and all. I'm guessing those seven months you've been here have been crazy too right, Eris?” He added that last part with a hint of mockery in his voice.


I stopped in mid-sip, my eyes widened upon hearing what he just said. How the hell did he know it was actually me? Eris Stevens, not Laurie Myers. I rattled my brains thinking about how he could have guessed it was me, I didn't look anything like the way I was seven months ago. So how could he have known?


I looked up at him. “How...did you-?”


“I overheard Vidia and Dean talking about you. Yeah I'll admit it, I eavesdropped. But it was only me that heard so you don't have to worry your pretty little head about the others knowing...unless I let slip of course..” he grinned.


I bit my lip. “Please don't tell anyone...please?” I begged him.


Wednesday smirked. “I won't...on one condition.”


I didn't like the sound of this at all. “What's that then?”


He stroked a strand of my red hair. “Be my bitch, and I won't tell anyone. Promise.”


I bit my lip once again, was I seriously gonna agree to this? Yes. This was how bad I didn't want anyone to find me. I sighed. “Fine, I will...”


Wednesday smirked once again and let out a small chuckle. “You're serious about this secret, huh?”


“You've no fucking idea.”


“I'll take that as a yes then.”


“Well seeing as I'm your bitch for fuck knows how long, you might as well bring this down for me,” I said, holding out the bowl to him, giving my best superiority smirk.


He raised an eyebrow at me but said nothing, and took the bowl from me. He stopped halfway out the door. “Oh I almost forgot...nice cleavage by the way.” he said and he went out into the hallway.


I pulled the covers over my chest, silently fuming. Dear God what did I get myself into? Calm down, Eris, maybe he was just fucking around with me. Maybe he was only messing around with the whole me being his bitch thing, or maybe that was just wishful thinking. I sighed, clutching the blankets closer to me. I stayed sitting there for a good ten minutes or so before getting out of bed, wanting to go downstairs and see if Vidia was there.

I limped my way down the stairs, hanging onto the banisters for support. I spotted Dahvie passing by the stairs, he looked up at me and smiled.


“Hey, you must be the new girl!” he beamed. “Vidia told me about last night, sorry about that. I was super drunk. Hey, d'you need help? Take it as an apology for last night.”


Before I could say anything he was by my side, helping me down the stairs and into the kitchen where Vidia and James were. Wednesday and Joey were there too, I didn't dare make eye contact with Wednesday. Vidia smiled when she saw me.


“Mornin' honey, I see Dahvie's certainly trying to make up for last night's behaviour,” said Vidia, hands on her hips.


“Hey, I can be nice y'know,” he said, smiling sweetly at her.


“Yeah, yeah. Just let her go already, I'm getting nervous at how tightly you're holding her.”

“I'm not even holding her tightly!”

“He's not even holding me tightly!”


We both blurted it out simultaneously, sounding completely idiotic. Dahvie let me go all the same, and I took a seat at the table, he sat next to me, causing Vidia to raise her eyebrows at him.


“Stop treating me like I'm this rapist and I'm out to get Laurie,” mumbled Dahvie, frowning at Vidia.


“Sorry, sorry. I just get overprotective sometimes,” said Vidia, taking the other seat opposite of me.


“I don't think overprotective is the case here, Vidia,” said James, also taking a seat at the table.


“What's that's supposed to mean?”


James chuckled. “I think you're just a little jealous.”


“Jealous? Pah! Why would you think that?”


“I just believe my theory on you becoming a lesbian feminist is gonna come true.”


“Whoa, whoa, lesbian feminist? Have I been missing something?” I said, my eyebrows raised.


“You already know Vidia's Bi anyway, I just believe that with her being cooped up with men in this house all the time without that many female company will result in her getting so sick of men that she'll suddenly become a raging lesbian feminist with a leather whip. And you're her first victim Laurie,” said James, making his voice sound frightening.


“Oh wow...I kinda like the whole raging lesbian feminist thing you got going on there,” I said, half-laughing.


Vidia snorted. “Ok, when you put it that way that probably will happen...” she glanced in my direction, suddenly looking suspiciously seductive. “And after seeing the way Laurie looked yesterday I think it's definitely gonna happen...”


“I don't know whether to feel flattered or afraid now..”


Dean suddenly came charging into the kitchen, a cup of tea in his hand. “Lesbians? Did someone say lesbians?” he asked, almost demanding an answer right away.


“Dear God Dean, what's with you and lesbians?” said Joey.


“I find it hot ok...” Dean admited sheepishly.


“I ain't kissing Laurie in front of you for your gross satisfaction, Deanis!” said Vidia, frowning.


“Don't call me that!”


“As if I'll let you kiss me anyway...” I grinned.


Dean whispered in Vidia's ear. “Wait until she's drunk ok? Then she'll definitely kiss you.”


“Someone pass her a bottle of Jack Daniels,” said Joey, chuckling.


“Huh? What?” I said, confused.


They all laughed at my confusion, making me feel even more bemused.


“All this talk of drink makes me wanna go drinking again tonight,” said Dahvie, biting into the muffin he got out of the tin.


“Dahvie, no, you'll rape everyone,” said Vidia.


“I won't!” he protested.


“He will,” she mouthed at me.


“I saw that, I won't rape anybody, I'm a good boy...most of the time..” he said, smiling up at Vidia.


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I just don't want you touching Laurie,” she mumbled.


“Ah don't get so jealous Vid, I think me and Dahvie will get along just great, isn't that right Dahvie?” I said, putting my arm around him.

“Hell yeah, Laurie. I get the feeling we will,” he said, both of us grinning triumphantly at Vidia.


“You're both teasing me right now aren't you?” she said, raising an eyebrow at us.


“Pretty much, yeah.” said Dahvie, still grinning.


“One of these days I'll just get a leather whip and whip you out of anger Dahvie, but you Laurie, I'd just whip you for the kinkyness of it all.” she said, winking at me.


I slowly placed a hand over my ass protectively.


“Don't worry, I'll protect you!” said Dahvie dramatically, a little too dramatically since he slapped his hand right over my ass too.


I jumped, looking agonized. “Whoa, whoa! Dahvie – watch those fresh hands of yours!”


“Oh shit – sorry!” said Dahvie, snatching his hand away quickly and glancing at Vidia.


She raised her eyebrows at Dahvie, but said nothing and turned to me. “Shouldn't you be up in bed resting? Your leg's obviously not healed yet.”


“So I'm to be confined for an unimaginable amount of time inside that bedroom?” I said, pulling a face.


“Exactly, I'll help you up,” said Vidia, putting her arm around my shoulder and helping me up out of the chair.


“Don't listen to her, Laurie! She just wants to have lesbian scissor sex with you!” joked Dahvie, being all melodramatic.


“I'm sure it's only you who wants to have lesbian scissor sex with her,” said Vidia sniffing, and we both left the room.


Dahvie sat there, frowning. “How can...what kinda comeback is that? You fail, Vidia, FAIL!” he called up to her, laughing.


“So guys...if Vidia doesn't come back...we know what happened,” said James, nodding at the men at the table.


“In a way I kinda feel sorry for Laurie...Vidia seems to be heading into that direction of preferring women. And I don't blame her to be honest, being stuck in a house with men all day and hardly any female company, that must be pretty off-putting,” said Joey, chuckling.


“You'd like to see them get it on, wouldn't you Dean?” Wednesday teased.


Dean's face burned bright red at first, but then his mouth twitched into a cunning smile. “Yesss.” he hissed in his deepest voice.


“Oh, Vidia, ah – yes – ah! Ah! Mm! Oh Laurie! Fuck yes! Grind me harder-!” Wednesday moaned jokingly, grinding against Joey's chair.


“Wednesday! Will you stop that! There's men at this table!” said Joey, trying to stop himself from laughing at how ridiculous the situation was.


“Mmm – Joey! Oh fuck yes!” Wednesday carried on, sliding his hand across Joey's face. Joey pushed his hand away calmly.


“Wednesday, fuck off will you, you're gonna give yourself a boner,” he said, chuckling.


Wednesday ignored him and carried on making vulgar noises, he leaned in close to Joey. “Mm, fuck me Joey!” he hissed in his ear.


“Ok now that's going too far,” he said, pushing himself away from Wednesday, whom was laughing.


“Sorry man, just felt the need to make the situation awkward- where's Dean?” said Wednesday, looking at the now empty seat across from him.


James laughed. “He ran off, mumbling something about needing a drink, right after you started moaning Joey's name.”


“Ah no, I was hoping to try him on next,” grinned Wednesday. “Oh well, at least I still have you Joey.”

“No, Wednesday, you stay the fuck away from me,” said Joey, his mouth twitching into a small smile.


Wednesday smirked and placed one leg on his chair in front of Joey. “Suck it, Joey. And suck it good.” he said, pointing to his crotch.


Joey shook his head at Wednesday and got up off his seat. “Get bent.” He mumbled, walking out of the room.


Wednesday laughed at him. “Despite causing Dean and Joey to walk out of the room due to my disturbing act, that was too fucking funny.”

“You're telling me Weds, just don't try that on Vidia. She'll flip a bitch most likely,” James chuckled.


“Nah I won't, strangely enough it's more fun doing it to men, makes 'em feel awkward,” said Wednesday, grinning.


“It was kinda hot though..” James joked, being all seductive.


“Oh really now?” said Wednesday, playing along.


“Yeah about you work those charms on me, bitch,” said James, leaning back on his seat, his legs spread out further.


“Oh fuck yes, baby,” said Wednesday, sitting on James' lap and putting an arm around his shoulder. “You're a damn sexual man, James.”

“Guys...what the fuck are you doing?”


They both turned around to see Vidia standing there staring at the two.


“Having a bromance, Vidia, wanna join?” said Wednesday, smirking.


“Eww. No. I'll stick to being a raging lesbian feminist thank you very much. Just don't start butt fucking in the kitchen, I don't wanna see it. If it comes to that, do it in the living room. Dean'll love it I'm sure,” she said, smiling over at Dean whom was sitting curled up on the sofa with his knees to his chest, clutching a bottle of vodka.


“Will do, Vidia. C'mon Wednesday, I'm feeling a bit horny after all that seducing, wanna go fuck on the couch?” said James.


“Sure, but I'm doing all the fucking ok? I'm the dominant male in this relationship, unless Dean decides to join in. Then I'll hand my ass over to him, because he's worthy of it,” grinned Wednesday, waggling his fingers at a scarred Dean; pretending to be all feminine.


“My ass is not worthy of Dean, I know it, so I'll stay at the bottom. It'll kind of look like a human pile up, except with the whole butt penetrating,” said James.


“But we will enjoy it like the vulgar men we are, and so will Dean,” said Wednesday, smiling over at Dean once again.


Dean looked up, narrowing his eyes and the two men. “What are you guys talking about? Why do you keep smiling at me like that?” he asked, paranoid.


“Oh, we're just talking about having a threesome with you is all,” said James casually.


Dean's eyes widened. “What? Ok now I know you're joking, either way I'm not hanging around here, too much awkwardness for me!”


He retreated from the couch and ran upstairs, the bottle of vodka still in his hand. James and Wednesday both chuckled as they watched Dean flee the situation.


“In a way I feel bad for teasing the poor guy, seeing as he's my friend and all, but it's just too much fun,” laughed James.


“I'm sure he knows we're only messing with him anyway,” grinned Wednesday.


“And if not, he'll get over it,” said James, chortling.


“So Vidia, you and Laurie get it on yet?” said Wednesday teasingly.


Vidia cast him a dirty look. “Unfortunately no, if I so much as kissed her on her lips she'd freak out possibly.”

“Poor you,” Wednesday sniggered.


“Shuddup you. Though I remember Adam telling me she made out with our friend Hannah when she was drunk...”




“A really good friend of ours, plus Laurie's ex and childhood friend, he teased her for weeks on end after that. Guess maybe I do have a chance if she decides to get drunk one of these days...” said Vidia, smiling mischevously.


“Taking advantage I see, you naughty girl Vidia,” teased Wednesday.


Vidia stuck her tongue out at him. “You'd do the same thing anyway.” She paused. “That wasn't a hint by the way so don't be getting any ideas.”

“Ooh, looks like she has her territory marked, Weds,” said James, laughing.


“She's fucking serious about this,” grinned Wednesday.


“Damn straight I am. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to discuss with Dahvie why he should stop leaving random thongs in my room,” said Vidia, marching out of the room, clutching a bright red thong at arms' length.


Wednesday and James raised their eyebrows at eachother.


“That boy's in some serious shit.”







It was about a week later, and my leg fortunately had healed up well, the bad thing about this all was that Wednesday. Now that I was able to get up and about at will without anyone helping me it meant that I was well enough to engage in, well, other activities. At least that's what I guessed was gonna happen. What with me being Wednesday's bitch and all, unless of course for some bizarre reason he was joking. Which I kinda doubt.


In lighter news, Dahvie and I really did end up getting along really well, he was kinda like Adam in a way. Except a little bit more touchy-feely and sex-crazed. I knew how to handle people like him so it was all good.


“My leg is better,” I said in a sing-song voice, doing the moon walk into the kitchen.


Dahvie laughed. “Nice entrance there, Laurie.”

“Why thank you, Mr.Vanity,” I said, bowing.


Vidia sniggered and shook her head at me. “Are you gonna be doing little dances now to rejoice the healing of your leg?”


“Possibly, but then I'd probably end up breaking it. Which would suck major donkey balls,” I said, taking a seat and tapping my foot.


“And then you wouldn't be able to do the yes dance with me,” Dahvie pouted.


“Which would suck even more!”


“Ugh, I remember when you and Adam did the yes dance, good times,” Vidia chuckled.


“Well I better be get going, me and Jayy are going out drinking to night with a couple of our friends,” said Dahvie, draining the last of his coffee and getting up from the table.


Vidia frowned at him. “Again? You already went drinking a few nights ago.”


“When we should really be drinking every night right?” teased Dahvie.


Vidia swatted him with the magazine she was holding. “Have fun anyway. I hope you don't come back screaming the place down like last time, and don't you dare place anymore random thongs you collect on your little nights out in my room again!”


“I'll try not to Viddie, buh-bye guys!” he said, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek to annoy Vidia further.


I sipped at the coffee Vidia had made for me. “Is it just Dahvie and Jayy that're going out tonight?” I asked curiously.


“Yeah, I think the 'Dolls are practicing down in the basement again. Heard them arguing with Mad Manager again not long ago,” said Vidia, letting out a small laugh.


“Heh, what else is new. I've never actually seen him come in here yet.”


At that precise moment, Mad Manager entered the kitchen red-faced and mumbling something about stupid assholes, or something to that affect.


“The guys' giving you a hard time again?” said Vidia, raising an eyebrow at him.


“Yeah, stupid fucking useless assholes. We're finishing up now anyway so I can just go home and have a good long rest,” he said, taking a seat at the table. He nodded at me, acknowlaging my presence.


“Want some coffee before you head home?” Vidia asked him, holding up a cup.


“Yeah please, that actually sounds good right about now,” said Mad Manager.


Vidia poured him a cup of coffee and passed it to him, he mumbled a thank you and sipped it. I fidgeted in my seat, not really knowing what to say.


“I'm gonna go head to bed ok? Feeling kinda tired,” I said, breaking the awkward silence.


“Ok hun, see you in the morning,” said Vidia, smiling at me.


“Goodnight Laurie, nice meeting you,” said Mad Manager, nodding at me again.


“'Night guys, it was nice meeting you too,” I said and headed out of the kitchen. The 'Dolls were all sitting in the living room, Wednesday wasn't with them though.


Probably still in the basement or something.


“Looks like your leg's healed up pretty well, Laurie!” said Joey, smiling at me.


“Yeah, I'm fucking glad it is. I was sick of being confined in that bedroom for days and days on end,” I said, grinning.


“I can see how that could get sickening.”

“Well I'm heading up to bed now, see you all in the morning.”


“'Night, Laurie.”


I sauntered up the stairs, my mind occupied with many thoughts. I was so distracted by these thoughts that when someone called my name I jumped, startled. I turned to my right and saw Wednesday walking out of his room.


“Where're you off to?” He asked.


“Uh, to bed,” I said, uneasy.


“Well, I've got a bed in you are my bitch and all...” said Wednesday, smirking at me.


“So you were being serious..” I said, laughing a little.


Wednesday raised an eyebrow at me. “Of course.”


I noticed he was holding a packet of cigarettes. “Could we have a smoke first? I really need one,” I said, heading into his room.


“Sure, was gonna have one anyway,” he said, following me into the room and shutting the door behind him, locking it.




*Wednesday's POV*







She sat down on the edge of the bed, I sat next to her and handed her one of my cigarettes, putting one in my mouth also, and lighted it for her.


“Thanks,” she said, breathing in deeply and blowing out a cloud of smoke. It looked like she was trying hard not to make eye contact with me. She'd been doing that ever since I found out who she really was, for some reason I liked it. I liked the idea of her feeling awkward around me, it made me feel somewhat dominant.


I cleared my throat, trying to break the silence. “Didn't know you smoked.” I said to her.


“I did a couple of years ago, then I stopped for about a year, and now I've started it again. There's no need to lecture me on how bad it is, I know, but I actually don't even know why I've started again,” said Laurie, blowing smoke in my face.


“Wasn't gonna anyway, that would have been way too hypocritical of me. And I hate being a hypocrite,” I said, taking a drag from my own cigarette.


“So, you guys gonna start touring again anytime soon?” she asked.


“We've actually got a couple of concerts coming up soon around the states, but no foreign gigs yet,” I said.


She snorted. “My mom would be happy to hear that, she's been a fan of your stuff for a long time. That's basically how I got into this kind of music.”


“Well you've got one fucking awesome mom,” I chortled, stubbing out my cigarette.


“I must agree,” she said, also stubbing out her cigarette. There was a hint of nervousness in her voice, and I knew why.


“Guess we'd better get started then...” I said, running my finger across her shoulder, playing with her visible bra strap. She shivered at my sudden touch, causing me to smirk. I brought my head down, brushing my lips against her smooth skin, working my way up to her neck; pushing her blood-red hair out of the way.


“You're so pretty,” I murmured against her soft porcelain skin, gently nibbling her neck. She elicited a small moan from the back of her throat, biting her lip.


I placed two hands on her shoulders, turning her to face me fully. She still wasn't making eye contact, keeping her head down, seemingly focused on the tattoos on my arm. I placed two fingers under her chin and tilted her head up towards me, I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers, kissing her. I slowly melted into her soft lips, nibbling on her piercing a few times, pulling it gently.


I broke away from her, pinning her down on the bed and straddled her. I crushed my lips against hers once again, roughening the kiss this time. Laurie parted her lips into the kiss, allowing my tongue to work its way into her mouth. Our tongues rubbed together as they played inside our mouths, drawing a soft moan from Laurie. I slowly started to rub my body against hers, feeling the lust pass through, she moaned once again.


“Does my bitch like it?” I smirked as I broke the kiss, attacking her neck once again.


“W-Wednesday – please just....” she whined, biting her lip harder.


I didn't wait a moment longer to begin removing our garments, the need to make her mine was clawing at my body so hard I could hardly stand it. We both remained only in our underwear at this point.


I smiled and trailed my tongue down over her pale chest, running over the dip in her collarbone and slowly moving lower. I heard her gasp when I ran my tongue over her hardening nipple, her breath getting caught in her throat at the sudden jolt through her body.


“Mmm..” Laurie moaned, arching her back slightly. I quickly picked up on the gestures and grinned deviously. I held onto her hips as I continued playing with her nipple while running my thumb over the other, drawing another loud moan from the young woman as I started biting it.


“P-please -” she stuttered, far too wrapped up in the sensations running through her body.


I looked up at her, “You want me to go lower?” I smiled coyly, I wasn't asking this for her permission, I simply wanted to hear how much she wanted this. She just bit her lip and nodded, too flustered to answer me with a simple 'yes'.


I leaned back and studied the under garment she was wearing, smirking. “Always did like black on a woman.” I said, stroking the material with my thumb.


Smiling to myself, I lowered my head and placed a kiss on Laurie's clothed pussy, sending a shiver rippling through her body. Without hesitation, I pulled off her panties in one swift moment, I saw her grip the sheets below her nervously. I leaned my head down and ran my tongue over the edge of her womanhood, satisfied when I heard a loud moan from her as a response. I decided to stop teasing her, and myself for that matter, and slipped my tongue inside her fully. She gripped the sheets tighter, arching her back sharply as she felt my hot breath inside her. I ran my tongue over her clit, gently nipping it; I gripped her hips tightly, eating her out with such eagerness.


I took my mouth away from her womanhood and began rubbing two fingers across her opening, crushing my lips against hers once again and using my free hand to slowly massage her right breast. I broke away from her lips and began sucking at her ear, whispering vulgar words to her, slipping my two fingers inside her. She groaned, biting her lower lip, trying to restrain herself from moaning.


“I'm- I'm close..” Laurie managed to stutter out, grabbing my attention.

I reverted back to eating her out once again, slipping my tongue in deeper. I clasped my mouth over her opening, moving my tongue around inside her, causing her to let out that moan she'd been trying to hold back. Arching her back with one final cry, she dug her fingers into the sheets and came into my mouth, letting out a whimper as she was milked completely. I sat up, swallowing, and smiled down at her.


“You seem to be enjoying yourself so far,” I smirked.


She blushed a deep shade of red and looked away, frowning. She looked somewhat adorable.

I grabbed her wrists and pulled her up towards me so that she was now in an upright position, her head against my chest. She felt it fall with each breath.


“You've had your fun, now how about returning the favor?” I said, my face buried in her crimson hair.


She blushed once again. “O-Ok,” she almost whispered, her voice hoarse. She leaned her head down and cautiously licked the head of my dick before completely swallowing me. After adjusting to my size she began bobbing her head, dragging her tongue along the underside of my cock before pushing back down and dragging her teeth, causing a moan to escape from my mouth.


“Mm, damn, you're good,” I groaned as she sucked me harder, I grabbed the back of her head and slowly started thrusting my hips forward, pushing myself deeper into her mouth. I felt myself near my peak, she swallowed me once again, moving her tongue around in the already crammed space of her mouth.


“Ah- shit!” I cried, coming down Laurie's throat.


She clenched her eyes shut and swallowed as much as she could, some leaked out of the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She hastily wiped it off with the back of her hand, blushing.


I chuckled. “Seems like you've had some experience before.”

“Um, yeah, I did..” said Laurie, clearing her throat.


She lay back down on the bed, knowing what was gonna happen next. I ran a hand up her thigh, hooking the knee in the crook of my elbow and spread her legs further. Without warning, I took her hips and pushed myself deeply into her, drawing out a loud cry from Laurie. Before we'd even come to this, she seemed so intent on staying quiet, and now she was slowly losing herself into the pure bliss of it all, it was quite satisfying seeing her this way that it made me thrust harder and faster.

“Dammit, you're so God damn tight Laurie, whoever you slept with before was clearly not fucking you right,” I grunted, ramming my cock deeper.


“You. Shut. Your. Mouth,” she said between gasps, gritting her teeth.


I smirked at the anger in her voice, it only seemed to turn me on more. The tightness of her body felt amazing if anything, and the faces she made each time I thrusted deeply inside her was just enough to send me over the edge. Her porcelain skin contrasting beautifully with her red hair, the sight was just addicting. Hooking her legs over my shoulders, I sped up my thrusts and began playing with her breasts to meet every thrust.


“Nng – W-Wednesday – Wednesday -!” she panted out, almost reaching her climax. I could feel myself almost reaching it too, I began thrusting as hard as I could, hitting that perfect spot deep in her body.


I arched my back, feeling it so close. Laurie threw her head back and cried out my name, releasing herself all over me.


“Fuck!” I yelled, thrusting once last time before coming inside Laurie's body.


I collapsed in a heap next to her, breathing heavily, beads of sweat glistening on my forehead. Laurie was trying as hard to regain her lost breath as well, her chest rising with each gulp of air.


“No one needs to know about this, ok?” she whispered to me after catching her breath.


I smirked, stroking her now cold skin. “That's fine by me..” I mumbled, burying my face in her neck, placing one arm across her chest.


“Good..” she said, closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. Clutching the sheets tightly over her cold body.


I felt myself doze off too, completely drained of the energy I'd used up not too long ago. I was definitely gonna sleep well tonight, hopefully Joey and the others hadn't heard us. And I'm sure Laurie is hoping the exact same thing.







Chapter Text


Radcliff, Kentucky. 1:35pm





*Adam's POV*





I sat slumped on the couch in my basement, staring gormlessly out the window at the dull scenery. The others all sat around too, not doing much either. Jamie and Kyle were practicing a little, playing random tunes. But I knew that they too weren't as concentrated on their guitar playing as before, to me it all seemed pretty pointless now. I knew I mustn't think that way, we couldn't let our fans down by giving up on it all now. Eris wouldn't want us to do that anyway, and I certainly didn't want to let her, or anyone down for that matter.


But even then I still couldn't lie to myself about how I really felt, I was torn. Completely torn. My nights were restless, even a simple thing as eating was an effort to me now. I rubbed my eyes irritably, why did she leave? Where the hell did she go? Was she ok?

These questions constantly ran through my mind, driving me insane. I just wanted to know where the hell she was and bring her back! This was my best childhood friend that was missing! How could I possibly rest until I knew exactly what happened to her?


Hannah was watching me anxiously, even she was pretty torn about the whole Eris gone missing situation, hell we all were!


“Adam...she's not coming's been six months...”


“I'm gonna find her. Don't you dare say shit like that! She's not- she's out there somewhere, she just has to be!” I spat, clenching my fists, I brought my fist down on the arm of the couch. “Why?! Why would she leave like that!? Why would she leave us all going out of our minds with worry!?”


“That's the thing Adam, we don't know! But we just gotta start trying to be strong now, it's pointless making ourselves sick over this. It's not gonna bring her back to us any sooner than we hope, and we just gotta face the fact that there might be a chance she'll never come back to us. Living on false hope is no good, Adam. If there is a chance she's dead, then we'll have to try and start being strong now to ready ourselves for that,” said Hannah.


I shook my head, tears welling up in my eyes. “I don't want to think that...fuck no! I've known her since I was a kid for fuck's sake! She's my best friend! I miss her so God damn much it hurts! How can you expect me to be strong?! Knowing that there may be a chance that she's dead just fucking kills me, Hannah! So don't you dare say that!”


Hannah sighed. “You think I'm not bothered by this? Of course I am...but I'm just so sick of worrying, I'm tired of it...I want her back as much as you do, Adam. But if you won't start trying to be strong then I won't stop you, I on the other hand will. It's what she'd want anyway. She wouldn't want us to stop the things we love doing just because she isn't here.”


“I guess when you put it that way you're still doesn't put me at rest I said, she's my childhood friend, and we've been through so much. Not to mention the fact that she was my girlfriend for four years until we broke up in it's really hard for me to let this all go...”


“Then there's really nothing else we can do for you, Adam, if the only thing that will make you feel better is getting Eris back.”


We were suddenly interrupted by a knock on the basement door. I got up from the couch and opened it.


“Ah, you're finally here, we thought you'd never come,” I said, smiling weakly.


It was the guys from BVB. We'd been visiting each other quite a lot ever since Eris went missing, which was helpful in a way since it did help us get some of the bad feelings away, even if it was only temporary.


“Sorry we're late, traffic's a bitch today,” said Ashley, hugging me.


“So how're you guys doing today?” said Andy, forcing a smile.


“Well, to be honest, not really good.” I mumbled.


“You too? Guess it's safe to say we haven't been much better, though Ashley does have some news to share with you,” said Andy, sitting next to me on the couch.


I looked at Ashley, he seemed pretty nervous yet eager at the same time. He cleared his throat.


“I don't know if it was coincidental or if it was my imagintion but about a week ago we were all at this diner in LA, I got up to go to the mens' room and this girl bumped into me on her way out. She looked a bit like Eris, her eyes especially. I thought about it for quite some time afterwards, unsure if it was her. I'm still unsure about it though,” said Ashley, frowning.


“What makes you so unsure about it? Did she look different than last time?” I asked, eager to know.


“This girl had red hair and she looked quite gothic if anything, but those eyes...they just made her seem so familiar,” said Ashley.


“Then we have to go searching in LA for her!” I said, jumping up.


“But how do we know that girl actually lives in LA? Even if she does there are hundreds of people living in that one city, it'll be impossible to find her!” said Jake.


“But we at least gotta try, right?”


“It may sound crazy, but Adam's got a point. If there is a chance we might find her then we should take it,” said Andy, his eyes lighting up a bit.


“I guess you're right...if it is her then I think maybe she ran away purposely for some unknown reason...maybe she didn't want to be found,” said Sandra, biting her lip.


“If that's the case then we'll find out when we find her, if it is her after all,” I said.


“As soon as we get the free time we will look for her, right now we've still got a few concerts coming up that's taking up all our time,” said Jinxx.


“Same with us, these gigs are what keep us going really, we can't let our fans down,” said Hannah.


“I'm glad to hear that. All we can do is wait until we get the free time to go searching. We've asked our fans to look out for her as well, hopefully our search won't be meaningless and that we're not actually on a wild goose chase,” said Ashley.


We all sat around for a moment of silence before reverting back to our usual chatting and hanging out, just to keep our minds off that one thing for a while.










*Eris' POV*





I woke up in my own room, feeling a little dazed, my body slightly aching from last night. I felt suddenly sick to my stomach, remembering last night's events. Unable to believe my behaviour, I actually seemed to enjoy it, thus satisfying that asshole. I remember waking up sometime during the middle of the night, hastily getting dressed into my clothes and sneaking back to my own room to have a small private weep. Utterly disgusted at myself.


I got up out of bed, suddenly getting a splitting headache, and made my way downstairs. There was no one in the living room this time but when I entered the kitchen I saw Wednesday sitting at the table with Joey and Dean, drinking coffee, Vidia was at the counter making some rather strange looking sandwich with ham, cheese and something that looked like sweet and sour sauce. She blew a kiss at me when she saw me walking in.


“Morning beautiful,” said Vidia, she looked me up and down. Studying me for a second. “See even without makeup you're still damn sexual, it's not fair, one of these days I'll stop caring about you being straight.”


I raised my eyebrows. “No comment.”


“If it makes you feel any better, I think you still look like a whorebag in the morning,” said Dean, sipping coffee.

I bared my teeth at him. “Oh Dean, stop with your compliments, you're too much,” I said sarcastically.


“You're most welcome,” said Dean, ignoring my obvious sarcasm.


I slapped him across the back of his head and took a seat next to him. “I'm not in the mood for your shit, Dean. I'm not a morning person you know.”


“I know, that's why I'm giving you shit in the morning, because it pisses you off,” said Dean, smiling slyly at me.

“Do that and that coffee of yours is going down your pants, I'm sure you'd simply love a scalded penis,” I grinned, pouring some cereal in a bowl.


“Oh you are just a vulgar woman aren't you,” said Dean, frowning at me.


“You love it really, you love it when women talk dirty to you, you're just hiding it from everyone because you're too ashamed of your inner pervertedness,” I said.


“Oh my. You never stop with this do you-”

“Now, now, Dean. Laurie might have a point there,” said Vidia, taking a seat next to me with her strange sandwich.


I looked at it. “Sweet and sour sauce again, huh?”

“Uh huh,” she said, smiling at me.


“God you haven't changed a bit,” I said, chuckling.


“I'm glad to hear it,” she paused. “By the way, Laurie, what was all that noise last night?”


My heart pounded. “Noise? What noise?”


“A couple of minutes after you went to bed I heard some noises upstairs. It was a bit muffled out by the music the guys had playing in the living room, but I still definitely heard noises,” said Vidia, raising an eyebrow at Wednesday. “Did you hear it, Weds?”


“I heard some things I guess,” he said, smiling cheekily.


“Well I didn't hear anything,” I said innocently. I grabbed my bowl and stood up. “I'm just gonna go eat this upstairs, see you all later.”


“Oh – uh – ok then, see ya,” said Vidia, a bit taken aback by my sudden movement.


I quickly went upstairs to my room, shut the door behind me, and sat on my bed with the bowl of cereal in my hands. I was just halfway through my cereal when my door suddenly opened and a person I really didn't want to see at this moment walked in. Wednesday.


I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, there's this thing Wednesday, it's called knocking,” I said sourly.


He chuckled at my annoyance. “Right, well Vidia wants you downstairs for some reason.” he said.


“If it's about her wanting to know about the noise last night then I don't think I wanna go downstairs,” I said, spooning cereal into my mouth. Not making eye contact once again.


“Well you were pretty loud,” said Wednesday, smirking.


“It's your fault, if you didn't fuck me so hard I wouldn't have been,” I said, my cheeks going red, I struggled mad to keep calm.


“That's because you were so fucking ti-”

“If you say that again I will throw this bowl over that fucked-up head of yours,” I warned, glaring at him.


Wednesday laughed once again. “Ok then, I won't say anything.”


“Good,” I went back to eating cereal while he still stood there, I wasn't looking at him but I could feel his eyes on me. I looked up at him, I was right. He was staring at me.


I raised my eyebrows at him. “See something you like?” I said, coldly.


He grinned. “Yes.”


I sighed and just decided to ignore him, spooning more cereal into my mouth. Wednesday smiled slyly at the sight of me and took a picture of me with his phone, I froze.


“The fuck? Did you just take a picture of me?” I said, frowning at him.


“Yeah, and what a lovely picture it is,” said Wednesday, grinning cheekily at me.


“Delete it. Now.”



“Gimme the phone, asshole.”


“Hell no.”


“Give it to me. Please.”


“Well, since you put it that way, no.”


I sighed irritably, guess there was only one way to do this. I placed my bowl down on the bedside table, got up and walked over to him. He raised an eyebrow questioningly at me as I placed two hands on his chest.


“What are you-” his breath got caught in his throat as I ran one hand down towards his crotch, I smiled flirtatiously at him.


“You're quite the sexual man, Wednesday,” I said huskily, rubbing my hand slowly against his crotch.


He swallowed the lump in his throat, biting his lip as I pressed my hand closer. A small moan escaped from his mouth.


“S-stop teasing-” he stuttered.


I saw my chance and grabbed the phone, deleting the picture he took of me. I handed it back to him, smiling.


“Deleted,” I said, smirking.


“Huh?” he said, snapping out of it.


I looked down at his crotch. “Guess you got a little too into it.”


He frowned. “Thanks a lot.”


“Well see ya,” I said, heading out the door.


“Oh c'mon, you can't leave me like this,” said Wednesday.


“I ain't helping you with that, you had your fun last night. I'm not having Vidia suspect me of making noises because some people fuck too hard.”


“You're such a fucking tease, I can't go around like this.”


“You don't have to, have a nice jerk off in your room, it'll make everything better.” and I walked off downstairs, leaving Wednesday to deal with his boner.


I strolled into the kitchen to find Vidia clutching something black and furry against her chest, I craned my neck to see what it was.


“Hey Vid, whatcha got there?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.


She turned to me, grinning. “Meet our new kitten, Wednesday!”


“Why'd you call it Wednesday?”


“Cuz she reminds me of Wednesday Addams.”

“Oh it's a she? Either way that's just gonna be so annoying from now on, everytime you call out for Wednesday the other Wednesday's gonna be thinking you're calling for him!” I burbled.


“That's the funny part though,” she smiled.


“Why couldn't we call her Morticia? It'd make everything so much easier for all of us.”


“Oh lighten up, it'll be fine. Look, wanna hold her?”


She held kitty Wednesday out to me (yes, I'm referring to her as kitty Wednesday), I took her out of Vidia's arms and held her against my chest. She was so soft, I loved her instantly. It reminded me of the cat I used to have back at home.

“She's adorable,” I said, stroking her soft black fur. She nuzzled against me, playing with the strands of my hair.


“I know right? James got her today, he said we needed a pet of some sort. He thought about getting a snake but I hate snakes, so he got her instead,” said Vidia, scratching kitty Wednesday's ear.


“Well I'm glad he got her, a snake would've been awesome too, but I love cats so it's all good,” I said, cuddling kitty Wednesday close to me.


Dahvie came strolling in whistling heartily, he grinned at us both.


“Good morning ladies, oh, is that the cat James was telling us about?” he said, smiling down at kitty Wednesday.


“Yep, her name's Wednesday,” said Vidia proudly.


Dahvie pulled a face. “Why'd you name her after that guy?”


Vidia sighed. “She's not named after Wednesday 13 you idiot, she's named after Wednesday Addams.”


“Oh right, that makes a lot more sense, but like wouldn't Wednesday think we're calling for him if we start calling for the cat?”


“Which is why we should call her kitty Wednesday so he'd know the difference,” I said, nodding at Vidia.


“Great idea, we'll do that,” said Vidia.


Dahvie stroked kitty Wednesday's head. “We should go show Jayy! You coming Laurie?”




“No funny stuff, Dahvie. I'm watching you,” Vidia warned, narrowing her eyes at him.


“Don't worry, I promise I won't do anything...yet,” grinned Dahvie, grabbing me by my hand and rushing out the kitchen away from Vidia.


We found Jayy sitting cross-legged in the living room, tapping his foot to the music he was listening to on his iPod. He smiled when he saw us.


“Hey guys, what's up?” said Jayy, taking out his earphones.


“Look at the cat James got! Isn't she pretty?” said Dahvie, handing kitty Wednesday over to Jayy.


“Aww, she's adorable. What's her name?” he said, petting her.


“Wednesday, after Wednesday Addams not, you know, that guy,” said Dahvie, he turned to me. “What do you think of Wednesday, Laurie?”


“Oh me? Um, he's ok I guess, I like his music,” I said carefully.


“Yeah his music is pretty awesome I must admit, but I don't think he likes me very much so I'm not too fond of him.”


“What about Joey?” I asked.


“He's quiet, but he does talk a bit with us, I think he's just trying to be civil is all, I like him better than Wednesday anyway,” said Dahvie.


“I haven't really had a proper conversation with him yet, let alone the rest of them, but they all seem nice,” I said.


“Well you like us don't you?”


“Of course I do, you guys are awesome. You've made me feel at home already,” I said, smiling at Dahvie and Jayy.


“Aww, I'm glad to hear it. Hey, you should totally come to the bar with us tonight, we'll have so much fun!” said Dahvie.


“Yeah, please come Laurie!” said Jayy, looking at me with a hopeful expression.


I knew I was most likely gonna get drunk if I went to the bar, but right now I didn't really care about that. A night out seemed like something I needed right about now instead of sitting at home with my dark thoughts.


“Sure, sounds like fun,” I said, grinning.


“Yay! Just you wait, it's gonna be awesome!” said Dahvie.


Anywhere away from staying at home was awesome to me, plus I didn't really wanna risk running into Wednesday again. I was gonna go out tonight and forget about everything, I wasn't gonna let these thoughts ruin me. Besides, this was only temporary, tomorrow I was gonna go get myself reffered to a psychologist as Sally suggested.




Chapter Text






“You're going to the bar with them?” said Vidia, staring wide-eyed at me.


“Yeah, you're welcome to join us, Vid,” I said casually.


“I would but I'm not really feeling up to it today guys,” said Vidia, sighing. “Well I can see your mind's made up, Laurie. I won't stop you then, just be careful ok? And don't do anything stupid.”


I gave her a goofy grin. “Seriously, Vidia. When have I not done something stupid?”


“I'm being serious here, don't, you know I worry about you.”

“I won't ok? Chill, Vidia, you don't have to worry about me,” I said, giving her a tight hug. “I'll be fine.”

“Ok then, have fun you guys. And Dahvie-”

“Yeah, yeah I know. I won't do anything to her, I promise,” said Dahvie, rolling his eyes at me and pulling a face. “C'mon then miss Laurie, to the bar!”


We all headed out the door, leaving a hesitant Vidia to sit down on the couch and talk to Dean.


It was quite crowded when we finally arrived at the bar, Dahvie lead us over to the far end where it was less crowded; he started waving enthusiastically at a small group of people who were already seated on a couch at that end.


“Hey guys! Guess who's out again?” grinned Dahvie, taking a seat next to some busty blonde. She smiled at him, she was wearing a blood red lipstick, black mini-skirt, fish-net stockings and a white tank-top, with a cigarette held delicately in one hand.


“You've been out everyday this week, hun. It must be a new record,” she said sweetly, taking a drag from her cigarette. She passed one to Dahvie and Jayy, they happily accepted it. She held out the cigarette pack to me.


“Thanks,” I said, taking one out. She lighted it up for me, smiling.


“Desiree, this is Laurie, she recently moved in with us,” said Dahvie, grinning.


“Well she's a cute little thing,” said Desiree, looking me up and down.


“I might as well introduce you to the rest of the guys then. This is Mike,” said Dahvie, pointing at a rather tanned guy with bright pink and blue hair over on the other side of Desiree.


He nodded his head at me. “Sup.”


“And this is Carl,” said Dahvie, pointing at the guy with black and purple hair, angel bites, septum piericng and eyebrows pierced. He smiled at me.


“Hey there, nice to meet you,” he said, shaking my hand.


“Anyhoo, the first round of drinks is on me, what d'you guys want?” said Dahvie, standing up.


“I'll just have a beer I guess,” I said, shrugging.


“Vodka for me,” said Desiree, carefully studying me once again.


“Gin and tonic, please,” said Mike.


“I'll have cider,” said Carl.


“Vodka please, Dahvie dear,” grinned Jayy.


“Right, two vodkas, gin and tonic, a beer and cider, coming right up!” said Dahvie, heading off towards the bar.


Desiree looked at me. “So, you're twenty-one right?”


I checked to see if people were over-hearing and leant over to her. “Eighteen actually, but shh, that's between us.”


She grinned at me. “It's a stupid law if you ask me, you're basically an adult so why shouldn't they sell you alcohol. Don't worry hun, you look old enough so I doubt they'd ask you, plus you're with us.”


“Yeah I guess you're right,” I said, smiling at her.


Dahvie finally came back with our drinks and took his seat next to me, passing us the drinks.


“Thanks Dahvie,” I said, taking my drink and raising it to my lips.


“We're gonna get fucking wasted tonight guys!” said Dahvie, grinning at all of us.


Tonight was definitely gonna be interesting, and I wasn't gonna let my damn worries ruin it for me.











*Vidia's POV*








I couldn't help but feel worried for Eris's safety, it wasn't just because of Dahvie, a lot of things crazy shit was going on in that head of hers and I really didn't want anything upsetting her furhter. What if she saw that man tonight? What if Aaron was really alive? My thoughts were interrupted by James coming into the kitchen. He nodded his head at me.


“Hey, Vid, what's up? You're looking kinda bothered, is something wrong?” he asked, taking a seat next to me.


I sighed. “It's just...Laurie. I'm really worried about her y'know..”


“She'll be fine, I know things are kinda rough for her now but we're here for her and we'll do whatever it takes to make her feel better. But I know how you feel, I can't help but feel the same way too at times,” said James, biting his lip.


“You know I'd lose my shit if anything happened to her, I really care about her, she's in such a vulnerable position. Everytime she jokes around or laughs I know it's not for real, I can see it in her eyes that she's constantly bothered about something. She's not the Laurie she used to be...”


“Don't I know it...still she'll hopefully get her old self back eventually,” said James, trying to stay optimistic for my sake.

I smiled gratefully at him. “Yeah, I hope so too.”


Roman came walking in, disturbing the quietness. He smiled at both of us.

“Hey guys, wanna come hang out with us in the living room instead of staying here?” he asked us.


“Sure, we could play some tunes together,” said James, getting up and grabbing his guitar that he had leaned up against the counter.


I followed them both into the living room where Wednesday, Joey, Jack and Shay were sitting drinking some JD and playing cards.


“And once again, because Dahvie has taken the only female company I had, I get stuck with you men,” I said, sitting down beside James.


“Oh c'mon Vid, you love us really,” laughed Jack.


“Hmm, I suppose you've all grown on a mould...” I said, smirking. Kitty Wednesday came running in, distracting me. “Here Wednesday, c'mere sweetie!”


Wednesday looked up at me. “Were you talking to me?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.


I grimaced. “What? No! Not you! The cat!”


“You named the cat Wednesday?” said Joey, looking down at kitty Wednesday.


“Yeah after Wednesday Addams,” I said, picking her up and stroking her soft fur.


“Oh, right, that's gonna be kinda annoying from now on though – won't Wednesday think you're calling for him?”


“Which is why Laurie suggested we call it 'Kitty Wednesday',” I said.


“Makes sense to me,” said Racci, taking another shot of JD.


“So what tune shall we-”

James was interrupted by sudden high-pitched voices from outside, a few seconds after the front door burst open and in came a drunken Dahvie and Jayy carrying an equally drunk Laurie.






*Laurie's POV*






“I need thiiiiis! I need this!” I slurred, clutching a bottle of vodka. I knocked it back, some of it missing my mouth.


“Heyy you mothafuckaaaaas!” said Dahvie, staggering, causing Jayy to sway.


“Oh lord, you're all drunk as fuck,” Vidia sighed, face-palming.


“Hell yeah we are! We need this, don't we Dahvie and Jayy?” I said, slurring once again, spilling vodka everywhere. “Put me down guys, I got this ok? I can walk.”


They did as they were told and put me down all of a sudden, causing me to stagger and fall backwards onto one of the free couches, spilling more vodka.


“Whoops!” I laughed drunkenly, trying to get back up.


“Laurie, you're drunk, you need to get to bed,” said Vidia, getting up off her seat.


“I'm good Vidia, I don't need to go to bed, c'mere hunny you know I love you,” I said, hanging onto Vidia's shoulder and trying to kiss her.


She moved her head out of my reach, raising an eyebrow. “As much as I'd love to kiss you right now, I'm not really in the mood for taking advantage of you.”


“You're no fun Vid,” I groaned, still hanging onto her.


“Yeah, well you look like you've had too much fun, it's up to bed with you,” she said, placing her arm around me.


“I'll take her, it'll save you the trouble anyway,” said Wednesday, standing up.


Vidia raised her eyebrows at him, surprised. “Oh? Oh, um, all right then. Are you sure about this?”


“Positive. I was gonna head up to bed anyways, night guys,” said Wednesday, taking me from Vidia, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. He led me out of the living room and headed upstairs. I was still staggering like the obvious drunk I was, occasionally swaying into his side.


“Whoops, sorry Wedders,” I laughed ridiculously, gripping his shirt tightly.


He led me into his room and let me go all of a sudden, causing me to stagger forwards. He closed the door behind me and locked it.


“You owe me for this morning,” he smirked, walking over to me.


I smiled back at him. “Aww, you ain't still mad about that are you?”


“A little I guess, but you're gonna make up for it right now,” he said, cupping my face in his hands.


I was still holding the bottle of vodka in my hands, I raised it up to him. “Drink this, we're gonna have one helluva good time tonight,” I said, biting my lip seductively.


He took the bottle from my hand, raised it to his lips and swallowed the contents appreciatively, smiling at me. “Mm, fuck yes baby,” he said, crushing his lips against mine.


I kissed him back just as hungrily, tasting the vodka on his lips. He opened his mouth, allowing me entrance, my tongue rubbing against his, the taste of the vodka was a lot stronger on his tongue. He pinned me down roughly on the bed, clothes were shed quickly and without hesitation.


He broke away from me and reached down the side of his bed, pulling out a bottle of JD.

“I always have a stash of alcohol in my room,” he said breathlessly, grinning at me.


I smirked at him and reached up to kiss his neck. “Totally gonna be one fucking good night tonight, fucking being the operative word..” I mumbled against his skin, nibbling his neck.


He smirked at what I said, taking a swig of JD. “Let's get to it then,” he said, slowly rubbing my breasts. I grabbed his arms, pinned him down on the bed and straddled him.


“I think I should have my fun first, Weds,” I said, running my hands across his pale chest, tracing his tattoo with my finger.


I leaned down and placed a kiss on the coffin part of his tattoo, slowly trailing down his stomach and stopping at the very end. I ran one hand slowly up and down his cock while I took another mouthful of vodka, Wednesday watched me tentatively; drinking more JD, a small moan escaping his lips as I continued jerking him off. I gripped his hips and, with vodka still in my mouth, took in his throbbing penis. Wednesday groaned as he felt the cool vodka run down his cock, arching his back slightly as I sucked him off.

“Mm – y-you're a crazy bitch when drunk,” he hissed, smiling at me and downing some more JD. I smirked, sucking the vodka off the head of his dick and swallowed, looking up at him.


“You hurry up and get drunk, then we'll both be fuckin' insane,” I purred, licking some of the vodka off his lower stomach.


He chuckled at my enthusiasm. “Oh don't worry, I'm starting to feel it going to my head,” he said, knocking back some more.


I grinned and continued sucking him off harder, running my hands along his thighs. I felt him thrust slightly into my mouth, indicating for me to completely swallow him. I picked up on his gesture and deep-throated his cock, dragging my tongue along the underside of his dick. Wednesday gripped the sheets, feeling himself close to his climax. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down further.


“Nng- fuck!” he grunted, coming down my throat.


It was so sudden that I swallowed as much as I could in such a short amount of time, I choked a little and spat some out on the bed.

“Ugh – you could've warned me,” I pouted, hitting his knee lightly.


He sniggered, sitting up. “Sorry, I got too caught up in the moment to warn you,” he said, drinking some more JD. He swallowed, shuddering a little. “Mm – here, gimme some of that vodka.”


He reached out to take the bottle from me and I ended up knocking it all over myself.


“Whoops, my bad,” I giggled, smiling mischieviously at him. “Wanna lick it off?”


“Dirty whore,” he chuckled.


Wednesday leaned forward and ran his tongue along my pale chest, gathering up the vodka, he worked his way down to my nipple, sucking on it eagerly while rubbing my other vodka-drenched breast with his hand. I shivered with ecstasy, stroking his raven hair and moaning quietly. He bit it slightly, digging his fingers into my skin. I threw my head back, groaning.


“Mm – Wednesday, enough of this foreplay ok? Please – just fuck me,” I whined, biting my lip.


He chuckled against my skin, amused at my eagerness, or maybe it was the fact that he was a bit tipsy. “I couldn't wait to get to that part either, baby.”


Wednesday got up from the position he was in, pulling me up towards him. He placed his hands on my hips, I gripped his shoulders while he balanced me, and he slammed me down onto his shaft. I let out a gasp, so glad to feel that same feeling I'd been wanting, I dug my fingers into his skin while he thrust in and out of me with such force. He grabbed the bottle of JD once again and downed the rest of its contents. He threw the empy bottle aside, not really caring where it landed, and began thrusting harder into me.

I moaned loudly, overwhelmed by how good it felt, loving the feeling of his cold pale chest against mine and how it dropped with each breath.


I pushed him back down on the bed, pushing myself down on him and drinking what was left of the vodka in the bottle.


“Not so tight now am I?” I asked, riding him harder.


“No, because I fucked you right,” he smirked, biting his lip.


I frowned. “Are you saying Andy didn't fuck me right?”

Wednesday raised an eyebrow, sweat running down his forehead. “Andy?” he asked quiestionally.


“Andy Six, he fucked me waaaaay back when we were on tour together, and he did screw me right! And he was good too! So caring and -and I miss him now!” I wailed pathetically, pressing my lips together.


Wednesday rolled his eyes. “Don't start crying now – you'll make too much noise, bitch.”


“I can't help it – I miss my Andy – and I'm not a bitch!” I said, my voice muffled as I buried my face into his chest.


He pulled me off him and pushed me down on the bed. “Will you shut up about Andy fucking Six already? You're ruining the moment.”


“Stop saying Andy's name like that!”


He thrust hard into me all of a sudden, causing me to yelp. “Ow, Wednesday! Why'd you do that? That was so meeaaaaan!” I wailed, frowning at him.


“Sorry, your rambling was cutting into our fucking time,” he growled, crushing his lips against mine and digging his fingers into my skin.


I shut up and went back to concentrating on what we were doing, sinking into his soft lips and playing with his piercing; nibbling at it. His body rubbed against mine each time he thrust deeply into me.


It wasn't long before we both climaxed at the same time, Wednesday lay breathlessly against me, his face buried in my blood-red hair; his fingers tangled in them. I nuzzled his neck, my lips brushing against his soft skin.


“So am I better than Andy?” he mumbled, pulling a strand of my hair.


“Mmmm – shuddup Wednesday..” I murmured against his neck, biting it.

He placed a finger under my chin, lifting my head up to his and pressed his lips against mine. We shared a little make-out session before I lay against him once again, tired.


“Switch off the light,” I whined tiredly, still quite drunk.


Wednesday groaned, picked up one of his shoes that was on the bed and flung it at the light switch, switching it off.


“Idiot,” I mumbled.


He lay back down on the bed, placing his arm around me and pulling the covers over our naked bodies, I buried my face against his chest once again and slowly felt myself drift off to sleep in my drunken state.