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the stupidest crossover on the face of the planet

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Thursday / unnamed groupchat / 7:19 PM GMT


sneksnek created a groupchat.


sneksnek titled the groupchat what am i doing.


sneksnek set the groupchat to Public.


sneksnek added xo_angel_xo, newtnoot, dam_adam, salt, anathewitch, brain, and wensley.


sneksnek: before u guys ask, im trying the whole socializing thing


xo_angel_xo: This is not what I had in mind, Crowley. Meeting people over the Internet is nothing like a real, face-to-face conversation.


sneksnek: i think ur just too stuck in the last century


xo_angel_xo: No, I am not.


sneksnek: mhm


dam_adam: well, I think it’s a wonderful idea!! uncle Crowley could use some friends


sneksnek: it’s not like i /need/ them u guys are just pressuring me into it


anathewitch: we’re not /pressuring/ you, it’s a /suggestion/.


sneksnek: bitch it’s pressuring


xo_angel_xo: Language!


far.rah joined the groupchat.


far.rah: bitch fuck ass damn christ shit


sneksnek: aight @far.rah is my new best friend


far.rah: rlly?


xo_angel_xo: :(


sneksnek: don’t give me that ur ALREADY my husband u don’t have to be my best friend


xo_angel_xo: :(((


sneksnek: ...


sneksnek: im sorry @far.rah ur getting demoted


far.rah: is cool


annleigh joined the groupchat.


far.rah: noOo


annleigh: Farrah...


xo_angel_xo: Hello!


far.rah: oh so @ mr angel guy can manage a greeting for my sis but not me


xo_angel_xo: You said some rather awful things upon entering.


far.rah: no no i get it i hate me too


xo_angel_xo: I never said I hated you...?


far.rah: i stole your spot as your spouse’s best friend lol


far.rah: are you guys actually married??


xo_angel_xo: Yes.


far.rah: coool lol


annleigh: Wait, what did Farrah say?


sneksnek attached an image.


annleigh: Ohhh.


dam_adam: bsnjndol wait, what’s going on?


dam_adam: we were heading to anathema’s house


far.rah: oh hi


far.rah: uhhhh lol idfk what happened


annleigh: She knows what happened, she’s just lazy.


far.rah: no im depressed


annleigh: Farrah! We don’t know how old the people here are!


sneksnek: ur never too old to know about depression


salt: yeah, doesn’t crowley have that?


sneksnek: nOoo


xo_angel_xo: Don’t lie, dear.


sneksnek: ANGELLLL


sneksnek: sHUSHHh


dam_adam: wait, uncle Crowley is depressed?


sneksnek: umumumum


sneksnek: yes.


far.rah: oh cool depression buddies


annleigh: Ah. Um. How old /are/ you, @dam_adam and @salt? I’m not asking in a creepy way!


dam-adam: 13


salt: 13!


dam_adam: @brain and @wensley are too.


00kate joined the groupchat.


00kate: hi.


sneksnek: person!! hello i am tOTALLY used to socializing and making friends :D


sneksnek: nasjdkjop u g h


00kate: oh, no, i feel you, socializing is difficult lmao


00kate: also hang on


00kate added chesspiece_.


chesspiece_: oh! Hi.


xo_angel_xo: Hello! You seem like agreeable people.


far.rah: i am falling deeper into the pit of no one liking me


xo_angel_xo: I’m really quite sorry, I never meant to offend.


far.rah: apology?? accepted ig????


sneksnek: hes serious tho he couldnt even call the archangels bastards lololol


xo_angel_xo: CROWLEY! They don’t know !


chesspiece_: Know what?


wensley: Mr. Aziraphale and Mr. Crowley are an angel and a demon!!


dam_adam: Wensleydale, they can’t talk about that!


wensley: oh. Oops.


chesspiece_: Are you guys crazy?








far.rah: so i WASNT hallucinating when i saw satan sijcbjsia


xo_angel_xo: Oh, dear...


annleigh: I’m ... very confused ...


00kate: what the /fuck/


00kate: i don’t know if @far.rah is a reliable source or not so i can’t just say everyone here is insane


annleigh: I think everyone here is /lying/.


annleigh: Angels and demons don’t get married! They don’t even talk to each other! They are meant to hate each other. Angels are peaceful and loving and protect the world. Demons are chaotic and spiteful! They kill and hurt!


sneksnek: lololol we’re not a very good angel and demon then


sneksnek: well i mean


sneksnek: im not a good demon, aziraphale is a perfect angel 💞


annleigh: This defies everything I know.


sneksnek: hell yeah it does


sneksnek: in fact God is a woman


annleigh left the groupchat.


sneksnek: oops


xo_angel_xo: Crowley!


chesspiece_: I mean . . . I guess I can manage being in a chat with crazy people.


sneksnek: the only crazy person here is me and that’s that


xo_angel_xo: /Crowley/!


sneksnek: whaaat?


xo_angel_xo: You’re not crazy. ❤️


far.rah: ew love


chesspiece_: This has been an odd day.


chesspiece_: Maybe it’s a dream


chesspiece_: I’m gonna go take a nap


chesspiece_ logged off.


dam_adam: it’s 9pm, all of us should be going too


00kate: “all of us”?


dam_adam logged off.


brain logged off.


salt logged off.


wensley logged off.


00kate: oh. best friends or something?


xo_angel_xo: Yes! They are the Them. Quite a nice bunch.


00kate: the them? that’s. that’s it?


sneksnek: adam’s dog is literally named dog


sneksnek: but theyre far more creative than they sound lolol


00kate: okay......


sneksnek: ok but yeah i have a late-night date with @xo_angel_xo


sneksnek logged off.


xo_angel_xo: Goodnight!


xo_angel_xo logged off.


00kate: ugh. time zones. idk why chess is sleeping at this time


anathewitch: Fellow American?


00kate: yep


anathewitch: I live in England, now, but cool.


anathewitch: Although your friend DID say they were taking a /nap/.


00kate: fair


anathewitch: Anyways, it’s movie night with my boyfriend.


anathewitch logged off.


newtnoot logged off.


far.rah: lol ill go too, why not


far.rah logged off.


00kate: ...

00kate logged off.