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Finding Love Again

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When JJ and Alex made their way down for breakfast the rest of the team were already there.

“Morning.” They both said before taking a seat and began eating the small buffet in front of them.

“So JJ.” Morgan said tilting his head to the side, drawling out her name. “Have a good night?” he finished grinning.

JJ glared at him. “It was great, thank you.” She said sweetly.

Hotch, Rossi and Reid all raised their eyebrows slightly at the interaction, before Garcia came bursting through the restaurant.

JJ’s eyes widened. “What are you doing her Pen?” JJ said standing up giving her best friend a hug.

Before Garcia could answer Hotch interrupted. “I called her last night asking her to come, we’re getting nowhere with this case and we need Garcia here with us if we want to find the unsub.” Hotch said and JJ nodded.

Just as they were about to sit down Tanya and Tom made their way into the restaurant.

Garcia quickly turned around and greeted them, forgetting the rest of the team were there.

“Well hello, you must be Agent Mays, your FBI photo doesn’t do you enough justice honey.” Garcia said not noticing the teams surprised faces. Garcia turned towards JJ. “JJ, why didn’t you tell me she was so smokin’ ho-“ Garcia said before clamping a hand over in shock when she was JJ’s eyes almost pop out of her head.

“You read it?” JJ exclaimed referring to Tanya’s files in the database because it was the only way Garcia could know what she looked like.

“You didn’t say that I couldn’t.” Garcia said in a high-pitched voice defending herself.

Before JJ could reply Tanya interrupted. “Read what?” Tanya asked with a smirk find the situation amusing.

JJ mumbled a response that no one could understand.

“What was that?” Tanya teased cupping her hear exaggeratedly.

“I asked Garcia to look you up in the FBI database to get your number.” JJ blushed suddenly aware of the team watching them.

“I didn’t take you to be the stalker type Jareau.” Tanya teased once again.

“I’m not…I mean I didn’t read anything, she did!” JJ said pointing at Garcia.

“You know how nosey I am JJ.” Garcia pointed out obviously.

“Yeah, I do now.” JJ muttered under her breath.

“Does someone want to tell us what’s going on?” The all turned looked towards Rossi when he spoke.

JJ cleared her throat as they walked closer to the table and sat down, Tanya beside JJ.

“We’re sort of dating?” JJ supplied as Tanya nodded slightly.

Hotch and Rossi looked surprised and couldn’t keep it from showing, Reid looked hurt.

“You guys don’t seem surprised.” Rossi said gesturing to the other members of the team.

“I just found out yesterday on the jet because I was bugging her about having a boyfriend.” Morgan laughed realising how wrong he was now.

“I found out this morning, because someone didn’t come back to the room last night.” Alex teased smirking at the two women.

“Oh, you didn’t JJ, so it really was a great night.” Morgan said grinning cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Shut up Derek.” JJ said playfully, throwing at napkin at him.

“I’ve known for a few years.” Garcia said and no one looked shocked considering the unique,close friendship the two women had.

“What about you Emily?” Hotch asked.

“Um-uh.” Emily stuttered, not sure what to say.

“I told her a few months ago. I blurted it out during one of our girl’s nights.” JJ said smiling through the lie. Emily just nodded thankfully at JJ.

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner.” Reid said frowning, the hurt evident on his face.

“I wasn’t hiding it or going to deny it if I was asked but I wasn’t going to walk about with ‘I’m gay’ stamped on my forehead.” JJ said and they all chuckled. “Just like you guys don’t
suddenly announce your straight, it just wasn’t an issue for me. Plus I never really had any relationships where I would need to tell you.” JJ paused. “Until now, I guess.” JJ said smiling at Tanya holding her hand under the table and placing them on her knee.

“Aww you guys are so cute.” Garcia squealed in JJ’s ear at the other side of her and Tanya blushed.

Suddenly Reid got up and mumbled something about needing the bathroom and JJ went to follow.

“Just leave him just now JJ, he just needs a few minutes.” Morgan said gently.

JJ sighed and nodded reluctantly.