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I sat at the small table in my corner of the coffee shop and typed away at my orange cased laptop. Subconsciously I reached out and took a sip of my Americano, not looking away from my writing. I was in the middle of the seventh chapter of my fanfiction and was trying to decide what to make the chapter about.

Plenty of people passed through the snug little building that was the 104th Cafe, ranging from old couples to kids and their parents, but the majority of the people inside were college students like me. It was summer time though, so the college-kid to other people ratio was more evened out today.

I sighed and sat back in my chair, thinking about what to write. It was hard. I had written the past six chapters with general ease, but now I was at a rut, and my readers were waiting expectantly.

Several teenaged girls passed me and I pushed the lid of my laptop down a little bit, not wanting them to notice that I was writing a fanfiction. A yaoi fanfiction at that.

Plus, I didn’t want that to be a rumor that got out and would ruin my reputation (my oh-so-large reputation, said sarcastically). I certainly didn’t want to be dubbed as an anime watcher and fanfiction writer.

I didn’t look like a sappy high school girl who fangirled in the corners of her room. I wasn’t even a girl. I was clearly a guy, with dark raven locks that rose above my undercut and sharp silver eyes that made me look fairly unapproachable. That’s what Hanji said about me and I agreed with her.

The girls, laughing now, walked out of the shop with their orders and I relaxed as I pushed the lid back up. I leaned forwards, hoping that glaring at the heading, “Chapter 7”, would give me an epiphany as to what to write in it. When nothing came,  I sighed, then glancing behind me to make sure no one was peering over my shoulder, I switched tabs and was greeted instantly by a heated picture of two men wrapped in each other's embrace, kissing.

I scrolled down my tumblr, looking at the massive amount of fan art of the two characters, whether it was kissing, holding hands, being bashful, or doing things beyond a PG-13 rating. Those particular posts I quickly scrolled past. I loved my OTP being together, but seeing their manly parts exposed for any number of reasons made me uncomfortable.

Although part of me said I shouldn’t mind, what with all the smut I’ve read. I’ve read countless scenes of their heated smut, as non-realistic as it was. I really shouldn’t be thinking about it now, not while I’m in public. However, I’ve been able to master the art of not changing expression while reading smut in public places. It took a while, but I surely am one of the masters.

I am startled when a backpack hits me in the face.

I hiss and subconsciously click the mouse, changing the screen to a different, less embarrassing tab, a habit I’d started after a girl had caught me looking at a video of Hatsune Miku maybe three years ago. She had laughed and sat down in front of me and chatted for an hour about how funny I was, while I kinda had just sat there in my mortification. Nevertheless, she had decided from that point on that she was my friend, and Hanji had stuck around ever since.

I look up as the person looks down at me. He is blushing from embarrassment and stuttering an apology, but I’m not really listening, because the face looks familiar in a terrifying way. The brunette hair messily swept across his forehead, the face shape, and oh my god the eyes, are the exact same as one of the characters in my OTP.

I can feel my eyes widen slightly at the realization, but control myself and settle my face into an angered look.

“Hey, watch where you’re swinging that bag, brat!”

He is looking at me with a startled expression, and in the end, he really is staring at me. I sigh and reiterate myself.

“Be careful not to hit people with your bag when you walk.”

He shakes his head and finally seems to make sense of my words. “Oh, you’re right, I’m sorry.” He gives me another deep glance before turning and settling into a table in the corner behind me.

Shit. I guess I can’t look at my OTP anymore. Now I have to be doing something more college-student looking.

I decide to open up a book I’ve downloaded and read it, ignoring the boy behind me. He is silent as well besides a quiet typing on his laptop, so a few hours go by uneventfully.

The shop is about to close when I finally put my laptop into its case and pack the rest of my things up. My coffee is untouched and undrinkable now that it’s sat there for quite a while. I peer behind me and wonder why the teen is still there. I’ve always been the last person to leave, so it’s surprising when there’s someone else there.

His laptop is still open and glowing faintly in the dim lighting, and it shines duly onto his face, and I realize that he is asleep. I should wake him up.

I walk back to his table and am about to shake him when something on his screen catches my eye. I look at it and see a Google Doc open and a bunch of writing on a file. I wouldn’t have thought much of it, but several familiar words pop out. They caught my immediate attention, and, the boy forgotten, I put my full attention to the screen, and my eyes widen as I read the most recent sentence;

The titan shifter gasps in surprise as his Corporal slides up to him and snuggles into his neck, then leaves a small kiss on it, making the teen shiver.

It is taking a while to process, but then I make progress.

No.fricking.way...he ships TS-C (Titan Shifter-Corporal) too?

I look at the page count, and my eyes widen as I see that there are over a hundred pages. Woah, this is a long fanfiction. My curiosity overcomes me, and I decided not to wake him yet. I scroll all the way to the top...and freeze when I read the title: Once in a Dark Moon. Words are failing me, and my mind is spinning.

Once in a Dark Moon is one of the most popular TS-C fanfictions that has been written. Literally, anyone in the fandom knows about and has kept up with it, myself included. The amount of hits it has on it top any other, and it is gushed about on tumblr and just about anywhere else. It is so full of passion, love, lust, and heartbreak (yes, I’ll admit, I’ve cried while reading it) that it makes you love the work, then hate it with a passion, and feel feels like you’ve never felt before (woah that sounds weird to me).

I look at the boy behind me. I can’t believe it. It had to be copied. I read the first few lines and recognized the famous opening : Looking up at the stars, the teen could be lost in wonder for hours. But what really captivated him was the moon. It was full, and its brightness banished the shadows from his face. He was motivated by its beauty...and the beauty of another bright creature, but this one closer to his reach.

I couldn’t believe that it was real. Then a thought hit me, and more to prove to myself that it wasn’t this teen who had written such an emotional story, I opened another tab and found the fanfiction site as the top result. I clicked on it, and I was lucky, because it went straight to the homepage. He was still logged in. I looked at the top corner, where the name was...and froze again.

Holy shit.

The username was 100yearsinpeace. That was the name of the writer for the story.

I will say again the only thought running through my mind: holy shit.